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You are just G8, but we are billions!

category international | anti-capitalism | opinion/analysis author Friday June 14, 2013 14:43author by KGÖ - KGÖ Report this post to the editors

Statement against g8 summit

Between 17th and 18th of June it’s starting again: The representatives of the eight strongest economic imperialist states meet for their yearly G8 summit. Since 1975, this meeting is organized every year, where head of states of Germany, the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Italy, France, Japan and Russia come together.

These meetings, which are not binding and do not take any decision, are used by the imperialist states to discuss about international economic and political, and in this context also militarily, developments and to test each other.
There, the highly armed and ready-for-war imperialists try to defend their interests and discuss among other topics about sharing and access of the sought-after resources of the world, their strategies of subjugation of the oppressed peoples, actual and coming wars, like in Mali and Syria.
Under the pretext of “democracy and freedom”, the imperialist states are trying to hide their aggressions and occupations, but there are enough examples in the world, which expose their hypocrisies: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria…
The G8 states are able to share the world and to develop new geopolitics. With their military machinery, militarism and their colonial politics they spread out political reaction all over the world and go on with their war against the working class and the oppressed peoples as well as against any kind of resistance and progressive organisations. There is nothing to expect from these states and from imperialism in general but repression, reaction, poorness and plunder.

The “Great eight” in Northern Ireland

This year the G8 summit takes place in Enniskillen/Northern Ireland. The host country Great Britain is one of the most aggressive and militaristic imperialist powers of the world. After the USA they have the second highest number of occupying troops. Moreover, Great Britain is the homeland of many raw material extracting enterprises. With the venue Lough Erne Golf Resort they have chosen a place with a big symbolic meaning: one of the targets of a bomb attack by the Irish Republican Army in a still today occupied part of their former colony Ireland.
Until today thousands of British soldiers are present in Northern Ireland and also the government and parliament are obliged to the British crown. There is still a broad protest movement against the foreign domination and under the name Irish Republican Army (IRA) armed revolutionary forces are fighting also today militantly for freedom and justice.

No war- but class war

Today, the international struggle against imperialism is divided; it lacks of organizational unity. In order to reach unity of the anti-imperialist forces, international anti-imperialism has to be understand as a struggle, in which all anti-imperialist, democratic, revolutionary parties, organizations and other groups take part.
Anti-imperialism is an important development of international importance for the revolutionary struggle because under the conditions of imperialist globalisation proletarian internationalism is the only alternative against imperialism.
It is important to take the struggle away from being only a movement of protest and from only participating in the actions concerning the the protest and actions against the G8 summit. Therefore it is our task to transform the struggle against G8 and other imperialist institutions into concrete struggles with prospect by taking broad masses with us and by acting with the goal to achieve results. Therefore we cannot leave the struggles with these results but we have to develop them further.

Another world is possible – Youth for socialism!

Many revolutionary young people and other summit striker will go to Northern Ireland in order to join the protest. Especially we, the youth are getting confirmed every new day that imperialism has nothing to offer us. The anti-imperialist revolutionary struggle is the alternative for the masses of youth all over the world against the lack of future and prospect of the ruling system. By taking our future in our own hands the revolutionary struggle is our only choice in order to replace the old capitalist social order. In this sense we call upon all young people to join the ranks of anti-imperialism and to overcome the division and dispersion of the international anti-imperialist struggles taking them to a new organisational level.
Forward to storm the summit at June 17 and 18 in Enniskillen!
Let us organise in the week of action from June 11 to 14 in Great Britain and the anti-imperialist days of action from June 14 to 18 in Europe.

Long live proletarian internationalism!
Fight for socialism!

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