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Born Again Cult profits from RC Church scandals!

category national | miscellaneous | news report author Wednesday October 30, 2002 00:56author by jimc - sameauthor email jacque at iol dot ieauthor address kilkennyauthor phone 71614 Report this post to the editors

The Roman Church is not the only religious cult, which has been hiding its crimes from the naive public! The International Born Again Christians - is a rt-wing US founded, funded and maintained cult with lots of secrets! The Born Agains have socalled counsellors in most Irish counties, and has lots of ties with government health depts! You dont know what is really happening under your very noses! It is unaccountable and is NEVER scrutinised or investigated.

Born Agains exposed as a front for sinister activities!
Born Agains try to profit from the RC Church scandals!by Jim C
It is no coincidence that the Born Again Christians cult in Ireland has begun its massive and costly advertising campaign, named "Power to Change", at a time when the RC paedo scandals are reaching a new height of shocking revelations!
In Ireland in recent days, Cardinal Connell has had to eat humble pie and accept an independent inquiry into all allegations of child abuse by his priests. This was something, up until recently, he and his bishops were doggedly resisting!
The naive might think this is only a coincidence that the "Power to Change" campaign has just started now, but those who understand the tactics of this most powerful cult, which has been effectively founded, funded, owned, and controlled by the wealhiest people in Ireland, the USA and Canada, are able to see the method in the madness!
The "Power to Change" evangelic campaign, is not alone spreading its tentacles in Ireland, but also to far flung Bolivia. This "campaign" has been planned for a long time; possibly even years.
There is no doubt whatsoever that the RC Church should pay dearly for its crimes against children, not only in Ireland, but in every parish across the world!
However, if the public think that this is the end of such matters , they are fooling themselves! The same elite groups who promoted the torture and abuse of children across the world, are planning for the next era of abused and tortured children who will be damaged in mind and body, unable to enjoy life as most others are fortunate to take for granted!
Beware of the Born Again Christian Power to Change campaign! This group is much more dangerous to the young and naive than even the RC Church! The supporters of the Born Again Christians control the media and they have effectively hidden from you the public, the true nature of this devilish cult!
The Born Agains have been in Ireland since the late 1970s, and they own extensive properties in most Irish counties, North and South of the border!
Few people realise, for years many innocent and damaged people have been referred to the Born Again Cult to be "counselled" by these Born Again Christians - an unaccountable "independent" group, NGO, which has no one to scrutinise what they do or to examine their performance or their activities!
There are Drug rehab groups in Dublin controlled by the Born Agains!
Why is there not a government dept which can undertake these duties, which inturn would be accountable to civil servants who could look into allegations of misconduct.
There are also many Born Again Counsellors in Kilkenny, Castledermot, Portlaoise and in other counties, acting independently , unaccountable to no one!Its time this cult was investigated - and the questions asked why naive and damaged people were referred to this unaccountable cult, and why government ministers, health board officials and civil servants have NEVER thought fit to make the Born Again Cult answerable for their actions!
For more information on the Born Again Movement :
See: Born Again Christians began barking like dogs during their "prayer" meetings!"
For many will come in my name, saying I am the Christ, and will mislead many." Matthew 24.5'
Is this a scene from a madhouse?
These things take place at Born Again Pentecostal "prayer meetings"!

October 2002 - The International Born Again Movement makes its move in Ireland in a big way!!!!!
The "Power to Change" so-called Christian advertising campaign follows a similar campaign launched in Canada in 2000.
"Power to Change" was devised by "Campus Crusade for Christ" - a so-called church founded by American "Evangelist" Bill Bright. According to the March edition of Phoenix Magazine, the campaign is being funded by American/Canadian moneybags and some Irish "Christians" with deep pockets! The Ireland based backers of this "Born Again" campaign are businessmen Basil Good - Paddy Monaghan - Mervyn Maiden - Joe Kelly - Rob Clarke - and Tom McGuiness.
Incredible as it may seem, but it is getting strong support from Cardinal Connell , the RC head of their church in Ireland. It is also getting support from the Presbyterian Church , the Methodist Church and the Church of Ireland!
One wonders WHY these "Protestant" churches are giving support to what most people think is an obscure cult-church, which for the main hold their "prayer meetings" in "church houses", which in itself is a very curious setup!
All of the telephone numbers on the advertising billboards and on TV belong to the Born Again Christians!
None refer back to any of the other churches, which are giving support to this sinister cult! Why are they doing this?
It seems that only the Born Again groups are profiting from this advertising campaign!
This week (early October 2002) on the Joe Duffy Radio Show, many members of the RC community voiced their anger at Cardinal Connell for giving support to what they clearly see as a protestant cult. Many of those who belong to the Born Again Movement call themselves "Born Again Catholics", which is clearly a CONTRADICTION in TERMS! Several of the RC laity who phoned the Duffy Show fiercely argued that a Roman Catholic cannot be a Born Again Catholic!
One cannot be a Born Again Catholic and attend the Roman Catholic church!!! The top Roman Catholic clergy are constantly telling us that it is the first and one and only true Christian Church, and they repeat that a member of the Roman Catholic Church CANNOT attend another Church whilst being a member of the Roman Church!
Great fuss was made when Mary McAleese, Irish President, took communion during a Church of Ireland service.
So why is the Roman Church and Cardinal Connell ignoring the fact that RC laity are attending Born Again prayer groups and they are calling themselves "Born Again Catholics"?
It is imperative that the Roman Catholic hierarchy answer these questions!!
In a recent telephone conversation between myself and a spokesperson for the Roman Catholic Church, he put forward the hypothesis that the Pope had used the words "evangelisation" in recent speeches and this was an indication that the RC church should begin to embrace other faiths and creeds.
Does this mean that the RC church has become "closer" to the International Born Again Movement and its ideology?
Has there been a change in Roman Catholic policy regarding the Born Again Movement and its "teachings" - practically giving that group carte blanche support?
Cardinal Connell has a lot of answers to make, and that is besides all the questions on RC church child abuse!
It seems to me, the Cardinal is giving support to a rival "church" in this "Power to Change" campaign, which effectively could take members away from the RC congregation!
It seems almost as if HE and the Roman Church is committing Hara-Kiri!
It almost seems as if he and the other mainstream churches are behaving in a subservient manner to the Born Again Church, which we all know is dominated by corporate Americans and Canadians, almost certainly with CIA backing! ( EG: CBN and Pat Robertson)
NB: It is reported that the leaders of the Presbyterian Church and the Methodist in Ireland are also "evangelical" in their outlook and philosophy.
Does this mean that they are also sympathetic to the Born Again Movement and its ideology? Or does it simply mean that they are covert Born Again Christians?
The Born Again Charismatic Movement
The Born Again Movement was first set up in Ireland in the 1970s. Almost overnight they purchased a large number of expensive properties in many Irish counties North and South of the border.Now, no one will tell me or convince me that these properties were bought with Irish monies! It is now obvious that USA corporate evangelic Born Again Christian groups, (Eg Pat Robertsons CBN , Oral Roberts, Phil Dernstein etc) closely connected to the CIA and rightwing groups, funded and maintained the groups in Ireland, and it is becoming obvious that these powerful, deep pocketed right wing US Born Again "missionaries" are installed in many countries across the world, all funded from US big-business corporate Born Againers.
See: "Born Again Fundamentalism - Hope or Hoax?"
The site above, "Born Again Fundamentalism - hope or hoax?", was set up by a former BA member to expose the dangers from this extremely dangerous cult!
To those who do not know; the Born Again Christian Movement, (the present "Power to Change" campaign is controlled and orchestrated by the same extremely wealthy cult) was originally spawned in the USA, and backed by the ultra corporate wealthy. ALL top US politicians HAVE to be Born Again Christians to hold high office!!!!!
The top members in US politics, and the CIA are Born Again Christians; eg Oliver North and CIA Bill Casey are two examples! The Power to Change campaign is funded (1.5 million euro) from US and Canadian sources!
No one will convince me that the few hundred Irish BAs dug up this money, but that is not to say that there are not wealthy Irish BAs, because there are quite a few! In fact it has been oft said that many top Irish in the business community are Born Again Christians! Most know of at least 2 well known celebrity "Born Againers"!
So what do these wealthy elites see in the religious dogma of the Born Again Christians? We all know that Christianity is a hard and honestly boring way of life, so what are these well-to-do elites getting out of being Born Again?
It is also known that the Born Again Movement seems to attract the worst sort of people in society; eg- The Shankill Butchers, IRA and loyalist paramilitary killers, and such terrible killers like Sean Sellers, Henry Lee Lucas, Geffrey Dahmer, Mark Chapman, Karla Fay Tucker and many more multiple killers.
So what attracts these killers to the Born Again Movement rather than the established churches?
Is there another reason why they become Born Again?
Maybe there is ANOTHER side to this sinister cult!!!!!
This week (Oct 2002) on the Joe Duffy Show on RTE radio, Duffy gave much time and credit to the "Power to Change" advertising campaign and lauded the Born Agains often!! It makes me think that Duffy could himself be a Born Again!
Any way; one particular speaker who phoned in to Duffy, took him and the Born Agains by surprise and caused upset to the BA plans. The young man belongs to a notorious Dublin crime familly who were the subject of an RTE program ( I think it was on "Would you believe"). All or most of the familly are Born Agains but the speaker left the BA movement in 1995 when he saw just what the Born Agains were really all about!
He said; when the Born Again Pentecostal "Church" set up in Canada, some of the Born Agains recruits would go into convulsions and began barking like dogs during their "religious meetings".
There is no doubt that he was trying to warn people regarding the Born Again Movement and he considered them a threat to naive and innocent people who might be attracted to them through their own personal problems and needs. The following day, a prominent Dublin based Born Again Christian, (I believe it was Noel Kenny) whose face was on many of their advertising posters in the city, fiercely castigated Duffy because he let the former Born Againer speak on his program!
It was almost as if he was in a position of authority over Duffy!
It is only too clear - the Born Agains dont want ANY criticism at all regarding their movement and with their wealthy friends, you never see critical articles in the press regarding the Born Agains, even though they have a lot to hide!
Any article critical of the Born Againers is quickly deleted: as we wait to see if the same thing happens on Indy!
The Born Again Christians are in charge of so-called rehab groups for drug addicts in Dublin? There are also socalled Born Again "counsellors" for troubled people in Kilkenny, Carlow, Porlaiose and other counties.
In 1995, after I discovered that my exwife had set me up to be murdered by loyalist paramilitaries, I was referred by a lady to a Born Again "counsellor" called Dick Moore, who "counselled" from a private room in a bungalow on the Bennetsbridge Road Kilkenny
See:The Story of Jacque, "Witchcraft in Ireland"
I have since discovered that the SE Health Board are referring people with "problems" to Dick Moore, Born Again Christian, to be "counselled"!
I know for certain that a Mr Paul Ryan, who was a patient in St Cannices Mental Institution in Kilkenny, attended Dick Moore at the bungalow on the Bennetsbridge Road Kilkenny!
Paul Ryan committed "suicide" in June 1999, just before an inquiry was due into allegations of physical abuse on Mr Ryan by nursing staff at the St Cannices Mental Hospital!
See: The Death of Paul Ryan - murder or suicide?
There has to be questions why government depts refer susceptiple people to this "independent", unaccountable and suspicious cult!
Incredible as it may seem - but ANYONE can become a counsellor in Ireland!!!!
This fact was confirmed to me by a member of the Irish Rape Crisis Centres!
Born Agains dont like criticism!
They believe; only THEY are right and everyone who is not a Born Again will go to Hell!
That is like the kettle calling the pot black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

author by Dave Dpublication date Wed Oct 30, 2002 15:26Report this post to the editors

This is a paranoid and confused rant, which says nothing but that Born Again Christians are similar to most other religious groups. While I have little time for Born Again teachings, I know some who do, and they are not part of any wild elite conspiracy.

So many of the points are just complete crap, I could write an essay responding to every wild accsation. But I'll pick a few by way of example:

"Born Agains try to profit from the RC Church scandals" - what a statement, its like saying Sinn Fein attempt to get votes because Fianna Fail are a gang of crooks, of course they do!

Power to change is spreading its message - big deal, that's what religions do, in the same way that political parties also do

There a full time Born Again workers in various communities - again big deal, there are full time workers from virtually every religion active in the state working in Ireland, as well as ex-IRA, Socialist Workers etc etc.

Why isn't the state doing such work - various religions have been carring out voluntary work in Ireland for centuries, in many cases they provided a much needed service to the populations, it many other cases it resulted in abuse, but this is not in any way particular to born again christians

Power to change is supported by all major churches, it does not request that you go and bark like a dog anywhere. Why are the Church of Ireland, Methodist ect "Protestant" churches, they're Protestant, no inverted commas.

"why is the Roman Church and Cardinal Connell ignoring the fact that RC laity are attending Born Again prayer groups and they are calling themselves "Born Again Catholics" - Who bloody cares, certainly not me, are we all to care about who the Catholic Church lets in their door...I don't give a monkeys

It seems to me, the Cardinal is giving support to a rival "church" in this "Power to Change" campaign, which effectively could take members away from the RC congregation - Are we to suddenly care that people might be turning away from the Catholic Church, I don't and I doubt if anyone else who looks at this site does

And finally - They believe; only THEY are right and everyone who is not a Born Again will go to Hell!

Amazing, a religion that claims that its followers will go to heaven and others will not. nearly every bloody religion claims this dickhead. if you don't like them just ignore them, that's what I do, but they have every right to put out their message

author by King Mobpublication date Wed Oct 30, 2002 16:23Report this post to the editors

You're the only one here that I miss.

I didn't actually read your rambling post, because life is precious and I won't waste valuable seconds letting this nonsense affect my eyes.

For those new to the site Jim is our resident crank, ranting about Gardaí using microwave weapons, Bertie on the Hill of Tara doing satanic rituals as part of the illuminati. Illuminati symbols in the RTE logo, and how this is all tied together by ritual murders commited by German nutcases.

I'm not making this up, he actually believes this, and that I'm a agent of the illuminati out to discredit him.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

author by initiatedpublication date Wed Oct 30, 2002 17:20Report this post to the editors

author by Jon Wildepublication date Wed Oct 30, 2002 18:44author email Arkaos at subdimension dot comReport this post to the editors

or backwards it reads MP323 and we all know what *that* means eh?

author by King Mobpublication date Wed Oct 30, 2002 19:41Report this post to the editors

Story 1. King Mob the sinister cultist waiting till the appropriate time to strike in a obvious move to let people know...er something by the time of his post

Story 2. King Mob was having a cuppa during a lull in work and logged on to Indymedia.

author by initiatedpublication date Wed Oct 30, 2002 20:20Report this post to the editors

author by JimC - samepublication date Wed Oct 30, 2002 20:47author email jacque at iol dot ieauthor address kkauthor phone 71614Report this post to the editors

Every conspiracy theory nowadays is simply that, according to KMob,
We must put all of out trust in those who are our "betters", they have our interests at heart, those kindly father figure benefactors
Acording to King Mob!!!!!!!
Anytime someone tries to highlight issues against the establishment, Kingy boy steps in and ridicules the asscusations!

And to think that "they" would not put a muck stirrer like you onto Indymedia to cause mayhem and make the whole feckin site degrade into utter confusion and internecene bickering.
As if King Mob would not do thast!!!

By the way, according to many of the other visitors to Indymedia,(I have been reading their mails which still come to me!) you are a sick bastard!

But King Mob is not too sick; nothing that a baseball bat would not cure!

author by Bishop K. - Church of Gay Jesus (Reformed)publication date Wed Oct 30, 2002 20:48author email kanzeon at hotmail dot comReport this post to the editors


We at the Church of Gay Jesus (Reformed) do strongly condemn the "Born Again" heresy, the worship of the false demon-on-a-stick, and the depraved lifestyle of such "Christians."

We know that the real Savior is Gay Jesus- a man who told his apostles he would "come again," and that we should "take and eat" of His Body, and "drink" of his Bodily Fluids.

We pray that those involved in these cults will see the error of their ways, and that they may be brought to a knowledge of the true Jesus- GAY Jesus!

Related Link: http://www.geocities.com/jmk666/CoGJReformed.html
author by King Mobpublication date Thu Oct 31, 2002 00:46Report this post to the editors

Please print those e-mails onto the site Jim boy I'd love to read them could be worth a giggle.

I never said ever conspiracy theory was bullshit Jim boy but I have a problem with the jibbering bullshit you come out with.

And some tout on this site discrediting you, don't flatter yourself Jim, you discredit yourself

author by intiated .... ahem.publication date Thu Oct 31, 2002 11:22Report this post to the editors

The activites of the Christian Right are scary.
Some of us call them
Christian Internationalist Americans.
I remember oh way back in the early 1980´s the first American Embassy employee I ever spoke to was a rightwing christian, but a Malclom Muggeridge/Mother Teresa RC sort of Christian.
Now many of us worry about the Christian Right, it seems that they have many reasons to feel "in judgement" over all of us, and indeed most of us would be "guilty" of something or other wouldn´t we? Now if such self-rightous people are further bolstered by geographical isolation and hyperstate eceonomic resoures it get s very very worrying. Over a third of USAF pilots describe themselves as being born again. They don´t drink coffee or smoke tabacco so their nerves are solid just what you need when flying a stealth or F16. Now in Ireland traditional paedophilia, child abuse and abuse of women has been carried out by Roman Catholic church members, so in Ireland at least the RC church appears to be the evil doers.
But Jim you´re quite right, the "born again" groupings and there are an awful lot do include groups that behave very strangely, perhaps if you wrote out a list of those and affixed them here as a comment, then we could work calmly with the evidence and accusations.

author by initiatedpublication date Thu Oct 31, 2002 11:22Report this post to the editors

author by ooops.publication date Thu Oct 31, 2002 11:23Report this post to the editors

author by initiatedpublication date Thu Oct 31, 2002 15:30author email ipsiphi23 at email dot comReport this post to the editors

I seem to remember it is
"The truth shall set you free".
as a standard translation of the greek.
"H alethia eleutherosie umas"
The version you used has been a common slogan for openness campaigners on trans-species issues, better known to most as the "Alien Life Lobby".
Now I´m not suggesting you are mixing the two;

¿so which is it christian quotation or alien slogan?

¿and would you be interested in a debate on these issues?
.......he grins sardonically to himself and chortles in a most sinister manner, "sorry about my greek transliteration, but these fonts you know yourself no"???¿?¿?¿?

Related Link: http://fractalia.virtualsd.net/barna23/index.htm
author by King Mobpublication date Thu Oct 31, 2002 21:00Report this post to the editors

If you ask pat c I'm a west brit tout probably in pay of the UVF or Loyalists.

I'm also (according to him) a member of the high priesthood of Indymedia.

According to Jim boy I'm a paid in full dues member of the Irish Illuminati and have ties to the RC church.

Anyone else see the conflict of interest?

author by initiatedpublication date Thu Oct 31, 2002 23:14Report this post to the editors

now in seriousness if there is hard evidence of Christian Right Born Agains being involved in illegal or immoral doings in Ireland, can it be posted which might have been Jim´s original intention.
so King Mob the ball is back on Jim´s square.

Related Link: http://fractalia.virtualsd.net/barna23/index.htm
author by Tamerlanepublication date Fri Nov 01, 2002 12:29Report this post to the editors

author by Friedrichpublication date Fri Nov 01, 2002 13:39Report this post to the editors

Toutes often workk for many agents. I would not be surprised if mob was being paid by satanists to launch his feebal assaults on them.

British Secret Services used Denis Wheatley and 'witchs' during the WarII to counter & spook Hitlers belief in the occult.

Maybe they now employ mob.

Or maybe Mr Mob just hates all humanity.

author by King Mobpublication date Fri Nov 01, 2002 14:53Report this post to the editors

Just hate the bigotry and hatred and insanity spouted by Pat and Jim.

author by pat cpublication date Fri Nov 01, 2002 16:38Report this post to the editors

the only bigotry around is that of king mob.

he supports the loyalist attacks on the taigs.
he supports imperialist violence,
he doesn't believe blacks have the right to decide their own destiny.

mob you are a racist fool.

go home to britland. your queen needs you to look after her corgis.

author by Friedrichpublication date Fri Nov 01, 2002 17:02Report this post to the editors

MOb must be the only person who would claim radicalism yet would not support a nations right to self determination.

You might not like what they do with freedom but it is their choice. Not that of some new Imperialism which knows it better then the "ignorant natives".

author by king mobpublication date Sat Nov 02, 2002 02:15Report this post to the editors

pat quit putting words into my mouth you're from the get the boot in school of arguing you'll misrepresent what your opposite is saying rather than deal with what they're saying

For example Pat goes on a rant about self determintation and where would India/African countris be if they hadn't taken off the shackles of british imperial rule.

I point out that for the average person in India and Africa nothing has really changed theres still poverty and disease and famine. and that all these revolutions had just switched masters and that instead of saluting revolutions that had made no really change for ordinary people, and that instead of shouting "brits out" we should be looking at the system of global imperialism.

Pat how you so "charmingly" put it announced I'm not for blacks getting self detemination.

Ditto for supporting loyalists and imperial violence.

Pats in the middle of a dirty little smear campaign I suspect he's used my name to put up false posts, I mean he's already gone as far as lying about what I say why not go one further.

You're scum Pat as I keep asking you politely go and die lizard boy your politics and sectarism is out of date and the world is moving on to confront bigger problems trying to find actual solutions to racism and bigotry and poverty than your own ideas which essentially are the same as those you oppose. You support sectarism, fascist tactics, and oppression as long as he "right people" are being oppressed.

Wanna explain how you're going to build a better world with those tactics.

author by diarmuidpublication date Sat Nov 02, 2002 18:31author email info at instamtkarma dot orgReport this post to the editors

Well, we know the RC church was abusing kids for years, so it's no real surprise if the born agains are at the same thing. I'm surprised to hear that A catholic cardinal is supporting the born again advertising campaign. What's your source for that info, Jim?

Dunno why King Mob is spouting all this stuff. Criticise the aricle on any factual inaccuracies if there are any, which I doubt.

I don't think anybody would be surpised if there was a lot of police/judges/politicos involved in child abuse now and covering it up.

I'm sure everyone from every area of the country could tell a tell of abusers being protected even now, by the Establishment.

Maybe that is King Mob's job. Deliberately shout down anybody who brings this accusation up. I don't hjold a grudge agqainst King Mob, and this is my advice - it's never too late to change.

best of luck to all

author by pat cpublication date Mon Nov 04, 2002 11:36Report this post to the editors

rant all you want but the fact remains that you dont support the right of the "ignorant natives" to have self determination.

you are an apologist for loyalism, imperialism & the ruc/psni.

in your many pseudonyms you have several times reffeed to where i work. i think its more likely that you do the "false" postings from yourself.

you are a racist tout.

you will be uncovered eventually.

author by IMC Dalekpublication date Mon Nov 04, 2002 11:43Report this post to the editors

Its your politics that are dying out mob. The Conor Cruise O'Brien school of 'Republicanism is Evil, Loyalism is Good' just doesn't cut any ice these days.

You can rage all you want but the truth will come out even you get your Section 31 on Indymedia.

Exterminate! Exterminate !

author by The Truth Shall Set Us Freepublication date Mon Nov 04, 2002 12:11Report this post to the editors





author by Tamerlanepublication date Mon Nov 04, 2002 16:27Report this post to the editors

I'll bet he hangs around schools offering sweets to kids. Or maybe hes a priest.

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