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Sunday Press Review: MSM Inveighs Against Rossport and Anti-Fascists.

category national | arts and media | other press author Tuesday October 03, 2006 04:35author by d'other - Dubplate Warriorz FC Report this post to the editors

Journalistic Scumbaggery, Personal Vengence and Political Dogsbodies.

Jim Cusack, a man hilariously described as something of a Walter Mitty figure by a DGN organiser on the Late Late Show back in 2004, was back in the SIndo this week, with his ramshackle journalistic style to expose the lack of investigative merit behind Village journalist Scott Millar's recent contribution to Searchlight on clerical fascist Gerry McKeough.

Cusack Gets Personal Dig In At Miller
Cusack Gets Personal Dig In At Miller

The Sindo at this stage it seems will stoop to any low to engage in its red scare tactics against the Shinners and on a lesser note the far left. If Sunday is anything to go by, this includes a new low of clearing the record of McGeough, whitewashing him as a genuine republican who left those nasty Shinners behind and now is being cruelly smeared as a former terrorist by those even nastier lefties. Considering McGeough's past, surely even the most sensory deprived of sub-editors could notice the smell of stinking bullshit off this one?

Only a fool could suffer the notion that this has nothing to do with Miller's recent criticism of how 'anonymous Garda sources' riddle Cusack's work with all the worth of soap gossip in TV Now. Anonymous sources tell this Indy journalist that we'll be waiting some time for Cusack's construction of castles in the sky to melt away as long as the SIndo maintains its role as a tabloid bitching session for power choosing to masquerade as broadsheet opinion and analysis.

Aside from Cusack's mixing of some vehement red baiting with personal vengence, there was a more serious smearing in this week's Sunday World. Veronica Guerin would be Paul Williams got down and dirty with the people of Rossport. In a real act of journalistic scumbaggery he accused the Shell to Sea campaign of being hijacked by Sinn Fein. IRA heavy weights it seems have been rolling in behind this attempt to gain political capital, to strike fear into a silent majority of locals opposed to the protests.

Williams of course is simply laying the justifaction for his own 'anonymous Garda sources' to forcibly gain access to the construction site this week as reported in today's Irish Times. When ordinary punters face the wishes of the elite down, they become extraordinary and surely must be controlled by some thuggish manipulative political masterminds? Don't forget how during the bin tax the Sindo claimed anarchists were infiltrating the campaign.

The first step in the process of re-pacifying the public is dividing it into 'good' and 'bad' protesters. The 'good' being a silent, law-abiding and largely imaginary public and the 'bad' being us Indymedia reading scumbags. So used to contemptously manipulating the public themsevles, the MSM, its pay-masters and their political friends really do find it quite the conceptual leap to understand mobilisation from below and seek out string pulling boogeymen to comfort themselves with. Bless.

Cusack's Sunday Independent 'exclusives': http://www.villagemagazine.ie/article.asp?aid=1602&iid=...ud=36

A Real Example of Journalistic Scumbaggery
A Real Example of Journalistic Scumbaggery

Irish Times On How Cops Intend To Deal With Rossport
Irish Times On How Cops Intend To Deal With Rossport

author by FREDpublication date Tue Oct 03, 2006 15:01Report this post to the editors

If you read the Miller searchlight article - something Cusack probably didn’t bother with it actually states that Searchlight did not conduct the interview..


However not all in the AOH were supportive of the actions of some of their new members. A week later Tony Carroll, the AOH public relations officer, said: “We saw the pictures on TV and everybody was amazed at what went on”. He pledged further to investigate the disruption and take “appropriate action”. However McGeough believes the days of mere charity work by the AOH are numbered. He said, in a taped interview forwarded to Searchlight: “I am part of a new group of people in the organisation who want to take a more pro-active stance on Catholic issues. If the leadership have a problem with Catholic teachings, then they should take it up with the Pope. The organisation which was moribund for years under that leadership is now attracting huge numbers of new people. We only have a convention every three years. but I believe we will see a radical shake-up at the next election.”

Looks like Walter is at it again. This guy has also books on the UVF and UDA it is scary to think

author by Bullitzer Prizepublication date Tue Oct 03, 2006 17:51Report this post to the editors

the journalist who claimed all sorts of stuff about the Dublin riots in Feb and when confronted with someone who'd actually been there (Indy.ie's Chekov who filmed the whole thing) it became obvious that his modus operandi is to assert things he has no idea about?

I'm surprised he's still employed if it's the chancer at the link below (it's a very funny interview!):

Related Link: http://www.indymedia.ie/article/74602
author by N McCarthypublication date Tue Oct 03, 2006 19:13Report this post to the editors

This attempt to get his own back by Jim Cusack clearly misrepresents the Searchlight article. It also misrepresents McGeough. Can the NUJ or the courts take action against Cusack for what amounts to a on-going campaign of lies, nonsense and madness against anyone that might want to stand up against Tony O’Reilly and his money grabbing empire. Really is something when Cusack is willing to side with the most nasty aspects of the former IRA men the fascist McGeough just to have go at Adams and journalist that pointed out he was a whacko. How can any organisation that calls itself a newspaper possibly employ such a person. The Irish Times must have got wind that he was unhinged and got rid of bad stuff as soon as. There really is a need for a look at all the stories this guy has ever written - what a fantasist.

author by Watcherpublication date Tue Oct 03, 2006 19:17Report this post to the editors

Village Magazine: Jim Cusack, rewriting criminal history : http://villagemagazine.ie/article.asp?sid=1&sud=36&aid=2046
Another Newspaper Watch about Cusack: http://www.villagemagazine.ie/article.asp?sid=1&sud=36&...=1542

author by Sean Cpublication date Tue Oct 03, 2006 19:32Report this post to the editors

This guy has been wrong so many times:

Here’s three articles that Millar points out his lies




Now he attacks him and he’s wrong again. Millar should sue

author by Jim Mittypublication date Tue Oct 03, 2006 20:29Report this post to the editors

Cusack is one of the laziest journalist in Ireland and probably one of the best paid. He now uses his articles to settle personal scores and push his hatred of Sinn Fein and anything to the Left of Genghis Khan. Hope Chekhov has a look at this little piece for the Village this week.

author by supppublication date Tue Oct 03, 2006 23:24Report this post to the editors

Why am I always so disappointed when reading the text after seeing the headlines of these stories.

'sources has claimed' ,'source said',' a spokesman for a group representing a wide cross-section of local business said.
PEGG by any chance?

and are any of these so called SF thugs identified

Paul Williams all of sudden afraid of naming names?

author by Angelpublication date Tue Oct 03, 2006 23:37Report this post to the editors

Williams article was a complete disgrace and its a crime that this liar is still employed.

As for Cusack, lord helps us, this article is a silly attempt to get back at Scott Miller, after Miller, and then Chekov systematically tore apart Cusack Sindo exclusives earlier this year. Miller's village articles were passed around talbot street with much sniggering at Cusack. Sundays article was his revenge!!

While cusack is essentially a child and not very bright, Williams is smarter and due to the marketing of him by the SW as a campaiging fearless jurno he is much more effective.

Is anyone aware if Fine Gael actually paid Williams to speak at the party event held in september?

author by cool jpublication date Wed Oct 04, 2006 00:12Report this post to the editors

Enda Kenny's FG machine in MAyo is a well known source of cheap political slander directed against the Rossport 5 and ShelltoSea so it wouldn't suprise me if Williams found a rich source of fiction for the article at the september FG meeting!

author by Peter and paulpublication date Wed Oct 04, 2006 14:55Report this post to the editors

Roll up, roll up come see Jim Cusack's amazing pants of fire

author by Flynn - Agrescon@Agrescon.nlpublication date Wed Oct 04, 2006 16:54Report this post to the editors

absolute nonsense, the IRA hijacking the shell to sea Protests, surely the high command would hijack the Oil Rig, or are they now that Vacant having fought the British for Thirty Years they,ve lost their touch.?Flynn O Flynn

author by Rene Cusack - no relation to JImpublication date Wed Oct 04, 2006 17:48Report this post to the editors

Dear o dear, what a hole Jimbo is digging for himself. Can you imagine if one member of ordinary, mainstream Provo SF came out and said that they were against immigration, belived in a world financial Fremason/Zionist conspiracy, thought Isreal ruled America, thought Gays sick, wanted contraception outlawed and divorce banned...Cusack would have the SINDO headlines roaring 'Adams and McGuiness nazis shock!..Sean Russell rides again!' McGeough actually brings out a mazazine saying all of this, but to Jim its just 'Ireland's Own' and Gerry is the voice of decent republicanism. Jim is actually trying to hit two or three targets, all of which are beyond his ability. One is revenge on Miller, which is nice and petty, but the way journalists actually do behave, the second is to smear Browne as a provo and thirdly hopefully smear the provos too. What a tangled web...expect the big guns, Harris and O'Connor to have to be rolled out on Jimbo's behalf again soon.

author by AFApublication date Wed Oct 04, 2006 20:05Report this post to the editors

Jim Cusack and Paul Williams must be two of the most dangerous fools there are. Why do they do it? They get to suck up to the police and then bang out second rate fantasy stories, both are reputed to be on €100,000 a year. These people are not journalists but merely tubes for establishment shit or the shit of any mad ball that might become a contact for them - Cusack really is getting pathetic now, this man has a family, my heart goes out to them because it must be getting embarrassing when they think about how daddy earns his money - why not just go for straight prostitution Jim. the man who lives in an Ireland populated by Trot-IRA, Islamo fascists everywhere but where an open homophobic religious racist manic is just a nice Catholic boy who has an Italian wife and Nigerian friend - read Hibernia and see what you make of it - probably more than Jim has done.

author by MG - OSFpublication date Wed Oct 04, 2006 22:57Report this post to the editors

What’s Cusack saying in that article that Millar is a Sinn Fein supporter? During his time at the Sunday Times and in Village that journalist has written a number of bad news stories for SF including the creation of Eigiri and focusing on their problems in Dublin. With friends like him SF are really in trouble or is Cusack spouting more kac?

As for Williams - the people of Mayo should boycott the Sunday World.

author by Righty-o-so-Joepublication date Thu Oct 05, 2006 03:59Report this post to the editors

Does anyone know why Millar was fired from the Sunday Times? It might explain something about his honesty.

author by rederinpublication date Mon Oct 09, 2006 20:29Report this post to the editors

Has anyone seen the latest edition of that Hibernian mag? I believe there's something all Indymedia users should see. It seems in the midst of all that holy catholic bigotry, they've been at some detective work.

author by d'otherpublication date Mon Oct 09, 2006 20:38Report this post to the editors

Any hints at the content or do we all have to rush out and face disappointment if we don't share your interest? This isn't the piece revealing the third secret of Fatima is it?

author by Ernst Udet 7th - Jasta 2publication date Mon Oct 09, 2006 21:10Report this post to the editors

Perhaps there's some truth in what Paul Williams has to say. Many well meaning pressure groups are hijacked by others with their own agenda. Just consider the Old Slaggers corporate style talkover of the Irish Anti War Movement. Consider further that the IAWM is now only a shadow of its former self with very few people turning out to protest and 99% of those are Old Slaggers Rent a Crowd. A once proud and honest group is now reduced to being a mouthpiece for the Old Slaggers.
Mayo beware, you are getting "support" from people who have no interest whatsoever in your problems. Their sole aim is to USE you and your cause to further their own cause and as a bonus they get another opportunity to stick two fingers in the air at their sworn enemies big business and the government.


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