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De villepine faces court for Smearing Sarko & Clearstream

category international | crime and justice | other press author Friday July 27, 2007 11:24author by rt Hon Dr O as if - ( I've got my title bertie - no gongs for me) Report this post to the editors

Maybe the pigeons are coming home to roost after all.., This morning the former prime minister of France & one top dauphin of Chirac faced his first grilling in relation to allegations that he (& others in the DGSE) bugged Sarkozy, smeared Sarkozy & all to hide their role in the biggest corruption scandal in modern history - "the clearstream affair". In the last years of Chirac's presidency I found myself writing quite a bit about Dominique de Villepin the man whom I gave the dubious honour of calling the Dev of our age a man who alas thought to stop a scandal which involves over twenty times the budget of the Irish state getting out of the big shoeboxes they keep for that sort of money with lots of zeros on the end.
Happier Days - DeV with Julia talking about Ukraine's 45% graft GDP
Happier Days - DeV with Julia talking about Ukraine's 45% graft GDP

For the moment I don't want to rewrite it all so this "other press" article links to English coverage of the proceedings, the wikipage on "clearstream" & some background links over my DeV coverage of the last years. I call this whole affair the "who wants tobe a trillionaire?"

It's a good question too. Basically - loads of people do want to be trillionaires - but in the real world you have to share out and divvy up such huge amounts of money. Coz some billionaires are a "bite your face off" lot & with the old resentment of dropping down the Forbes list & being driven to suicidal manias on account of them being thought of as losers - they do all sorts of strange things - like ignoring Segolene Royal's hopes & putting in Sarko.

english coverage :-

French coverage :-
6 year timeline :-

the wikipedia article in English which has gone from being a stub called "clearstream 2" with a little link "the french but thier nose in" - to when we hit the trillion mark and it was called "clearstream scandal" and now at the whopping big smelly 1.4 trillion thing it is - we just call it Clearstream.

my background includes such well loved but little appreciated larger than life characters as - General Rondot, the Jackal, Julia (of course), Harriri (the dead one), Quebec (most of their rich ones) & you know there was oh yes there was - an Irish connection too.
Enough to remind people of -
Monsieur General Rondot and the role of both French foreign and domestic secret services in all this which formed part of the now sublime article "mafia news for world press freedom day".

Oh yes - do note you students of modern espionage and scandal that having moved on from the electrodes and backrub and realising it's all in the Blackberry - we may now see Sarkozy's first cabinet decision to ban Blackberry's in a different light. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6221146.stm

He still lets them chew gum though & the kids aren't burning cars now
nor are they on crystal meths doing the tour de france. last link to the Sunday Papers "alexandrine edition & its gurgles on DeV when he was "untouchable".Just like Bertie - but with more zeros on the end. http://indymedia.ie/article/74930

author by Chimppublication date Fri Jul 27, 2007 17:22author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Chirac and De V are getting theirs, the positions are changed. As long as Sarkozy is 'in power' he has
put himself beyond the pale of the inquisitive. He enjoys immunity along with the whole royal family
and those that slavered over his accession to power by waving little flags and bowing to 'Dauphin',
little Louis (his child). Knee jerk right wing socieites project their nationalistic turmoil on the
perceived strong man, though he likes to parade his gentle international side by taking the
podium with Gordon Brown and speaking of Dharfur, whilst French colonial interests contribute
to the Algerian and Ivory Coast problems- not to mention the arms testing of the French in the
South Seas. its the price a society pays for the nostalgia of their glory days and keeping
everything 'just so' for the enfranchised. The ghettoes can be ignored and the financial scandals
repressed. The perceived strong man is expected to take down the opposition in order to
gain leadership- monkey rules- deposing the tribal head to assert his masculinity.(Chirac)
lovely- though there seems to be little time for the displays and shite that we witness on a daily
basis. Black suits and sticky -out ears; DeV and Sarkozy are of the same cloth, the mass media
sustain the advantage for the 'winner'.

[Julia's reverse checkerboard skirt is pretty military retro- I though we left all that behind.]

author by Barrosopublication date Fri Jul 27, 2007 19:35author address author phone Report this post to the editors

His bestie mate Barroso stopped the Clearstream investigation 'at EU Parliamentary' level.
We must all keep our noses clean whilst the feckers and corrupt mint it.... The AIB bank
official who was interviewed at the Bertie Module of Mahon couldn't figure out if the deposit
to mr AShern's account was sterling or dollar.. but she did sport a most intriguing hair-do.
(backswept and sprayed out of existence). if the most senior teller in an Irish bank cannot figure
out the 40,000 grand deposit's provenance- it begs the question, wtf are AIB employing and how
much salary do they get?
All the birds are coming home to roost but he's still the most popular leader in the Irish State..

author by Barrossopublication date Fri Jul 27, 2007 19:54author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The lady pictured could not figure out if the lodgements to the Taoiseach's accounts
were $ or sterling. She is a senior and high ranking bank official from AIB O Connell
Street. She agreeed that 'if a different maths formula were used the money could have
come from the UK'- interesting Juxtaposed with an image on the RTe site of Dermot Morgan
as Fr Ted. The Clearstream was different to the piddling about in grubby Dublin, but the
lawyers fees are probably similar.

Mssssssssss Murtagh
Mssssssssss Murtagh

author by the rt hon dr..,publication date Thu Sep 13, 2007 20:29author address author phone Report this post to the editors

That's why stenographers are a very special bunch of people. Much like interpreters they can hold two mutually incompatable thoughts or opinions in their head at the same time. Brain wiring, readers that's the new interest or hobby I've come out of the summer holidays with a hankering to understand and excel in my field, allbeit amateur and gentlemanly a sport... it still (((!))) calls for white clothes.

don't try it at home.

De Villepin says he will not lie down supine and be a victim. He'll fight back! by the way for people who follow the who wanted to be a trillionaire story , General Rondot the retired French spooky toad in charge of all things vaguely French and agent-like went to court this week and confirmed DeV is up to his neck in it. He's a long skut of a yoke is Dominique de Villepin & we look forward to seeing him villified this week because trillion dollar scandals are hot news. http://www.lemonde.fr/web/article/0,1-0@2-3224,36-954421@51-948173,0.html
Sarko is a tough little nut to crack all the same. He's not going to lie down prone and be a victim of the skullduggery that would hang him for a spring getaway on a crumby yacht but not realise an international trillion dollar foreign exchange all-taken-into/out-of account disappearance story is hot news. If your brain is wired that way, read "Le Figaro"
This newspaper in contrast to the two above just couldn't forgive itself for shelving the local interest story and going with the file photo of DeVillepin.

Burn that into your neurones. Send me an email and I'll ask you to press buttons whilst I put my homemade ECG machine on you. (heck I'll be honest I stole it off the scientologists). Real life doesn't have twelve zeroes on the end.

there is no truth in the rumour we have a trillionaire.
there is no truth in the rumour we have a trillionaire.

author by glossarypublication date Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:59author address author phone Report this post to the editors

There's 39 plaintiffs but only (possibly) 38 will take the stand, the prez is numero uno plaintiff but
he will not testify:


author by _publication date Sun Sep 27, 2009 16:02author address author phone Report this post to the editors

24 hours after the trial began, President Sarkozy who is numbered one #of 39 plaintiffs but
who will not take the stand was giving interviews on National telly saying that he believed
Dominic de Villepin to be guilty. Meanwhile de V gave BBC interviews saying that he was
facing the courts cos of a president's tenacity. Both seem to appreciate the media glare
unlike Chirac whose favouritism kind of instigated the rivalry- but we would not be correct
in advancing an opinion on guilt or innocence as the whole thing unfolds for the chattering
classes. it even pushed the Calais camp headlines off the frontpages because poverty
(as everyone knows is for some parts of the french populace declassé or whatever the word is...)

Sarkozy keeps a dignified office and thus though he has awaited his day in court for years
will not testify but he'll talk to the press alright. France24 is doing the best english language
coverage: http://www.france24.com/en/20090918-clearstream-france-...fraud

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/6980493.stm (de Villepin)

Here's Sarkozy : http://www.newser.com/tag/4495/1/clearstream-affair.html

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