foie - Fri Jan 17, 2020 22:01
Press Release - Friends of the Irish Environment 16th Jan 2020
Release of Biomass Power Station records halted
?474 million in public money depended on Commissioner for Energy Regulator decision

The release of documentation concerning the Commissioner for Energy Regulation?s [CER] decision not to renew a 100% certificate of High Efficiency to Mayo Renewable Power Supply Ltd. for a proposed ?255m high-efficiency biomass combined heat and power plant [HE CHP] in Killala, County Mayo was halted at the last moment by the Commissioner for Environmental Information [CEI].
Kate Zeller - Fri Jan 17, 2020 18:03
IMF Head Kristalina Georgieva warns of a return of the Great Depression driven by inequality and financial sector instability in a speech delivered at the Peterson Institute of International Economics.
foie - Wed Jan 08, 2020 10:58
Press Release - Friends of the Irish Environment 6th Jan 2020
Turf cutting on protected raised bogs reported to the European Commission.
22 of Ireland?s 53 protected bogs still being openly cut breaching EU law

Ireland?s failure to protect the 53 bogs designated for protection under the Habitats Directive in 1997 has been reported to Virginijus Sinkevicius, the newly appointed Director General for Environment. [1]
Caoimhghin Ó Croidheáin - Mon Dec 30, 2019 18:18
George Bailey (James Stewart), Mary Bailey (Donna Reed), and their youngest daughter Zuzu (Karolyn Grimes) in It?s a Wonderful Life.(A Christmas Carol and It's a Wonderful Life)
The Factory

?And such should childhood ever be,
The fairy well; to bring
To life?s worn, weary memory
The freshness of its spring.

But here the order is reversed,
And infancy, like age,
Knows of existence but its worst,
One dull and darkened page;??

by Letitia Elizabeth Landon ? The Vow of the Peacock and Other Poems (1835)

David Lamont - Mon Dec 30, 2019 10:01
Rathkeale, small Limerick town, is first in Ireland to adopt the American Challenge Coin concept to thank 52 of its citizens for making it a better place to be and to encourage others to lend a helping hand.
sp - Sun Dec 22, 2019 22:42
johyndelaney620x330.jpgThis opinion/analysis piece written by Kieran Mahon Socialist Party is reproduced here because it presents a view on the FAI farce that the mainstream media are unlikely to present.

Former FAI CEO John Delaney recently claimed the FAI would be debt free by 2020. They may not even make it that far. On Monday December 17th the shambolic board turned up at Government buildings requesting an ?18 million bailout after Deloitte- the FAI auditors declined to class the FAI as a ?going concern? meaning its future viability is in severe doubt.In May this year FAI workers, represented by SIPTU, had raised concerns over the financial position and their future with Minister For Sport Shane Ross.
foie - Sun Dec 22, 2019 22:26
Press Release - Friends of the Irish Environment 20th Dec 2019
An environmental group has issued a ?Call to Arms? targeting the Government?s newly published Housing and Planning and Development Bill 2019, recently opened for Public Consultation.

The Bill, which imposes restrictions on citizens bringing Judicial Reviews of planning decisions, has been in part triggered by delays in the planning system leading to the withdrawal of plans for Apple at Athenry and the referral to the European Court of Justice of the US New Fortress Energy Shannon LNG terminal as well as a number of cases taken by environmental campaigner Peter Sweetman.
Diamantina - Sat Dec 21, 2019 20:25
Unique universities: now the only place where senior public officers can live abroad, have few checks on expenses and tax, and benefit personally from public funding of gene patents 
The exploitation of tax funds for private personal gains by state sector employees, particularly at universities.UCC as example.
The public is funding things like applications for human gene patents. This means that we all have to pay to have access to our genetic coding and bodies. The people applying for the patents stand to benefit personally in any future income generated by such patents because despite being paid a publicly funded salary, the universities also pay the employee a percentage in future.
Kate Zeller - Sat Dec 21, 2019 15:12
President Trump signed a year-end spending bill which authorizes the first phase of debt relief for Somalia.
1 of indy - Wed Dec 18, 2019 23:27
Slavoj Zizek writes an interesting Op Ed for about the massive Labour defeat in the UK elections outlining some of the main factors but also highlighting how big Capital has gone to great lengths to completely discredit Corbyn

What is not realized is that while traditional Left concepts like the class war and actual socialism have been removed off the agenda by all the media and the Left itself has largely be redirected into identify politics which offers no real resistance to big Capital, big Capital themselves are still very much fighting the class war and making sure the central ideas of socialism don't get an airing nor come remotely close to be fulfilled and hence people like Corbyn have to be discredited by any and all means

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