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Dublin - Event Notice
Thursday January 01 1970

Annual Eve Of All-Ireland Rally, Dublin, September 2012.

category dublin | rights, freedoms and repression | event notice author Sunday September 02, 2012 15:08author by Sharon. - Individual. Report this post to the editors

Saturday 22nd September 2012 - from GOR to GPO.

Assemble at Garden of Remembrance at 1.45pm for parade to GPO for 2pm.
A Cumann na mBán representative at the 2011 Eve Of All-Ireland Rally , Dublin.
A Cumann na mBán representative at the 2011 Eve Of All-Ireland Rally , Dublin.

Hi !

The Annual Eve Of All-Ireland Rally will be held in Dublin on Saturday 22nd September 2012 -

" One of the largest public rallies seen in Dublin for years was held by Sinn Féin at the GPO on the eve of the All-Ireland Football Final . Headed by a Colour Party and a pipe band , a parade of more than 2,000 people marched from Parnell Square through the main city thoroughfare as a protest against the continued unjust imprisonment of Irishmen without charge or trial . Contingents from all over the country took part and many carried banners and placards including groups from England and Scotland . In the Ulster section was a strong representation of the Derry supporters who thronged the capital city for the Final . One placard they carried asked - ' Why are Six-County Nationalists interned in the Curragh?' ....."
(From 'An tÉireannach Aontaithe/The United Irishman' newspaper , November 1958)

- those attending are asked to assemble at the Garden Of Remembrance at 1.45pm for the parade to the GPO in O'Connell Street at 2pm.
A report and a few pics from the 2011 'Eve Rally' can be seen at the 'Related Link' below.

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author by Sharon. - Individual.publication date Wed Sep 19, 2012 21:22author address author phone Report this post to the editors

....Des Dalton , Fergal Moore and Róisín Hayden.

As per the poster : and I'd like to add Come on the Dubs !


Also , hundreds of Irish republican 'leaflet packs' will be distributed at this event - info re same can be had at the 'Related Link' , below.


Annual Eve of All-Ireland Rally , Saturday 22nd September 2012 , Dublin.
Annual Eve of All-Ireland Rally , Saturday 22nd September 2012 , Dublin.

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author by prisoner supporterpublication date Thu Sep 20, 2012 20:05author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Hi Sharon,

will any mention be given to the 4 men on hunger strike for over 37 days in maghaberry at the rally?

Men from the group calling itself Real Republican Sinn féin have been on hunger strike to gain entry to the republican landings in roe house for over 37 days.

I understand the choice of name for this group is very poor, and i also understand any republican group calling itself the republican movement in order to present itslef as the only real republican group is more to do with power and influence than historical legitimacy.

This situation is a disaster for all concerned, and ignoring men on hunger strike is a poor way to manage the situation.

Hopefully the issue will be resolved sooner rather than later.

Maghaberry is major disaster waiting to happen, and we ignore issues of human rights in there at our peril.

author by Sharon. - Individual.publication date Thu Sep 20, 2012 21:53author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Hi PS !

This is news to me.
Where is the campaign for these men , and why are they not allowed on those landings ? Who is stopping them , and why ?
Is there leaflets and/or posters available on this situation and have rallies etc been held or organised in support of them by their own organisation ?
Why is this so low-key ?

Hoping you'll write back with answers ?


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author by prisoner supporterpublication date Fri Sep 21, 2012 11:33author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Like i said sharon ignoring men on hunger strike is a bad way to manage the situation.

who is not letting them on to the landings? the Official CIRA and the prison admin. but you being a member and supporter of RSF already know that.

why is there no campaign or leaflets, well its probably because they have shit support and are part of a shit group with no politics.

Its the 4 men that will suffer and their families. but this wont just hurt RRSF this will affect official RSF too.

RSF should acknowledge publicly what all republicans already know that the split it had has seriously damaged it, and explain why it happened.

Men dying on hunger strike affects us all Sharon.

author by prisoner supporterpublication date Fri Sep 21, 2012 11:37author address author phone Report this post to the editors

here ya go sharon more details for you.

this is from the republican forum.

Our network has been contacted by concerned friends of four men, remand prisoners, currently incarcerated in HMP Maghaberry. With much dissatisfaction we note the lack of humanitarian concern reflected in a lack of media coverage and inaction on the part of prominent public representatives since all four, all from Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, commenced a hunger-strike on August 14th. We are told that these men wish to be recognised as political prisoners. They include brothers Dessie and Tommy Hamill, Austin Creggan and Mark McGilloway. All have recently been separated within the jail. They desire to be reunited and allocated cells on what they term the “Republican landing”, or wing.

Our investigations aroused grave concern. Various activities, by what are described as “LVF prisoners” have created a situation whereby they feel that they are under serious physical threat. One incident involved the placing of an aerosol can in a microwave oven, which fortunately these men discovered, and removed, before any serious harm could occur. Following that incident these remand prisoners feel they are being harassed by prison staff because the blame has been wrongly placed on them for this provocative and dangerous action. Subsequent to the micro-wave incident they were refused the use of canteen facilities.Such was their state of mind and level of stress they agreed to cook for themselves so as to guarantee their own well-being. However, this was not permitted by prison staff when each of them was banned from using canteen facilities. Before deciding to engage in a hunger protest their sole food-intake was based on purchases from the prison’s ‘tuck-shop’.

Tommy Hamill, the father of two children, has lost 23 pounds in body-weight since August 14th. As is customary, the Civil Rights Network issues this communication based on humanitarian concerns rather than any other considerations, such as religious or political affiliations of those incarcerated. In the past we took a stand with loyalist families and their supporters who opposed the re-introduction of show-trials as in 2009-11, and publicly shared a platform in Derry on the Oct. 5th 1968 civil rights anniversary, when a cross-community Social Justice Network was mutually agreed and launched on Internet sites such as Facebook.

.Verification details:
Fionnbarra O’Dochartaigh B.A. [Hons.],
Network Co-ordinator,
Co-founder, Civil Rights Association, Belfast, 1967.

author by prisoner supporterpublication date Fri Sep 21, 2012 11:43author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Four Tyrone men on hunger strike in Maghaberry

Published on Wednesday 19 September 2012 12:16

THREE Dungannon men and one man from Pomeroy are currently on hunger strike in Maghaberry prison.

It’s understood Thomas Hamill, Dessie Hamill, Mark McGilloway and Austin Creggan have been refusing food for over a month after requests for them to be moved to a different section of the prison were denied.

The Northern Ireland Prison Service (NIPS) said it is monitoring the situation.

Thomas Hamill and Mark McGilloway, both 40, from the Dungannon area, are being held in custody on explosive charges relating to a pipe bomb find on the Mineveigh Road in May this year.

38 year-old Desmond Hamill, from Springdale Estate in the town, and Pomeroy man, Austin Creggan, 48, from Park View in Pomeroy are in custody on robbery charges, said to have happened in January at a Dungannon filling station.

All four are from a Republican background and have asked to be housed in the Republican wing over fears for their safety from other prisoners. But due to “issues” with another Republican group within the wing, the men remain housed with Loyalists and other criminal prisoners.

It has also been alleged that Loyalists housed within the same complex have made physical threats to the four men, with Republican forums reporting that a device was placed in the microwave of their current wing’s canteen facilities which the men used.

The Northern Ireland Prison Service has denied that this incident took place.

A spokesperson for Northern Ireland Prison Service said: “Four prisoners continue to refuse prison food but have availed of their tuckshop. Staff are closely monitoring the situation.”

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author by hmm - nonepublication date Fri Sep 21, 2012 19:12author address author phone Report this post to the editors

hmm, it's misleading to post only the initial statement from the CRN. As much more information has come out since that dated missive. It turns out that when this four originally sought to be admitted they were refused access on the grounds they were linked to a criminal group using Republicanism as a cover. It was decided by all three groups already within Roe House that on those grounds they could not be admitted. Others linked to the criminal outfit who also asked for admittance prior to these particular four had also been refused. It was felt though that since two of the four seemed to be somewhat political that perhaps entry could be gained if the had been somehow misled into throwing their lot in with the criminal outfit and broke their links with them entry may be gained. It was felt by all three groups in Maghaberry that while the men may be given sanctuary that there was no way their group could be allowed to get a foothold in Roe as their presence would link all to the activities of the group in question. A genuine supporter of the prisoners would know this and more importantly understand it. Just as if these men had somehow been mistaken in their association with them they would have broken off links with them as asked of by all three groups.

Further, this is not a hunger strike in the real sense, its is a fast from meals prepared by prison staff as stated. Not from all food. This not a repeat of 1980/1981. Food not prepared in the prison such as that from the tuck shop is being eaten. The starting date for this hunger strike has also changed numerous times. The group in question also have form for false hunger strikes. A member of this gang arrested in Louth when also refused entry to republican landing also went on a hunger strike of the same type; ie: not an actual hunger strike. Another member was beaten when portlaoise staff sought to force him into the republican area. Do you see the trend in their members and associates not gaining access to republican areas in prisoners both north and south? Do you know who these men were? Do you know what their group is involved in? Would you like to know? If you are aware, why would you seek to tarnish the prisoners you claim to support by forcing a link to such vile crimes?

Thirdly when discussions were held with family members to find some sort of compromise the family representatives and those seeking to resolve this were blocked by the group to which the 'hunger strikers' are affiliated who shut down all dialogue and talks, on the grounds that they not the families had final say. When approached they refused to enter into any and all discussion other then immediate access for not only these members but also any already refused access and any others who are charged further down the road. In other words they are not interested in finding a solution so that focus can be where it belongs on those republican prisoners who are on protest to gain political status as well as the cases of clear internment. If you seek to end this go tell their representatives to end this farce and tell those in Maghaberry to break all links with the group.

The group to which they are affiliated has held not one protest on their behalf all the while sitting back and just enjoying the show. Indeed, what protest for them have you organized, 'prisoner supporter? The reason not one protest held is because they would have to come out of the shadows and then you can all see just who is who and what is what! republicans of whatever hue are not going to allow gangs with linsk to prostitution and drugs on the landings, however you feel about i! Indeed any person or group pushing their access will be forever linked to the same activity they seek to ignore or approve. rsf are not to blame nor are the other two groups prisoners are affiliated to in roe house. the blame lies squarely with the group to which they claim allegiance and actually the men who chose to throw their lot in with the gang. Don't misled the readers with whatever spoof some state run 'republican' forum is alleging, those of us actually involved in support for political prisoners already know the score!

author by Sharon. - Individual.publication date Fri Sep 21, 2012 20:48author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Hi !

In a reply (above) entitled 'More details re the hunger strike' , 'Prisoner Supporter' quoted a newspaper article in the belief that he was backing-up his own position regarding the four men in question , yet that article included the following statement - " Four prisoners continue to refuse prison food but have availed of their tuckshop.....”

Then it's not a "hunger-strike" , is it ?

I asked where was the campaign for these men , but it appears that there isn't one , and 'Prisoner Supporter' him/herself put this down to "... because they have shit support and are part of a shit group with no politics..." - and then s/he attempts to blame that fact on RSF ? And this is the same group that claims to have taken 95% of the RSF membership with it , but it can't even organise one rally or picket etc in support of its own people ?
Something wrong with your perspective , 'PS' , but you're right about their support(ers) : "shit ".
Thanks anyway !

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author by Sharon. - Individual.publication date Sun Sep 23, 2012 01:28author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Hi !

This event was held , as advertised , and those participating in same included a republican flute band from County Armagh and representatives from Na Fianna Éireann and Cumann na mBan. All went well (...despite the Post title!) and the weather stayed good for us as all three speakers - and the Chairperson - highlighted the issue of republican prisoners , mentioning in particular Martin Corey and Marian Price.

A brief report and a few pics re the event can be seen at the 'Related Link' , below.


A young NFÉ member at the 'Eve Rally' , Dublin , Saturday 22nd September 2012.
A young NFÉ member at the 'Eve Rally' , Dublin , Saturday 22nd September 2012.

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