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Public Inquiry
Interested in maladministration. Estd. 2005

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VLPS Campaign Grows in Strength

category national | rights, freedoms and repression | news report author Saturday December 16, 2006 01:31author by LM - Victims of Legal Profession Society Report this post to the editors

New developments in campaign to clean up the legal profession

Having successfully seen off the challenges to the web sites and John Gill, the VLPS is moving forward with greater vigour and determination than ever. Action plans have been made and 2007 will be the year that the people of ireland wiil take back control of their country from the priviledged and over arrogant legal profession.
John Gill briefing International lawyer Mr Rolyn Seeboruth
John Gill briefing International lawyer Mr Rolyn Seeboruth

The long drawn out, much publicised, and quite disgraceful abuse of the High Court by the legal professions and judiciary to closedown freedom of the internet did not go unnoticed. The worlds media picked up on the newspaper reports and the hit rate on the and soared to almost 1 million hits. Many supportive messages and offers of support from overseas poured in for John Gill and the VLPS. The idea that a couple of young legal fledglings could hatch up a plot, plant vile comments about one of them and then blame John Gill and take him to court eight times, purely on the basis that his name is listed as a contact person for the VLPS, has outraged decent people all over the world. International lawyers have been closely following the proceedings and were disgusted by Judge Joe Finnegan, then President of the High Court, now called to the Supreme Court, making outrageous threats from the bench directed at all and sundry. President Judge Finnegan, whose courts let drug dealing, gun toting gangsters out on bail, threatened to make all VLPS members poorer and to send John Gill to jail. In reaction to such carry-on in the Irish Courts, offers of legal assistance have come forward from around the world.

Last week, John Gill and other VLPS members, met the internationally famous barrister, Mr Rolyn Seeboruth. A one-time Chief Magistrate in Mauritius, Mr Seeboruth now practices internationally from a base in UK. He has lately been accredited to the Irish Bar and is establishing an office in Cork to work with VLPS to give direct advice (no solicitor needed) and help to Irish citizens who have been abused and betrayed by Irish lawyers. He is only one of a growing number of legally qualified people attending VLPS meetings around the country. Also last week, in Enniscorthy, sixty vocal and able people from sixteen counties, met to plan the way forward for 2007. People who had lost hope of getting titles, settling wills, publicising crooked lawyers and getting a fair hearing in Irish Courts are pooling their knowledge and there courage. Led by the plucky, John Gill from Clare, they are on the move. Let all muddling, obfuscating, arrogant, greedy or cowardly lawyers look out and let young, idealistic and good lawyers take courage and help VLPS take back the Courts, the Bar Council and the Law Society from those who have abused their exalted positions over many years. Happy Christmas and a brighter New Year to all!

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author by Scepticpublication date Sat Dec 16, 2006 14:35author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Well done, VLPS, John Gill and, last but not least, the dedicated volunteers abroad looking after the Rate Your Solicitor and Crooked Lawyers web sites! Now that it has become abundantly clear that John Gill did NOT post the infamous Maguire commment on the RYS web site, although widely reported to have done so in the media, it is now time to go for the jugular and sue for defamation the arrogant so-and-so's who created the impression in the first place, that Mr Gill was guilty of posting dirty remarks on a woman he never even knew, and quite intentionally left this false impression uncorrected for months. Perhaps it will remind these so-called legal "eagles" that the legal system can work both ways and make them a bit more careful of going this road again.
Hopefully, 2007 will be the year of the definitive breakthrough in the VLPS' efforts. Keep up the good work!

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author by At the Circuspublication date Sat Dec 16, 2006 16:30author address author phone Report this post to the editors

"The idea that a couple of young legal fledglings could hatch up a plot, plant vile comments about one of them and then blame John Gill and take him to court eight times"

So now VLPS is claiming that the comments about the female barrister/solicitor were planted by her and her associates? Do you have any actual evidence to support this claim? If not then you should withdraw that remark, just as you had to withdraw the published sexual insults about her as a result of the court precedings. It would seem that very little has been learnt by the prinicpals of this affair.

author by W. Finnerty.publication date Sat Dec 16, 2006 17:00author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I'm delighted to learn that VLPS has survived the recent attack.

I believe there is a HUGE need for your organisation, and I would like to wish all involved every success for the future.

After eight years or so of searching, I'm genuinely sad to have to relate that all I have managed to find so far in the legal profession is what I have come to think of as arrogant cowards, many with grossly inflated opinions of themselves.

That said, I still believe there must be some decent lawyers around somewhere, and I'm pleased to see that VLPS obviously believes so as well.

I recently wrote to Prime Minister Ahern TD (again) regarding my growing set of legal difficulties, and the Post Office has confirmed that the printed and signed copy of the "e-mail letter" I sent to him earlier this week through the registered post was delivered last Wednesday (i e December 13th 2006). Full details relating to this most recent letter can now be found at the following address:

Past experience strongly suggests Prime Minister Ahern will simply ignore the letter (at the above address) completely - as he has done with several similar letters of mine in the past. Should he do so again, the thought has just crossed my mind that a decent lawyer connected with VLPS might be able to advise me on how best to go about initiating the Article 13 "Right to an effective remedy" (Republic of Ireland "European Convention on Human Rights Act 2003") procedure myself: in spite of all the blocking tactics I strongly suspect Minister for Justice McDowell TD is putting in my way, in the clear knowledge that I cannot find a lawyer willing to help me challenge him in even the slightest way imaginable.

Should any such lawyer be happy to advise me, they would need to keep in mind that there is an extant warrant for my arrest in the Republic of Ireland, and that I cannot enter the Republic of Ireland myself without running the risk of being subjected to further attempts by the guards (police) to bully and force me - for a third time - into appearing in court in a manner which blatantly violates my legal rights under Article 6 of the Republic of Ireland's "European Convention on Human Rights Act 2003": and all for the sole purpose of corruptly criminalising me, because I have dared to challenge the way the present Republic of Ireland government appears to be knowingly and systematically violating Bunreacht na hEireann (Constitution of Ireland) in a whole range of ways, and which could not possibly be happening (in my view) without the full support of the most senior members of the legal profession in the Republic of Ireland.

It was partly for this reason that a copy of the above mentioned e-mail letter to Minister Ahern was also sent through the registered post to Chief Justice John L. Murray earlier this week. (As can be seen at the above internet address, the Post Office tracking service indicates that it too was delivered on December 13th last).

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author by Court Observerpublication date Sat Dec 16, 2006 20:00author address author phone Report this post to the editors

It is no wonder you didnt get an appeal. If an appeal was granted, full details of the case would come out, and would probably not favour the State, thus all you Rights were taken away.

author by catherine sarapublication date Sat Dec 16, 2006 23:17author email universalchild27 at hotmail dot co dot ukauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

Well done to all those who worked together to help the TRUTH see the light of day. Long overdue but a good Christmas present and most of all HOPE for all decent human beings in 2007.

author by readerpublication date Sun Dec 17, 2006 20:29author address author phone Report this post to the editors

VLPS - can someone please explain what this is? Its not mentioned in the above article. Thanks.

author by number 12 - legalise freedom campaingpublication date Sun Dec 17, 2006 20:37author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The interesting thing - is that the Constitution guarantees an Appeal.

It sounds as though the legal team , asked for an Appeal in open Court.

This gives the message for the Judge to refuse one. Tis just one of the 'trappings of the Court' where a Client is shafted by 'their' legal team to maintain the status quo and close the case to protect vested interests.

author by LM - VLPSpublication date Sun Dec 17, 2006 23:34author address author phone Report this post to the editors

VLPS is the Victims of the Legal Professions Society

click below for our aims and actions

author by Felicity Seeboruthpublication date Sat Dec 23, 2006 12:44author address author phone Report this post to the editors

This is totally outrageous and extremely surprising that in today's society, issues like this are still prevalent. This is something that should be given full exposure to the wider community (internationally). We live in a democratic society where such corruption should be brought to justice!!!!!! Control should be given back to the people of Ireland! Merry Christmas to all.

author by West Corkpublication date Sat Dec 23, 2006 20:00author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Coillte in breach of FSC certificate
The following is an account of Coillte/State arrogance and bullying which takes some beating.

For the purpose of this account, I shall refer to the present landowner as “ the farmer”.

The farmer owns 7 acres of land in the middle of a Coillte wood at Goulacullin, Dunmanway, Co. Cork. (Folio No: 60593)

This 7 acres was originally taken, by “mistake”, from the previous owner by Coillte in the early seventies. The original owner confronted Coillte about this, and Coillte subsequently gave it back to him. Coillte constructed a track in or about 1973, from the public road through these 7 acres, and on to other Coillte land beyond the 7 acres, in the early seventies. The original owner has used this track to get to his land ever since, without objection or interference.

In October 2005, Coillte took the farmer to Court in an attempt to get the 7 acres off him. It must be stated that a Solicitor asked Coillte, in 1996, if they owned the 7 acres. Coillte replied (letter of proof available), and said that they “ don’t own it, nor could they grant a right of way over it.”

Coillte were unsuccessful in their attempt to rob the farmer of his land. However, as the Judge was about to leave the Court, Coillte’s barrister asked if they could “deny the farmer access to his land.” The judge granted their request, denied the farmer access to his land, and denied him an appeal.

Coillte then placed a lock on the barrier at the public road at the start of the track going to the farmer’s land.

This farmer is now landlocked because Coillte didn’t get their way in robbing him of his land, assisted by the Judiciary! Is this corruption or what!!
Coillte are clearly in breach of their FSC cert.

This story will soon be published in the VLPS web site.

Please lend you support to this man by contacting your local TD, or email the Minister at:

Your help is greatly appreciated.

author by Mr Superspublication date Thu Dec 28, 2006 05:20author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The coillte case underlines the need for the VLPS since the legal profession too often acts as merely a pillar for the many rotten elements in the modern irish estaiblishment!!

author by Court Reporterpublication date Sat Dec 30, 2006 11:13author address author phone Report this post to the editors

VLPS meeting: Granville Hotel, Waterford on 10 January 2007 at 8 p.m. sharp

A meeting will be held in the Granville Hotel, Waterford on Wednesday the 10th of January to deal with the conduct of the Judiciary and related legal matters. This meeting is the first in a series to be held throughout the country in the lead up to the next General Election. Many other events, protests and pickets are also scheduled for the early months of this year.

There is a growing concern throughout the 26 counties with the behaviour of Judges, Barristers and Solicitors. Many clients who have entrusted these people with their private affairs have been badly let down. People have at least the right to expect that their business is conducted confidentially, professionally and in the client's best interest. Unfortunately, the opposite is often the case.

They experience delay, obfuscation, indifference and downright bad manners. Many are left with the distinct impression that their solicitor is working for the other side.

The meeting in the Granville will address the Law Society and its handling of complaints. Supposedly a regulatory authority to look after the public interest, it is increasingly perceived to be protecting the legal profession. To many, the Law Society is working hand in glove with the denizens of Blackhall Place. A cartel working to protect the wealth, privilege and opportunism of a section of society that has sadly lost its way.

Too many wills disappear, or are changed with legal connivance. Property transactions, inheritance issues accordingly are causing grave concerns to people who have lost all confidence in the legal and judicial system.

These and other issues relating to the recent attempt to close down a website will be highlighted at the Waterford meeting. And such is the interest that people from the 26 counties are expected to attend.

The meeting commences at 8 p.m. sharp, and all interested in the future are invited to attend.

Forum for Discussion:

That those pledged to protect the rights of the individual are undermining the very democratic system that is fundamental to all rights.

author by LM - VLPSpublication date Sun Dec 31, 2006 22:01author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Last October, Irish Independent Legal Affairs journalist, Dearbhail McDonald, presented a paper at the 11th Cleraun Media Conference. Below are her opening comments:

“There is an old Irish saying, Is duaine cliu ná saoghal. Reputation is more lasting
than life.
You will find it on the back of a box of Cara matches, and you'll find it on the front
page of my contacts list which now contains the phone numbers, details and
sometimes personal histories of some thousands of people that I have come into
contact with in my five years as a working journalist.
The match box mantra is more than an age old cliché. It is also my ethical screen
saver and spam filter.
The phrase flashes up on my computer terminal and in my sub conscience every
single day.
It has a dual function. It reminds me of the huge responsibility that I bear as a reporter
to those whose lives and activities that I write about with a level of scrutiny that, if I
am honest, I would not like cast on my own.
It also reminds me of my own reputation as a professional news reporter and serves as
a constant beacon that my professional standing is contingent on integrity."

How can Ms McDonald square the above laudable standards with the hatchet job she wrote on John Gill in yesterdays Irish Independent. I know John Gill and I followed the outrageous and totally improper activities of both judges and lawyers over three months in the Four Courts. Court rooms full of lawyers lined up to accuse the lone figure of John Gill of defaming a barrister. In the end, Judge Finnegan accepted, De Facto, that John Gill was not the owner of any web site and that he had not defamed the barrister in question. In short, he was found NOT GUILTY.

By deliberate distortion, by muddling together two totally unrelated cases and web sites and by disgracefully reciting as fact, false claims that were rejected by the courts, she grievously defamed Mr Gill. Add to that her use of the most unflattering file photo possible and it leaves her own self set standards in tatters.

John Gill’s only crime is that he refuses to lie down and shut up about the serious abuses the lawyers have done to himself, to many, many other Irish citizens and therefore to the Irish state.

Far from being a journalist of integrity, as she proclaims herself to be, she has made herself a cheer leader for the legal gangsters and joined them in their attempts to beat Mr Gill into submission. SHAME ON HER!

author by Bigglespublication date Sun Dec 31, 2006 22:16author address author phone Report this post to the editors

and Gill fell for it. Ask the Cat.

author by Bored With Clownspublication date Sun Dec 31, 2006 22:58author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Oh, I don't know. I thought the piece was much more informative than what's been written here by supporters of VLPS or is it of John Gill? Going by the comments here I'd never have known the following facts that Dearbhail McDonald brought to our attention:
1. John Gill has engaged approximately 51 solicitors "in recent years"
2. John Gill "allegedly involved" with was threatened with a 4 month sentence unless material about Jayne Maguire was removed
3. The material was removed

"Lawyers sue man over website" by Dearbhail McDonald, Irish Independent Dec 30th 2006.

author by LM - VLPSpublication date Tue Jan 02, 2007 01:46author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Support Requested for a protest on Wednesday 3rd January at 40 Mespil Rd, Ballsbridge. That is the office of Solicitor Alan Lewis, legal adviser to Bank of Ireland branch in Limerick. This man is refusing to release Land Certificates that are the legal property oj Mr John Gill.

Quoting from Mr Gill's post on the site

"Allan Lewis, the total amount of money STOLEN by the Bank of Ireland is 20,216.16 EURO (Twenty thousand two hundred and sixteen euro and sixteen cents) and this does not include interest nor does it include the hardship and mental strain that you and Edd O'Mahony have inflicted on me since this money was stolen many years ago. Allan Lewis, I have once again signed an Authority for the release of my Original Land Certificate to transfer this property to a developer on standby and if this Land Certificate is not released forthwith, ACTION will be taken."

“Allan Lewis has also denied me the right to sell my property by not allowing the Bank of Ireland to hand over Original Land Certificates FOLIO CE6976F County Clare and FOLIO CE6141F County Clare to me personally and/or to another Solicitor. I have lost at least six opportunities to sell my property, and to add insult to injury, both Original Land Certificates are held on BOGUS Documents and False Sworn Affidavits (PERJURY).”

Any one wishing to meet John Gill and hear his story or show support for the VLPS campaign is invited to join. Dearbhail McDonald and all other journalists are invited to attend and cover the story. Feel free to call John on 087 6567302.

author by Bored with Boredpublication date Sat Jan 06, 2007 00:42author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Neither Bored nor Ms McDonald seem to have read the explanation on the Crooked Lawyers website. I quote:

"The comments about Jayne Maguire were removed from the site by the RYS Management as a favour to John [Gill], who was used as a hostage for the cooperation of a foreign website in an Irish lawsuit! The case was struck out with no order as to costs. Judge Finnegan has been promoted to the Supreme Court."

Is the taking of hostages really the way Bored now wants Irish Law to be enforced outside the Jurisdiction? Is Irish law so fantastic that it ever SHOULD be enforced outside the Jurisdiction? The answer from people living outside Ireland will almost certainly be a resounding NO!

Related Link:
author by LM - VLPSpublication date Mon Jan 22, 2007 23:58author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Welcome back Indymedia! Just like the site, when you are not there, you are really missed. Free Speech Abu!

All roads lead to Killarney and the killarney heights hotel for 8.00pm this Thursday 25th Jan. The recent meetings in Enniscorthy and Waterford each had up to 80 people attending and lively discussions on experiences and future actions took place. Great to see International lawyer, Mr Roy Seeboruth in attendance and also great to have Kathy Sinnott MEP represented at the meetings.

By all accounts Kerry has a lot of rotten legal apples and a strong attendance is expected. Anyone who believes the legal/justice system needs radical reform should attend.

author by LM - Victims of Legal Profession Societypublication date Sat Jan 27, 2007 21:00author address author phone Report this post to the editors

John Gill
County Clare


The Tanaiste and Minister for Justice Michael McDowell T.D.

Dear Tanaiste,

In reply to your letter of the 19th of December 2007, Minister there is no need to remind me any further or any more that the Courts are subject to the Constitution and the Law because I am fully aware that this should be the case, but regrettably and unfortunately in many cases the opposite is the fact.

On the year of an election Minister, we have started a campaign to expose to the wider world how CORRUPT our Legal and Judicial System really is at the very highest level, and I mean judges of the Supreme Court of Ireland, Judges of the High Court of Ireland, Judges of the Circuit Court of Ireland who AID and ABET Solicitors, Barristers & Counsel who have prepared false Sworn Affidavits, altered and distorted Legal Contracts to benefit themselves in the theft of money and property, while knowing full well that this is a serious Criminal Offence, and knowing full well until the very recent past that there were Judges on the Bench at the very highest level who were willing and would support them come hell or high water.

On our first outing at 40 Mespil Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 to demand the return of two Original Land Certificates held by the Bank of Ireland's Legal Advisor Solicitor Allan Lewis that are held on bogus authority and false Sworn Affidavits, and the handover of a CORRUPT payment of stolen money given and accepted by Solicitor Allan Lewis who aided and abetted other Solicitors and Barristers in the THEFT of this stolen money.

Before staging the protest, I with two witnesses sat down with Allan Lewis and his witness; my first demand was the handover of my Land Certificates FOLIO 6976F County Clare and FOLIO 6141F County Clare. Allan Lewis' response was because they were in a Company name he would not hand them over. I then showed Mr Lewis documented evidence of the bogus authority and false Affidavit, to which he did not reply. I then demanded the return of a corrupt payment of E17.041.82 and Mr Lewis' answer was I got this money by an ORDER of the High Court (A LIE).

Ten of us staged a one and a half hour protest outside 40 Mespil Road and abandoned due to heavy rain.


Any person who aids, abets, counsels or procures the commission of an indictable offence is liable to he indicted, tried and punished as a principal offender: Criminal Law Act 1997.S 7 (1). Previously an aider and abetter was known as a Principal in the second degree. The kernel of the matter is the establishing of an activity on the part of the accused from which his intentions may be inferred and the effect of which is to assist the principal (in the first degree) in the commission of a crime proved to have been committed by the principal. It is sufficient if the prosecution can show that the accused knew the nature of the crime intended. It is not necessary for the prosecution to show that the accused knew the means to be employed by the principal offender.

While in consultation with Allan Lewis on the 3rd of January 2007 I did not have the Order of the Supreme Court of the 5th of February 2003 - there were in fact two Judgments/Orders. The first and I quote: JUDGMENT delivered on the 5th day of February 2003 by FENNELLY J.

This ten page Judgment signed 5th February 2003 by Nial Fennelly is ten pages of Corruption, Fraud, Deception and littered with insulting and degrading malicious lies prepared by gangsters and fraudsters. This Judgment delivered on the 5th day of February 2003 by FENNELLY J. was handed to me ten minutes before my case was heard (ten minutes before the case commenced). This case had five segments and was heard before Mrs Justice Denham, Mr Justice Murray and Mr Justice Fennelly, and ended up in a frenzy between the three Judges and a bunch of corrupt vultures and gurriers on the floor of the Court which resulted in me not getting the opportunity to complete my evidence.

Minister, it took me all of two and a half months to get the Order/Judgment of this case from a corrupt Supreme Court Office and so I will not get the blame for branding all of them with the same brush. The person that I dealt with was Mary Hennessy from whom I received an altered and distorted document, which I do not believe was an accident, and I further say that this two-page Order/Judgment received two and a half months after the 5th of February 2003 following much aggravation and pain is also corrupt, a total FRAUD which contradicts itself.

Minister McDowell, you do not have to be convinced that our Judges at the highest level are corrupt (you know they are corrupt) and you know full well Minister that the Law and the Constitution mean sweet damn all to many of those corrupt Judges. If the State and the Government cannot intervene in any way in relation to the fraud and corruption by the Judiciary and the Legal Profession which includes serious fraud and corruption by Registrars all over Ireland then our problem is most dangerous and serious.

Minister for Justice Michael McDowell T.D. you referred my file to the Garda Commissioner, who in turn referred the file to the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation. The file was then sent to my nearest Garda Station and I was contacted by a Detective from Shannon Garda Station, where I spent six months from July 2005 to January 2006 preparing a very comprehensive detailed file with documented evidence to support every line and paragraph.

Our concern has now moved from the long delay in having our cases dealt with to what I was told over the last two days, that Crime Correspondent Paul Williams mentioned on The Late Late Show, something to the effect that the Government may interfere with the investigation of the Gardai, and if that is true it will only add insult to injury, and will show that our Government are playing their part as collaborators in covering up white-collar crime. I will watch the re-run of the Late Late Show tonight Monday l5th of January 2007. P.S. A phone call just now tells me that Mr Paul Williams was joined on the show by retired CAB boss Felix McKenna, which indicates that there must be some truth in the news.

More news in from Drimnagh in Dublin about High Court and Supreme Court Judges aiding and abetting a Solicitor mentioned in my Sworn Affidavit of the 28th of September 2006 which caused Judge Michael Hanna to dismiss himself from hearing my case.

The last paragraph of the first page of your letter acknowledges that I am making allegations of misconduct against both a Barrister and Solicitor, this is political escapism and is not acceptable. I am not just complaining about a Barrister and Solicitor named in my letter to you as John Hickie and Lorcan Connolly, I have also named Registrars Patrick Wallace, Brid O'Dea, Susan Dermody and in equal terms, Judge Harvey Kenny in this corrupt case.

In the first three paragraphs of the second page of your letter of the 19th of December 2006, you have listed the Registrars Committee of the Law Society of Ireland and the Disciplinary Tribunal, which is appointed by the President of the High Court. I have written to the President of the High Court Judge Joseph Finnegan on numerous occasions in 2003 and 2004 with documented evidence of serious criminal activity by Niall Casey of John Casey & Co, Ennis, County Clare who is on the Disciplinary Tribunal, Thomas Tynan in the Official Assignee's Office and his Legal Advisor Bill Holohan who are involved in serious criminal activity, and Tom Kinirons, a Barrister also involved in serious criminal activity and I may as well have written to the Statue of Liberty as to the President of the High Court Judge Joseph Finnegan.

I did watch the re-run of the Late Late Show last night and did hear the name of a Fianna Fail Minister named among the gangsters of the underworld, and I did hear for myself that the Government had more control than ever on the Gardai. And we hope and pray that this does not mean interfering with the exposure of WHITE COLLAR CRIME, and this includes Judges up to and including the Supreme Court Judges.

The so-called Complaints Procedures of the Law Society, the Bar Association and the Court Services are a Farce, a Joke, a Lie.

Minister, I am sending you the ten page FRAUD, CORRUPT COVERUP of the 5th of February from the SUPREME COURT, signed by Supreme Court Judge Nial Fennelly on the 5th of February 2003 which was handed to me 10 minutes before the case commenced on the 5th of February 2003. I am also sending you the two-page Order/Judgment of a corrupt case that was never complete. Two pages received two and a half months after the so-called hearing of the case was over, following a traumatic period of aggravation and pain. I am also including my third Affidavit of Jayne Maguire V John Gill that contains seventy-four pages in total that caused Judge Michael Hanna to dismiss himself from hearing my case, sworn on the 28th of September 2006.

This seventy-four page Affidavit clearly demonstrates the reason for the cover-up by the Supreme Court, the conduct of John Casey & Co, Ennis, Co. Clare, the conduct of Thomas Tynan and Bill Holohan of the Court Services Office in Smithfield, Dublin 7 who were appointed by Judge Joseph Finnegan, President of the High Court. It also gives a synopsis of the late Judge Sean O'Leary and Barrister Brian McInerney. There is much more to come about the appalling conduct of Judge O'Leary on the Bench and about many other corrupt Judges.

There is great concern by many of our members that you Minister, never get to read about the serious misconduct of the Legal and Judicial Profession and for that reason I will post this letter on the website of Victims of the Legal Profession. I will also distribute it in book form at your annual conference.

When you complain to the Law Society, you are guaranteed a life of humiliation, threat and intimidation carried by the combined efforts of Solicitors, Barristers, Judges at all levels up to and including the Supreme Court of Ireland.

When you complain about a Solicitor to the Court Services Office in Smithfield they first make contact and collude with the Solicitor who will then saddle you with a large bill and then drag you through the corrupt, so-called Taxation system which is a money-grabbing slush fund for the corrupt legal system.

Minister McDowell, Leader of the Progressive Democrats, I have a letter from a Solicitor who lives quite close to your holiday home in County Roscommon who suggests that we press for the establishment of the Office of "Public Solicitor" as opposed to State Solicitor, set up in Dublin and the Provinces. In my opinion a very good suggestion, a letter that will be shown you by your members. The suggestion is that this Solicitor deals exclusively with Victims of the Legal Profession. This honourable man said in his letter that if even one quarter of the allegations were true, then it would represent a very serious situation warranting Government intervention.

My suggestion is that if the Judiciary acted within the Law and Constitution as they have taken an OATH to do, then there would be very few problems. We do know that there are some Judges who are not corrupt and operate within the Law and the Constitution. My suggestion to you Minister is to nominate a half dozen of law-abiding Judges, if you can find a half dozen, to deal exclusively with our members until the backlog is cleared up.

There was a suggestion some two years ago that it would take the intervention of Judges from outside the Jurisdiction to clean up this mess but we have since discovered that there are good decent honourable Judges operating here.

Before there is any more damage caused to our Legal System we now urge you Minister to nominate at least two or three honourable Judges to get at least some cases out of the way and alleviate some of the stress and strain that many people are suffering all over the country.

We await your response to the above positive suggestion and hope you will look positively on a very sensible way out of a most dangerous situation if it is allowed to fester any longer.

Yours Sincerely

John Gill

Copy to:

The President of the Law Society of Ireland
The Bar Association of Ireland
The Bank of Ireland, Mespil Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 for the attention of Allan Lewis
The website of the Victims of the Legal Profession
To be distributed at our meetings throughout Ireland and beyond

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author by Edward Stevensonpublication date Mon Feb 19, 2007 14:23author address author phone Report this post to the editors

So, the Minister for Justice wants to fold the Tribunal tent. His position is grounded on his opinion that the gist is fine. Fine legal slang for accountability.

Accountability is "something you can bank on" in Michael McDowell's circle.

The picture of his pals pockets stuffed with tax revenues is the gist of dishonesty. The Tribunal has flagrently missed the mark in its duty to expose the full details of corruption and that is not the result of blunder.

There will soon be a set of similar results from the Redress Board/ Investigation. And the common denominator is the man who advised on both fiascos.... Michael McDowell. Do the maths yourself.

author by Clivypublication date Sat Nov 02, 2013 16:52author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Roy the illegal immigrant who entered the UK illegally and ran a massive fraudulent network bringing illegal immigrants from Mauritius and helping them obtain illegal passports by marrying them off with British citizens and then remarrying. Roy the wonderful barrister who is behind lots of fraud including helping his friend Benjamin Goder fake his death for life insurance

Marrying off illegal immigrants like Chinese Mauritian Hi Siu Li Ping Wah to Irish Michael Cadden on the 25th June 1985, Haringey, London. Roy being the witness to this and then this illegal immigrant using several names Monique Li Ping Wah, Monique Ladden, Monique Cadden, Hi Siu Cadden and several variants whilst using these different names to get several benefits, legal aid to sue several people in her different names and costing the taxpayer a lot of money whilst this fraudulent operation was carried out. The wonderful barrister illegal immigrant barrister R. J. P. Seeboruth what a wonderful fraud he is! You can see his name of several illegal immigrants marriage certificates!

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