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The Wheelock Family move out of Summerhill after continuing Garda intimidation

category dublin | crime and justice | feature author Tuesday July 04, 2006 14:13author by tom foleyauthor email freedomjig at hotmail dot com Report this post to the editors

Wheelocks move house

featured image
Gardai at the door of the Wheelock home, as usual.

The Wheelock family have moved from their family home in Summerhill, in north inner Dublin. They had lived in 34 Sean O'Casey Avenue for over 20 years. There was emotional scenes as the Wheelock family gathered their belongings for the move. Neighbours were visibly upset and some were openly crying.

One neighbour, Thomas Boyle at number 29, who has known the family all his life, said that "its terrible what they're being put through. They are decent people; we can all see whats happening with the police around here, and we support the family 100%. Its a sad day, and we'll miss them. Who knows who's going to move in now."

There was no Gardai patrolling outside on the street last night as the house lay empty. The family have moved to an undisclosed location in the city.

Larry Junior said "we couldn't stick it anymore, the Garda harrassing us, it was getting worse and worse. Day after day they were using horses and dogs, and shining lights into the house, laughing and joking at all hours. They looked a sad lot. It was very upsetting for my mother and father. So that is why we decided to move. Hopefully they wont have another excuse at our new home."

The Wheelock family have been calling for an independent inquiry in to Terence's (20) subsequent death from injuries he sustained in Garda custody in Store Street station on the 2nd of June 2005.

The intimidation was subtle at first with gardai stopping a younger brother Cavin (17) and slagging him off about his brothers death, trying to antagonize him. The situation started to deteriorate further when Cavin was delivering leaflets into neighbours houses about an upcoming peaceful protest, when a Garda ripped them up and tried to arrest him outside his home on a public order offence. Gardai then, according to the famiy and neighbours, illegally entered the Wheelock home attacking family members with batons. In the course of this invasion, one child was hospitalised as well as pregnant sister Elaine (24). They were recorded on cameraphone leaving the house. Local CCTV cameras were not working at the time, according to Gardai.

It then followed from this incident that Gardai were posted outside the Wheelock home on a regular basis.

There is a high level Garda probe into the many incidents at the Wheelock home, the outcome of this investigation will not be made public. Gardai when contacted yesterday evening had "no comment" to make on the garda probe.

Relations between Gardai and the local community are at an all time low according to local politicians. This is due in recent times to the open Garda intimidation at the Wheelock home in the tightknit community. The family hope to get some peace from their move from Sean O'Casey Avenue, and they can then start to grieve for a son and brothers death.

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 48   i have known the wheelock family all my life and the are decent people     gerard wqll    Sun Aug 24, 2008 00:35 

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