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An Taisce in court about Tara

category national | environment | news report author Friday April 27, 2007 10:31author by Muireann Ni Bhrolchain - Campaign to Save Tara Report this post to the editors

An Taisce have returned to court

An Taisce appeals Tara motorway order
Irish Times
Friday, April 27, 2007

An Taisce has brought an appeal to the Supreme Court against the High
Court's refusal to permit it to challenge the legality of the
development of the M3 Clonee to Kells motorway near the Hill of Tara,
Co Meath.

Baronstown at Tara before excavation
Baronstown at Tara before excavation

The High Court refused leave earlier this month to bring the action,
which could have major implications not just for the M3 but other
proposed road schemes.
John Rogers SC, for An Taisce, yesterday told the Chief Justice, Mr
Justice John Murray, that an appeal was being brought against that
refusal. He would also be seeking an early hearing of that appeal,
which he estimated would take two hours.
The Chief Justice said the Supreme Court would fix a date for hearing
at a later stage and suggested that counsel consider whether
submissions should be filed.
In its action, An Taisce contends the National Roads Authority
unlawfully approved on March 13th last its own tolling scheme for the
motorway and now proposed to enter into a public-private partnership to
that effect without having met necessary statutory requirements under
the Roads Act 1993.
The proposed tolling scheme was prepared despite the express opposition
of Meath County Council which must, under law, be consulted about any
such plan, it also claims. In promoting and pursuing the construction
of the M3 motorway scheme in the absence of the necessary approved
plan, the Minister for Transport, it is contended, has also acted
unlawfully, unreasonably and in excess of his powers.
If An Taisce succeeds in its Supreme Court appeal and gets leave to
bring the challenge, it will have significant implications, not just
for the M3 but for other road schemes as it is claimed the NRA has
breached its statutory duty under section 18 of the Roads Act to
prepare and adopt, once every five years, a draft plan for the
construction and maintenance of national roads.
Among the reliefs sought in the proposed action is an order that the
NRA cannot take any steps for the implementation of a tolling scheme
intended to finance the M3 until the draft plan has been prepared and
adopted under section 18.
In an affidavit, Ian Lumley, national heritage officer with An Taisce,
said that of all the developments currently contemplated, the M3 Clonee
to Kells motorway was "probably the most significant in terms of its
likely adverse effects".
The motorway was likely to have a significant adverse impact on a great
range of different environmental issues, in particular the national
monument on the Hill of Tara and the Tara/Skryne valley, which is of
international and worldwide importance, the River Boyne, expressly
designated as being of European importance, and a series of landscapes
classified as high amenity.

Related Link: http://www.savetara.com
author by supporterpublication date Fri Apr 27, 2007 10:37Report this post to the editors

Given that grandpa Bertie thinks that we should allow the corporates everything
afterall if we made way for 'snails and archaelogy' where would we be?

Hope it goes well- hope the IQ level of the next government increases after the general
election.[Though Fg seem very dedicated to the road lobby- will they be looking at
the appointments to the board of the NRA?- or the lawyers who draft the legislation?
or will they continue to support more roads, more cars, heritage destruction and line the pockets
of their backers too?.

So many questions- I hope its not Olivia Mitchell- cos she is a car/consumer type
who situates her vote in kow-towing to the corps- and the middle class.

author by tnc corcaí - tncpublication date Fri Apr 27, 2007 14:41Report this post to the editors


“The proposed M3 motorway has been described by archaeologists as the worst case of state-sponsored vandalism ever inflicted on Irish cultural heritage.” - Roadblock.

Related Link: http://www.schnews.org.uk/archive/news585.htm#1
author by M. Ni Bhrolchain - Campaign to Save Tara publication date Fri Apr 27, 2007 22:59author email muireann at savetara dot comReport this post to the editors

Campaign to Save Tara ask Electorate to 'Pledge Their Votes for Tara'.

The Campaign to Save Tara electoral strategy was launched in Dublin onTuesday 24th April. The Campaign says it will encourage its supporters
to vote for candidates and parties that will support a review of the controversial route after the election.

The electoral strategy was outlined by Michael Canney who said, "We are asking people to consider each candidates and party's position on the route at the ballot box. We will encourage people to vote for the
candidates who provide written commitments that they will support areview of the route, if they are elected to government." He added, "Weare very appreciative of the varying degrees of support we receive from
a number of the parties; notably Labour, the Green Party, Sinn Fein and many independents; we are concerned to ensure that Tara remain a
priority for these parties after the election. At least one of them is assured a place in any new Government."

Duncan Stewart and Daith O' hOgain were among the invited speakers. Duncan Stewart has said of the proposed road as: The M3 is the worst example of unsustainable development , this artery will encourage more sprawl and development in Meath. The developers will the only ones to benefit and it will delay if not prevent the re-opening of the more desirable railway line.

Dr Muireann Ni Bhrolchain, senior lecturer in the School of Celtic Studies,National University of Ireland in Maynooth and long term campaigner on the
issue, said 'The Tara issue is the line in the sand. If the Gabhra Valley is not safe- nowhere in Ireland is safe from future development in the spurious name of progress. It is physically distressing to see huge sites being excavated in such haste".

Professor Daith O'hOgain of the Dept of Folklore, National University of Ireland, Dublin who has a long standing concern regarding the project has said of the area: "Tara is the focal centre of Irish Heritage and
culture- there is an extraordinary rich complex of myth and symbolism associated with the site"

The Campaign also launched an election leaflet, 100,000 of which will be distributed in Meath and nationally. A 16-page newspaper was launched
which is to be sold to raise campaign funds; it includes a number of pages on archaeology and photographs of the sites. They are also calling for extra volunteers to help with the distribution of this literature.

We hope to begin leafleting shortly, mainly at weekends and concentrate on the various towns one by one.
The main towns in Meath West are Kells, Navan, Delvin and Athboy. The principal towns in Meath East are Dunshaughlan, Rathoath, Asborne, Dunboyne, Bettystown, Dunleek and Laytown.

Another way of helping is to write a letter to the papers.
To contribute funds follow the help links on the website.

If interested, Please contact the following: Kevin Hayes co-ordinator, Campaign to Save Tara 086 2504564,
Michael Canney, 086 8528200 of myself Muireann Ni Bhrolchain 087-9249510

2 out of 3 say re-route the road out of the Valley
2 out of 3 say re-route the road out of the Valley

Related Link: http://www.savetara.com
author by Jacqueline Fallonpublication date Sat Apr 28, 2007 20:32Report this post to the editors

Ádh mór oraibh go An Taisce with their appeal to the Supreme Court. It’s nice to know some Irish citizens actually care about the destruction of this most culturally enriched and important ancient site in the whole of Éire.

The Hill of Tara is the penultimate Irish national historical monument - how could Bertie & Co. destroy its treasures and the secrets that lie beneath its surrounding lands (which will be lost to the Nation forever because of this motorway!). How could they permanently blight Tara’s incredible scenic beauty and pollute Tara’s mystical clean air and replace it with such an incredibly ugly thing, such as a feckin toxic motorway!

Imigh leat!, Bertie & Co, with that feckin motorway and re-open the existing rail line! Look for alternatives to motorways before we all drop dead from the stress of motorway traffic jams and noise and an over consumption of toxic fumes from engine exhausts.

Save The Hill of Tara, this penultimate historical treasure, the heart and soul of ancient Éire from those who wish to destroy it (The Kings & Queens of Ancient Ireland must be spinning in their graves, surely!).

The Hill of Tara “An rud is annamh is iontaí.” (The rare thing is a wonder“)

author by Angiepublication date Sun Apr 29, 2007 17:01Report this post to the editors

Where were the Archaeologists in this debate at the original planning stage?

Its too late to be jumping on the bandwagon when the horse has bolted.

author by M3 for Meathpublication date Sun Apr 29, 2007 17:13Report this post to the editors

So if Tara is 'penultimate', what is the 'ultimate'?

I'm not a Bertie voter, but we need the road built. Every landscape in Ireland is man-made; why is Tara-Skryne more special? Why not add in Skryne to Slane? Tara to Navan? They are just as special.

Better for An Taisce to have spent the money on finding the best route for the M3, and not wait until the thing is nearly started, and then object.

Take the view of the local people, for once, and not the vested interests of the antis - archaeologists, the anti-business crowd and the Celtic scholars of America - who hope to gain something by doing nothing.

The rail to Navan - get on with it too - but someone will have to build a massive car park beside it or it won't be used.

author by acrobatologistpublication date Sun Apr 29, 2007 17:24Report this post to the editors

If you don't have a tractor let them pull your bandwagon to the centre in their pathetic search for votes. Now look around you. Where are you? start playing. There's no point in having a bandwagon exactly where you wanted it - if it doesn't strike up.

author by C Murraypublication date Sun Apr 29, 2007 18:43Report this post to the editors

Positive propaganda eh?

The NRA chose that route after a helicopter and drive survey.
it quite clearly states in the Planning and construction guidelines that a route will
not be changed after EIS stage- no matter what.

Now, thats just naughty, because the reams of planning and road acts do not
say that a Government appointed body gets to decide. There are structures
(usually tri-partite) an Bord Pleanala, objection phases and 'consultation'.

To add to that the tri-partite PPP planning process is weighted against the
community and toward the developer and their agent/s.

There have been many planning and development legislations, which all
facilitate the government and the lobbies , including the SIB , but no separate and
equivalent raft of protections for our natural and built heritage.
There is no Body charged with implementation of the National Monuments Act
(2004, as amended) , since the now Minister of Transport (then Environment and e-
voting) abolished Duchas in Feburary 2003.

In effect the government has ensured that there is no protection for the
archaelogical complex in the Tara-Skyrne Valley. The Government is charged
with the protection of our heritage, its one of their jobs. If you would like to examine
the more emmissions, double tolling, more cars, more petrol policy of the
government , please do. Or the re-zoning, the Blundelstown interchange, the
Urban sprawl and all the other bogies that go hand in hand with an inability
to plan for future generations because they are so busy thinking only of
the now.

author by M3 for M3athpublication date Mon Apr 30, 2007 10:48Report this post to the editors

The planners should have built it in the 60s. They can't plan anything, we all know that. Most of us live far from a rail or bus route. Public transport means car parks so that we can use it.

I know we're only culchies and count for nothing. I know we should keep our patches nate and clane so that Dubliners can drive out on Sundays and admire 'their' countryside. I know we should have a cap on to touch as they go by. I know we should travel by ass and cart with our praties and creel of turf. I know that Tara induces spiritual orgasms in people who need another crutch for their sense of identity.

Helicopter survey perhaps, but the maps have been altered and changed time and again.

In Meath and Cavan we have been promised the road for decades. All the parties have let us down. The objectors don't want it, but we need it - that's the difference.

author by C Murraypublication date Mon Apr 30, 2007 11:09Report this post to the editors

Some of us are only first generation dubs ye know-

Sounds bad- why don't you go to the Dail and tell them to stop the shite, afterall
its the bad planning and corruption that has impacted community all over the country
Not just the meath people not just the Objectors (who are a community of people
with concerns about corruption, about illegality and about historical preservation)
irish people who are jerked around should not be standing against each other.
Use the ballot- it's still pen and ink, so you can actually count the votes yourself!

author by curiouspublication date Mon Apr 30, 2007 14:51Report this post to the editors

hi have been watching the Tara situation for awhile,and i have heard rumours of a possible Henge found in the last week, There seems to be a govt cover up over Tara.
So are these rumours true of this henge??

author by Muireann Ni Bhrolchain - Campaign to Save Tara publication date Mon Apr 30, 2007 17:19Report this post to the editors

First sod turned for M3 motorway
Monday, 30 April 2007 14:37

The Minister for Transport, Martin Cullen, has turned the first sod for the M3 motorway just outside Navan, Co Meath.
Organisers kept the event low key to avoid opponents to the project turning up.
It is expected construction work on the motorway, which is estimated will cost between €800m and €1bn, will begin in a matter of days.
Described as the largest project of its kind ever undertaken in the country, the scheme will see 49km of motorway being built from Clonee in Co Meath to just north of Kells in addition to several access roads.
It is expected the motorway will be open by July 2010.
The motorway will bypass the towns of Dunboyne, Dunshaughlin, Navan and Kells.
However, it remains hugely controversial as it runs through the Tara/Skryne valley and objectors say it will damage the archaeological landscape of the Hill of Tara.
At the ceremony Minister Cullen denied the project is a gamble, as a case is being taken to the Supreme Court by An Taisce which could halt the scheme.
The minister said the people of the area had waited long enough for the motorway.
Today's move has been criticised by those opposed to the project.

Press Release from the Campaign
Pro-Tara Campaigners Condemn Sod-Turning on M3

The Campaign to Save Tara today condemned the sod-turning on the controversial M3 motorway today. Given that Labour, The Greens and Sinn Fein are in favor of reviewing the route and protecting the internationally significant area, it is unlikely the road will be built along its present proposed route. The campaign is engaged in an election campaign in both Meath constituencies. They are encouraging people to vote for the parties that commit to a post-election review.
The road will do nothing to end the misery of Meath motorists and actually greatly increase traffic volumes on the already grossly overcrowded M50. The local electorate is well aware that this motorway will actually hamper the creation of local jobs in Meath, the county with perhaps the greatest potential for a thriving heritage sector in the whole country.
Michael Canney from the campaign said: ‘Minister Cullen’s actions today are another example of a cheap election stunt. Even in its dying days this Government continues to allow short-sighted profiteering masquerade as proper planning. The Minister is well aware that there has been a number significant archeological finds along the proposed route through the Tara/Skreen Valley and that if these finds are as important as reports suggest, construction cannot begin before the election. We are very confident that a new Government will move swiftly to instigate a review of the M3. This review will give adequate weight to heritage and environmental concerns.’

I do give a damn about Tara
I do give a damn about Tara

Related Link: http://www.savetara.com
author by Margepublication date Mon Apr 30, 2007 18:15Report this post to the editors

I haven't seen any reports of new or important sites in the media, or on indymedia. Why is this information being kept from the public? How long have you known about these sites? What do the reports say?

author by 2curiouspublication date Mon Apr 30, 2007 19:13Report this post to the editors


so whats going on.

author by M3 for M3eathpublication date Mon Apr 30, 2007 21:16Report this post to the editors

Ah, the hill of Tara is a great place to fly a kite.....

We also need an M'way from Drogheda > Dunshaughlin > Kilcock > Naas. I know, none of you ever have to wiggle past Trim or Dunboyne going south. Medieval roads.

On the pollution front, I'd say the 3/4 hour queue around Dunshaughlin yesterday added some CO2 for no miles driven. But who cares, the fumes aren't in Dublin or Tara. And the p.a.y.e. peasants don't live in D4.

Did anyone notice that the M3 will be further away from Tara than the N3? Further than the Cashel bypass is from the Rock?

author by 2bitpublication date Mon Apr 30, 2007 23:48Report this post to the editors

I'm responding to the observant pro-M3er above.

The M3 is closer to the Hill than the existing road, which you can see if you ever drive from Navan to Dunshaughlin, with your eyes open. You will see the excavations to prove it, along the side of Tara.

I'd also like to know why there is no answer to the question about what new discoveries there have been? You expect that from the NRA but not the public campaigners. That's the problem with these groups. They are often just as secretive as the NRA, and the public left in a powerless position because information is being used as power and withheld...and sites get ruined and the roads get built...

author by Tara Campaignerpublication date Tue May 01, 2007 10:31Report this post to the editors

i think that the statement about 'these groups' being secretive as the NRA a typical and
idiotic low blow that exemplifies the divide and conquer attitutude which split
the Tara campaign for many years.

it indicates, yet again a casual desire to assert ownership and dominance of the issue
that reminds me of a four year old boy in a playgroup that wont let anyone play with his

The savetara group has being doing mighty work and should be acknowledged for that,
but instead an insidious and overt remark is inserted into a thread to cast doubts
on the leadership and commitment of the campaign.

you would think by now that the person who did this would have learnt that the Tara
issue is public ownership and not in the gift of one person to lead, when it is quite
abundantly clear that this attitude divided the campaign from the beginning.

go back to playschool!
Do your own thing but stop preventing people from doing theirs through smear
and attrition and use your real name- coward!

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