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National - Event Notice
Thursday December 05 2013
10:00 AM

anti EU / Pro Irish Sovereignty Protest

category national | eu | event notice author Tuesday December 03, 2013 10:49author by dublin man - none Report this post to the editors

I will be protesting outside the Dail on Thursday 5 December 2013 if anyone wants to come along,

My Protest is against EU rule in Ireland .

Protest is against EU rule in Ireland , my protest is looking for an Ireland where Irish People create and decide on their own political policies and affairs , it is a protest against uncontrolled Migration , Corporization and Colonization of Ireland by the European Union and its ground troops in the Dail.

all are welcome to Join with me.

many thanks.

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author by fredpublication date Tue Dec 03, 2013 20:24Report this post to the editors

Best of luck getting the EU out

It seems it's easier to get them in than get them out.

If you want them in, they'll even send their own crack team of agitators to destabilise your country to help shape your government's mind on the matter! See Ukraine for details.

author by dublin man - nonepublication date Wed Dec 04, 2013 20:12Report this post to the editors

Of Course its not going to be easy to regain an Independent Sovereign Irish State , but what one man has devised another can surely unravel .

All I can do is stand up for what I believe in , even if I am on my own , which I will be tomorrow , it doesn't matter , I cant go to the next world knowing that I did nothing to stop Ireland from being a fairytale that once was ,

I dont want to protest , but what choice do I have , I dont want to live in this Federal United States of Europe which is what we have now .

I dont want 500 million people living outside of Ireland deciding on Irish Political Policy .

author by James Hannum - European Emigrant Heritagepublication date Wed Dec 18, 2013 03:12Report this post to the editors

More power to you, sir! We reach out in solidarity to you from the other side of our fair continent. Would you be kind enough, if you've time, to take a look at our below. We're trying to improve it some before we attempt publishing & mass posting it on various anti- and pro-EU sites. Any help would be appreciated! If you could give us a few words about what the EU has done to Ireland, that would make a fine inclusion. Thanks, James Hannum

Which Path Ukraine? by Lesya & James Hannum, London

Ukraine is faced with a choice between retaining its local economy and local autonomy, or attempting membership in a Russian confederation or the EU. Both of the latter are large and distantly ruled components of what some PR (public relations) firms call “the Global Economy.” The opponents of the Global Economy and its subdivisions, who advocate local economies and national democracy, call the Global Economy by a different name: Economic and Military Imperialism. We are of this second persuasion. http://www.scottlondon.com/interviews/mander1.html

Ukraine should look at what is happening to the EU border countries, Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Ireland. They were lured into the EU and the Euro with promises of wealth. Instead the clever French-Belgian-German big banks, corporations, and EU puppet politicians used tricks, shell games, loan kickbacks, etc. to steal what little money they had. EU now cuts back their schools, healthcare, train systems, etc. in austerity policies so the people's taxes go to the EU and its banker overlords as "debt interest." If these countries try to escape from austerity the only way is to borrow more money from the banks. They will thus never pay off the debt; the debt will grow, and the increased interest on the loans will further rob their economies.

Do those pro-EU people in Maydan Ploshad read even the mainstream (corporate controlled) news? When you allow the center of money and power to center a thousand kilometers away from the Ukraine border, in the hands of "superior" and wealthy foreigners, what do you expect to happen? Ask a Greek or an Italian. They will tell you.

Culture is the glue that holds a people together. There can be no real communities without culture. Ukraine, Kiev Rus, has a rich culture diverse from Poland, Slovakia, and Germany. Without economic independence, Ukraine's unique culture and identity will be inexorably and continuously eroded. Globalization destroys all cultures.

Ukrainians! Do not sell out your local democracy, your local economy, your Hrivna, your heritage. Ukraine has rich soil, strong forests, and almost all the minerals it needs to make its own products and foodstuffs, the Ukrainian way. The absentee capitalists and foreign bankers welcome the chance to exploit you, clear-cut and export your forests, strip-mine your mountains, and turn your children into sweatshop and plantation workers for their distant profits!

Do Ukrainians want their sons dying in Middle East wars, to steal oilfields for US and British fat cats? The families of the Italian and French sons slaughtered in the West's wars of imperialism didn't even receive free tanks of gas to go to the funerals! Nor did the English (or American) people receive any oil or gas from their criminal wars and occupations. The corporate and banking fat cats, the mega-capitalists who run the western governments, stole the oil fields for themselves, personally. The people didn't get anything except wounds and deaths.

Do we want EU membership for Ukraine?

Let our people be strong enough and wise enough to say NO.

May Ukraine remain, and become more so, strong, self sufficient, and self ruled.

May this land remain forever U K R A I N I A N ! ! !

For the same reasons, we should refuse loans from Russian banks. We remember the 25.000 "Kulaks" intentionally starved to death when Mother Russia stole most of our grain in the 1930s. We remember the Moscow oligarchs riding in their Zil limousines right down the center of the streets, people and carts diving to the side. We remember their lavish dachas filled with western produkts and servants.

I do not know if the arrogant Russian ruling class, who stole all the People's industries, equipment, and money when the CCCP fell, and turned themselves instantly into corrupt, greedy, parasitic big-capitalists, are better or worse than the smooth tricksters running the EU. But it is obvious to anyone who cares to investigate and read, who cares to ask fellow Europeans, that Ukraine needs neither the EU nor Russia. We don't need their loans, their products, their rules, or their rulers.
Ukraine has been invaded by Austro-Hungarians, Vikings, Poles, Russians, and Germans. The invaders from the West and the Northeast today are advancing on us for the same purpose as the others. Exploitation, imposition of foreign rule, wealth extraction, subjugation. The loss of our new-found independence will be gradual but ever advancing at the hands of the insidious, the insincere, the well dressed. They do not come here to make us rich, but rather to make themselves rich. So have invaders always done.

Beware of foreigners bearing gifts. Do not bring the beautiful huge wooden Trojan Horse within our gates.

To Pro-EU Activists:

Wittingly or unwittingly your movement is a sad product of Western mainstream media, and their lackey Ukrainian press. When you exalt "free" trade, you know, but refuse to acknowledge, that there are only two variants of countries that enter that imperialistic system: 1.) "Developed" countries with sprawling parking lots, big box chain stores, decadence, over-consumption, arrogance, and militarism against: 2.) The "Underdeveloped" countries, run by bowing and scraping corrupt puppets-or-Colonial-Powers (US, UK, W. Europe). Those in No. 1 are constantly brainwashed by their big-screen entertainment centers (TVs) to believe that they are happy and free.

The sad truth is that they have no democracy at all. The Democrat Obama is the same as Republican Bush. They are both puppets of the Big Capitalists. Most people in America oppose the massive 3 a.m. residential drone program; the US (with help from EU) sends nightly barrages of remotely controlled drones to kill "Terrorists" (enemies of US business interests, i.e. US colonial policy). Targets are Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Iran, Algeria etc. No trials, no convictions... just instant death. Why 3 a.m.? To catch the "enemy of Freedom" at home. Of course this kills his family and neighbors too, but this is part of "Freedom." George Bush said in many speeches, "They hate us because we're free. They hate freedom.

Read even the mainstream press in America and UK, constant complaints about the new "Patriot Act" and "Homeland Security" laws of BushObama, demonstrations much bigger than Maydan protesting that these laws violate the Constitution, take away rights of American and UK citizens. Ask them and they will tell you about it. Have you asked them? Or have you merely fawned on them, talked of sports or cars, drooled over their huge polluting SUV vehicles?

Did you support the Vietnam War? Do you support the ongoing Oil Wars? Iran and Syria are the next targets, millions will die. The drones kill thousands of women and children, Google it on the internet if you have courage. If you are hiding for the truth, if you are a propaganda warrior for the Big Capitalists, you will not Google it or anything else. To justify invasion, Bush and Blair said that Iraq did 9/11 and had Weapons of Mass Destruction. They later admitted these statements were mistaken, blaming faulty intelligence reports, but they continued the war and bloody occupation, and did not return the oil fields to their lawful owners, the people of Iraq.

When a country does not make their own products they have a false, parasitic economy. Such cannot last. Such is not sustainable. Such is not moral. There is no self-respect in it. Can you see that there is a huge difference between (A.) Man who owns his own business (tailor shop, bicycle repair shop, vegetable store, etc.) and works in the shop doing real work every day; and (B.) Man who sits at a ₤10.000 desk high in a building overlooking the city, doing no productive work whatsoever, merely taking the cream off the top of sweatshop and plantation workers labour? Are you Pro-EU activists such a novice with capitalism, 24 years after the CCCP fell? Please read: http://innovationwatch.com/the-case-against-the-global-...ooks/

The former CCCP countries are suffering enough job loss due to the Globalized economy, without Ukraine becoming a vassal state Junior-member of the EU or the Rus. Confederation. "Experts" and TV talking heads in the West have for decades claimed that the cause of unemployment and ₤Multi-Trillions national debt, are complex. These heads and leaders argue on the TV shows about what the cause is.

They never agree and never solve the problem, and each year unemployment grows a little higher. Yet the cause of unemployment in the West is really quite simple. Their political puppets obeyed their financial elite overlords' order to eliminate the West's centuries-old protective tariffs. This allowed the BIG corporate & banking elites to set up sweatshops and plantations in "underdeveloped" countries, and increase their already obscene wealth.

The West makes very little now. Furniture, clothing, utensils, electronics, boots -- almost all is made in SE Asian sweat factories. Women and children work 60 hours a week for almost nothing. Unless the whole family works, they will starve in their hovels (халупи). Their puppet governments (installed and funded by the CIA, M6, and Mossad) are very "pro development" and eliminate or stop enforcing all environmental, worker safety, and union laws.

They need to keep the wages "competitive," this is the race to the bottom for wages. Only those countries with the lowest wages, lowest or no corporate taxes, and the least laws protecting the people's forests, lakes, rivers, air... only those countries with the most "business friendly" policies allowing land grabs for plantations, and toxic strip mining and mountain top removal, etc., are fully employed. When another country offers the global, rootless corporate exploiters more profits, they quickly move there, leaving their toxic residue and forests cut and bulldozed into ugly ruin. The country has been "developed."

US and Western EU don't even do their own farm work any more. Mexicans come across the border, and Poles & Lithuanians come across the Baltic Sea, plant, tend, and pick the crops, and return home with a few dollars/euros. If you have eyes to see, you'll notice that the children are picking alongside their parents and grandparents... otherwise they can't survive in the miserable shacks they inhabit. Shacks often made each wall and from a different discarded material, dirt floors, no heat, not even outhouses! About 10% of the fruit/vegetable's sale price goes to the workers who grow it. 90% is profit for the distant owners who don't know a weed from a cabbage.

Read please how the currencies and the global-imperial economy of the West is falling. Is it wise to give up our Hrivna for Euros? The big western banks know well all the tricks and stratagems for "losing" all the money on "bad investments" "bundled mortgages" "derivatives" "junk bonds" "bank failures" and sophisticated ponzi schemes. The ₤Billions are never really lost, they are just cleverly stolen. But no one goes to jail, except for the occasional highly profiled scapegoat, like Bernie Madoff.

Did you study Marx and Lenin? Now is when you have need of their teachings, mired and duped as you are by Big Capital. Do not fall into the easy trap of disbelieving everything you learned about economics, classes, and imperialism, just because some fat Russians disobeyed these principals and sold out to the enemy. Don't kill the goose just because she got some mud on her. Try to think for yourself. Investigate, question, learn the truth about Global Capitalism yourself. Don't just parrot back what the foreigners tell you. Don't mix up two separate issues, opposition or support of Yanukovych, and opposition or support of EU. They want you to do so, and you are very simple minded if you fall for it.

The Soviet Union fell for the same reason Big Capitalism will. Arrogance and fat at the top. Too much centralization of power corrupted them absolutely. The leaders were too many kilometers from the people. The fat politburo men in Moscow lorded it over us Ukrainians. They tried to replace our culture and language with theirs. They only pretended to follow Marx and Lenin's teachings. So does the West, the US, the EU only pretend to follow democracy and equality and respect for all people of the world. They give great speeches, those Tony Blairs, Merkels, BushObamas. So did Mussolini in his attempt to rebuild the Roman Empire. He made Ethiopia look like Iraq 2013.

author by fredpublication date Wed Dec 18, 2013 07:32Report this post to the editors

Russia was screwed by the US "chicago boys" when the wall came down and the drunken idiot
Yeltsin sold them out to the western vultures.

Putin took them from the brink of destruction and restored the country. As leaders go, he is one of the better ones.

He has just bought billions in bonds to help Ukraine out of it's current crisis. He has also cut gas prices to 1/3 to stimulate the economy of Ukraine.

The EU will give you nothing like that. They promote wars and financial terrorism. They will purloin your natural resources and hollow out your economy and leave you in deep debt like they have in Ireland.

Don't fall for it. They and the US are currently seeding your streets with fascists, paid protesters and provocateurs. They don't care about Ukraine at all. They are serving their own agendas and those of the US here.

They (US) were behind all the so called "colour revolutions" including your own orange revolution.
and follow links in story too

Putin kicked out the Oil companies, got a better deal for the russian people, opposed crazy militarism in Iraq / Libya / Syrian war. Morally, Russia are far ahead of the US / EU in world affairs at present.

Go with Russia. They aren't perfect but a lot better than the EU for Ukraine. I wish we had such an option (and weren't so completely lied to and brainwashed that we could see the real merits of this ). However we can't and will remain as indentured debt slaves of the EU kleptocracy and financial terrorists for generations. They took our fisheries and are in the process of stealing our gas. They undermined and attacked our currency. They are driving a program of privatisation of everything from our trees to our water, gas and electricity. What we got in return for all this was not worth it. Just the CAP and some good roads.
And we are a glorified aircraft carrier for the US in it's military attacks in the middle east. As the Ukraine will be if you go with the EU option. You will become a glorified US base to continue it's encirclement and existential threats to Russia. And as a result you will then out of necessity be targetted by russian nuclear weapons.

author by protester - nonepublication date Mon Jan 06, 2014 13:31Report this post to the editors

The way the EU works. From my experience as an Irish Person .

Before the EU takes over a country it spends years in preparation .

The preparation involves pumping millions of Euro into that Countries Media indoctrinating Journalists who will be its ground troops .

Right now the EU is spending Millions indoctrinating Journalists in Periphery Countires , they've probably spent millions on the Ukraine and most likely have won the Media over , this is what happened in Ireland.

In Ireland , coming up to any EU referendum , you will NEVER read an Article telling you to vote No , in fact the entire Media , Print , TV , Online will be flooded with Articles telling you to vote yes and turning the No side into some sort of confused freaks , The No side is usually completely outcast from any debate . I have even been banned from websites for arguing the No side.

The EU is basically a Media Centre , For example in Ireland the EU Commission building on Dawson Street in Dublin City Centre is basically an Indoctrination centre . Hoards of School Children are brought their on a daily basis to watch Videos about how great the EU is supposed to be and misfed a one sided starry eyed vision of the EU. But they dont even need to be brought there , our Government has organised the EU to visit their Schools , the Blue star programme in Ireland is a Government / EU Commission initiative to target primary school children , basically the European Movement in Ireland goes into the schools and convinces the children of their vision of the EU , handing them EU flags and EU Memorabilia. ( I know , it sounds familiar , the Nazis use to do it)

Then the Immigrant rights Centres establish themselves , They are very powerful bodies with the EU behind them , basically their aim is to colonise your country , to have a borderless country with no limits on Immigration , to turn your country into one with no identity , they use EU law and the legal system to force Governments into implenting all of the EU Immigration Directives . There are so many of them in Ireland I've lost Count .

I'd advise the Ukrainians to get out now while you can , Organise Street Protests against Joining the EU , make the anti EU presence felt now and dont give up or surrender until the EU has left , otherwise you will regret it , I dont even recognise my Country Ireland any more , when I finished school in 1996 , all of my classmates where Irish , if you pass by the same school now , half of them are African , Asian or Eastern European , I hate it not because I'm racist but because I dont believe Ireland belongs to Africa , Asia or Eastern Europe , I believe it belongs to the Irish people and therefore should have at least 90% of the population as Irish.

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