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Dublin - Event Notice
Thursday January 01 1970

Protest for Justice for Victim of Garda: Justice for Terence Wheelock

category dublin | crime and justice | event notice author Friday December 09, 2005 10:43author by justice Report this post to the editors

O'Connell Bridge Saturday 10th December
2pm till 4pm


Terence Wheelock, a 20 year old young man from north inner city Dublin, died on the 16th September from injuries received in Garda custody. Terence was arrested with three others on suspicion of stealing a car and taken to Store St Garda station. Two hours later he was found unconscious in his cell.
Gardai claim that he tried to hang himself but his family say that he wouldn’t have committed suicide and he had an alibi accounting for his movements at the time the car was stolen. A senior Garda who spent 15 years working in Store Street station has been appointed to conduct an internal inquiry into the circumstances of Terence’s death. The family have no faith
in such an enquiry. They are calling for an Independent Public Enquiry into Terence’s death.If the Gardai and the Minister for Justice have nothing to hide why will they not agree to this Independent Public Enquiry?


• Why was the cell where Terence died renovated before his legal team could inspect it?
• Why will the Garda not give his solicitor access to his clothes?
• Why did Terence have a cut and bruising on his body?
• Why will the Garda not give his solicitor access to the internal Garda report?
• Why haven’t his legal team had access to the post-mortem report?
• Why does his legal team have to go to the High Court to get access to all of the above?

Support the family’s campaign for justice

If you want anymore information phone: 086-0692541
or email: justice4terencewheelock@eircom.net

author by jpublication date Sat Dec 10, 2005 01:46author address author phone Report this post to the editors

will all those people who attended the political discussion recently attend?

author by pat cpublication date Sat Dec 10, 2005 19:37author address author phone Report this post to the editors

about 40 people distributed leaflets and held placards & collected signatures. there was a very good publiv response with many cars, especially taxi drivers, stopping to take leaflets.

the majority of people present were probably independent but groups represented included, WCA, Labour, CIL, Councillor Joan Collins, Class War. Apologies if I omitted anyone. I didnt arrive until 3 pm.

author by tanya mcmullanpublication date Mon Jan 02, 2006 19:38author address dublin 1 irelandauthor phone Report this post to the editors

was he murdered? i think he was. the reason for this belief is justifyed in the evidence that will never come out in public. but if anyone has been unfortunate enough to have been in a garda cell the would notice that a garda cell is suicide proof by the garda athourities own admission .{virtually!} Store st Garda station is a new and modern garda station it boasts the most modern workings in the EU indeed it would rival the most advanced. its cell are suicide proof and vandal proof there are procedeures that gardia follow when detaining a suspect such as removing laces shoes and other such itens befor placing a suspect in a cell.the interior of the cell has an emergency light 2 call gardia if something is wrong it is this light that terence wheelock is allegedly supose 2 of hung himself this steelplated incased in solid concrete mass light is vandal proof terrence would of needed a heavy duty tool 2 remove it in place a lace around it. it does not stand up for the simple reason that gardia would of detected such a tool. incidently its is placed around 5 ft of the ground and also if the light was intervered with it would of triggered the alarm 2 the reception area. what is needed is independent inquiry 2 c the facts. The Gardia connot b trusted to reveal these facts. there could b a lunatic garda on the loose protected by the garda wall of silence endemic in the force{morris}

author by joan mc cluskey - fianna failpublication date Mon Jan 02, 2006 19:43author address castleknockauthor phone Report this post to the editors

i agree. mcdowell get of your arse this could bring down the goverment!

author by philip gannonpublication date Wed Jan 04, 2006 14:21author address 51 dunsinkdrive finglas d11author phone 0863332035Report this post to the editors

As far as i know the wheelock and maloney family will be holding a vigil outside the Dail at the end of january.

john maloney a 22yr old man from crumlin. was arerrested in sundrive Garda station with another young man for an apparent drug search common enough for those kind of areas{not knocking them} it was morning time just after 9am they searched them and released johns friend telling him that he would be released shortly, they also told johns father this.

johns battered and bruised body was discovered in rathfarnham in a feild at 9.35am. Gardai weerre the last to seem him! incredulas this might sound the admit releasing him at 9.25am alive and well. then aten minute drive to rathfarnham 9.35am john is found dead.
The family are very suspicious of this as john had no apperent enemies and was a popular lad in the crumlin area. his friend readily admits they were assaulted by gardia during the search.

At the time of his death Gardia leaked to the media tabliod newspapers that john had overdosed.
this is false in the toxicology report there was a mineute{small amount} of cocaine in his system nothing that would leave him battered and bruised. he was in fact murdered by people unknown.
the Gardia own investigation has been very poor to say the least no witness's interveiwed a media black out on the case. and stonewalling. also the harassment of the maloney family. particularly his father who was arrested and assaulted in Garda custody recieving a broken arm..you can talk to this family at the next protest meeting. support the Whellock and Maloney family. by writing to An Toiseach Bertie Ahern the Dail or Leintser house Kildare st D2 or write to your local T.D OR INDEED Micheal Mcdowell Minister for justice, Dep.OF JUSTICE stevens green. D2 IRELAND. thank you.

author by democracy for All! - innercity oppressed.publication date Thu Feb 02, 2006 18:47author address 44g obrien hall d1author phone 0863126455Report this post to the editors

Justice minister Mcdowell spoke to tabliod today stateing he beleived that terence wheelock of summerhill Dublins nth innercity . killed himself in Garda Custody . regardless if he did or not, there is no transperency in the internal INVESTIGATION. Mcdowell made this comment even befor the findings have come out or published, even though a file on the investigation has been sent to the DPP. he remarkably decided to air these comments to day. Is he trying to influence the DPP decision. or prejudice and any decision made by the DPP it is outrageous he should in terfere at this time. it is deeply hurtfull to the wheelock family who have consistently complained that theres is something amiss with the gardia response their time delay in ringing an ambulance on the 2nd of june 2005. the interference in the custody record [garda arrestting names changed].. nobody has seen the switch from where he allegedly hung himself. not even emergency services, contrary to what garda PR released, at the time.
the with holding of his clothes .
the renovation of the cell the next day.
Bruies on his body.
the mark on his troath is not consistent with a lace, it is consistent with the unique markins of a CABLE tie.
If McDOWELL thinks he is geeting the truth from these independent garda investigaters he is gravely mistaken.
They are to biased and closely alligned with store st .detective inspecter OLIVER HANLEY who WAS stationed at sore st for 15YEARS! is cheif investigater.
Time wil tell that this is acover up. lets hope for the wheelock family that it doesn't take 30yrs.
when the goverment of the time puts its hands up.
There is a grave injustice in the making BE WARNED. It could be your child.
support the wheelock family in there plight ofr an independent public inquiry to the death of terence wheelock while in Garda custody.
by writing to or email.Justice minister Micheal McDowell Dep of justice. stevens green D2 ireland.
or An Taoiseach Bertie Ahern LEINSTER HOUSE D2.OR saint lukes drumcondra d9

author by innercity resident - justice for terence wheelockpublication date Tue Feb 28, 2006 19:14author email T.GAHON06 at dot HOTMAIL dot IEauthor address 607 NCR D1author phone 0863332035Report this post to the editors

FR PETER MCVERRY TODAY STATED that the death of terence wheelock while detained at store st garda station.
led directly to violence in the innercity on saturday during the love ulster parade.
He made his comments through the tabliod newspaper THE EVENING HERALD.
FR mcverry consistently uses tabliods to express his view on the marginalised in society.
But today he oversteped the mark by stating this that youths ran amok on oconnel st, because of terence wheelocks death it was an excuse to vent their anger at frustration at Garda forces.
This is true there is a lot of anger among the youth in dublins nth innercity against gardia but this is to do with a wide range of issues. mainly by police oppression their draconion public order powers.
their consistent harrasement of youths, i.e stop andsearch powers. bullying, assaults, disrespect for common humanity. and big brother style surveilence with the plethora of cctv in the area, helps to create a gettho.what happened on saturday was a built up and pent up anger of youths across the city who just happened to be in town shopping how stumbled across others leading the charge they simply joined in attacking gardai.

FR Mcverrys remarks are not true their was no connection to the late terence wheelock{20} of summerhill D1.
Their was no orcestrated violent protest by anyone connected to terence wheelock.
His family are deeply hurt by Fr MCVERRYS comments how has never even spoken to the family and how has never commented on terence's death up until now.
And WHEN HE HAS he connects it bizzarley to loveulster parade.
the media states it was local thugs but the people befor the courts are charged from across the city.
none are from the nth innercity except a foreign national from the ncr.
Fr mcverrys comments ownly hinder the familys progress for an independent inquirie.
the WHEELOCK FAMILY have always been dignified in their peacefull protest for an independent public inquirie
there next peacefull protest will be outside the dail in 20 march.
the ownly thing Fr mcverry was right about, is the general anger in the area at terence death in garda custody. but his interpretaion of the anger is a nonsense. the wheelock family deplore such mindless violence. and dissassociate themselves from mcverrys hurtful comments.
why were most of rioters wereing celtic jerseys. did terence wheelock play for celtic?
to support the wheelock family in their plight for justice. please contact your local T.D or wite to the toaiseach Bertie Ahern or Minister Mcdowell at the DAIL LEINSTER HOUSE KILDARE ST D2

author by dunkpublication date Tue Feb 28, 2006 19:54author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Daily Ireland: McVerry says death in Garda custody a factor in riots - alternative narrative emerges
links with scanned articles about what mc verry said
Story in Daily Ireland - followed up (ripped off!) by Evening Herald – also discussed in RTE's Liveline – Costello breaks unwritten establishment rule – rebuked by Labour leader

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