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Dublin - Event Notice
Thursday January 01 1970

Public meeting: Inside the Revolution in Venezuela

category dublin | anti-capitalism | event notice author Saturday June 24, 2006 22:59author by red - swp Report this post to the editors

Roland Denis, Venezuelan activist to speak

Public Meeting:
Revolution in Venezuela

With Roland Denis leading Venezuelan activist and former member of Chavez Government
& Rory Hearne (Attended recent World Social Forum in Venezuela)

11 July 8pm Victoria Hotel, Patrick St, Cork
12 July 8pm ATGWU Hall, 55 Middle abbey St, D1
13 July 8pm foster Court Hotel, Foster St, Galway

All Welcome

Latin America:
A Continent in Revolt

Across Latin America in countries such as Bolivia, Chile and Argentina, popular movements are resisting, at a scale not seen for decades, water privatisation, the IMF and neo-liberalism.

Venezuela has been at the high point of this struggle and has witnessed massive protests in recent years and is beginning a revolutionary process.

At this public meeting, Roland Denis, a leading activist in Venezuela, will provide a first hand account of the revolution in Venezuela and what is happening in Latin America.

He will also address such issues as is the Venezuelan experiment a new socialism of the 21st Century and how real is the US threat to invade?

Rory Hearne, who attended the World Social Forum in Venezuela in January will speak on the international movements and what can the movements in Ireland here learn from the struggle of the people of Venezuela and Latin America

Roland Denis was a member of the Chávez government (in 2002-2003) as vice-minister of planning, but resigned after ten months, together with the minister, in protest at the lack of grass roots involvement in the planning process. An organiser and activist since the 1980s, he was a founder member of the 13 April Movement, a grassroots organisation struggling to deepen the Bolivarian Revolution. On the 11th April 2002, Hugo Chavez was overthrown by a US-sponsored coup. Mass demonstrations forced the coup plotters to flee and brought Chavez back. April 13th symbolises the beginning of the revolutionary process in Venezuela when the ordinary people came to the fore.

Hosted by the Socialist Workers Party www.swp.ie

author by dunkpublication date Wed Jul 12, 2006 14:26author email fuspey at yahoo dot co dot ukauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

at the recent gathering at rossport during the june bank holiday there were people over from bolivia and venezuala who told us a lot about the grassroots activity in both countries, theres some reports of what was discussed and some audio still to be found and uploaded which should prove useful

Bolivian visit to Rossport Solidarity Camp

Rossport Solidarity Weekend

Rossport Solidarity camp - audio from last weekends gathering : SHELL TO HELL
some of this audio went out on resonance fm in london, and we got a response from some audio head in bolivia :

the network is strengthening

author by dunkpublication date Thu Jul 13, 2006 19:12author email fuspey at yahoo dot co dot ukauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

more discussion and further links at the thread for the cork talk, which apparantly had @ 70 for the talk

anyway, this should have been on this thread:

"This century the North American empire is going to end."

great to hear from roland, great to see he stress's the link with the grassroots as much as he outlined, i feel this could have been hugely expanded upon and it would have been interesting to relate that back to our situation here, esp in terms of the swp' s past "alleged" history of dictating and not listening - but - fair play to them for getting him over, more of it -

agreed - further left network growth is called for


on democracy now's news today, chavez said
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez: "From here, I say to the North American empire that instead of thinking about a transition plan for the Cuban revolution or for the Venezuelan revolution, they should be elaborating on a transition plan for themselves because this century the North American empire is going to end."

hear that and more


would also have liked to hear from roland about the role radio has played, he briefly mentioned the build up of more stations and spaces - all for communication - 2 way listening
our own attempt at that here:
building up the RADICAL radio network

a woman recorded last nights talk, can she please upload on imc-radio and post here, email me if you need assistance


well done



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