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Titanic Sinking of America

category international | anti-capitalism | opinion/analysis author Wednesday May 09, 2012 11:09author by BrianClarke - AllVoices Report this post to the editors

God himself could not sink this ship!

" God himself could not sink this ship!"

After the British Holocaust visited on Ireland in 1845 which cost the lives of millions( I use the word MILLIONS, carefully researched) of Irish lives, from 1848 to 1950 almost another six million people left Ireland. It has continued ever since, its called ethnic cleansing by some, forced emigration by others and "see another part of the world" by an Irish minister of the current fascist Government in Ireland. The result is that most of the real Irish are overseas and whats left on the small island today is a poor spiritless mostly imitation of anything Gaelic or free.

God himself could not sink this ship!
God himself could not sink this ship!

" God himself could not sink this ship!"

After the British Holocaust visited on Ireland in 1845 which cost the lives of millions( I use the word MILLIONS, carefully researched) of Irish lives, from 1848 to 1950 almost another six million people left Ireland. It has continued ever since, its called ethnic cleansing by some, forced emigration by others and "see another part of the world" by an Irish minister of the current Nazi Government in Ireland. The result is that most of the real Irish are overseas and whats left on the small island today is a poor spiritless mostly imitation of anything Gaelic or free.

From the late 1800s millions of immigrants came to America and spread out to form American cities. Ann Moore arrived from Ireland on January 1, 1892; she was the first person to enter the United States through Ellis Island. She was first of more than 12 million people, who entered the United States between 1892 and 1954 through Ellis Island immigration centre. Everyone other than what they then called Indians in North American came from somewhere else as an immigrant or a descendant of immigrants.

I personally grew up in the West of Ireland on a farm, where the culture of the letter from Amerikay was very important. It often included subsistence money or was accompanied with a parcel of clothes. Very important, while eking out a living in the poverty of the west of Ireland, still suffering the hangover of a holocaust, in the lonely vacuum of a land emptied of its spirit and people by starvation and emigration. We cursed the English with a vengance for it, while Americkay was held in very high regard, with its culture of being a place of refuge and its tradition of generous letters and job creators in Ireland.

As a teenager growing up in the isolated, empty countryside of the west of Ireland, in a culture of strict Catholicism the American film, music, TV with writers like Steinbeck it felt exhilarating and like liberating stuff. This came to climax, with the visit of the very Irish American President Jack Kennedy. Since the murder of the Kennedys and the passing of the age innocence in the States, things started to slowly and subtly change. As we always try with any good friends, to be patient and give them the benefit of the doubt until further clarity, as most Irish people have done and still do with our friends in the USA.

It is therefore with a very heavy and reluctant heart, that I publish below a couple of links, that confirm for me without any shadow of doubt what I have long suspected. The US of A has changed, changed utterly. I see fascism where I once saw freedom. I see wanton murder where I once saw liberation. I see mean cynicism where I once saw generous idealism. The American Dream has died for me, to be replaced as place of corporatocracy, horror, fascist gitmo and apocalypse.

Below are the links which may very well be censored in our current climate of fascism.


Video - http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article31276.htm

KELLY THOMAS VIDEO: ' Dad They are killing Me'


Caption: The Irish Famine Video

author by BrianClarke - AllVoicespublication date Thu May 10, 2012 09:40Report this post to the editors

Eamon Gilmore the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs who like Martin McGuinness, despite being accused of never doing a day's work in his life, is believed to be still leader of the former Labour Party. He is also believed to be still a member of the Workers' Party of Ireland and also a member of Democratic Left. He was formerly a Minister of the Department of the Marine in the "Rainbow Coalition" of the 27th Dáil. You see Eamon always liked rainbows since he was a little boy in the west of ireland

Eamon despite considerable denial from several Galwegian farmers, was actually born in County Galway, thats not Galway's fault by the way. Gilmore is said to have graduated from University College Galway, where Michael D is said to have taken him under his wing. Besides his covert activities with the Workers Party, which we can't really talk about here, as they were the political wing of the Official IRA better known as the Sticks. He was responsible for merging the Democratic Left party with Labour, ye see Eamon likes merging parties. He's a bit of a political swinger really, as he has now managed to merge Labour with the fascist Fine Gael, as part of the Irish Government. Wow what and orgasm with a massive salary in hard times and all that. Eamonn has been accused by certain jealous Me Feiners of being a cute whore, have you seen Eamon without glasses.

Anyway the whole point of this article, is to inform the public of Ireland, that Eamon as Irish Foreign Minister is now accused of prostituting Ireland, to jump on the bandwagon calling for Civil War in Syria, a bit like the Libyan fiasco. Its a bit unfair really but such is political life in the new .. ahem..'World Order' of continuous war at the start of the 21st century, which Eamon with his grounding in permanent revolution, has taken to like a Galway salmon to water. Up the West, pheck the rest and all that sort of thing!


By Pepe Escobar

DAMASCUS - World powers are racing against time to plunge Syria into all-out civil war,

United Nations leader Ban Ki-moon advised, as a watchdog reported "thousands" of killings of civilians on YouTube by the Syrian regime.

Speaking after a key United Nations Security Council meeting on Syria, officials described in detail the "brutality" of President Bashar al-Assad's forces and said attacks by opposition groups are "non-existent".

We are in a race against time to promote full-scale civil war - "death on a potentially massive scale," officials guaranteed. The UN already estimates that well over 9,000 people have died in the 14-month uprising against Assad while rights groups have put the number at more than 11,000, every single one of them a victim of the ruthless Assad regime.

"The government continues to assault its people," the UN secretary general said. He also criticized the Syrian government for holding parliamentary elections on Monday. Observers instead evoked the example of the Saudi royal family, when it appointed a committee of princes to decide on their succession. Western powers at the time praised it as the most important step in the history of democracy since the 1789 French Revolution.

Iran, a staunch ally of the Assad regime, said the elections were a step towards reform - something immediately dismissed by world powers as "mullah propaganda".

At least 100 people were killed on YouTube across Syria by regime forces as the vote was taking place, the one-man, one-legged, London-based, Gulf-financed Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

Troops swept through al-Tamanaa village in Idlib province during the night, firing shells and bursts of gunfire at random. Scores of civilians died at the hands of batallions of snipers in the central city of Homs.

Regime forces also carried out raids and arrests in the town of Douma in Damascus province, taking scores of young men to an undisclosed location, according to the Observatory.

The UN-backed truce that went into effect April 12 has failed to take hold as it was expected, considering it was just a stopgap measure to prepare for full civil war.

"The international community is facing tremendous difficulties", an unnamed official said. "We tried regime change via a UN Security Council resolution, twice, but we were blocked by the Soviets and communist China. Now our only hope is for NATO [North Atlantic Treaty Organization] to decide on unilateral action."

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, addressing thousands in southern Turkey, refused to be deterred by the "difficulties". He declared, "The glorious day of regime change is at hand". Erdogan added, "We won't deviate from our all-encompassing policy of neo-Ottomanism."

Pro-government Syrian media said turnout was high in the election that marked the first time Syria has held a vote since the adoption in February of a new constitution allowing for multi-party polls.

"Millions of Syrians defied terrorism and chose their representatives in parliament," said the daily Al-Watan, which estimated voter turnout at 60%. Yet pictures of crowds outside polling stations in Damascus were dismissed by world powers as crude forgeries.

In an avalanche of YouTube videos posted online from Deraa, where the uprising started in March 2011, the Syrian National Council showed empty streets and all shops closed in protest against the elections.

The opposition dismissed the vote as a ploy by the regime to buy time and derail the international community from its serious commitment to civil war.

The new 24-hour Arabic-language channel, Sky News Arabia, a joint venture between Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al-Nahayan, owner of the English football club Manchester City, and British broadcaster BSkyB, owned by phone-hacking enabler Rupert Murdoch, described the events in Syria as "a hopeful precedent towards regime change".

Sky News Arabia - which boasts an impartial "editorial advisory committee" including two members from the stable of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp - has promised to outmaneuver Qatar-based al-Jazeera into depicting the Assad regime as "worse than Hitler".

Sheikh Mansour, reached for comments in Abu Dhabi, said, "Next weekend we [Manchester City] will be crowned Premier League champions. Then we will be able to concentrate on winning Syria. We should not waiver; the future of democracy is at stake."

Pepe Escobar is the author of Globalistan: How the Globalized World is Dissolving into Liquid War (Nimble Books, 2007) and Red Zone Blues: a snapshot of Baghdad during the surge. His most recent book, just out, is Obama does Globalistan (Nimble Books, 2009). - He may be reached at pepeasia@yahoo.com

This article was first published at Asia Times

Gilmore's Rainbows
Gilmore's Rainbows

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author by Rational Ecologistpublication date Thu May 10, 2012 10:37Report this post to the editors

Brian. First of all to describe our present Government as Fascist is a bit hyperbolic and over the top; however, that is not the point I want to make.
I am afraid that your belief in a US golden age is missplaced. The Indigenous peoples who were slaughtered in their millions are testament to that.
I refer you to Howard Zinn or Dee Brown.
The US is doing what it has always done: oppression at home and conquest abroad.

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Thu May 10, 2012 13:22Report this post to the editors

More Quisling or Vichy than overtly fascist, would you say?

We are collaborating with fascistic wars across the middle east and north Africa, our state is increasingly totalitarian-coporate; instead of concentration camps we ship our kids overseas...all day today CJH's wunderbar house-sale is highlighted on radio, but no mention of his fraudulent ways and means...wake up RE, the coffee is evaporating.

'Fascism is not in itself a new order of society. It is the future refusing to be born.' Aneurin Bevan.

author by Rational Ecologistpublication date Thu May 10, 2012 14:32Report this post to the editors

The Govt' is not Fascist but it certainly is heading in that direction. I won't argue with your opinion OP. The smell of coffee is indeed overpowering and nauseating. I think Brian tends to use language that undermines what he wants to say. Show don't tell is the adage, I believe.
My main point was on the rose-tinted view of another America.
Why not try to see the world through the lens of the Comanche or the Passenger Pigeon-how would the US then look?

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Thu May 10, 2012 14:50Report this post to the editors

..America looks like an extension and magnification of the Brutish Vampire. The native aborigal peoples, from the Caribs to the Choctaw got the same Hell or the badlands displacement as the native Irish...and its still going on, except Connaught is also planted and garrisoned so now its Hell or the high seas emigration trafficking into wageslavery.

I agree with your point regarding indiscriminate hyperbolae...but a spade remains a spade, and I think quisling or vichy is the more appropriate phraseology, for the minute...after all we are not yet de jure in NATO....only de facto.

And our siphoned taxes will be recycled to pay for the war materials of the escalating fascist resource wars.

But you are right, it is not a word to use without specifying the detail; otherwise it becomes an exchange of pejoratives.

author by chickenlittlepublication date Thu May 10, 2012 15:27Report this post to the editors

fascism is when the state and corporate interests merge.

in "corporate interests" I would include financial corporations such as goldman sachs of course.

This has clearly happened in the US.

here's one article to illustrate:

we are a small carbon copy of the US thanks to their cultural diseases being propagated relentlessly through television amongst other channels. Their morally bankrupt worshipping of money as all that matters has contaminated the Irish people and the people we elect. Its only a matter of time before US fascism takes over here as it has there. It's already started.

Look around you. Here in Ireland, it's clear corporate financial interests have merged with government against the interests of the people. Fascism by definition.

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Thu May 10, 2012 15:50Report this post to the editors

..I'd agree with that general assessment.

But strictly speaking 'fascist' is the Italian blackshirt movement of Mussolini since the 1920s, and included a militarised expansionist imperial agenda and rigid ideological conformity looking back to a glorification of Rome, coupled to a glorification of the messianic leader. The term derives from the bundles of 'fasces', rods enclosing a ceremonial axe carried by 'lictors' in ceremonies of state.

Their are several definitions of the term, so by itself it can obscure as much as elucidate a situation.

Industrialised imperialism, now enhanced and magnified by the GRAIN sciences(Genomics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Nanotechnology) make early twentieth-century adventurisms look mild compared to the diabolic possibilities of remote, miniaturised, chemical and biological stockpiles our 21st century strangeloves are playing with. And then there is the potential for reducing the whole biosphere to nuclear-mushroom soup.
Plus the 'leader' figures are rotatable and replaceable in pseudo-democratic cloaks of Goebbledigook PR-op-agendas.

Fascism on steroids. By stealth and remotely controlled by indoctrinated cyber-kiddies...methinks even Benito might take offence at the equation.

author by BrianClarke - AllVoicespublication date Thu May 10, 2012 17:46Report this post to the editors

In 2008 the main bank of Iceland is nationalized.Their currency devalued and the stock market stopped. The country went bankruptcy. The citizens protested in front of parliament and got new elections after the resignation of the whole government. The country was actually in a worse economic situation than Ireland.

Unlike Ireland the people of Iceland made their government resign and have nationalized the primary banks. The country decided not pay the massive debts created with Britain and the Netherland and they have created a public assembly to rewrite their constitution.

They had a revolution against the powers who created their crisis in a peaceful way. It has been censored and covered up because if countries like Ireland or other EU citizens followed this example the commercial banks who are causing the crisis would be out of business.

In 2010 the people went out in the streets and demanded a referendum. In March the referendum and the refusal of payment was voted in by 93% of the people. The government is forced to investigate those responsible for the crisis including many senior executives and bankers who were arrested. Interpol was forced to dictate an order making all those implicated leave the country.

A fresh assembly has been elected to rewrite the Constitution to include the lessons learned which will replace the current one. The people chose 25 citizens with no political affiliation from 522 candidates. To be a candidate, all that was needed was to be an adult with the support of 30 people.

So in summary of the Icelandic revolution:
-resignation of all of the government
-nationalization of the bank.
-referendum for people to decide about economic matters.
-jailing all responsible parties
-writing a new constitution for and by the people

Has Ireland been informed of this by their media?

Has RTE commented on this?

The People of Iceland have shown the way forward ! There is a very simple, peaceful way to beat the current rotten system in all of Ireland and Iceland has given a lesson in genuine democracy and solution to Ireland's problems. Its simple but unfortunately the Irish people cannot handle the simple truth !

Fuerher Kenny
Fuerher Kenny

Caption: The truth about Enda Kenny, the Irish Household Tax & the Eu Fiscal Referendum

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