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Garda acting as Bastards again

category national | crime and justice | news report author Tuesday May 16, 2006 19:40author by Frank Hand Report this post to the editors

Pat Rossiter beats Public Order Charge

Just how low the garda will stoop has been shown again when they arrested Pat Rossiter and put him into the cell where his 14 year old son had sustained the injuries which killed him.
Pat has now won the Public Order case against him and intends to sue the gardai for wrongful arrest.

It has just been reported on the radio that Pat Rossiter, the father of 14 year old Brian who died in police custody in 2002, is to bring a case against the garda for wrongful arrest. The Public Order case against Mr. Rossiter was dismissed last week in Clonmel District Court. The judge raised serious questions about the way the case was handled.
Mr. Rossiter claimed that he was victimised by the garda because of his highlighting of the case of the suspicious death of his son. The viciousness of the garda involved was shown by them putting Mr. Rossiter into the same cell where his son had received the injuries which killed him.
These are the types of bastards employed as ‘guardians of the public’. This case has so many similarities to the Wheelock and Moloney cases. All three were very young working class men who died as a result of being in garda custody and there was a major cover-up in all of their cases.
The prospects of any of these families getting justice is dependent on them supporting each other and getting support from other people who have been abused by the garda. People who were attacked by the gardai in the so called “May Day riots” or those who were assaulted on the anti war protests at Easter should also get involved in supporting cases such as the Rossiters. This is why the McBrearty case is so important. The McBrearty case and Morris reports have cast a serious doubt over the current ethos of the garda. People who would normally support the garda now realise that all the accusations against the garda over the years wasn’t just politically motivated, there was actually truth in the claims. Politically activate people, particularly republicans of all hues, realise that the primary role of the garda is to protect the establishment. With the publication of the Morris reports, the McBrearty case, the Dean Lyons case etc… ordinary people are also realising that the gardai are not simply there to “Protect and Serve”. A concrete result of this mistrust of the garda is the establishment of the new Independent Garda Inspectorate. While far from perfect, it is a lot better than the useless Garda Complaints Board. Prior to the scandals about garda abuse no politician would have had the guts to take on such a powerful interest group as the garda. Now, even McDowell is facing down their bullyboy tactics in resisting the establishment of the reserve.

Both the Wheelocks and Moloneys are looking for support over the coming months. It is the duty of all those who want to expose the corruption of the garda to help these people as much as possible. Here are a couple of events which people could use to show their support. Both campaigns need financial support as well as physical support.

Protest at Bertie Ahern’s Clinic
Drumcondra Bridge
Saturday 20th May at 11am

Benefit Night for Campaign For Justice For John Moloney
Transport Club Crumlin
Saturday 20th May at 8pm
Disco €5
Tickets available in Connolly Books, 7 Bloom Lane, Dublin 1

Justice for Terence Wheelock
Protest at Store Street Garda Station
Saturday 3rd June
Meet at 12:00am at Sean McDermot Street Church

author by anonpublication date Tue May 16, 2006 20:40author address author phone Report this post to the editors


Judge Finn dismissed the charges and said the prosecuting garda, who is also appearing at the private inquiry into the death of Mr Rossiter’s son, had had “an endgame in sight and that was the arrest of Mr Rossiter”.


author by real dealpublication date Tue May 16, 2006 21:33author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Make this Front page please.
Maybe tipperary is going to be the new Donegal. Some real nasty cases there. Plus they are going to decentralise the child protection unit there- someday- how ironic

author by Righteous pragmatistpublication date Wed May 17, 2006 11:55author address author phone Report this post to the editors

There is no evidence whatsoever that Brian Rossiter was injured during custody

author by posytpublication date Wed May 17, 2006 12:44author address author phone Report this post to the editors

the first posting is inaccurate foaming at the mouth tripe.

perhaps we should dispense with any enquiries into the death of brian rossiter given that frank hand has already decided that the injuries suffered by brian rossiter were inflicted in the cell at the station based on no evidence save a yet to be tested statement of a co-detainee.

"All three were very young working class men who died as a result of being in garda custody and there was a major cover-up in all of their cases"
wrong, wrong and wrong
there is no substance to any of the above claims

how the moloney case can be classed as dying as a result of being in garda custody is beyond me. such libellous tripe does not serve the cause of open source publishing well

author by PC Plodpublication date Wed May 17, 2006 13:45author address author phone Report this post to the editors

If the muck savages have nothing to hide why don’t they agree to an independent public enquiry in all three cases?

author by josef goebbelspublication date Wed May 17, 2006 14:09author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Another public enquiry. Good idea. Lets make the corrupt legal profession even more richer. Lashing back the sherry and port in the Law Library while the tax payer waits in the quque at Accident and Emergency.
Society is no wowrse off becasue of Wheelocks death

author by PC Plodpublication date Wed May 17, 2006 14:43author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Nice of you to be worring about the taxpayer, pity you don't have the same view when you're raking in the overtime. Would the Reserve not be a good use of the taxpayers money? After all they don't get paid.

author by pcplodshitepublication date Wed May 17, 2006 15:18author address author phone Report this post to the editors

perhaps 'pcplod' can answer the following;

where have the gardai stated that they dont agree with independent enquiries into the three cases?

as far as i can see the gra/agsi rep bodies haven't issued a single syllable in this regard?

secondly, please refrain from the childish assumption that anyone who disagrees with your point of view is garda/branch/rightwing etc......

author by cork johnpublication date Thu May 18, 2006 05:18author email mrjoneill at eircom dot netauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

We are reaping the abuse that was tolerated when the Gardai were given a blank cheque that was given to them to deal with what was termed the threat to the state. They have become a power block that believes it’s above the law in the type of illegal activities its being involved in and the defying the law in its objection to a reserve Garda force. Its time the big stick was used in the likes of an ombudsman that they have in N Ireland.

author by tighe o'leary U77 - fitzgibonn st Garda stationpublication date Sun May 21, 2006 15:59author address store st garda stationauthor phone 016668000Report this post to the editors

goeballs "society is no better off because of wheelocks case"

irelevent he died in garda custody gardai cannot be trusted to investigate themselves. there are a lot of thugs in these stations in town get rid of these power hungry arrogant bastards.
problen solved.

most of the posts are crap here wheelock had marks and bruises consistent with time of death the same garda mulqueen involved in wheelocks arrest is posted outside their home and attacked women and kids in the home with out warrant they entered and beat the mother up and pregnant sister leaving her hospitilised its was caught on video phone. the shit is hitting the fan not blood thirsty scum cant control out of contol ego's

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