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Dublin Opinion
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NAMA Wine Lake

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Dublin - Event Notice
Tuesday January 03 2012
10:00 AM

Anti-Fascist Counter Demonstration, British Embassy, Tuesday 3rd January, 10 AM

category dublin | rights, freedoms and repression | event notice author Saturday December 31, 2011 01:32author by Connolly16 Report this post to the editors

A counter protest against the Democratic Right Movement's planned demonstration

An independent anti-fascist protest outside the British Embassy, Dublin, Jan 3rd, 10am

Comrades, The neo nazi, 'Democratic Right Movement' are planning a protest at the British embassy in Dublin on Tuesday, 10am, 3rd of January in support of Emma West, a British women who is before courts in England for racially abusing people on public transport (the woman in the famous racist rant video). We need to take definite action against this ''protest'', they must not have a platform to preach their foul message from! If anyone is available for a counter protest, please come along! If not, please spread the word to those who can! We need to get these fascists of the street! NO PASARAN!

author by earwurmpublication date Sun Jan 01, 2012 03:07Report this post to the editors

Who decides who is a fascist and who is not? I think 'fascist' has become a swear word for people who don't like the querying views of other people. No Pasaran is a historically failed slogan anyway. They did pass, and the francoist forces interned and 'executed' half a million enemies after the republican forces were vanquished. A futile punch-up outside the British embassy on 3rd January is a sad way to begin the political new year. Stay at home and think, I say.

author by Damien M - PWpublication date Sun Jan 01, 2012 13:19Report this post to the editors

Lock this fishwife up and throw away the key. What a sad ignorant tramp, spewing out racist crap-if you think this clown deserves defending for 'free speech' then it doesn't bode well for the DRM, whoever they are.

Caption: Embedded video Youtube Video

author by Republican against BNP/DRM/EDLpublication date Sun Jan 01, 2012 15:45Report this post to the editors

Just to make all aware about the proposed counter protest of the 'DRM' demonstration by Irish republicans, against the DRMs cheerleading of a British woman on trial in a British court(why an'Irish for the Irish' far right group are interested in British affairs is baffling) for racially abusing train passengers. The counter protest will not be encouraging violence or any acts that may may be consided breaking laws. But that being said, while it is the DRMs right to protest, it is our right to counter-protest, especially against a small ignorant rabble who want to extinguish the rights of anyone who is not white or christian. We will certainly be non-violently confronting the DRM and in strongest terms making them aware our desire for them to shut down their attempt at a Neo-Nazi National Front stlye organisation and reasons why Some brief info on the DRM, they are a Neo-Nazi stlye organisation in all but name, who want all non-White/non-Christian Irish citizens deported from Ireland. They have proven links to EDL, Combat 18, Ulster Loyalist far right groups such as Ulster first and the BNP who they openly support, supporting BNP leader Nick Griffins attempts to speak in Ireland. It is possible the DRM rabble out of fear or lack of interest may abandon their plans at this sick display of race hate, either way Republian counter protesters considering location of protest at British Embassy will mount a brief picket in support of Repulican prisoners, who at present are engaged in dirty protest against unbearable conditions forced upon them by British prison service in the 6 counties, All are welcome to stay and attend. Beannacht

author by Damien M - PWpublication date Sun Jan 01, 2012 16:00Report this post to the editors

Are the DRM Irish or British? Cos it would surely beggar belief if an Irish group were defending this trollop...

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Sun Jan 01, 2012 17:38Report this post to the editors

I think you'll find if you check it that it was Bertie Ahern and his PD bedmates fed us into the shredder..not the few immigrants and refugees...who are nothing like the numbers we send out to the ends of the earth.

You'll also notice it was Irish priests abused Irish kids and others from Australia to Canada and back home...shed the rose(shamrock?)tinted paddy glasses..we're no better than any other crew...and not too much worse.

And our health services would be even worse without its African and Asian doctors and east European staff.

The earth is spherical, we all originated in Africa, the worst bosses and landlords I've met were Irish(and I've bit of milage up).

You are mistaking a side effect for cause. Dont be misleading yourself, we have major problems, but they are home grown.

author by Voice of reasonpublication date Mon Jan 02, 2012 17:27Report this post to the editors

Again what is an alleged Far Right Irish Nationalist group promoting "Ireland for the Irish" doing supporting a British woman who racially abused people who she claims are destroying Britain,
She sounds like your typical BNP/NF type to me.

This DRM claims no links to BNP, Neo-Nazis or Ulster Loyalists
Yet their forum allows comments and links to assortment of Loyslist, Nazi and Christian Identidy groups, who are you trying to kid?

author by Diarmuid Breatnach - Personal Capacitypublication date Mon Jan 02, 2012 22:38Report this post to the editors

Hey, "earwurm", if you feel it important enough to call on people not to support a demonstration, how about having the courage to publish your name?

The fascist-racist movement in Ireland has been very weak in the 26 Counties since the Blueshirts were shown the error of their ways on Irish streets. Let's keep it that way -- please attend the demonstration in massive numbers.

author by lumberjackpublication date Mon Jan 02, 2012 23:24Report this post to the editors

Most of this (tiny) group have their faces blurred out in any video or photos that they publish. 

If they have gotten over their shyness then we should celebrate by putting some nice crisp photos and footage of them out there, if they're good enough to show.

author by Charles Donnellypublication date Tue Jan 03, 2012 11:11Report this post to the editors

10 AM and no sign of the loons of the DRM at the British Embassy. No doubt they'll have a post up in the next day or two declaring a successful picket of the embassy, unhindered by "Reds." The fact of the matter is, they didn't show, nor will they, keeping their activities to five minute photoshoots. Lets keep it that way!

author by lumberjackpublicationpublication date Tue Jan 03, 2012 14:41Report this post to the editors

The following are some quotes from DRM number two John Kavanagh:

"Now, look at the Blacks, a lot of us hate them for taking our jobs etc, yes, free loaders - yes. But it goes BEYOND that, at least it does for me. I HATE what they are, how they look, they ape like features - I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM > Beyond words. I don't care if they in Africa (not worth the bullets to kill them), but I don't want them here."

"If I had power... ...Blacks, muslims, pakis etc, I'd round them up and shoot them all for invading my country - that's the difference. Don't worry about the tidy up, I make them dig their mass graves first."

DRM number one Michael Quinn is the guy who was featured in the Sunday World for his disgraceful comments following Anders Brevick's murderous rampage in Norway, shown in the enclosed video.

Don't be taken in by this "sensible voice against excessive immigration" act for one second. DRM are a bunch of race hating fascists who would happily execute anyone who has what they deem to be the wrong skin colour or who's political views don't fit in with theirs... or at least thats what they say would do.

Caption: DRM head honcho Quinn showing his true fascist colours.

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Tue Jan 03, 2012 15:18Report this post to the editors

A piece of education I was short of..keep track of the shits..and keep us notified. That sort of fire needs return all right.

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Tue Jan 03, 2012 17:05Report this post to the editors

..who are our people? The millions in the US?The gombeen bankers?The raping priests?The Shannon dough mercenary facilitators of imperial resource wars?Where does Phil Lynott fit?My decent Polish neighbours who are less snobby than some of my Irish ones? Do tell.

author by lumberjackpublication date Wed Jan 04, 2012 03:04Report this post to the editors

It looks like today's counter demo has had an unexpected side-effect. From what I can gather from watching the bitch-fest that was tonight's DRM blog TV broadcast Quinn has kicked Kavanagh out of the movement for cowardice and insubordination.

It seems that there were only four DRM members who hadn't made their excuses for avoiding the embassy protest and Kavanagh thought it unwise or unsafe to go. Quinn in the tradition of uncompromising leaders of fascist movements did not tolerate any opinion other than his own and seems to have excommunicated him on the spot.

The broadcast consisted of Quinn alternating between periods of chastising his former partner and periods of him bragging about what an uncompromising and decisive leader he is (members of fascist groups like uncompromising decisiveness in their leaders as it removes the responsibility of decision making and the bother of the associated thought process from the lowly member). Kavanagh for his part spent the duration of the show using the chat box to challenge Quinn to a fist fight in Limerick (using block capitals of course).

Quinn's trophy which he showed a number of times was a four second clip of himself, Sean/Smokewithoutfire, and two of his kids cowering by the corner of the wall of the embassy grounds holding posters in the rain. The two children were hiding their faces behind the posters and looked quite dejected, the youngest seemed to be only twelve or thirteen. The whole short pitiful affair was filmed by a third of Quinn's children and may well deserve a place in the Guinness book of world records as the swiftest protest of all time.

Kavanagh who has a small web hosting business was the registrar of their domain name and was also providing the hosting and claims that he is keeping the site and the DRM name. Quinn claimed that he has the copyright of the DRM name and that Kavanagh will have to come up with his own name. Quinn is keeping the blogspot blog, the twitter account and I assume the blog TV cast.

Perhaps they will kiss and make up in the morning....... for the children.

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Wed Jan 04, 2012 17:28Report this post to the editors

..politcs as usual so. Wasn't it Behan said the first thing on the agenda always has to be the split?

author by Bill O'Raghallaighpublication date Wed Jan 04, 2012 21:34Report this post to the editors

Is Quinn's rant online anywhere or was it just live?
"Hoo hoo hoo hah hah! They'll never let us show that one again! Not in a million years!" - Herschel Shmoikel Pinchas Yerucham Krustofski

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Wed Jan 04, 2012 21:37Report this post to the editors


author by Charles Donnellypublication date Wed Jan 04, 2012 21:47Report this post to the editors

These lunatics see themselves as the master race? They can't even organise a picket without causing a split in their so-called organisation. I'd even feel a little embarrassed for them if I wasn't so busy laughing at their self made demise. Quinn claims ownership of DRM, as does Kavanagh. Each one as uncharasmatic as the other. Where does the fate of the DRM lie? Who even cares?!

author by Bill O'Raghallaighpublication date Wed Jan 04, 2012 22:55Report this post to the editors

Reminiscent of Pink Floyd. Only without the talent. And with tons of evil.

author by Bill O'Raghallaighpublication date Wed Jan 04, 2012 23:14Report this post to the editors

Mr Kavanagh has deleted his "contribution" but in the interest of posterity I'd like to reproduce it here if I may.

"Correction Lumberjack, it is Michael Quinn who has been expelled from the DRM for treachery. lying to the membership and putting his own interests ahead of those of the Irish people. The DRM banner will continue to fly from out under the toxic brand of the name Quinn."

I have two black eyes from facepalming today over this split. Great news.

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