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Dublin Opinion
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NAMA Wine Lake

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When to draw line in the Sand. Corruption v Anti Corruption in the context of Begrudery Irish style

category international | rights, freedoms and repression | opinion/analysis author Sunday September 24, 2006 19:18author by Kevtin T. Walsh - Social Justice and Ethics Report this post to the editors

A bit of Philosophy, Sociology, theology, psychology

And the other side........Development, Racing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The Celtic Tiger that is sometimes called the 'Pussycat'

Rolf Harris 1960's
'Two little boys......; moral being, one assist the other to get back up on the horse.

I am deeply saddened this evening, about the witch-hunt on our most popular Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern.

Bertie Ahern is the symbol of honesty, integrity, ethics, accountability and above all - humanity towards the vulnerable, this State has ever seen.

Conor Lenihan, Minister for Overseas Development and one of the brightest people in Mensa globally said on Live at Five on Friday Evening that Bertie Ahern was totally innocent and that the Nation will realise that Honesty always prevails. Conor also said that the people behind this witch-hunt need serious psychiatric help.

Tonight I sit in my sitting room deeply hurt as any Jack Russell would be - my only consolation is that my friends tonight at the Ryder Cup are privatelely doing deals in relation to construction, development sites and to create employment to better this country, as Bertie is trying to do.

Some months ago, our Nation mocked the Bailey Brothers. These men paid Euros 22 m. in back taxes and because of their personal friendship with our Taoiseach Bertie, they paid this money to better our economy to create employment for our people and migrants. The Bailey boys are another symbol of integrity and honesty, and any nation on Earth would be proud to have them. People should know they even bought the tent for the Galway Races so that all of those honest entreprenneurs of this nation could converse and celebrate.

I recently visted Jim McDaid's ex. wife's house for de-stress and recreation in Leitrim. My friend Tom Murphy came with me (Stressed by Revenue) created 6,000 jobs in this country and is now being hounded for tax. The breakfast was superb. Others included Ray Burke, Pee, Frank, Sean, Albert, larry-meat. We all ate a healthy breakfast of yogurt and dry toast.

Why this begrudgery?

Cromwell said 'To hell or to Connaught' The irony of this is that all of our developers that made this Celtic Tiger came from Mayo. You have the Baileys, the McGowans, the Murphys, the O'Malleys and many more. Decemt hardworking people that never got an ill-gotten gain. Ray Burke's father, Paddy came from Mayo. Ray Burke, the minister ahead of his time, but framed by begruders. Then there is P. Flynn, who in 1979 when elected stood on a table in Castlebar hotel roaring 'I am the Mayo new Messiah' What decent person could doubt that. Let's not forget that the legend Charlie Haughey spent his childhood in Mayo. Sean Doherty, ex Minister for Justice accused of phone tapping half the country came from next door Roscommon.

Tom Gilmartin comes from Sligo, as does Ray McSharry, who had his phoned tapped in Dail Eireann and God knows who.

Again why such jealousy of these decent law-abiding people?

Over a year ago, our Taoiseach gave a fantastic interview with Miriam O'Callaghan in RTE. When asked about plans after politics - he said he would like a third term and humbly he said he had brought this country from the cavemen and peasants that they were into the 21st century. He then with almost tears in his eyes said 'I gave up my long hair and anorak to move forward' for the economy. Miriam asked after your third term Taoiseach - he said I would like to work with the Catholic Marriage Advisory council at Clonliffe College, to help young couples on their way in life.

What other Prime Minister in the world would say such humble words - Bertie is a man of the people. As we speak he is getting a make-over from an old flame Cecilia in Drumcondra and believe me he is going to fight back. You will see now emerging from the mist a top soprano at his best.

Files..... What Files.....I will take the Fifth Amendment......I am Taoiseach and it is none of your business.

There is a conference in the Burlington Hotel next month headed by Desmond Tutu in relation to Restorative Justice and Global Anti-corruption principles. Our Taoiseach has picked a dream team to represent our Government - not one blemish on their political careers. The team is Captain Peee Flynn, former EU Commissioner, Frank Fahy from Galway who evil people are callinga gangster in recent months in relation to foreigh properties (all lies). In charge of security at the Burlington, is former Superintendent from Donegal Lennon and his decent team headed by McMahon (Detective). FBI - hand your heads in shame.

As we speak Trinity College again as the hungry research grabbing b..... that they are for money, have phoned Conor Lenihan to research his genius and his chemical brainwaves. Where does this College get off?

I propose tonight a candlelight vigil outside Fagans pub in Drumcondra for our Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and I ask Sinn Fein now to show their diversity and inclusiveness and support this vigil.

I just woke up and read the above article - people will vote on this next May. Are we all this stupid? Can anyone clarify where I am coming from here?

Quotation for you to dwell on:

'People could find no place in their consciousness for such an unimaginable horror and they did not have the courage to face it - it is possible to live in a twilight between knowing and not knowing'
W.A. Visser't Hooft, Protestand theologian (reflecting in 1973 on the Churches' knowledge of the Holacaust)

(Charlie Napoleon Haughey had a 4 poster bed on the Celtic Mist yacht - wow now theree is the imagination running wild......

Can someone tell me how to apply for the post of Taoiseach?????

Do you have to be a genius or Inspect Clousseau?

By the way, I am sick and tired being asked why this Mayo football team hasn't won the Sam in 55 years - do you the see the reason now? They must just be to honest as footballers!!!!!!

'People could f

author by Johnpublication date Sun Sep 24, 2006 19:43Report this post to the editors

Here is how you apply for the post of Taoiseach: stand at the next election along with 83 other candidates pledged to vote in the Dail for you as Taoiseach. If they get elected, you'll be Taoiseach. Hope this information will be of use to you and good luck with your application.

author by mOusepublication date Sun Sep 24, 2006 20:00Report this post to the editors

Bertie's local is 'The Goose', such a provocative name....

I am sure he will get a job through 'All Hallows' maybe as groundskeeper.

The problem , really, is the Tanaiste. A cute hoor, with a propensity for
getting his way on extremely flawed legislation and climbing southside
lampposts proclaiming he will watchdog the FF party.

Maybe he will start speaking to Enda now, that is where both parties interests lie,
federalised commodified european union versus good old FF and a 32 county
republic of priests and paupers- can't wait. If Bertie goes who will be our caretaker
Taoiseach until the snap election?

author by dontyathinkpublication date Mon Sep 25, 2006 12:10Report this post to the editors

That Bertie should drop the ballast?

The new Tanaiste plays chess, he is limbering up to caretake the government,
of course the bloodless coup in which he thew Ms Harney overboard was simply
accomplished, her FF banner showed: her proximity to Woods who left Mc Dowell
out in the cold over the indemnity which provoked the May 17th election and Mr
Mc Creevy cheerleading her from the sidelines. Bertes has himself to blame,
clientalism and the missionary position in relation to the church were his
undoing. No fucking backbone.

Mc Dowell is coming out of the indemnity debacle very clean and Wood's will
get a sizeable pension.Time for a change of leadership in FF and popcorn for the
rest of us, its going to be bloody.

author by Stuartpublication date Mon Sep 25, 2006 12:15Report this post to the editors

This term "begrudgery" is a curious one that is rare overseas but central to a lot of public debate and politics in Ireland - in fact so central that Google returns 12 thousand hits related almost exclusively to the one country, to the point that "Irish style" is the only begrudgery worthy of comment.

Taking the dictionary definition to be "envy" or even malicious envy, the term is applied to any question of impropriety or misconduct to divert attention towards the motives of the questionner, without ever addressing the question.

The current etiquette seems to be to retire after being exposed to begrudgery so extreme as to tarnish one's reputation and thereby avoid the inquest. Which would be a shame in Bertie's case.

author by Michelle Clarke - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Mon Sep 25, 2006 21:31Report this post to the editors

Begrudgery a really 'strong' word.

Envy says it all and add in those other deadly sins.........that contribute to making our Celtic Tiger as 'cess pool' .......

The challenge exists........

The time has come to start afresh........perhaps......

Election ahoy

author by Stuartpublication date Tue Sep 26, 2006 11:07Report this post to the editors

Election ahoy, but the magical coalition is overwhelming. Iain M. Banks invented a sial, a ferocious beast transplanted with a criminal brain to create a racing animal combining power and ferocity with resentment and lack of inhibition ("Against a dark background"). We have Michael McDowell at the thought-centre of Fianna Fail, with Bertie's honesty-encrusted socialism as a mantle. McDowell can say and do all the nasty, vindictive things that the electorate dare not admit to supporting, because their vote is cast for earthy populism.

author by potpublication date Tue Sep 26, 2006 11:46Report this post to the editors

He has no power, nor has he integrity.
He colludes with mainstream media to create an image of himself
that makes him happily flap.


The survivors of the Mountjoy jail suicides.
The victims of rape(who he will put on the stand to justify their choice
of clothing)
The residents of Thornton.
The people who have watched him change law to facilitate
his vote majority.
The opposition who have not taken him on
RE: SIB, Immigration, Residence and Protection Bill, Sex laws etc Know what he is.
The Garda Representative ass. don't like him.
The Prison Officers don't like him.
Survivors of people who died in Garda custody don't like him.
Journalists don't like him (TDR, Privacy and Defamation Bills).

Bertie is a man of the people. Though he regularly screws
them over-not a socialist

We have a visibly 'weakened' leader and a bully-boy Tanaiste.
There is a power -struggle , and Bertie is losing because he was
never, ever a leader. He allowed corruption, theft and the rise
of Mc Dowell- unforgivable.

author by Jack Russell - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Tue Sep 26, 2006 13:11Report this post to the editors

Surprise raids occurred a.m. both North of the Border and in Dublin and Wicklow..........

Where are the convictions?

Let there be Transparency, Ethics and Accountability - all sides.

At all times demoracy, the Rule of Law must prevail

author by Stuartpublication date Tue Sep 26, 2006 13:18Report this post to the editors

I doubt Bertie is losing - his blokey image, faux socialism, man-of-the-people roots and Bass-drinking actions remain popular and effective. A parasite will often weaken its host, but rarely kills until it's ready to breed and multiply. If the PDs actually believe themselves ready for government then there is good chance of a change. McDowell is ignorant of reality outside his own blinkered world, but he is also very clever and an excellent judge of people - he hasn't surrounded himself with yes-men yet - so pragmatism will create some visible unity for the election.

author by Michelle Clarkepublication date Mon Oct 02, 2006 21:56Report this post to the editors

Yes, your point about the 'yes' men versus pragmatists, appeals to me. Sycophants only smother potential.

Tonight I think of the radio interview that let us glance at the nature behind the man (of Taoiseach Bertie Ahern). It might have been a TV programme.

He recalled his childhood and his favorite song: 'There once was a doggy in the window....the one with the waggily tale.....I do hope that doggy is for sale'........

It is song of the 1960's but as a child of three or four, for me also, it gave that sense of so rare .......

Somebody may have the words.

Michelle Clarke (I did not have to buy my Jack Russell, he was homeless and he is the greatest gift one can share.....)

author by Tidsetcha Tinknpublication date Tue Oct 03, 2006 02:12Report this post to the editors

Do you remember that other ould one....

Incy Bertie Spider went up the water spout...

I'm sure it finished with ..."and no financial splat" !!

but I might be wrong

Can any one finish it?

Incy Bertie Spider went up the water spout...
Incy Bertie Spider went up the water spout...

author by Elizabethpublication date Tue Oct 03, 2006 11:21Report this post to the editors

He climbed up the ol'spout again.
and will continue to so do.
until people stop talking taxes and asking why
1. no incubators in hospitals in Monaghan.
2. people are shut down in Bellanaboy.
3. Mc Dowell is taking press freedom and incarcerating kids for having sex.
5. Sex abuse victims were doubly abused by the indemnity deal.
6. the opposition failed....

author by Michelle Clarke - Corruption....Why so much? Why so acceptable? Who suffers?publication date Fri Nov 24, 2006 19:03Report this post to the editors

I loved the image of Bertie being consumed by a web......what it means is up to each to work out.

The scandals in the poem are also for us to examine....

The date was 3rd October and no replies but just look at what has been revealed since then and November 24th 2006.....Who could have envisaged November 24th Devolution/Policing Paisley, Empey, McGuinness, Adams.......all back into Stornont and entre Stone....and his forced entry and threats.....All had to leave....

Let us hope that Freedom of Speech will continue. The award to Denis O'Brien via Libel in the courts does not bode well for the ordinary punter who if sued for libel, is not in the position to take action....


author by Jack Russell - Social Justicepublication date Wed Dec 20, 2006 18:05Report this post to the editors

Where are the children?

We have Truth per the Moriarity Tribunal and corruption rings the whole way through.......we have forsaken the principles of Democracy and the rule of Law for greed and avarice. We have embedded ourselves in deception and denial.

Where is the CAB regarding this corruption? Justice should at least be seen to be done.......

This report is a report without Recommendations:

Is this an inference that we know what has to be done for Ethics and Accountantability and it is up to people now to take a personal responsibility to achieve the standards that we know exists.

Jack Russell

Albert Camus - writer on existential themes
'To lose one's life is a little thing and I have have the courage to do so if it is necessary; but the meaning of this life is dissipated, to see our reason for existing dissapear, this is what is unbearable.

One cannot live without meaning'

Let us review the Principles.

author by Kevin T. Walsh - Social Inclusion and Justicepublication date Fri Apr 27, 2007 20:31Report this post to the editors

The image of Bertie in the plug hole (blue) was really good......but alas now perhaps the colour of the plug hole is green.....and a threat to public health.......Why!!! As Bertie climbs back out of spout.......let's be there to change his attitude ......... to more ethical, socially minded, justice etc.

Point Elizabeth made. Perhaps more can be added to this list.

He climbed up the ol'spout againand will continue to so do.
until people stop talking taxes and asking why
1. no incubators in hospitals in Monaghan.
2. people are shut down in Bellanaboy.
3. Mc Dowell is taking press freedom and incarcerating kids for having sex.
5. Sex abuse victims were doubly abused by the indemnity deal.
6. the opposition failed....

Well done to Mr. Corduff and cohorts.......the Nobel prize for Environment
People can make significant changes.

author by Jack Russell - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Sun Jun 24, 2007 16:52Report this post to the editors

Ethics, Morality, the Rule of Law, Compassion.......What do we the Irish now aspire to?

The Elections have come and gone. The Taoiseach faced the bumps of tribunal accusations head on; likewise he handled the media with equal aplomb. Who knows whether he received funds re. a home for himself and Ms. Cecilia Larkin? But then how relevant is this when the people of Ireland voted their preferences his way.

The Greens and their ethical basket of goodies will provide the real challenge to the Fianna Fail contingent. They will trot out the global agenda about Peak Oil, Climate Change, archaelogical sites and their preservation namely TARA., then there is the nuclear route for energy, carbon emission taxes and so much more.

A little bit Green for a Fianna Fail policy that is a little tarnished from the practicalities and associations that expend the NDP funds and develop the country. Yes, we continue to benefit significantly from EU funding.

Listening to the radio this morning, Miss Flynn's name abounds. When will this all stop? What about our Rule of Law? Mayo people, a cunning group, surely a percentage of them cannot just decide to railroad their 'view through the Dail' .

Mayo has schism quite evidently in it. Mr. Corduff, and others have fought for the rights of the Corrib site against Shell........This has been at enormous cost to the Ireland's finances. The state must stand accountable for the deal struck with Shell in the 1980's which provided a financial deal to the Irish people way below the standard of deal paid to the Norwegians.

However Miss Flynn again from Mayo withstands the Rule of Law of Ireland with intent to waste taxpayers funds (most unethical). At some time in our lives, we must take responsibility for our actions. Ms. Flynn worked for a Bank and she undertook to sell a product on their behalf. The issue concerns evasion of tax and clients who claimed they did not understand the tax implications. RTE became involved in media coverage and this case has been to the first court and then to the Supreme Court. The Surpreme Court did not find in Ms. Flynns interest and up to a recent date Euros 1.5 m. and some say Euros 3 m.

This is an insult surely to the Rule of Law.

One could not say it is the Natural Law (as could be said in the case of Mr. Corduff and the Award recently of the Nobel Prize for the environment, (This man was imprisoned for his beliefs - I would say unfairly).

Jack Russell

The experience and behaviour that gets labelled schizophrenic is a special strategy that persons invents in order to live an unlivable situation. R.D. Laing (1927-89) Unorthodox Scottish Psychiatrist and author of The Polotics of Experience.

author by Michelle Clarke - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Fri Mar 21, 2008 14:09Report this post to the editors


The Tribunals go on and people react to Coronation Street, 10 years on. The same squabbles, the lies, the under hand deals, the sadness, the short periods of intensive happiness.

What have we learnt? How does money operate as a motivator? Is it just the game of life. the oracle........enjoyed the read at now Easter tide, and it comes right down the chain of command to the secretary......Well done, she has at least given fodder to the tribunal, for judicial arbitration.


The quotation
The Stuff of Dictatorship
Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945) US President.

'True individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. People who are hungry and out ofa job are the stuff of which dictators are made'

It is a bit like the parable of the loaves and fishes,,,,,,,

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