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Ecoterrorist & Anarchist gets sentance reduction.

category international | environment | news report author Tuesday March 13, 2007 17:47author by sofia - (being one of the global masonic conspiracy allowed me to anagram my name iosaf before Dan Brown) Report this post to the editors

Marco Camenisch has his sentence reduced by half this morning by a court in Zurich whose decision respected that of the jury. Thus the 17 year sentence which Camenisch began in 2004 is reduced to 8 years. Camenisch will be 66 years of age should he serve the complete sentence for the murder of a Swiss border guard.

Marco Camenisch (born 1952) is an anarchist and ecologist who emerged as a leading figure of a militant anti-nuclear group in Switzerland through the late 1970's to his arrest & trial with one comrade in 1980. The group fought the nuclear power through direct action, cutting pylons and sundry other sabatoge of power plants.
Marco Camenisch - in jail since 1981 maybe out for his 66th birthday in 2015.
Marco Camenisch - in jail since 1981 maybe out for his 66th birthday in 2015.

Camenisch, who was not present at the two-day proceeding, will be 66 if he serves out the full term of his latest sentence.

from wikipedia :- ["...in January 1980, Camenisch and other activists were arrested for sabotaging a pylon and a power station of NOK (Nordostschweizer Kraftwerke = "Northeast Swiss Power Stations") at Bad Ragaz. After spending a year free on bail, the court of Canton in Chur and Graubünden sentenced Camenisch to 10 years in prison. A co-defendant was sentenced to 7.5 years. At the trial Camenisch refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of the court or cooperate with its procedures. In court he read a statement in which he connected direct actions as a protest against the enviornmental degradation caused by energy industry and with the struggle against the capitalist social order. n December 1981 he escaped from Regensdorf prison near Zürich, along with 5 other prisoners. During the melée a prison guard was shot and killed, and another was seriously injured. Camenisch claimed he hadn't been part of the group which committed the shootings. After the escape he spent 10 years living in hiding. In 1989, Swiss federal police and media claimed he was responsible for killing of Swiss border police officer Kurt Moser at Brusio.[citation needed] After a shootout with the Carabinieri, he was arrested in November 1992 in Tuscany, Italy. The Italian Court of Massa Carrara sentenced him to 12 years. He served 9 of those years while in solitary confinement in a maximum-security prison.

In April 2002 Camenisch was extradited to Switzerland and transferred to a prison in Pfäffikon near Zürich. In January 2003, after a hunger strike against the conditions of imprisonment he was suffering, he was transferred to a prison in Chur with better conditions. Recently the Swiss government transferred him back to Pfäffikon. In July 2004 he was sentenced to 17 years in prison for the murder of Kurt Moser."]

biography in english -

The retrial came in response to a Swiss Federal Court decision earlier this year which annulled the 17-year jail term on procedural grounds. "It would be disproportionate to lock the defendant away for an indeterminate amount of time," the presiding judge said in Switzerland on Tuesday (today). The court and jury have thus rejected the prosecutions request that Camenisch not only serve life but become a psychiatric case - which is rubbing the torturers salt in the wound as you know.

some other links :-

the Juror's court in Zurich http://www.geschworenengericht-zh.ch/
The entry on Eco-terrorism on English language Wikipedia which unfortunately at time of writing doesn't cover the case (i'll go rectify that later) though for your entertainment does list PETA http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecoterrorism

some background on Swiss (((i))) in the Italian language which covers the 2004 case

some legal info on his case & appeals also in Italian which covers the situation upto 2006

a biography in German ( i know you're not all polyglots & sometimes feel a bit snooty being the only contributor who reads 9 languages - but you know it's like this - you get on well with either god or satan & you can skip the hard work bit & desire to understand your fellow brother man and chat up cute girrlies in their own tongue & just speak in tongues - but most of the info you'll need is on the wikipedia English page) http://www.augenauf.ch/bs/archiv/mc/bio.htm

& here is Cervantes' language (Castilian Spanish info. and biog. under the inspiring slogan " for the destruction of those who would enslave us " ) http://pdg.mahost.org/presos/paginapresos/marco.htm

There are still many prisoners from the peak of so-called eco-terrorism languishing in European and North American jails. We have as a culture mostly forgotten the terms in which these activists who took it on themselves to cook up explosives, sabotage industry & so on - were spoken of. It was back before Dick Cheney & the "eleven" thing. The greenie anarcho direct action people were in many ways the islamists of the late 20th century. But they couldn't really measure up to the threat and scapegoat factor. They lacked a decent line in videos, most people weren't online then and couldn't watch snuff (which they didn't do).

learn something from that as they say. if you're at a want to know what you may learn from it - consider this - the more people your group kill - the better chance you have at getting a short sentence unless of course your group kill people for God in which case you got the gulag. If terrorism attracts you - don't do it for capitalism or ecology - no-one gives a shite about the planet - do it for a flag (as long as it's not green you'll be ok).

last related link is to Swiss indymedia (my helvetian gnomes as I call them) with lots of sound files from today's solidarity concentrations at the Zurich court in German - coz that's what they speak. It's a funny German too. It's "swiss german". So don't go copying the accent. You'd sound like baz or sean ryder.

Related Link: http://ch.indymedia.org/de/2007/03/47619.shtml
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