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Public Inquiry
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Is Tom Parlon a scumbag?

category national | miscellaneous | news report author Sunday January 19, 2003 21:21author by ... what are we going to do? Report this post to the editors

Is Tom Parlon TD and former president of the IFA serving his constituints or the interestes of big business?

An article in last Mondays Irish Times on Standish’s Sawmills in the Sliabh Bloom mountains near Roscrea but still in Co. Laois left me wondering what hope there is for this country with people like Tom Parlon in charge. The article referred to the Sawmill repeatedly breaking EPA regulations on pollution, to an extension to the Sawmill being built on the remains of an archaeological site without planning permission and to complaints from local residents about both these issues.
Tom Parlon was quizzed by the IT about the allegations. He said that he stood firmly behind the activities of the Sawmills. They had a great record and contributed to the local economy by proving plenty of jobs. He said that the local people had withdrawn their complaints.

Whats going on here? Even the IT didn't believe him. I got a lift hitching to Dublin from one of these locals who said that Standishes were causing pollution locally with no less a chemical than arsenic. Has Tom Parlon said that Environmental Protection Agency regulations don't count? Is he saying that archelogical remains are of no significance? Is he encouriging Standishes to flout the law?

Ironically the EPA is referred to by a lot of environmentalists as the Environmental Pollution Agency as they see the EPA as giving licences to new industry to pollute under the guiding philosophies Mary Harney, IBEC etc.

My sympathies are with the people who have to live with this every day. I thought this only happened in Siberia where such polltution caused by industry has left some communities with untold horrors to deal with for a long time to come.

Yet Mr. Parlon got 9000 votes in the general election. Does this mean that those 9000 people can live with this kind of thing as TP will look after them and then they won't have to work hard anymore?

Somebody say something........

author by am i someone if i´m not a number?publication date Mon Jan 20, 2003 02:06author address author phone Report this post to the editors

you ask about - T & J Standish Sawmill -
One of the most respected manufacturers of fencing and gates in the midlands, Standish Sawmills offer an extensive range of products and services at extremely competitive prices. As well as offering tailor made products, the company will also offer free delivery to any part of Ireland.
Address:The Leap Castle,
Roscrea, Co. Offaly

This respected company held stand 81 row F at the 2002 National Ploughing Championships held during
24th - 26th September at Ballacolla, Co.Laois.

Because of contaminated land problems.
Ireland lacks specific contaminated land legislation. However, existing legislation provides a considerable range of powers for dealing with contaminated land and has implications for any remedial actions that may be required. Existing legislation of particular importance includes:

The Waste Management Act 1996;

The Environmental Protection Agency Act 1992;

The Local Government (Water Pollution) Acts 1977-1990;

Building Control Act 1990; and

The Air Pollution Act 1987.

Environmental Protection Agency
(an ghníomhhaireacht um Chaomhnú Comhshaoil)
(i do love the gaeilge)
PO box 3000, johnstown castle estate,
Co Wexford (loch gorman)
email info@epa.ie
website http://www.epa.ie

relevant publication for the campaign you should continue to start;
priced at €6.95
available on Molesworth St.

There is also a EPA act 1992.
it amongst other things covers physico-chemical surveillance and biological assessment of water quality.
For the purposes of the EPA assessment procedure benthic macroinvertebrates have been divided into five arbitrary 'Indicator Groups' as follows: Group A, the sensitive forms, Group B, the less sensitive forms, Group C, the tolerant forms, Group D, the very tolerant forms and Group E, the most tolerant forms. These groups, and their relationships with the Biotic Index (Q values) are set out on their website.

lawyers in Ireland with specialisation

for that you can be sure you will have support in your new campaign.
Yes the man is a nasty careerist irish imperialist and ought to be taught a lesson.
Now will you get your fine ass down to Shannon for the next protest?
Thank you so very much.
Think locally act globally
best of luck
if you garner support leave a comment here
I´ll return.
I never went away.

author by something more.publication date Mon Jan 20, 2003 02:53author address author phone Report this post to the editors


coillte need lots of earnest examination.
go be earnest.
examine them.
if youhave ever been earnestly examined you´ll know it can be a very effective way of changing your behavour.

Related Link: http://www.beyondtv.org/pages/overview/features.php
author by even more spoonfeeding but sure that´s what its about.publication date Mon Jan 20, 2003 03:07author address author phone Report this post to the editors

you may offer water and soil for sample analysis by either the Irish state or any suitably equiped university or both.
I would recommend both.
If your suspicions of arsenic are confirmed then you must take samples at 30metres points.
to trace the point of contamination.
by that stage you will have new pals helping you.

Arsenic is very dangerous but naturally occuring.

9000 votes are 9000 votes
who else would get them
as a matter of interest?
not that i would be interested.
oh no.

author by John Boypublication date Mon Jan 20, 2003 11:27author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Is the Pope a Catholic?

author by pat cpublication date Mon Jan 20, 2003 11:30author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Parlons activities should cause no surprise, the IFA have always represented the interests of big farmers. 80% of EU subsidies go to 20% of farmers.

author by PD killapublication date Mon Jan 20, 2003 23:39author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Just like harney, the offspring of the vile dessie, molloy, mcdowell and all the other PD rats. They are the lowest of the low, greedy vermin basically. Pat is correct as usual, the lions share of the CAP loot as well as being bad for the developing world and the envirnment goes to the richest farmers and the sooner it is abolished the better.

author by tom jordanpublication date Wed Nov 10, 2004 18:48author email nilachseall at yahoo dot co dot nzauthor address corkauthor phone Report this post to the editors

chromium V1, that's the chemical, the EPA are being heard in february in their case. It's probably good that we can joke about this, but as the one above said, we must also stretch ourselves to think globally. There are a host of nasty doins in the world and we can pick any of them. Try the petition against the road through Tara for starters.. and good luck out there, they're a right pack of..

author by little green manpublication date Thu Nov 11, 2004 07:48author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Still no point in shrugging one's shoulders in resignation.

How about getting in touch with Friends of the Irish Environment or a Green MEP.

FOIE have been quite active in filing complaints about breaches of EU environmental directives in Brussels and they might be able to give some advice.
The findings of EU investigations have gone against the Irish government in many cases and this has been a significant source of embarrassment to the local gombeen political establishment who try in their spare time to masquerade as "sophisticated Europeans" ....... of course it has been played down in the local lapdog media .... great thing having compliant journalists and editors .....

The Green Party might also be willing to investigate or assist with filing a complaint at EU level.

Without trying too sound too cynical if that's possible I would have zero trust in the Free State Political Establishment which is corrupt beyond redemption. If the Minister himself is shitting on the Environmental regulations what can you expect.

So the only way I can see to get back at the f**kers is to set some external EU watchdog onto them ..... after all they were the c**nts who told us all to be good Europeans and vote for Nice II .........

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