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19June: People of the world, rise up!!!

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19J #Globalrevolution

We are the outraged, the anonymous, the voiceless. We were there, silent but alert, watching. Not gazing upward at the powers that be, but looking from side to side for the right time to unite with each other.

No political party, association or trade union represents us. Nor do we want them to, because each and every one of us speaks for her or himself. Together, we want to design and create a world where people and nature come first, before economic interests. We want to design and build the best possible world. Together we can and we will. Unafraid
19June: People of the world, rise up!!!
19June: People of the world, rise up!!!

The first sparks started to fly in the Arabic countries, where thousands of people took over streets and squares, reminding their governments where the real power lies. The Icelanders followed, taking to the streets to speak their mind and decide their future. And it wasn’t long before Spaniards occupied squares in neighborhoods, towns and cities. Now the flame is swiftly spreading through France, Greece, Portugal, Italy and Turkey, and the cries of peaceful demonstrators echo across America and Asia, where new movements are cropping up everywhere. Only a global revolution can confront global problems. The time has come for the woman and man in the street to take back their public spaces to debate and build a new future together.

This is a call to the #Globalrevolution on 19 June. We’re calling on people everywhere to peacefully occupy public squares and create spaces for debate, assembly and reflection. It's our duty to reclaim the public arena and together forge the kind of world we want to live in.

Take the square!!! Take the streets!!! #Globalrevolution

People of the World, rise up!!!


It's time that the whole world takes the streets!
It's time to build a better world together!

We invite you to distribute this call through every channel you can think of. One good idea is that you send this to all the social organizations that you know of in your country. Look for social centres,citizens' collectives,neighbours associations... not only in your zone but the entire country (internet is your friend) and make sure it arrives. Also send it to lists of emails that have collectives. Together with this call, make sure that this message arrives, ask that they keep spreading the word to all the collectives they can, inside and outside of the country

Also if you know a group of people who work in the creative or are experts in audiovisual that could support the movement, make contact with them! There's a list of emails that you can add your name to in order to co-ordinate. Just send a mail to

(Also view a super positive beautiful message from the #spanishrevolution in #acampadaSOL. IT IS AMAZING, WATCH IT, BE INSPIRED)

Begin now! We're counting the days till 19J! Talk with your friends to help with the diffusion, we have to be fast

Spread the word!

Contact us

TWITTER: #Globalrevolution #19J

World calls:

World Revolution for Real Democracy

Real Democracy Now Ireland

Real Democracy Now! Dublin - June19 against Pact - Peaceful Demonstration
When; 19 June 16:00 - 21:00,
Where; The Spire, the Monument of Light. O'Connell Street, Dublin 1, Ireland.


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19June: People of Ireland, rise up!!!
19June: People of Ireland, rise up!!!

Take the square!!! Take the streets!!! #Globalrevolution
Take the square!!! Take the streets!!! #Globalrevolution

Real Democracy Now : DRY Irleand
Real Democracy Now : DRY Irleand

We are creating something more fair, beautiful, participative, open, creative
We are creating something more fair, beautiful, participative, open, creative

Caption: 19J #Globalrevolution What we are fighting for and against

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