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Save tara

category dublin | history and heritage | opinion/analysis author Monday August 20, 2007 11:52author by KP Kev the Poet aka Knowledge is Power the Hip-Hop Bard - THC Society, Team Body English Report this post to the editors

Save tara - Chronicles of the Megalithic Shamans

The Irish Government is building a four-lane motorway only 1 km from the main site of The Hill of tara however the whole land around the main hill is of archeological interest, historical interest and spiritual interest. In July 2007 bulldozers came in the middle of the night (possibly to avoid the protestors, speculation but I can't see any excuse for using bulldozers in the middle of the night) destroying an ancient burial ground at Baronstown in the tara-Skryne valley. Independent archaeologists claimed this site was of national monument status! The site was entirely devastated.

Save tara - Chronicles of the Megalithic Shamans
20th August 2007

So I missioned to tara, a sacred site in the countryside just outside Dublin, with my staff Beo and a handful of crystals. tara is a sacred hill which is home to several different ancient monuments older than Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Egypt. The site has alignments with various stars, is associated with countless myths and legends, has a holy well, and quite possibly the deepest heritage in the British Isles, rivalling Glastonbury. It's a pity that mainstream media focusses on Irelands 'political instability' rather than it's impressive history or the fact tht as a nation it's bloody wealthy!

The site was the centre of what we now refer to as the Celts (although most of the people that we refer to as Celts would not have used that term for the various disparate tribes with similar beliefs and practices.) It was believed that the King of tara was the King of Ireland and legend has it that potential Kings would compete for the right. Legends are legends but what is certain is that there is a burial mound called the Hill of Hostages. I personally believe that the Hill of Hostages is a vision chamber like West Kennet Long-Barrow near Avebury and Newbury Grange, designed to give divine inspiration when the Sun is at specific angles to the Earth and increase intuition referred to by some as 'cosmic illumination.' But that's merely an opinion. The Hill of tara is one of the oldest and largest sacred sites known to man. So they decided to build a bypass through it.

"tara (Teamhair) in Co. Meath, Ireland, was the ancient inauguration site of the early Irish Kings. It is connected from earliest times across the Gabhra valley with its sister, the Hill of Skryne. It is through this same valley that the Irish Government now plans to build a motorway with a huge interchange at the foot of the Hill of tara itself." From www.savetara.com

The Irish Government is building a four-lane motorway only 1 km from the main site of The Hill of tara however the whole land around the main hill is of archeological interest, historical interest and spiritual interest. In July 2007 bulldozers came in the middle of the night (possibly to avoid the protestors, speculation but I can't see any excuse for using bulldozers in the middle of the night) destroying an ancient burial ground at Baronstown in the tara-Skryne valley. Independent archaeologists claimed this site was of national monument status! The site was entirely devastated.

The bypass has been protested for years and years, there are several alternate routes, at least one of them is cheaper. However the road is going through a woodhenge (similar stonehenge, aligned to various star-systems that were of interest to the ancients but made out of wood rather than stone.) For some reason they thought they would go round the Opus Dei international headquarters which are also in the way. Why they didn't choose the cheaper route is unknown, perhaps they want to soak up the ley line energy, but only a hippy would say that. "I'm not a hippy or a homey, I'm an OMI - Open Minded Inutitive, don't you know me?"

The European Union has already stated that they believe the road to be illegal, however an official hearing is not until the end of this month (August 2007.) "EU officials have called on the Irish Government to halt work on part of the M3 motorway after concern was expressed about the impact on newly discovered ruins at the Hill of tara" from www.tarawatch.com
There is alot of money involved in the road and money seems to be the only motivation. More tolls for a start.

There are protestors living on the site. Actually they're not protestors they're 'megalithic shamans' which according to the Irish constitution allows them to stay on the site (indefinitely?) They're tending the fire that has burned for the last 14 months. Of course some of these megalithic shamans also climb on top of the diggers that are tearing up sacred land and digging up dead kings and live trees. Some of these megalithic shamans are lying down in front of steamrollers. Some of these megalithic shamans are taking tourists for tours round the sacred site and sharing ancient wisdom. So I missioned to tara.

I couldn't afford to go to tara. But a close friend decided that I had to be there, so she financed it and I owe her. One love.

I didn't know how involved I would get. Being an Urban-Druid, Taoist and Christian I have a vested interest in saving sacred sites of the British Isles. However I am not a confrontational person, I prefer to be the change I want to see rather than try to change people. Also, luckily for the rest of humanity, I have had experiences which have pretty much permanently ingrained on my mind that my opinion is no more important than anybody elses and that we co-create a reality which is merely a matter of opinion. I do not like to enforce my opinion because I would prefer opinions not to be enforced. However the Irish government has already ignored the wishes of the people so the gauntlet had been thrown and someone had to pick it up. Even when you are aware that sides are immaterial, that duality is illusion and there is no 'them and us' you still have to choose what to do between now and when you die, and every now and again life seems to throw you a situation which puts you in opposition to another energy, another crew, or another ideology. Paradoxical, I know, but that's life - don't blame me talk to God. The ideology at hand this time seemed to be profit versus heritage. However life only seems to throw you these situations...

Some of the strongest light-workers I know travelled to tara that week, 13 of us from Bristol, Glastonbury, Brighton, and London. Shortly after we arrived we were joined by the Welsh boys, good vibes and positive affirmations were coming from all directions. I was happy to attend, soak in the energy of the site and share my energy with the protestors. They were inspired. But the time came for me to decide whether or not to join the front line.

At the protest camp there was no obligation to go to the front line and physically stop or slow the diggers. There are at least two sites, the main site on the hill which is home to the 'megalithic shamans' tending the sacred fire (where there are long debates about whether or not they should be allowed alcohol on site, how they should coordinate protests and what they should spend the limited funds on) and there is a front-line base where they stop the diggers, build tree houses and drink alcohol.

Protesting was hilarious. tara seemed to attract a particularly positive protesting crew, singing positive affirmations at the builders while. Often the protestors would reason with the workers and often informed the workers who were generally ignorant of the things they were digging up. There are definitely 'fluffy' ways of dealing with the Garda (the Irish equivalent of the police) and the site-workers. Some of the 'fairies' in tow came equipped with glitter-mushroom stickers and stars. It's hard for the Garda to get aggressive when beautiful twenty-somethings are sticking mushrooms to their uniforms. At first I felt uncomfortable being part of the crew stopping them from getting to work, however they were getting paid either way so I didn't feel too guilty. We were within our rights on the public road leading to the site. Things were different on the actual site though. On-site I think the legal situation is that once they tell you to move you are trespassing, and they - they being the security or site workers - can ask you to move but they can't force you to move. Legally you can't refuse, but you are allowed to say nothing and sit, lie or stand still until the Garda arrive. However once the Garda ask you to move it's up to you to see how long you can stay before you get arrested. I didn't see anybody get arrested. A few people had stood their ground past the arrest milestone before I arrived, one of them being an elderly local. Represent!

I felt better singing positive reggae songs to the fellow protestors and keeping morale up than getting in peoples way. but I got in the way. Oh and flashing the silver ohm surrounded by the Star of David and blessing the babylon filming me and the rest of our crew. The evil eye needs transmuting, no disputing, I love you too friend. The Garda were cool, they were relatively polite and reasonable. They have their orders and they want to keep their jobs but duality is an illusion and there is no 'them and us', chances are they don't want the road either...

Rumour has it that most of the jobs for graduate archeologists are sourced through roads going through places of archeological interest. A tad depressing and a far cry from Time Team or Indian Jones but that's still a rumour. Another rumour is that they have had to import archeologists to 'okay' the diggers because local archeologists won't have anything to do with the corruption involved. That's also a rumour but one that seemed to be true from what I saw. What is a fact is that we all saw a sign that said something along the lines of "This Is an Irish Heritage Site - desecration or vandalism of this site is an offence." On the other side of the fence were JCBs tearing the land to pieces. Luckily it was an Irish girl who said "that's sooo fockin' Irish." Hilarious, but even coming from a native it was a tad unfair!

On the plus side all the protestors and shaman alike are all dosed up on holy water from the local well. The light of mother-nature is shining from inside each and everyone of them. Watching the diggers dig was depressing, looking at the land they had already torn asunder was even harder to deal with. But I had a great week. I didn't expect to have that much fun. I didn't expect to feel that inspired, perhaps I needed to feel the depression to feel the inspiration. Despite the dark forces that led us to tara we were all blessed just to be there, doubly blessed to be among such inspiring and love filled people, and thrice blessed to have the opportunity to honour our ancestors. "But, but, you're black! He is, you are!" Ask an Irishman about Montserrat, 'the Emerald Isle of the Carribean' where they still celebrate St Patrick's Day, Irish heritage spread far and wide...

But I was only there for days, there are people on site who have helped tend a sacred fire that hasn't gone out for 14 months. There are people who barely make it out of the camp, sleep in tents and tipis (yes, tipis) and have dedicated this period of their lives to tara, as generations of warriors, shamans, Druids, priestesses and Kings have almost certainly done before them. In my opinion they would benefit from moral support, encouragement, money, seasoned protestors and super-foods. Especially maca and cacao for the increased energy however you'd probably have an interesting time experimenting with super-foods as mind-revealing as purple corn at a site as mind-revealingly sacred a tara.

If you care. If you can. Visit the protest site.

Get involved or just show your support, bring some food, camp for a few days and some spend quality time with some megalithic shamans. Yeah, good luck 'Googling' that one.

In a bit, in a piece, inner peace.

For direct info from the protest site www.tarapixie.net
For further information: 086 1758557 (Send a text and we will call you back).

KP Kev the Poet aka Knowledge is Power the Hip-Hop Bard and junior geomancer.

Related Link: http://www.myspace.com/kpknowledgeispower
author by Fire Brigadepublication date Mon Aug 20, 2007 12:49author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Megalithic shamans. For crying out loud, cop on. There is no way that will have any legal standing, as paganism is not a recognised religion, let alone 'megalithic shamanism'. The worst part of it is that those people have no idea what they're talking about-it's a bit like paganism by numbers.

I would like to know one or two things- how do the folks in the tipi know how people practiced/lived in megalithic times?
Also, do they realise that one cannot just wake up one day and decide to be a shaman. The shaman is a very special, respected position in tribal societies to this day, and is not a concept to be bandied about by a bunch of ill-informed hippies.

Secondly,the so-called sacred fire has actually been let go out, on a number of occassions. It would be funny, were it not for the fact that the fire is the root of so much negativity and psychological disorder on the Hill. Again, this is linked to the fact that amateurs are playing at paganism, listening to the money hungry 'druid' Conman Connor, and using religion as power.

All of these facts make it clear that the fire does have power, albeit in an evil sense, and due to the effect it has on people rather than for any magical reasons. There is still not a clear demarcation between religious nuts and protesters, and this has been the ruin of Tara.

EVERY BLOODY SITE IS GONE! This has been the most ineffectual direct action campaign that I have ever seen-and believe me, I've seen a few.

Yes there are a number of excellent protesters up there, people with guts who aren't afraid to stand up for their principles. But sadly, there are many spineless twats as well who are just having a negative impact. Shame on you.

I only hope that we don't reach a situation where people who were afraid to get arrested for Tara's sites, will do so for the sake of that damn fire! Now that would be tragic!

author by JMpublication date Mon Aug 20, 2007 13:00author address author phone Report this post to the editors

@ Fire Brigade -
.. and you, on the other hand, contributed your vast organisational skills from the start to protect our heritage, riiight?

Best hurler on the ditch?

author by linkspublication date Mon Aug 20, 2007 14:51author address author phone Report this post to the editors


protest letters:-


Address of Minister for the Environment:-
John Gormley , Minister for the Environment
Department of the Environment
Custom House
Dublin 1.

Someone might want to add in the constituency office and timetable of Minister Roche,
who signed the certificates for the separate excavations of 38 (now 39) sites within
the Tara complex.

Also the NRA address can be added in here and the Office contacts of Minister Noel Dempsey
who began the Privatisation of the Conservation sector as Minister of State at the OPW.
(52 St Stephen's Green, Dublin 2)

author by Terry’s Chocolate Orangepublication date Tue Aug 21, 2007 01:22author address author phone Report this post to the editors

As a bit of transport infrastructure planning and development it is completely arse about tit. Road planning is usually done to some national plan. The usual format is by-passes first, link roads second, not the other way round. But not in Ireland.

Usually planners will look for even topography and try not to place road junctions where water courses meet, usually the cheapest and shortest routes are chosen, and there are usually policies to integrate and improve public transport provision. . But not in Ireland.

There is usually a full consultation, a parliamentary process and if necessary a judicial review before major infrastructure projects, contracts of such projects are not usually signed on the eve of the minister in charge leaving office, so as to be left on the lap of the next incumbent. But not in Ireland.

Planers like to avoid important historical sites; indeed will go as far to seek to preserve important historical sites within their landscape context when they are of global significance. Archaeologists like to preserve sites, should be independent to the client and independently monitored, and have the necessary experience to do the job. But not in Ireland.

Family members of the ruling political party don’t buy up land before a major project is signed and profit by its sale and development later. Powerful religious organisations do not influence and benefit from major infrastructure development. But not in Ireland.

Usually the press will seek out the truth, highlight corruption and inform the public of cases of bad government and ignorance. Usually the public will defend its heritage, practically when it trades so well on it, they will protest loudly and in mass when such injustices are inflicted upon them. But not in Ireland.

Ireland is a wealthy global player; it should be setting the examples, instead of playing its dog-eared developing world card. In Ireland the Holly Celtic Tiger reigns supreme. It is a greedy, selfish beast, ready to eat all before it, including bean munching mother earth Hippy faf – please - what is needed is some old school meat eating, whiskey swilling Tara warriors, to get things done and crack some heads. Now you should be finding those in Ireland, please!

author by Carmel - Hibernian Order of Druidspublication date Tue Aug 21, 2007 05:53author address author phone Report this post to the editors

If you have seen the video on www.savetara.com the song they are singing, and I wish the vidieo was longer :) but its Bob Marley, 3 little birds sat on my doorstep, singing sweet songs -of melodies pure and pure, Singing, this is my message to you hoo hoo :) Fantasic!

Well done,
We need another video camera in there :) With a longer battery :) !!! :)

Loads of blessings,
Carmel xxx

Ps: go to the tara pixie site and see the rest. FANTASTIC!!! :)

author by Carmel Ni Dhuibheanaigh - Hibernian Order of Druidspublication date Tue Aug 21, 2007 10:46author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I am relaying a quote from Robert, one of the 9 arrested in defence of Tara. This is from him, at the site this morning. He has asked me to put it out there.

" The soil on the henge is solid. What they are saying is totally false, you could build a palace on it. A geodesic dome is the way to go. Please ask people...to make the protest a work of art "

Volunteers and ideas please contact 0861758557
Leave a message. All are listened to.


Related Link: http://www.savetara.com
author by Correctionpublication date Tue Aug 21, 2007 11:11author address author phone Report this post to the editors

listen to Conor Newman recognised expert.

author by Legal Eaglepublication date Tue Aug 21, 2007 11:14author address author phone Report this post to the editors

For the Info of Fire Brigade & All

The Megalithic Shaman is a constitutionally recognised religion, so long as even one citizen of The Republic defines him or her self as such - it must be recognised by the Irish courts.

There are no longer any specifically recognised religions in Ireland., some are favoured in practice more than others by the State, but all are constitutionally defended by Bunreacht na h-Eireann, the Irish Constitution

Freedom of Worship is guaranteed to all, no matter what that worship is, and must be protected and defended by all civil servants including the Gardai.

There is great confusion about the word "Pagan". For instance, not all pagans are Druids, and not all Druids are pagans. And it becomes even more difficult to determine when you realise that our ancient Druids were not modern pagans and vice versa. In fact our ancient Druids were of the aristocratic class, even belonging to the ancient royal government of Ireland, were also the Law, and probably very right wing people. Most modern Druids I know are not pagans. Most modern pagans are not Druids.

Regarding alcohol, I am certain it was consumed in bucketfuls on the Hill of Tara in ancient royal times there. I am certain there were drunken sex maniacs of Druids there too, though the drunken Druids were probably not sex maniacs and vice versa.

Modern Druid Orders have, most of them, created their own rituals etc., which were never observed by our ancient Druids, such as, for instance, the "Celtic Eightfold Year" which is a modern Druid-pagan/wiccan reconstruct attempt, having grown out of Freemasonry - English 18th century Druid revivalism.

But, criticize none, for all are protected by the Irish Constitution and the Irish Courts.

Maybe the remnants of the Hippies have it right ? Who knows !

Is "Hippyism" a religion - if you claim that as your religion in an Irish court, yes, it would have to be accepted as a religion by the court.

You do not have to have any god.gods/goddesses, you do not have to believe in them, not do you have to believe in survival after death, the world of the spirit or anything at all, you may believe in nothing at all, have absolutely no rituals, and still have your own religion as recognised by the constitution and courts of Ireland.

Is Megalithic Shamanism a religion - yes, if the practitioners regard it and hold it to be such, and recognised/protected by the State as well.

Related Link: http://alt.religion.druid
author by KP the Hip-Hop Bard - THC Society, Team Body English, The LAW and Rainbowpublication date Tue Aug 21, 2007 11:28author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Actually the word 'shaman' strictly speaking only derives from the medicine men of Siberia. The use of the word 'shaman' in ANY other context is actually a corruption of the word. All the other tribes round the world have different names for their different medicine-men such as Ayahuasceroes.
When you know the limit of words, the fact that they are merely symbols but never fully describe what you are talking about, then you can understand the power of words. That is why I like the word shaman, because the word has been misused and corrupted it's meaning in the 'real world' is up to you. Personally I use it to describe anybody dedicated to using intention and trance to effect change in the real world, regardless of whether that's through psychedelics or meditation. The word 'dedicated' is just as subjective as the word Shaman anyway, so who knows what a Shaman is. Similar to the word Celtic actually, I think Celtic only referred to one small tribe but now we use it for a vast number of people. Similar to the word Druid really, nobody really knows who or what the Druids were, we have songs and we have stones and we have something Caeser wrote years ago before he tried to kill them all so that's probably not a balanced viewpoint. So all we have is guesswork and intuition yet we still have thousands of Druids. I like that. We're all individuals anyway, so even if you could define 'Druid', 'Celt' or 'Shaman' our opinions would be different anyway.

The curse and blessing of the subjectivity of language frustrates those who rely on 3 dimensions to dominate people. the 'Yes and No' duality has already expanded to 'maybe'. "This 3D reality's already so over..."

Until I talk to these 'hippies' I don't know how ill-informed they are. All I was doing was telling a story, from my point of view and the point of view of the people I met. Maybe we met the same people. Maybe we didn't.

I agree that the fire is the root of alot of negativity and psychological disorder on the Hill, it has been a source of power for some and they are feeding off it. The fire has also been a source of solidarity for others. A double edged sword. But, if as has been suggested, religious practice allows them to stay due to some ancient clause in the Irish constitution then let them do their thing. It doesn't have to be a recognised religion, as long as there is some ambiguity about the legality of it at least it buys them time.

I do not know Conman Connor so I cannot comment.

"There are a number of excellent protesters up there, people with guts who aren't afraid to stand up for their principles." That should be the focus.

A wise man once said judge not lest ye be judged. Those who were afraid to get arrested for Tara's sites may have children, or debts, or claustrophobia for all I know so I will not judge them. If they get arrested for the sake of "that damn fire!" it's up to them, it is not our place to decide what is worth getting incarcerated for.

"Mudslinging aside what do we do now?" I think we stop insulting each other and try to raise awareness about how old the site is and it's cultural and historical significance to the locals who are generally ignorant of what is getting dug up. Not all of them, but most. There were more English people there than Irish people when I went and that is not an insult, just a fact. And most of the English people were not seasoned protestors, they just love Mother Earth, believe in Earth energies and wanted to be there. Despite their fluffy intentions they were lying down in front of steamrollers and getting stuck in. If the locals knew what they were losing and what they have lost they might join us. Unfortunately most of the literature is rebel-rousing typical protestor anger venting and does not have the balance needed to attract your average random. Until we get the support of your average random the Irish government will probably continue to do what they like.

That is merely my opinion. But I think you need more publicity, I think you need more support and I think you need more people and it would just be practical if half of those people didn't have to travel back to Wales and England.

Check out the concrete rabbit hole http://www.belowthebelt.bravehost.com
Check out my poetry and prose http://people.tribe.net/knowledgeispower23
Check out my ass http://www.myspace.com/kpknowledgeispower

(Yes, all those websites are vaguely relevant. Vaguely.)

Nothing but love for ya!

Related Link: http://www.tarapixie.net
author by Grippublication date Tue Aug 21, 2007 18:58author address author phone Report this post to the editors

http://www.tarapixie.tk [Direct Action]
http://www.savetara.com [political and organising]
http://www.tarwatch.org [media/legal]

Though they do cross-pollinate, cos Savetara has a fair amount of legal and petitioning
under its collective belt.

Faeries and storytellers always welcome at the flame= have a sense of humour fer

author by Agent Orangepublication date Wed Aug 22, 2007 00:09author address author phone Report this post to the editors

If one was faced with having to police the development of this road, one would be afraid and would look to lessons learnt in England. If one was available, one would consult the Sir Ian Blair manual of policing road protests, as complied in Newbury and elsewhere. If the manual wasn’t available, one would at least research the Modus Operandi of Sir Ian Blair and the police in general, by examining and researching the net (amongst other places).

One could use this information two ways; defensively, to observe police strategy or offensively, to counter police strategy. The defensive option also allows for observation of effective protestor tactics and is of a more sinister and different agenda.

The policing goal is to achieve victory at no extra cost.
Victory is easily achieved if the opposition is put into disharmony, loose their primary objective, ridiculed, isolated, stripped of support, emasculated and finally rendered ineffective. Success would be to time the lowest ebb to coincide with the commencement of major excavations.
Analysis of the current situation indicates that this time is nearly here.

Questions one is left asking:
How easy for the police have the protesters made it?
How easy have the police made it for themselves?

Now one should ask, how hard for the police can it be made?

As the intelligence battle still rages, there is still a war to be won.





I wonder what will come first, court appearances or excavations; if the later I bet the former will be dropped.

author by Blue Knowspublication date Wed Aug 22, 2007 13:12author address author phone Report this post to the editors

There are rats amongst any camp, you hunt one out there is always another. Don’t worry about it. Ironically rats have there uses and have inadvertently helped many campaigns and many future political and literary careers.

Work in sections or cells, keep focused on what you got to do and get it done. Be careful of mass actions, you don’t need to show your strength all the time. There are many about who know these rules, but not advising on them.

At Newbury they were able to clear one of the camps quickly because the previous night many of the protesters had gone to a party off camp, next morning many were still at the party or recovering from the party. Not much contest there for the police.






author by Carmel Ni Dhuibheanaigh - Hibernian Order of Druidspublication date Wed Aug 22, 2007 13:20author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Thanks!!! The voice of reason :) Its gone mental again on here.

Direct Action is a group of highly dedicated and principled people. Go see for yourself and not listen to nasty stories obviously designed to undermine everything. Anyone can see that.


author by ohmpublication date Wed Aug 22, 2007 16:02author address author phone Report this post to the editors


The Bulldozers come baring down.....

author by W. Finnerty.publication date Mon Sep 03, 2007 21:02author address author phone Report this post to the editors

"Stiglitz agreed that the process of hijacking and looting key infrastructure on the part of the IMF and World Bank, as an offshoot of predatory globalization, had now moved from the third world to Europe, the United States and Canada."

Joseph Stiglitz, the Stiglitz referred to above, is a former World Bank Vice President and Nobel Prize winner.

The above quote has been taken from http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/october2006/301006...h.htm .

Apparently, according to the report at the above address, Mr Stiglitz also caused controversy in October 2001 when he exposed rampant corruption within the IMF (International Monitory Fund) and "blew the whistle on their nefarious methods of inducing countries to fall under their debt before stripping them of sovereignty and hollowing out their economies".

One final quote from the article at the above address: "The Columbia University Professor described how rampant privatization has crippled Mexico, in particular citing the sell-off of major infrastructure such as roads."

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Major protest underway yesterday at Rath Lough ahead of the courtcase today, 9 diggers occupied and surrounded. Protestors include puppeteers in colourful costume, song and dance. Construction was at a complete stand-still.

A few days prior was a busy day, at least 5 actions throughout the day. **** from Holland was arrested at Rath Lough, released on e50 bail and no conditions.

Messages received in England from the Irish front, updates are welcome.

Bless Every'ting
Bless Every'ting

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Wotcha folks,
Just seen my close friend who is living on Rath Lugh and has also started the current legal campaign. There was a non eviction last week where they came and took some of the clutter from site. They would not go near the firepit or tipi. i am certain that they are really worried about interfering with worship and very scared about Schedule 2 Article 9 (something I shall be quoting many times from now). The megalithic shaman is merely a name given to a group of people that wish to defend their right to worship at vigil fires and at sacred sites. They are not necessarily pagan or druidic. I feel that the testing of new European Law at Tara may open the way for all of us worshippers at ancient sites to have human rights the same as anyone else. I have been victimised and discriminated against many times in the past due to my belief in megalithic shamanism. Energies were released at the Nine Ladies stone circle on Stanton Moor in Derbyshire last Sunday night and they are on their way to you at Tara. Also ash from the firepit is coming to you with Chris soon. Mix it well my friends as it is joining some very special ash in your firepit. I am tingling just thinkig about it . . .

Energies to all - good or bad . . .

They shall not take us alive


A man who plays drums at ancient sites to invoke energies unknown . . .

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