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critical discussion @ monks garden, venice

category international | arts and media | news report author Thursday June 02, 2005 13:53author by dunkauthor email fuspey at yahoo dot co dot uk Report this post to the editors

irish forgotten zine library arrives in venice bienelle, the "art olympics"

bienelle lasts from june 12 till oct 2.
US born Sarah Pierce is 1 of 5 artists representings republic of Ireland.

Since 2003, Sarah Pierce has organised an art practice involving a number of strategies collectively termed The Metropolitan Complex. Central to this practice is an investigation of the local as a discourse articulated through institutions, artists, art schools, and bureaucracies. Here, the so-named ‘complex’ implicates the psychological, social, and often incidental relationships that form a local scene. For Venice, The Metropolitan Complex sites a Pavilion on the grounds of the Scuola di San Pasquale as an experiment in nationality, history and finding one’s place.
Ireland at Venice
Ireland at Venice

first dispatch from artist Sarah Pierce:


Site : Visit (2005)

A few months ago, a negotiation took place on behalf of the Padres di Convento San Francesco della Vigna and myself, to arrange access to the garden adjacent to the Scuola di San Pasquale in Venice’s Castello district, the site of Ireland at Venice 2005. The Fathers lease the garden for storage, as well as using it as a back entry to a small office next to the main building. The agreement: To open the garden gate to the public for la Biennale di Venezia.

The garden has both changed and retained elements I recall from a brief visit two years ago. Someone has built a corrugated shed in the centre. Three large stumps, placed irregularly, garnish the area. Ultimately, I realise these are part of a collection; 17 stumps of different sizes randomly occupy the garden from beneath fig bushes, beside planters, and along the path that leads to the stairs. This odd intervention evokes Robert Smithson’s Hotel Palenque, scripted as a lecture in 1972 for architecture students at the University of Utah. The work’s accompanying sequence of slides documents the hotel in Mexico and the unsystematic add-ons and repairs that repeatedly reconfigure its grounds. The garden is not one person’s vision. It is several, altering, autonomous moments of attention, at varying stages of progress, underway but unfinished. This multifarious involvement can happen where ‘site’ is available, up for grabs, not fixed historically or contextually predetermined.

Green space is rare in Venice, yet squatting is legal, and I am told by an architect living here that the locals call squats ‘community centres’. I wonder what it means to represent Ireland at Venice. I’m not Irish. In Dublin squatting, or the unauthorised occupation of vacant space, is illegal. Along the Grand Canal in Dublin in a neighbourhood called Rialto, Dunk, a young architecture student and activist has started a movement to ‘green’ the city by planting community gardens in derelict industrial plots. Eventually, these will connect to create a green spine through the city. In recent correspondence he writes, “The Grand Canal is under threat due to recent construction of the Kildare motorway bypass, which has affected the Pollardstown fens water levels, which is the source of the Grand Canal.”

Dunk introduces me to a group who occupy a warehouse along the DART, and who organise Sunday bike-workshops, screenings, and Vegan meals. There I meet Ciaran Walsh, an artist and also the co-founder of the Forgotten Zine Library, an archive of several personal collections. We make plans to transport 429 Irish publications, both zines and freesheets, from the library to Venice to announce a pavilion of sorts in the garden. I record the addresses of the people who made them. Most of the addresses are houses in the suburbs surrounding Dublin.

A majority of the zines in the Forgotten Zine Library are made by people in their 20s now, born in the late 70s, and refer to the DIY ethos of punk, anarchy, and eco-living. I wonder about male artists in my generation whose art references a group who came before them. Ed Ruscha, Bruce Nauman, Robert Smithson, Richard Serra, Dan Graham, Gordon Matta-Clark. There is a certain serendipity between the ages we are now, and the ages of these artists in the decade we were born. They are figures in the landscape, in black-and-white photographs taken in the American desert, in dungarees. Ed Ruscha is representing the U.S. this year in the United States pavilion. He describes his work as a collection of facts and readymades. It strikes me how loaded with politics one of his seminal pieces, Twentysix Gasoline Stations made in 1963, is today.

Inscribed on the exterior of the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin is a work by Lawrence Weiner: WATER & SAND + STICKS & STONES.

On my last day in Venice I visit the Giardini. It is April and only three countries have begun work on their pavilions. Some men are cleaning Japan with an industrial machine; Austria is surrounded by stacks of timber; Australia’s roof is getting a hose-down. The rest of the place looks like wasteland. Vinyl text on France, leftover from the architecture biennale tells about sustainability and future cities. The U.S. pavilion has boarded windows and graffiti on the entrance.

Around 1969, Smithson did a series of Mirror Displacements along the Yucatan. He photographed each one and consecutively documented them in narrative texts. He wrote, “Time is devoid of objects when one displaces all destinations.” I often think about this sentence. Try rearranging it.

Destinations are devoid of time when one displaces all objects.
Displaced objects, devoid of time.
One time, devoid of objects, all destinations.

Incidents of travel arrive in Venice in the Monk’s Garden.
- Sarah Pierce

previous related stuff:
"red archive" (relationship between art and politics) exhibition @ project arts centre, temple bar, may 2004

listen to audio feedback session between "art" and "activist" communities-@ 30 mns
previous thread

Related Link: http://www.irelandvenice.ie/

monks garden
monks garden

forgotten zine arrives in venice
forgotten zine arrives in venice

author by dunkpublication date Wed Jun 08, 2005 12:01author address author phone Report this post to the editors

theres also a host of artists heading out with the northern ireland team, one of which is the (in)famous Paddy Bloomer, inventor of big machines in belfast used for food not bombs a few weeks back at the belfast weekend of DISSENT

paddys been working on a boat, its trial run was last weekend, maybe we might hear how it went

Northern Ireland's Venice artists CIRCA mag

poster about norhern artists

belfast weekend of DISSENT

"opening doors" @ VB05

paddys inventions @ ecotopia

mr bloomer is also involved in the
(in)famous vacuum mags that have been bringing a new type of wisdom to this little island on this little planet, in this little universe

and again, europes architect students are using their might to censore attempts at raise discussion about trade issues

creating the biggest gig ever?

northern irish artists going to venice
northern irish artists going to venice

food not bombs bike table
food not bombs bike table

paddys earlier invention @ ecotopia time
paddys earlier invention @ ecotopia time

author by dunkpublication date Wed Jun 08, 2005 12:37author email fuspey at yahoo dot co dot ukauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

(email to groups)

continual attempts to generate further "critical discussion" about art and politics, and from discussion toward more critical action........

a day will come when ireland indymedia does a live stream; an event that warrants streaming, people at either end, us here in dublin and a little tv in a garden in italy beaming live sounds and images to those in the garden whats going on in dublin,

and whoebver wishes to tune in via the net; various social centres around the planet.....

from that further interactive discussion about things "critical".....

using the indymedia network as the main communication system in this process seems to make sense as that it is what it has become/ is becoming......it is far more a tool than just a website



first CIRCA training workshop in ireland this weekend:

imc-ie is/ should be more than a website

Dolphin's Barn Community Garden
Bringing Nature to Man's Domain

CIRCA- clandestine inrugent rebel clown army
CIRCA- clandestine inrugent rebel clown army

imc is more than a website- a multitude of clusters tuning into and participating in the "critical discussion"
imc is more than a website- a multitude of clusters tuning into and participating in the "critical discussion"

dolphins barn community garden
dolphins barn community garden

author by dunk - g8 radio, clown army, indymedia, dublin eco city group.........publication date Sun Jul 03, 2005 23:48author email fuspey at yahoo dot co dot ukauthor address eco village @ stirling, scotland (presently)author phone Report this post to the editors

(following mail has just been sent out to a few networks)

hi imc-ie dunk here (indymedia ireland), just joined
up with the g8radio collective, really looking
foreward to working with and helping to further
strengthen the network
g8 radio

im sitting in the heart of the network now, in the
radical radio g8 centre here in edinburgh
posted first batch of audio files here

sounds from a clowns perspective and new friends he
meets in scotland, while opposing G8

still cant listen to the online stuff from computers
here, its quite chaotic
im trying

my views on further development of indymedia can be
found on this thread:

we are trying to make a live radio feed from here to
lots of nodes around the planet including one to the
MONKS GARDEN, which is in venice and is part of the
bienelle there, we hope that the art world will learn
of this effort here, sarah pierce is the artist who is
representing the republic of ireland and who we hope
can help get a little speaker or set of earphones in
garden for people to "tune in"
this is all part of:
critical discussion @ monks garden, venice

ive made initial contacts with italian media worker
leo who will help get more of the italian and venice
crews helping push this project
http://www.amisnet.org/ is his network
and hopefully a crazy 4 life girl might also pitch in

anyway, anti g89 stuff is chaotic, but we are winning
making people smile is a very powerful tool
clowns are great at doing that, even the cops now
salute us with the clown army salute

so friends, new and old, i ask you to please support
us in changing the world

slan agus siochan

following groups:
mayfield arts programme, MURALISMO

author by dunkpublication date Mon Jul 04, 2005 11:08author email fuspey at yahoo dot co dot ukauthor address presently nucleus of the g8radio networkauthor phone Report this post to the editors

its @ 10am, and we have just done a brief show thats going out on the simbani africa radio project,
fatoumatta from the soninke tribe in the gambia interviewed me on a half hour show that is going out through the amarc network (AMARC is an international non-governmental organization serving the community radio movement, with almost 3 000 members and associates in 110 countries. NEARfm are part of this org)

as you might imagine, things are a little bit chaotic here in the imc centre, so still not sure if fatoumattas show went out livestream throught the new g8 radical radio coalition

her show will be on the simbani website and from that there is a network in africa of up to 400 local community radio stations that will take her show and put it out on their local radio stations.
about 25% have the tek capability to take it directly, the remaining ones with limited resources can get text emails of the show and read it out to their local listener base

it is truly amazing to be part of this network, people here havent slept all night, pushing on to make what was once only an idea, a reality

author by dunkpublication date Mon Aug 08, 2005 13:39author address author phone Report this post to the editors

things been busy...

1- g8 and clowns
2- muralismo
3- state of emergency
4- radical radio network

1- g8 happened
Archive of IMC IRL G8 Gleneagles Coverage
the clowns rocked
Operation Splish Splash Splosh

Muralismo @ Mayfield. Nicaraguans, Colombians, Rebels, rest of worlders;
the world is sad she needs more dreams

3- state of emergency
september 22nd is "international car free day" like other years the government have plannded very little so plans are underway for the big day
state of emergency - car free day ; 22nd september, whats going on in your cities?
state of emergency, is coming into play

4- radical radio network

Near FM become the first Irish media organisation to start podcasting

Near FM have started podcasting and are offering a best of the week's
programming podcast. The radio station is a local station for Dublin's
North East. It's also interesting to note that a representative for
Near FM announced this on Boards.ie, Ireland's most popular Internet
listen to "majority world" at 4.30 on thursday and 9am friday, robbie synott is responsible for giving a voice to the voiceless, and now is helped by maiken

Calling Potential Seanchaís, Papparazzis, Earwiggers, Voyeurs, Nerds & Daleks. Help Indymedia.ie!

Liber8 FM - New community radio station

What are your dreams? art encounter radio Cork

radical radio coalition : G8 radio

belfast weekend of dissent: sights, sounds, feedback

Dublin City Greenway Cycle
direct radio stuff

Free Speech Radio News

free radio santa cruz

car free day - sep 22 :
car free day - sep 22 :


because the world itself is the most unlikely of places
because the world itself is the most unlikely of places

author by dunk - dublin eco city grouppublication date Mon Aug 08, 2005 13:48author address author phone Report this post to the editors


FSRN- free speech radio news
FSRN- free speech radio news

splish splash splosh - rossport 5 aquarium mayo
splish splash splosh - rossport 5 aquarium mayo

dublin eco city group
dublin eco city group

botanic spine - dublins 18km eco corridor
botanic spine - dublins 18km eco corridor

on our bikes, sep 22 : state of emergency, attemting to make the idea of dublin as an eco city a reality
on our bikes, sep 22 : state of emergency, attemting to make the idea of dublin as an eco city a reality

author by dunkpublication date Mon Aug 08, 2005 14:54author address author phone Report this post to the editors

september 22nd is "international car free day" like other years the irish government have planned very little so plans are underway for the big day
state of emergency - car free day ; 22nd september

a network of different people who are working for a more sustainable world has formed and seeks your assistance and input

we are hoping to further the critical discussion and dreaming in society with more and more people and from that do a few things to demonstrate how things can be more ecological

"state of emergency" is coming into play.....

starting to push the critical discussion


the world is sad she needs more dreams


it is hoped that there will be a live stream (an audio transmission/ a audio and visual transission/ 2 way audio and visual stream through webcams and screens) on the day between different nodes around planet, primarly between the streets of dublin and the monks garden in venice (venue for irish partipitation in venice bienelle (art olympics)), but also with the possibility of more nodes connecting up or tuning into and participating in this experimental system

it is hoped that various indymedia groups can help with the tek end of this ambitios proposal

here in dublin we have set up an eco city group, we are attempting to make an 18km eco corridor for the city, we have created our first of many food production community gardens on the corridor, we do cycles around the circular eco corridor every month, we are in process of setting up a social centre for the city. presently there is an exhibition in the dolphins barn pulic library about the garden.

i was part of imc-oxford when imc-uk decentralised and am part of imc-ireland in a very loose way - mostly writing stuff, photos and audio, also give small imc workshops to different community groups and put on screenings with same groups and sometimes put on screening on the streets

this is an initial call out to see if there is interest from other groups or practical support in making it happen. it is also a request to tell us what plans are underway in your areas for international car free day.... critical mass, reclaim the streets, state sanctioned car free zones, free public transport, eco festivals........

we will be meeting up physically and having discussions and workshops in the garden or other city spaces, we also hope to have online meetings about tek end with other imc'istas if there is interest.

we are aware that is ambitious but it is a STATE OF EMERGENCY, because without a radical change in the way this planet is being exploited life for our species comes to an end here on our home

thanks for your time

imc-ie dunk

above email was sent to following groups
sustainable ireland
indymedia ireland
indymedia communication
indymedia radio
sarah pierce + irish crew @ venice bienelle
dolphins barn community garden
dublin eco city group
CIRCA- clandestine insurgent rebel clown army
another cork
dublin grassroots network
irish grassroots network
dissent ireland
NEAR fm - north east access radio
liber8 - dublin 8 radio
dublin south radio
gimme space- dublin social centre collective
an taisce
irish heritage council
dublins last deputy lord mayor
datagroup ireland
various friends, artists, architects, activists, dreamers

author by dunkpublication date Mon Aug 08, 2005 17:05author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Art Encounter 2005 was an artistic exchange which saw young artists from Cork, Nicaragua and Columbia living and working together in Cork for the month of July.
The culmination of the months work was a public art exhibition in St. Dominic's Meditation Centre, Colmcille Avenue, Mayfield from 2st to 23rd July.
As part of this exhibition an art encounter tent was set up for 3 days in the city centre at Emmet place, a recently rejuvinated street outside the Crawford art gallery and Cork Opera house, in which a giant postcard was created on which members of the public were invited to share their dreams with the world.
here are some of the dreams.
the postcard is being sent out to the Venice Bienelle ("the art olympics").
We invite you, those in the virtual world, to share some of your dreams

is the link with lots more dreams and photos, your input would be most welcome

What are your dreams?
art encounter radio Cork - a few hours of audio in english, spanish and irish about dreams, this project, the fear or inability some sections of society have in expressing their dreams, do people dreams anymore.....

main story about the project, including many more photos:
Muralismo @ Mayfield. Nicaraguans, Colombians, Rebels, rest of worlders;

what's your dream?
what's your dream?

sueño - dream
sueño - dream

art encounter tent - emmet place, Cork 2-23 july 2005- the postcard on its way to the monks garden
art encounter tent - emmet place, Cork 2-23 july 2005- the postcard on its way to the monks garden

postcard from cork to venice
postcard from cork to venice

author by dunkpublication date Mon Aug 08, 2005 17:08author address author phone Report this post to the editors

theres some pictures up on the ireland at venice website of the garden

and the monks garden, written piece:

art from the monks garden, a new free, green, public space for the city of venice
art from the monks garden, a new free, green, public space for the city of venice

author by dunkpublication date Mon Aug 08, 2005 17:58author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Variant, issue 23, Summer 2005
...the free, independent, arts magazine. In-depth coverage in the context of broader social, political & cultural issues.

author by dunkpublication date Wed Aug 10, 2005 12:11author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination.

- (lab of ii) is a network of socially engaged artists and activists whose work falls in between resistance and creativity, culture and politics, art and life.

author by dunkpublication date Mon Aug 22, 2005 20:29author address author phone Report this post to the editors

"Venice run by anarchists"

the following are extracts from a piece written by Naomi Klein and published @ June 6 2001:

Social centres are abandoned buildings—warehouses, factories, military forts, schools—that have been occupied by squatters and transformed into cultural and political hubs, explicitly free from both the market, and from state control. By some estimates there are 150 social centres in Italy.

These are scarce bohemian spaces in a rapidly gentrifying world, a fact that prompted the Frenchnewspaper Le Monde to describe the intricate network of squats as "the Italian cultural jewel."

In Venice, Rome and Milan, prominent social centre activists, including leaders of Tute Bianche, are now city councillors. Beppe Caccia, a member of the Tute Bianche and a Venetian city councillor, say that the move into municipal politics is a natural evolution of social centre theory.

the above was written under the following titles:

Something Maybe Beautiful

Squatters in white overalls

Three Coins in a Centri Sociali

you can watch a webcast in which she outlines how the nature of the game changed, as she speaks around the time of the launch of her second book ; 'Fences and Windows', September 19 2002. During her speech she talks about how anarchists are setting up a network of social centres and she stated “Venice run by anarchists”

Naomi Klein – the restoration of democracy
see Pt. 1, about 9mins 15 seconds in to watch her talk about : the social centre movement in italy

related links to Beppe Caccia

Venezia - Avviso di garanzia per Beppe Caccia (Italian only)
27 luglio 2005`

28 April 2001
by Beppe Caccia and Wu Ming Yi
(Delegation of Ya Basta!-Italy in Quebec)

Red light district for Venice 14 January, 2002

appeal for Luca Casarini March 4, 2004
Beppe Caccia (board of social affairs, Commune
of Venice),

THE CITIZEN – commune di venezia

Interview of Beppe Caccia, municipal councillor of Mestre and exponent of
the White Overalls, in the supplement "Musica" of the daily paper la
Repubblica in November 2000

The demo was lead by the Venezia city councillor Beppe Caccia, a famous pacifist and a Green, to show its absolutely peaceful character. As a result, the city councillor was beaten up and --according to the first reports — arrested.

in ireland, a collective called seomra spraoi has been attempting to create a social centre here in dublin:

Give Us Some Space: New Initiative to Create Dublin Social Centre

Seomra spraoi: Social Centre Gig Brazil night with film and music

More musings on social centres in Ireland...

Benefit Gig for Dublin autonomous social centre

seomra spraoi site

an experimental space was explored and used during the month of april, much the way in which the social centre will work, if on a smaller scale:
Open Invitation to use a small space

and a little report on the threat that some social centres have to deal with from the state:
Italian Indymedia and Florence, Torino and Bologna Social Centers Under Attack

Seomra Spraoi's initial statement:

Seomra Spraoi is a group that is setting up a social centre for

This idea is an attempt to rebuild some of the things that have been
lost to us in the modern world: the sense of community, an atmosphere
of tolerance and respect, and a safe and secure environment. Seomra
Spraoi going to arrange for a space where you don't feel like you need to buy a cup of coffee just to sit and relax for a while.

What will the social centre be?

This will be a gathering space without a profit motive and a space for the local community. It will be a focal point for social movements, and a resource centre for people who are trying to make the world a better place. Seomra Spraoi will host campaigning groups, and facilitate art and music. It will be a centre for debate and the
exchange of ideas. It is a deliberate venture attempting in practice to be a space of creativity and a hub of positive resistance in a society were increasingly people are isolated and exploited and our lives robbed of meaning. It will be a point of contact for anyone interested in reclaiming back the ability to shape the societies we live in, in a way that is accessible to everyone.

There have been plenty of ideas for what the space will comprise : an
inexpensive café, a library, an information and research centre with
WI FI internet access, an arts centre, a music studio and rehearsal
space, a drop in centre, a meeting space, a community garden, a
photographic darkroom, a bicycle workshop, and a film screening space. What actually happens will ultimately rest with all who get involved.

How will the centre be run?

The centre will be organised on the basis of libertarian principles. Eh??? Simply put, this means that everyone involved with organising the space will have an equal voice in deciding how its run. Decisions will be made through discussion and concensus and the center will be a model of participatory democracy. The Seomra Spraoi collective is independent of any business, church, local authority or political party. This is why it is called an autonomous space. Everyone involved volunteers their time and energy. There is no leadership or executive committee – this initiative is being organised by a collective of different people with different backgrounds and interests, working together in co-operation with a common purpose to reclaim back a little of lives and dignity, degraded as in is in a society that is based on unsustainable inequality and corruption. We also have the desire to put a bit of life back into the city!!!

Get involved!

Up to now, there has been plenty happening. So far we have put on monthly nights of films music and food. There have been weekly
meetings and growing interest in the space. A credit union account has been set up and donations are always welcome if you feel that you like the idea but don’t really have time to get involved. Every little helps. We are still searching for the ideal space, but in the meantime we are fundraising, generating interest in the idea, and contacting existing communities who may be interested in getting involved. As all those involved are volunteering, we recognise that everyone has different things they can bring to the center. Some may have more time than others. Some people support the idea, but have no time so they donate with a standing order. Some people like cooking, others better at organising gigs and others good at computer stuff, so if you think you have something you’d like to bring to this centre, whether its time, energy or ideas, get in contact with us, come along to some of our events, or even try getting something similar going where you live yourself.

"de dublin social centre will be great" says a younger bertie
"de dublin social centre will be great" says a younger bertie

author by dunkpublication date Fri Sep 09, 2005 23:03author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Anarchism and Non-Violence:
After Gandhi was assassinated, the person who was known as "Gandhi's spiritual heir", Vinoba Bhave led several major campaigns to reclaim land for the poor. In 1951 Bhave and the many workers from Sarva Seva Sangh (Society for the Service of All), started the Bhoodon (land gift) movement. Many felt that Bhave was a saint in the Hindu tradition, and so when he began walking across the country asking for acres of land from landowners, he received land gifts, which were then given to the poor. One and one third million acres, according to Shepard, were actual reclaimed by the poor (far more than had been managed by the land reform programs of India's government). Bhave was involved with other projects and campaigns to bring about the "non-violent revolution". Bhave was an anarchist

and more

walking for a better world
walking for a better world

author by dunkpublication date Sun Sep 11, 2005 14:20author address author phone Report this post to the editors

lots of different things happening around the world, lots of conversations, events, actions. some critical, some not

what i have been trying to do here is use this thread as a sort of crossroads, a place for signposts, a place where we can be directed to those other places where critical things, that have been documented, happened, be those recordings of discussions, blogs, photos, websites, etc

ive been trying to encourage others who feel that something is critical to post a link here, throw up a signpost

i just talked with someone from Cork Caucus, that happened; lots of artists from around the world came together and had discussions, workshops, events. some of it critical, some not- or maybe different stuff is critical for different people ??

anyway, i recieved an unfinished transcripit and i posted it:
Sarah Pierce transcript from Caucus Centre Presentation Cork City: Wednesday 6/7/2005

but that will be hidden untill permission is given for it to be posted,
i had a discussion with the Caucus person about the fact that Caucus happened and asked where the feedback is and if she could post it here-

they do have a forum, blog
with some discussion on it, but not very much
perhaps there are other blogs where the discussion is happening,?
links to reviews in magazines, art websites, other outlets could help us hear what went on

anyway- one point that came from it:
the nice way and the rough way of doing things
pulling all the stuff together, compiling it into a nice book or nice website, which is finally finished and brought out maybe a half year later which impacts those tight crew who care about it most
and the rough way
an ongoing messy real world process, trying to tie a million different strands together:
real world events, pulling different communities together: local community groups, activists, artists, architects, joe soaps.........
pulling gardening, radical radio, feedback from past events, future discussion nights, 8 different blogs discussing 1 event..........

together- its messy, but its to do with trying to work with the real world momentum, working with things as they happen, trying to organise for future and better things......

anyway this is a bit rambly so
request for present- throw up your links and views here
request for later- we can work together to make it nicer

so recent ones

Seomra Spraoi collective invites you to a night of play, art, discussion, film, food, disco

building up the RADICAL radio network

building healthy communities


more info of cork caucus see

part of hidden transcript add on by me
** - this statement is actually not true, gandhi's autobiography - my experiments with truth, which i bought in the house in bombay gandhi worked from was also taken, this was a very precious book to me


see you over the weekend in 2 weeks where real world discussion and play will happen about this issue, and more
Fri night 23rd September - st nik of myra

signposts directing you through the chaos
signposts directing you through the chaos

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EASA network helped me ,a 20+ year old autonomous network of architecture and art and other students coming together to work, play, learn, live somewhere new for 2 weeks every summer

archived links:
easa 2001-2005 pictures & websites

managed to find the old interview done just after the "playing with phi" piece, before we turned the derelict building into an experimental art gallery for the people of the island

but time came to move on
in sincere and thoughtful response to my fellow EASAians

"je suis blessée im hurting", says the world
"je suis blessée im hurting", says the world

the idea, soon to become a reality
the idea, soon to become a reality

playing with phi - samogar art gallery, derelict Croatian army barracks > free art space
playing with phi - samogar art gallery, derelict Croatian army barracks > free art space

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a discussion with sarah pierce 2 from 2 weeks back about the bienelle, the changing nature of the art world, art spaces, and some others
@ 21mins long, abrubtly ends when battery ran out

we hope to have another open discussion at the upcoming seomra spraoi gig in a weeks time:
Seomra Spraoi collective invites you to a night of play, art, discussion, film, food, disco

during which we will be having a radical radio network gathering

art talk from the cobblestone
art talk from the cobblestone

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eipcp - European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies

In the context of two research projects starting in autumn 2005 the
eipcp will organize a transnational pilot course for Radical
Aesthetics. The components of this one-year course will take place in
different European cities (Barcelona, Linz, Lüneburg, Napoli, Paris,
Vienna). Aimed at fostering the transnational exchange and discourse
on art and activism, they will reflect on concrete activist and
critical projects, accompanying them with discursive events and
theoretical workshops.

Course Duration: 10/2005-09/2006

Cooperating institutions: eipcp, MACBA Barcelona, Universität
Lüneburg, Kunstuniversität Linz, Istituto Italiano per gli Studi
Filosofici, Napoli

Further information: http://www.eipcp.net/radicalaesthetics.html --
eipcp - european institute for progressive cultural policies
a-1060 vienna, gumpendorfer strasse 63b


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'I'll probably say it three more times. See, in my line of work
you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again
for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda.'
- George W Bush

'This is how liberty dies -- to thunderous applause.'
- Queen Amidala of Naboo

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