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The Saker
A bird's eye view of the vineyard

offsite link The Saker blog is now frozen Tue Feb 28, 2023 23:55 | The Saker
Dear friends As I have previously announced, we are now “freezing” the blog.  We are also making archives of the blog available for free download in various formats (see below). 

offsite link What do you make of the Russia and China Partnership? Tue Feb 28, 2023 16:26 | The Saker
by Mr. Allen for the Saker blog Over the last few years, we hear leaders from both Russia and China pronouncing that they have formed a relationship where there are

offsite link Moveable Feast Cafe 2023/02/27 ? Open Thread Mon Feb 27, 2023 19:00 | cafe-uploader
2023/02/27 19:00:02Welcome to the ‘Moveable Feast Cafe’. The ‘Moveable Feast’ is an open thread where readers can post wide ranging observations, articles, rants, off topic and have animate discussions of

offsite link The stage is set for Hybrid World War III Mon Feb 27, 2023 15:50 | The Saker
Pepe Escobar for the Saker blog A powerful feeling rhythms your skin and drums up your soul as you?re immersed in a long walk under persistent snow flurries, pinpointed by

offsite link A few minor things Sun Feb 26, 2023 16:50 | The Saker
Dear friends Quick reminder: we are about to freeze the blog and announce how/where to download the archive from.  I expect the details posted here on Tuesday. I want J.B.

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Public Inquiry
Interested in maladministration. Estd. 2005

offsite link RTE in breach of its own editorial principles Anthony

offsite link Waiting for SIPO Anthony

offsite link Formal complaint against Robert Watt Anthony

offsite link RTE bias complaint Anthony

offsite link Fergus Finlay and the maternity hospital ‘gotcha’ trap Anthony

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Human Rights in Ireland
A Blog About Human Rights

offsite link UN human rights chief calls for priority action ahead of climate summit Sat Oct 30, 2021 17:18 | Human Rights

offsite link 5 Year Anniversary Of Kem Ley?s Death Sun Jul 11, 2021 12:34 | Human Rights

offsite link Poor Living Conditions for Migrants in Southern Italy Mon Jan 18, 2021 10:14 | Human Rights

offsite link Right to Water Mon Aug 03, 2020 19:13 | Human Rights

offsite link Human Rights Fri Mar 20, 2020 16:33 | Human Rights

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Lockdown Skeptics

The Daily Sceptic

offsite link Freedom of Preach ? How a Street Preacher Was Arrested for ?Misgendering? Mon Mar 20, 2023 09:00 | Nick Dixon
Christian street preacher David McConnell was arrested, held in a cell for 14 hours, charged with 80 hours community service and a £700 fine, and reported to Prevent. His crime? ?Misgendering? someone.
The post Freedom of Preach ? How a Street Preacher Was Arrested for ‘Misgendering’ appeared first on The Daily Sceptic.

offsite link News Round-Up Mon Mar 20, 2023 00:11 | Nick Dixon
A summary of the most interesting stories in the past 24 hours that challenge the prevailing orthodoxy about the virus and the vaccines, the ?climate emergency? and the supposed moral defects of Western civilisation.
The post News Round-Up appeared first on The Daily Sceptic.

offsite link Uncensored Enid Blyton Books Kept Under Counter in Public Libraries Sun Mar 19, 2023 19:05 | Toby Young
Enid Blyton is the latest children's author whose work has been 'modernised' by tin-eared sensitivity readers. Who knew unexpurgated Noddy could be so subversive?
The post Uncensored Enid Blyton Books Kept Under Counter in Public Libraries appeared first on The Daily Sceptic.

offsite link Clarkson Mocks the Idea That the BBC Is Tory Sun Mar 19, 2023 15:00 | Nick Dixon
Jeremy Clarkson has poured scorn on the idea that the BBC is a Tory stronghold. Apparently he even had to leave his copy of the Spectator outside the Radio 5 Live offices, as it was deemed ?extremist material?.
The post Clarkson Mocks the Idea That the BBC Is Tory appeared first on The Daily Sceptic.

offsite link Angela Merkel?s September 2019 Visit to Wuhan Sun Mar 19, 2023 12:46 | Robert Kogon
Why does the ample evidence of German involvement in virus research at Wuhan not merit at least the same degree of scrutiny as U.S. connections? Robert Kogon investigates.
The post Angela Merkel?s September 2019 Visit to Wuhan appeared first on The Daily Sceptic.

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Irish Anarchists Launch Campaign to Encourage Democracy

category national | politics / elections | press release author Saturday May 12, 2007 04:14author by Anarchist - Workers Solidarity Movement Report this post to the editors

Irish Anarchist Organistion, the Workers Solidarity Movement, today launched a campaign to encourage public understanding of our democratic system in the run up to the general election. The campaign will focus on groups such as young people, the working class and ethnic minorities, who have a history of high rates of abstention.

The campaign launched with a nationwide canvas in which members of the public were asked to give the reasons that motivate them to go out there and vote for the politician of their choice. Activist Sean Browne remarked on the strong feelings on show - "politicians are highly respected members of our society and many of the ordinary people on the streets and boreens of Ireland feel a genuine sense of affection for their wily ways, they just can't wait to elect them back into power (give or take a few changes of course!)".

Below, we include a list of the most enthusiastic responses we received on our canvas. We will be circulating a newsheet with their opinions and enthusiasm to marginalised groups around the country in the hope that everybody else will be just as excited as they are when it comes to casting their votes!

The People's Voice

Shania Murphy, Refuse Worker, 25, Caherciveen.

"It's very important that everybody has their say in deciding which group of gombeens will lie to us, ignore our wishes and give our country's wealth away to their rich cronies."

Kwame "Africa" O'Brien, Brain Surgeon, 28, Borris-on-Ossory.

"Although I know next to nothing about what politicians actually do, I'm thinking about voting Fianna Fail, due to their brave decision to come out in favour of "going forward together". That'll really put the wind up those who are in favour of going backwards, divided."

Fatima Murphy, Weight Lifter, 33, Dundalk.

"The right to vote is an important democratic right. It allows me to vote for the politician whose policies are closest to my own - until he decides to change his mind, that is."

Alphonsus Higgenbottom, Rocket Scientist, 31, Drimnagh.

"Even though all of the important decisions have already been made in unaccountable centres of power such as the global financial markets, the WTO, the EU commission, the boardrooms of corporations and a host of unelected and unaccountable committees and management structures, It's our chance to have a say!"

Finbar McFealty, Swimming Instructor, 32, Moate.

"The dail seems to be a talking shop for immature people with immense egos who think they are still the dashing rhetoricians of the Phil, the Hist, the L&H and other pretentious debating societies from across the land, it's our civic duty to decide who gets to hang around the Dail bar being ignored by the population"

Jesus Gonzalez, Hemp Weaver, 19, Ballsbridge.

"Over the last decade our elected politicians have been falling over themselves to give the power vested in them away to private corporations, unelected bureaucrats and hand-picked quangos of their mates. I'm really excited to be given the right to choose which ones get the 'brown envolopes' when my power is given away."

Sean "Shirley" Waters, Exotic Dancer, 23, Dingle.

"I normally vote for Fianna Fáil because of something or other that my great grandfather did, but I noticed a Labour party poster that asked: "but, are you happy?". Suddenly I realised that, since my boyfriend left me, I've been quite unhappy altogether - I'm voting labour!"

Péig Ó Muircheartaigh, Hairdresser, 18, Ballymun.

"Enda Kenny stands for safer communities. It's really important that people vote for him and his courageous stance against the powerful 'more dangerous communities' lobby."

Pól Ó Bradaigh, Masseuse, 28, Dalkey.

"Sinn Féin say that they are different to the rest and although the details of how they are different constantly change, I trust that they would never compromise their principles for power. Not a bullet, not an ounce, disband the RUC!"

The Party Political Broadcast

In case you didn't notice, the above press release is satirical. However, this campaign is real and is attempting to get across a serious point. There is very little democracy in our system of "representative democracy" and the results of elections make very little difference to what happens in practice.

However, happily there are other ways in which people can have a say in how our society operates. Large numbers of people are active in political life and involved in campaigns, trade unions, community groups and residents associations. If people want to regain some democratic control over how our society operates, we're going to have to do it from the bottom up. If democracy is to have any meaning in our lives, we are going to have to get involved in our communities, stand up to the government and the other centres of unaccountable power and insist that we have a say in the decisions that affect us.

Related Link: http://struggle.ws/election.html
author by Ball Playerpublication date Sat May 12, 2007 19:21author address author phone Report this post to the editors

This post proves something that I've been thinking for a long time - that commies/anarchojackets or whatever they call themselves have no sense of humour.
This, on the other hand, is funny (see link)

Related Link: http://img266.imageshack.us/img266/326/rub2fv9.jpg
author by anarchristpublication date Sat May 12, 2007 21:43author address author phone Report this post to the editors

DO YOU remember when we voted to give away the €51 billion Corrib gas field to Shell and Statoil? No, well maybe you remember the day we voted to join the Iraq war by allowing US warplanes to re- fuel at Shannon? Or the time we voted to give tax breaks to private hospitals for the rich? It’s amazing how few decisions we are allowed to take. We do get to vote in the very occasional referendum and about a dozen general elections in an average lifetime, and that’s it. What's wrong with electoral democracy and what can we do about it? Find out more at the below link.

Related Link: http://www.wsm.ie/election07
author by Bob Cpublication date Mon May 21, 2007 18:08author address author phone Report this post to the editors

My God.... This is more patronising than the PD's slogan 'Dont throw it all away'....

author by Helperpublication date Mon May 21, 2007 18:46author address author phone Report this post to the editors

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