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CCA talent - Wed Apr 01, 2015 07:12
Canadian Actor Arthur Swenson In an interview said. He has been asked if He would replace James May
James May has refused to enter into contract for another season of Top Gear. Canadian Actor Arthur Swenson is BBC's top pick for replaceing James May. No word on a replacement for Jeremy Clarkson as of yet. Richard Hammon will stay with the show.
FUSION SUNDAYS - Tue Mar 31, 2015 19:03
10481442_624602544339675_4379565713847654785_n.jpgWORLD CULTURE MARKET
Dublin's only world culture fair!

Grangegorman - Tue Mar 31, 2015 13:31
The kids hand delivered it to the squatters and everything!In the past week an unprecedented amount of community support has been shown to the squatters of a NAMA property in Grangegorman, Dublin 7. The 6th year class from the Educate Together primary school which shares a wall with the squatters spent their yard break creating a 'Save Our Squatters' petition which the entire class signed.
indymedia - Mon Mar 30, 2015 00:23
We are republishing this very interesting interview between 'The Saker' and Dr. Paul Craig Roberts a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy under President Reagan and thereby someone with a key insider view and understanding and who writes compelling and hard hitting articles at his own site. The Saker is a blog that has grown in huge popularity because it has been providing very informative and insightful analysis of the situation in Ukraine and wider picture around it relating to the US empire and has accurately predicted the trajectory of this crisis and has helped counter the widespread propaganda that tries to hide the fact that the Kiev regime is a neo Nazi puppet regime used as a tool of Washington to try and destablize Russia and has explained and given context to how each of the European states and the EU are just vassel states of the US and how this crisis and the sanctions are hurting Europe and are essentially suicidal for its own well-being. The interview covers a number of wide ranging issues but what makes it great is the way it strips away all the pretensions that there is anything democractic at all in how the big game of geo politics is working and gets to the core issues and forces driving it

Bernard Moffatt - Sun Mar 29, 2015 14:33
Aer Lingus Crash 1968 Tuskar Rock
Despite three reports on this mysterious, the last of which was the 'final word', ambiguities still persist and the most credible version of events would still seem to be the original report from1970 which drew on eye witness accounts.
Red Banner - Sat Mar 28, 2015 16:46
Issue 59 of
Red Banner: a magazine of socialist ideas
is out now
?2 / £1.50 from bookshops or the address above
Anthony Ravlich - Wed Mar 25, 2015 18:18
I consider UN is hidding very much of enormous and profound importance from the rest of humanity.
Some of what I saw behind the Global Iron Curtain which, in my view, exists between the UN and the rest of humanity. I describe what I consider to be very much of enormous and profound importance hidden from people.
Laurence Cox - Wed Mar 25, 2015 08:05
Presentations of two remarkable research projects on social movements in Ireland and beyond
Bernard Moffatt - Tue Mar 24, 2015 20:23
Submarine snags Trawlers net
A scenario that was thought to have ended with the Cold War seems set to return with vulnerable fishing communities in the front line.
peoples movement - Mon Mar 23, 2015 22:36
scrap_ttip_now_ppls_movement.jpgScrap the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership agreement. It's a corporate takeover of our liberty
Following Enda Kenny?s support for TTIP during his meeting with Obama on St Patrick's Day, and Minister Dara Murphy's spurious assertion in Brussels on Thursday that huge financial gains are possible for Ireland, it is important to demonstrate our opposition to the treaty.

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