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Minutes of Fundraising Meeting (19/10/05)

category national | indymedia ireland | news report author Wednesday November 02, 2005 03:04author by Indymedia Ireland Editorial Group - Indymedia Ireland Report this post to the editors

Sorry for the delay

Attendees - PaulB, C., Ant, Chekov, Jon

Hosting and Finances
Projects for funds
Events and Fundraising

1. Hosting and Finances

The hosting bill, due at the start of November is c €380 (can't be exact because of exchange rate). At the time of the meeting, including a €50 cash donation at the meeting there was €520 in funds. The majority of this was raised through Paypal within hours of the appeal on the website. ... Update

2. Projects for Funds

While the hosting was now covered a number of other projects were discussed. For the following it was agreed to fund them on the basis of a) funds being available and b) firm costs and agreement from other parties being in place. The projects discussed were

(i) Contribution to the global Indymedia Network. A prior agreement was that 5% of all funds raised would go to the global network. Contact has been made with radio.indymedia.org which is being used more by Irish contributors recently, however they do not seem to have immediate requirements. It was agreed to explore the possibility of contributing to a community server and establishing this as a media and oscailt server which will be made available to other indymedias or groups. €200 was allocated and contact will be made with kino who has previously requested funds in relation to this.
(ii) The Seomra Spraoi Initiative was discussed. It was agreed to investigate setting up a computer lab in the space for use both by Indymedia and other groups. Donated equipment would be used in the main but funding would be needed for cabling, hubs etc. Subject to Seomra Spraoi agreeing €200 was allocated.
(iii) The organisedideas initiative to purchase a projector was discussed. This is organised by people who have previously run very successful fundraisers for Indymedia and also has the potential to meet a long term objective of the Media Support Group - to have a projector available to indymedia and other groups for film showing etc. Contact will be made to discuss the best forms of support - either publicity or a donation. Again €200 was allocated if needed as a contribution.
(iv) It was agreed that reserves for the next hosting (€380) and domain fee (€135) should be sought.
(v) The issue of local groups came up and Belfast, Cork and Galway were all mentioned. It was agreed to allocate €300 to pay for people to attend any local meetings, organised by prospective collectives around the country.

3. Events and Fundraising

The total target for fundraising was set at €2,000 as per the projects outlined above. It was agreed to set a finish date for the fundraising regardless of the target being met. This was to be linked into an event to finish the fundraising drive with a proposed date of 5th November. The following activites were discussed.

(i) Event on 5th november. Aim for meal in Seomra Spraoi space with discussion on 'What Indymedia should be[*]. Then pub with DJ. €7 / €5 entrance. This was seen as better than just pub event as it would be possible for new people to get the know Indy contributors. Food not Bombs to be contacted about food - to help Indy volunteers who will make it, not to provide. We still need a venue for dj/pub. Abbey st. area with a room we can book.
(ii) T-Shirts: it was agreed to try and get 50 done, as much for visibility as current fundraising.
(iii) CD / DVD - still on agenda, C. to follow up.
(iv) On 4th Nov the organised ideas event is on in Portobello - agreed to do a stall there - although this may be just to publicise the following night.
(v) If possible any material available can be sent to the anarchist bookfair in London to be sold. We were unsure if there are CD's still available.

4. A.O.B.

A.O.B. It was agreed to put a notice up Thursday regarding the hosting and by Monday on the overall plan. These minutes would be circulated to the IMC-Ireland list initially then posted on site. The IMC Ireland list would be used for organising events and items discussed.

* I can’t remember what the topic of the meeting / discussion was to be, so am suggesting this.


Since this meeting, it has emerged that a social event in Semora Spraoi is premature. We will revisit this proposal at our next meeting.

author by Indymedia Ireland Editorial Grouppublication date Wed Nov 02, 2005 18:36author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Present: John Glackin, Chekov, Kev, Dunk, Paul Baynes, Anthony, Ronan

1. Finance
2. Regular meetings
3. Radical radio
4. Belfast group
5. Videoactive
6. New software
7. Physical space for Indymedia
8. Any other business

1. Finance

At present the Indymedia Ireland finances are low - about €20.00 in the account. In November the payment to sustain things for another 6 months will be due. This will be in the order of €400.00 to €500.00.  It appears essential that we get some money together.

There had been a problem with the Paypal system, but this has been rectified, so this can now be used. It was also suggested that a mechanism be set up to allow people to donate through standing orders.

It was suggested that more efforts be made to publicise the fact that Indymedia needs money to continue to function and to invite donations etc.

It was agreed to hold a fundraising meeting next Wednesday October 19th to discuss how to raise funds (2000 EENGO offices, Camden St. - opposite The Palace, and above The Bounty Stores). Chekov is to write up a blurb to publish as an event notice. Initial generally agreed suggestions for a fundraiser include:
- A possible screening in the IFI
- A gig - somebody was to contact Barry about this
- Possibly a gig incorporating some Indymedia footage

2. Regular meetings

It has been suggested that regular Indymedia meetings be held. We are meeting next Wednesday, and it was suggested & generally agreed that after this, we meet on the first Wednesday of every month. Suggested venue - the EENGO offices or the new home of Seomra Spraoi.

3. Radical radio

Dunk, John Glackin, and others were involved this week in a radical radio project. link. The base for the project was the temporary lending library on Moore St., from where they broadcast audio onto the street through speakers, and the initial plan was to try to broadcast online via 'streaming technology' or whatever (I'm not too technical, meself…). Unfortunately this didn't happen. Originally, there had been an arrangement to do an hour-long live broadcast through NEAR fm during Majority World on Thursday afternoon. This was not to be, but links with people have been made and it is possible that this project can be more fully realised in the future.

At the meeting it was discussed how best to use the Indymedia website to promote community and radical radio, and how to promote use of audio clips on the site. Dunk agreed to go through Indymedia archives and change relevant stories/comments so that they show up as audio files in the search facility. We discussed the possibility on future features on radical radio.

4. Belfast group

Eamonn has moved to Belfast, and John Glackin is based there. It was decided to arrange for Indymedia meetings in Belfast to try to ignite some focussed Indymedia activity there. It was felt that there is a potentially strong group there. Those of us based in Dublin agreed to give as much support as possible to foster and autonomous & effective IMC in Belfast.

A separate email list will possibly be set up. Dunk spoke about his experiences when the UK Indymedia group decentralised, and said that each local node had its own banner etc. on its website. With the new version of Oscailt, this should be possible to set up, and as Ant said, this is already the case on Indymedia Ireland, for example if you input www.indymedia.ie/environment

5. Videoactive

The videoactive festival is to take place on the weekend of the 11-13 November. There will be screenings of 9 films over the three days.  This will be done in co-operation with a number of different groups Kev has pulled together including the Latin American Solidarity Centre and the Cultivate Centre for Sustainable Living. There was originally to be an open air screening of McLibel but this didn't work out. The previous festival did not make money but that is not the intention. It was suggested that we give out Indymedia flyers during the weekend, and set up a stall (or stalls) including T-shirts for sale etc.

There will be a Razorwire atop the website for the duration similar to the one set up during the G8 summit/festival of dissent. It was also suggested that we set up a direct link to the newswire feature at www.indymedia.ie/videoactive

Kev outlined details of the films being shown - I don't have all those details but there's lots of great stuff. Kev would be better able to give a comprehensive account of the lineup.

6. New software

Chekov reports that there is a couple of weeks work to do before the new software is ready to rock. There have been tests done and there are a few glitches and so forth to be dealt with, but it should be in the relatively near future.

7. Physical space for Indymedia

Seomra Spraoi have managed to find a space on Abbey St. to rent for use as a social centre. Part of the plan is to set up an information centre, hopefully with WI-FI access etc. This could be envisioned as a permanent independent media centre. Chekov and Ant offered technical assistance in getting things set up. We spoke about the possibility of having weekly/fortnightly workshops to try to generate some content for the website etc. This is an opportunity to try and set up an information resource centre for activists, so any input or ideas on how to use the space to further the Indymedia ethos would be welcome.

8. Any other Business

The Pit Stop Ploughshares are going to trial on Monday 24th (in one week). It was agreed that their trial and other activity should be a focus of the website this week.

It was also mentioned that a new magazine about community struggle in Ireland is to be launched - the working title is Ireland From Below.  An initial meeting was on yesterday. We had a general discussion about its prospects and how it could tie in with the Indymedia project.

author by Anthony - Indymedia Ireland Editorial Grouppublication date Wed Nov 02, 2005 18:48author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Indymedia meetings have over the past two to three years been very sporadic. One effect of this is that it makes it difficult for those who lack the resources or who aren't comfortable organising and working solely through electronic communication to become involved in the wider Indymedia project. Independent media is more than just a web-site. Last year saw Indymedia Ireland's first ventures into the real world with the setting up of a physical space during the run-up to Mayday and a number of film productions, screenings and workshops later that year. It has proved difficult to continue with real-world activity but it is hoped that regular (monthly) real-world meetings will help address this issue.

Accessibility and openness is an important aspect of the Indymedia project so accordingly, we have decided to publish the minutes of the last two meetings on the newswire.

author by eeekkkkkpublication date Wed Nov 02, 2005 20:16author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Just a FYI in relation to minutes above mentioning it as if it is still going ahead.

Minutes superceded by 'events' i think is the correct expression.

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