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International - Event Notice
Friday September 12 2014
10:00 AM


category international | crime and justice | event notice author Wednesday August 27, 2014 19:51author by Bobby Report this post to the editors

Tattoo Cricus - Body Mod : Dijon, France

Bodies clash with beauty norms and enforced binary gender codes. Bodies are at war with disease. Bodies face imprisonment, and some constantly struggle for freedom of movement. However, bodies are spaces of resistance and assertiveness too!


Our bodies bear the marks of these tensions, voluntarily or not. We want to reclaim these traces. We want to subvert what has been used to stigmatise the all time unwanted: tattoos, brandings, scars and miscellaneous mutilations have marked the bodies of convicts, of prostitutes* and other womyn on the fringe, of slaves and other dominated individuals. While such physical alterations have long been forced upon people by those who pretend they own others’ bodies, body modification has also proved to be a tool of resistance and expression of the oppressed, against the destruction of individual and collective identities and cultures.

We want to side with these struggles of the bodies through bodies; our bodies. We want to give visibility to these many unknown refusals of the ordinary, to these unseen flesh statements against society. We find inspiration in DIY prison tattoos as a refusal of the self-dispossession brought on by the oppressive environment, and in the voluntary rituals that bond people together in a collective force or express individual empowerment. We feed on the explorations of BDSM communities blurring the frontier between pain and freedom, on those of queer politics where bodies, identities and assumptions are challenged and reconfigured beyond accepted norms, and on the dynamic of feminists movements fighting so womyn’s bodies can no longer be considered anyone else’s property, be it men’s, the church or any other authority.

We want to create a space in which these practices and concerns can be brought together as they are too often isolated and carried exclusively individually. Let’s meet and embody the political dimension of our desires, and the sometimes experimental nature of our practices; far from self-proclaimed experts and fashionistas. We want to reclaim history, our present, our bodies and identities. Together with all of those who feel like it, whether they learned how to pierce in some high school lavatory or made their first tattoo by stealing a sewing needle, or whether they dedicate (part of) their life to the practice of modification of not…

By doing so however, we certainly don’t want to shut ourselves from those of us whose body, though afflicted by prison, remains one the last spaces of expression that’s at least partially out of reach for the penitentiary institution. In continuity with the various « tattoo circus » festivals that have been organized throughout autonomous spaces over the last few years, from Barcelona to Zürich, from Torino to Berlin… we want our initiative to be in solidarity with prisoners and people hit by repression (the benefits will go to them as a result). As a follow-up to the feminist tattoo events that have been recently organized, it is also very important to us to contribute to the visibility of womyn within these environments which usually remain male dominated.

So, feel free to come and join us in the « autoclave festival » in Dijon. Whether you’re into tattooing, piercing, scarification, suspension or any body-related performance in a DIY spirit, whether you want to share your experience and interest in anti-prison initiatives or talk about a struggle that particularly matters to you, whether you’re already involved or just curious about these topics and how they overlap… please mail us at autoclave AT poivron DOT org (in order to tell us if/when you’re coming, as we need an estimate number of participants for organizational reasons). See you there!

[*]: using « prostitute » rather than « sex worker » seemed more appropriate given the particular context, as we’re referring to those womyn who were forcefully branded across history.


Thursday 12 September
10h Breakfast
11h Workshop : Hygiene Stuff (Especially for people who propose body-modifications)
13h Food
14h Film : Too Much Pussy
16h30 Screening : « QHS and Rebellion » with a debate on anti-prison struggles (ABC – Anarchist Black Cross Dijon)
17h – 20h Diy market in the « Jardins de Maraîchers » (Local veggies, sirops and bread)
18h Screening : « Retrospective of the Struggle in the Lentillères Neighbourhood » in the « Grange Rose »
17h – 20h Kissing-booth by the collective « Putains dans l’âme »
19h30 Food
20h30 Debate : On the Experience of the Kissing-booth proposed by Putains dans l’âme
22h Concert : Noise by Ratbag, Lain and Dr. Nexus
00h Film : Dirty Diaries

Friday 13 September
10h Breakfast
11h Film : Island of the Filles de Joie
13h Food
14h Workshop : Cover up
15h – Workshop : Diy Whips and Other S/M Toys from Inner Tubes
17h Concert : Mini Noise Set – Ratbag vs. Lain vs. Dr. Nexus
18h Workshop : Letter Writing for People in Prisons
18h30 Film : Bombadeira
19h30 Food
20h Concert/Performance : Texas Underground Show

Saturday 14 September
10h Breakfast
11h Film : Live Nude Girls Unite !
13h Food
14h Workshop : Stick ‘n’ Poke
14h Film : Leonera
16h Presentation : Dijon Support Group (Caisse de Solidarité)
18h Film : Les Criminelles
20h Food
21h Projection : And Presentation of the work of Lady Pain andt discussion on performance and suspensions.
22h Performance : queer/SM


Thursday 16h30 : Debate on anti-prison struggles by the ABC – Anarchist Black Cross Dijon (French)

Many individuals and collectives are struggling for abolition of the imprisonement system which is functioning together with the capitalism we live inside. This struggle has emerged in various forms. Our debate will bring an occasion to look back at the past experiences, struggles that exist at this moment and think about concrete actions, those that has been led, to break down all the prisons.


Stick ‘n’ Poke Tattoo Workshop (English)

Sometimes, we may like and try tattooing, take back the ancient technique, the one that is easily accessible, control our pain or simply find out that there might not be any and that it’s us who decide how it will happen and which picture we offer to ourselves and to our body. Sometimes, we might like to share an intimate moment with a friend and make their tattoo…well, there will be place for all this in the Stick ‘n’ Poke Workshop!

Aerial silk workshop

Saturday 14th September at 5pm, you can participate on the initiatory workshop on aerial silk. On schedule : apprehension of height, climbing technique, learning of the routines during suspension and understanding of body movements during levitation.

Cover up workshop

A workshop on the technique that serves to cover up old tattoos by new pictures. No place for homophobia, neither transphobia in this workshop, as well as nowhere else!

Flogger workshop (English / Spanish)


This will be a workshop in which each of the participants will learn to create, manufacture and use their eco friendly sex toys, made ​​by himself across of recycled bikes inner tube gums. Sex toys are personal things . To do it for yourself, you are able to customize and create according to your needs, your playing style and your taste.

With this workshop I want us to come and contact differently with BDSM games and BDSM toys, in a simple and creative way, get to invent your own utilitarian toys and games. WORKSHOP CONTENT : BDSM- meaning / Roles / Games and BDSM practice / BDSM TOYS / THE FLOGGER (the whip ) / History / BASIC COMPONENTS OF THE WHIP MATERIALS PREZENTATION / WHIP EXECUTION / EVALUATION OF THE WHIPS / SPUNK GAME

DURATION 1.1/2 h to 2h MAX 20 PERSONS




Audiovisual drone. Dense textures, crackling, sprawling. Cold landscapes, mist. Fractal floods. Gradual and relentless filling of sonic and visual space. http://lain.audioactivity.net/


Julian Davis Percy was born in 1978 in Melbourne, Australia. His sounds are produced through the utilization of a diverse range of materials, consisting of objects found in abandoned factories, self made instruments, prepared guitars, classic analogue effects and samplers as well as traditional guitar playing. At present he performs with Last Dominion Lost, Helaas, Ultraspeicer and his solo project Ratbag. Julian is also co-director of NK an avant-garde music platform in Berlin: www.nkprojekt.de/ https://soundcloud.com/ratbag-1

Dr. Nexus

The sound of Dr. Nexus is settled in the field of so called: harsh noise – industrial – hard tek – deep listening. For his shows he’s using – depend of the situation – modified effect feedback loops, sampling, rythmsynth, solar sound modules, radio feedbacks and other electronic devices & shnick-shnack. If not playing live Dr. Nexus is doing compositions, sound installations, sound sculptures & some more… The last 20 years he played, performed, exhibit here, there & there & especially there around Europe… https://soundcloud.com/dr-nexus


An evening prepared by a texas crew, full of different audiovisual tools from music to short movies, and from exhibitions to a fakir performance!

Performance :

Mother Fakir (Comédie Noire)

Music :

Pornohelmüt (Drums & Machines & Video – Brain Attack)

Clapperclaw ( Singer / Electronic Jazz)

How I Quit Crack (Psych and Drone)

Chantal Morte (Industrial Folk)

Films :

Otis Ike (Documentary)

Ivete Lucas (Drama)

Scott Calonico (Comedy)

Koko Freakbean (Animation)

Palfloat (Vidoo Collage)

Max Juren (Sci-fi kitch)

Exhibition :

Photography, paint, electronic stuff, screen-printing, objects of art, discs and cassettes, other stuff …


Les Criminelles by Jean-Claude Lord / Québec / 108′ / VF.

Through the experiences of sexworkers or ancient sexworkers, this documentary manages to show a reality of sexworkers in Montreal and of the Stella ngo that supports them and their choices without stigmatisation and blame, that they often get from people in their environnement. An occasion to find more out about their practices, what makes them thriving and how theese folks assume and love what they’re doing.

Too Much Pussy by Emilie Jouvet / 93′ / 2010 / VOSTFR.

A cool road movie, a trip of a crew of burlesque performance artists on a tour through few of the european countries : an occasion to discuss feminism, sexwork, bodies and sexuality and at the same time, an occasion to have fun and reclaim political pro-sex choices.

Dirty Diaries / Sweden / short movies / 105′ / 2009 / VO.

A compilation of various porn and feminist short films that bring issues on and question sexuality and show diverse practices and sexual imagery not very conventionals.

Live Nude Girls Unite ! by Vicky Funari, Julia Query / USA/ 77′ / 2000 / VO.

This documentary is an expression of womyn in striptease who create a syndicate, demonstrate in front of their bar to change the conditions of their work, create a solidarity and a precedent for other collectives of womyn in the trade and reclaim their choices in the public space and media.

Bombadeira by Luis Carlos de Alencar / Brasil / 75′ / 2007 / VOSTF.

There are thousands of them pacing the streets of Salvador de Bahia (Brazil) in silence. For all these travestis who can not afford to attend cosmetic surgery clinics, Bombadeira plays an essential role. As an artisanal and clandestine surgeon, she knows how to turn the industrial silicone into implants that will shape the body according to the desires of each. For all these gender subverting mutants - androgynous figures inspired by the Afro-Brazilian beliefs, Bombadeira is the ferryman that allows them switching from one identity to another.

Island of the filles de joie by Giovanni Giommi / Germany, UK / 82′ / 2011/ VF .

Experiences of the sexworkers and few oher people on the island of Banishanta in Bangladesh, an island-brothel where the clients come on boats, an island slowly broken down by the river and the floods.

QHS and Rebellion by Collectif Contre la Taule / Belgique / 23’42″ / 2011 in French and Vlamish.

In June 2008, an isolation unit opened in the prison of Bruges, Belgium.

This was the response of the state to the multiple rebellions, prison escapes and riots that warmed many hearts inside and outside the prison walls. The high-security ward (QHS) : ten individual cells containing the bare minimum, two dungeons, forty screws and ‘white coats’ – doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses. The goal: to break the rebellious prisoners. The state imposes a strict diet, usies the physical and mental torture, administeres legal drugs and injections. Inmates are confined to a time between a few months to a year (or more) in order to break any rebellious spirit they have, to make them swallow the fable of the ‘right path’ and good conduct and to avoid potentially contagious rebellions by removing the so-called leaders. This short film is a sketch of the isolation module in the prison of Bruges, in the context of the revolt inside and outside prisons.

Presentation Lady Pain

Screening of a short documentary on the work of the performance artist Lady Pain and a discussion on the notions of performance and suspension.

Retrospective of the struggle and appetizer at the market of ‘Les Lentillères’

An occasion to see what is happening in Dijon and especially in the neighbourhood :

Thursday 12th September, the market of the occupied farm in ‘les Lentilleres’ invite neighbours for a drink from 5 to 8pm to share a moment and meet each other. There will be drinks with or without alcohol, so bring some appetizers, a cake, a pie or another meal that you like!

And in the meantime, at 6pm, a retrospective with photographs and stories on the neighbourhood dynamics will take place, so to share the adventure of more than 3 years of squatting and gardening.

The market of ‘Les Lentillères’ can be found at 45 rue Philippe Guignard in Dijon


How to get to the festival

The central point for Autoclave (some other places will be a part of the festival) will be the autonomous center les Tanneries in Dijon, France.

Coming by car :

The autonomous center les Tanneries can be found in the southern part of Dijon, at 13-15-17, boulevard de Chicago.

Pedestrians :

Getting there from the ‘place Wilson’ (town center) : get onto the street ‘rue d’Auxonne’ to its ending, then turn right and continue the ‘boulevard de Chicago’, ten minutes later, you’ll arrive to les Tanneries.

Coming by bus :

When you are on the ‘place Wilson’, find the bus stop « Dijon Wilson Dumont » and take the bus #12, direction « Chicago » . Get off at the bus stop « Champeaux » .

From the train station, get out of the station through the parking on the left hand side (you need to get to the first floor) and take the bus #12, direction « Chicago » from the bus stop « SNCF Brifaut » to the bus stop « Champeaux ».

Related Link: http://tanneries.squat.net/
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