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Video footage from Shell to Sea Mass tresspass

category mayo | environment | news report author Tuesday February 20, 2007 14:18author by Labour Youth Report this post to the editors

Footage from the mass tresspass into the Shell compound


Starts with the protest outside the gates of the compound

Related Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6o2jeBsk50s
author by Hpublication date Tue Feb 20, 2007 15:50Report this post to the editors

Did you notice how the person chose to interview only men?

Same old, same old.

author by I, J, K, L, ...publication date Tue Feb 20, 2007 16:29Report this post to the editors

It is quite good footage and hopefully will be historic but it is a pity that no women were consulted, I know that I saw at least two female members of the Labour party in Rossport..

Next time, Labour Youth?

author by tnc corcaípublication date Tue Feb 20, 2007 18:22Report this post to the editors

Maith thú - great stuff and well done to one and all -

tis amazing how the media reported it, and how actual events on-folded! RT€ reported that Sh€ll claimed workers were intimidated and threatened and tools and property where damaged, although where were the arrests - a bit like the death threats to our minist€r in the dáil a few months back by shell to sea associates or locals who were pro-shell, also intimidated by opposer's of this complete farce.

How come no body has ever been charged or we never even heard of a follow up to suspects to these claims - complete lies to make shell to sea look bad!

RT€ the T.D's and the Gardaí all interlinked and bowing to Sh€lls every request - shame on ye all - while our health care/education and system in general becomes more worrying by the day - we should be nationalism our natural resources not handing them out with a ribbon attached - the Free state indeed.

Truly sickening!

good to see there is people out there who still care!

go n-eirí agus beir bua!

author by Cianpublication date Tue Feb 20, 2007 18:41Report this post to the editors

I took the video footage in this piece - and i was very conscious of the lack of women been interviewed. I asked several women for interviews/ comments for the video on the day - but none wanted to contribute - so there was nothing I could do about it!

Next time I'll ask a wider range of people for comments.....

author by Davepublication date Tue Feb 20, 2007 19:22Report this post to the editors

I think there should be a rule on Indymedia that before you give one negative comment you have to give three positive ones. That might leave the first two contributors scratching their heads. The comment about no woman being interviewed is valid but very unbalanced. There's also a lot that is positive that could be said about this video. For example, as someone who was also on the inside on the day, it documents the event very accurately. The mix of interview and footage works well. I particularly like the sense of celebration there was immediately after which this video catches very well. And considering this is the result of unpaid labour (youth) from which we can all sit back and enjoy I'd say thanks lads. job well done.

author by Niall Harnett - Shell to Sea.publication date Tue Feb 20, 2007 20:26Report this post to the editors

There are a number of thing things I'd like to point out in regard to this very revealing video.
And well done Labour Youth.

1) The officer ‘in charge’ of Garda operations at Bellanaboy is Superintendent Joe Gannon.

2) Supt. Joe Gannon delegates authority to other officers, on a daily basis at Bellanaboy, and that officer controls and directs Garda operations on 'a given day', and that officer in turn answers to Gannon.

3) The Garda in charge on Friday 16th, and who John Monaghan spoke to on the site (on video), is Garda Sgt Mick Clesham - RG33. Garda Sgt Mick Clesham (Roscommon Galway District) has a reputation as bully and a thug before he ever came to Bellanaboy. See here: http://www.indymedia.ie/article/78234 . Garda Mick Clesham has just arrived recently on the scene in Bellanaboy to be given 'daily charge' of Garda policing of the morning pickets, currently.

4) It was Garda Mick Clesham who told John Monaghan and the group to “leave the way you came in“. John offered to leave by the front gate (the safest way) and asked to speak to the officer in charge - Supt. Joe Gannon, who Garda Mick Clesham said was “unavailable at the moment“.

5) It is notable from the video that when Supt Joe Gannon stepped up to 'become available' and when Garda Sgt Mick Clesham approached him as 'deputy officer on the day' to speak to him and inform him of what was going on ... … eh ... Gannon completely ignored him and walked deliberately around him to avoid him! It never occurred to Gannon, a Garda Superintendent, that he might need to consult with his man in charge for a briefing on the situation. Clesham was made to look like a fool and lost the nerve to call him back for a chat. So it was left to John Monaghan to take responsibility to address him and restart the negotiations which ended successfully with everyone walking safely off the site.

6) As we’ve said from the start - Supt. Joe Gannon is unable to manage and he is unmanageable. He can neither control his guards nor himself. He is out of control and the Gardaí are out of their depth.

Garda Mick Clesham RG33 at Bellanaboy. A known bully, made a fool of now by Supt. Joe Gannon.
Garda Mick Clesham RG33 at Bellanaboy. A known bully, made a fool of now by Supt. Joe Gannon.

Known Thugs - Supt. Joe Gannon with Sgt Conor O'Reilly (left) and Sgt Dermot Butler MY28 (right).
Known Thugs - Supt. Joe Gannon with Sgt Conor O'Reilly (left) and Sgt Dermot Butler MY28 (right).

Related Link: http://www.indymedia.ie/article/78234
author by redjadepublication date Tue Feb 20, 2007 20:50Report this post to the editors

Excellent Video, thanks

I'll be downloading this and burning it on CD's and handing it out to activists here in Budapest.

How do you download a YouTube??!

Funny you should ask....

check out: http://vixy.net

author by Anarchy rules - Cosantoiri Siochanapublication date Tue Feb 20, 2007 23:15Report this post to the editors

Excellent footage. Something RTE and the others should aspire to.

If folks wish to download youtube and other video files, and don't want a third party site to do it for them. Check out Vdownloader - a very nice freeware package. Copy and paste the addy of the youtube video and it'll collect it and convert it into an avi or an mpeg file for you.


author by Mubarakpublication date Tue Feb 20, 2007 23:51Report this post to the editors

We're watching you. Muaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!


author by Compulsive Watcherpublication date Wed Feb 21, 2007 00:31Report this post to the editors

Step One: install firefox and use it instead of the bug-ridden security mess that calls itself "Internet Explorer":

Step Two: install this lovely addon extension:

Step Three: download, watch, enjoy.

The advantage of downloading instead of just clicking play in YouTube is that if you want to watch it multiple times (and with the excellent Labour Youth footage above I do!) you're only downloading it once.

author by SF voterpublication date Wed Feb 21, 2007 20:49Report this post to the editors

The speaker at the beginning of the video with the megaphone is Charlestown Sinn Fein Cllr Gerry Murray. For some reason he is not identified by caption.

Cllr Murray has been a stalwart supporter of shell to sea from the beginning. You can read some of his views on the subject here: http://www.ardfheis.com/news/766

author by Peterpublication date Thu Feb 22, 2007 19:43Report this post to the editors

Just wondering what pat rabbitte and the right leaning labour party think about the youth section engaging in such "hippy activities"??

I think its great for activists to get behind the S2S campaign and those in LY should be congratulated for the part they play.

However should labour get into government will they send shell to sea?

Are the LY a realistic alternative that hope to change the LP when they progress from LY to LP?

I think these are question's that the LY members should be explicitly candid about.

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