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Antrim - Event Notice
Sunday March 12 2006
01:00 AM

Stone unveiling for martyrs of Spanish Civil War

category antrim | history and heritage | event notice author Wednesday March 08, 2006 20:34author by Ciarán Report this post to the editors

The National Graves Association invite you to the unveiling of a stone commemorating the sacrifice of Irish republicans who fought against fascism during the Spanish civil war.

The stone will be unveiled by a prominent speaker at the County Antrim plot in Miltown cemetery, followed by a talk by Ruan O'Donnell of Limerick University, and Sean Quinn from Belfast.

Entertainment with songs, readings and poetry hosted by Pól Mac Adaim will then be held.

Connolly Column flag
Connolly Column flag

County Antrim Plot
Miltown Cemetery
Sunday 12th March, 2pm sharp

author by iosafpublication date Thu Mar 30, 2006 14:19Report this post to the editors

(such as i am)

Yesterday mr Juan Carlos Bourbon, (the King of Spain) ended an extended state visit to France, which saw him hug Chirac over the ETA ceasefire, and sit in the pilot's seat of a new EuroAirbus craft at Toulouse, and then most significantly hug the survivors of the French exile group of 2nd Spanish republicans whislt paying tribute to their long and painful exile, and expressing admiration for those refugees from the Coup d'etat of Franco who continued to fight against the NAZI invasion of France. Over 200,000 such spanish republicans were sent to the concentration camp of Mauthaussen in teh final phase of WW2.
In his speech he reminded all that .:. the republic .:. was and is the logical expression of the universal rights of Mankind. And without .:. the republic .:. and the enlightenment its champions sought to give the world, we would not have today such frameworks of human rights, labour rights, gender rights, in other words it is to the legacy of the european republic, as expressed in the declaration of the rights of man at the first French republic (which incidently saw one of Mr Bourbon's ancestors get his head chopped off). The "republic" comes to us through the attempted republics of Ireland, Haiti, the intent of the original constitution of the USA , through the republics of Spain on to the present day.

It is both a worthy and noble idea.
Which is why we keep it.
Which is why we must work to make it better, relevant, and accesibile and understandable to all.
.:. liberty .:. equality .:. fraternity .:.

the spokesperson of the survivors in french exile, remarked that spaniards are lucky with their king.
Not for the first time voicing the affection (which might seem ironic) of those in the republican tradition for the descendent of the mr Bourbon of France executed by madame guillotine January 21 1793.

which just goes to show. maybe he has different genes....


author by hows me knighthood?publication date Thu Mar 30, 2006 14:53Report this post to the editors

their site is at the anarchist umbrella "nodo50".
there is another bunch who want a "national republic" which seems a bit errrrrr dodgy. As I understand it one of their first plans after establishing the republic (and garotting the king and family) is to invade Gibraltar.

@ the trustworthy link you'll find lots of stuff, flags, events, daily news-updates, historical articles, the step by step stuff on how Franco installed the King so he can't be all that good after-all, secularism, badges, t-shirts, basically everything a 3rd republican could ask for. And all at the click of a mouse.


we're now in the count-down to the anniversary of the declaration of the 2nd republic http://indymedia.ie/article/69411, & so its time to put out more flags, get that beautiful combination of red, yellow and purple together, and generally wave the fist in the air, shout revolution, and be rude to priests (and/or) nuns. Because it was all their fault you know. & De Valera's. & eoin Duffy's. & you know what that means don't ye? .... Quite.
Its Michael mc dowell's fault. We don't have a republic in Spain or Ireland hoy en día because of Big Swinging mickey mc Dowell. Stop sending him washing powder and start trying to cut his bloody blonde head off instead.

author by pat cpublication date Thu Mar 30, 2006 14:54Report this post to the editors

Heres some more info on Northern Volunteers. Full article at the link.

Irish Volunteers for Spain
(from the Irish Democrat)

David Granville reviews Irish Volunteers for Spain - a short history of the Northern Irish volunteers who fought in defence of the republican government of Spain 1936-1939 by Raymond John Quinn, Belfast Cultural and Local History Group, £4.99.

While we await a revised edition of Michael O'Riordan's classic study of the Irish involvement in the fight against fascism in Spain, expected sometime in 2005, the recent publication of Raymond John Quinn's short history arrives as another welcome contribution, which will expand our understanding of the role of volunteers from the north east who fought in the conflict.

Copies of 'Irish Volunteers for Spain' are available from the Four Provinces Bookshop in London. They can also be obtained directly from the Belfast Cultural and Local History Group, 537 Antrim Rd, Belfast BT15 3BU, email: quinnsean2003@yahoo.com

Related Link: http://www.geocities.com/irishafa/northpamphlet.html
author by infopublication date Thu Mar 30, 2006 16:09Report this post to the editors

The Connolly Column
Ruan O'Donnell and John Corcoran review The Connolly Column, The story of the Irishmen who fought for the Spanish Republic, 1936-1939 by Michael O'Riordan, Warren and Pell Publishing, ISBN 0 9548904 2 6,30 euro, £19.99 hbk, 22.50 euro, £14.99 pbk


author by Long Johnpublication date Fri Jul 28, 2006 09:52Report this post to the editors

You can find much more flags used during the spanish civil war at the MUSEO DE TABAR.
i am sorry i don´t have the link right now, but you may search in google by that title , it should be enought.

author by anti-heropublication date Fri Jul 28, 2006 10:14Report this post to the editors

The use of the word "martyr" troubles me. Heroes? Yes. But Martyrs?

This quasi-religious devotion to blood-sacrafice has no place in a modern, rational world.

author by observerpublication date Tue Oct 16, 2007 11:25Report this post to the editors

Re the book "Irish Volunteers for Spain." A revised edition of this book was published late last year and contains much more information than the A4 version mentioned on your site.

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