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Press Statement Against Provocation In The Irish Newspaper "The Independent"

category national | miscellaneous | press release author Sunday July 25, 2010 15:56author by Akai - Anarchist Solidarity, ZSP Report this post to the editors

False information in media about Polish anarchist

In response to the article entitled "Polish Anarchist Linked to Corrib Gas Pipeline Protest", published in the Irish newspaper the Independent, we state that the information contained in the article is false.

The person referred to in the article WAS NOT released from jail in 2007; we know this FOR A FACT since we were involved in the campaign to support this prisoner.

Since this person was also in prison for his entire adult life, it is also not true that he is a "prominent figure in the European anarchist movement" nor is it true that he was linked to various anti-capitalist movements. He has not had any opportunity to play any role in these movements, let alone a prominent one.

We also know for a fact that this person has not and cannot possibly have been travelling to and from Ireland since 2007, especially while being in prison!

We are able to present documentation attesting to this fact.
We demand a retraction of this information.

Furthermore, we are quite concerned that this is just another attempt by the media to drum up hysteria about a protest and to provide the background for upcoming repressions. We do not exclude the possibility that such misleading information was deliberately fed to the media for this purpose.

Anarchist Solidarity, Warsaw

Related Link: http://www.independent.ie/national-news/polish-anarchist-linked-to-corrib-gas-pipeline-protest-2271785.html
author by FSB!publication date Sun Jul 25, 2010 19:28author address author phone Report this post to the editors

On reading Mr. Cusack's article I noticed two points of salience -

Mr. Cusack does not give us the name of this mysterious Polish anarchist. Is Jim unsure of his information? Even 'anarchist scum' might have recourse to the libel laws.

The usual conduit of such titbits, Garda Sources (€5 prize from me for the first person who posts the station this wonderful Guardian of the Pieces works from), was not credited. Mr. Cusack must be skating on some very thin ice indeed, and it summertime and all too.

It's also worth noting how 'annoyed' supporters of the Corrib Gas project are with the delays the legal process (ABP's oral hearings). Would this be a salvo from Shell's supporters in the media across the bows of ABP in order to get the 'right' result? The laws of the land and due process are such a drag on the corporate interest, yet all the 'little people' and 'dangerous anarchists' will be held to every last letter of the same laws.

'Four legs good - two legs better'?

Related Link: http://www.shelltosea.com
author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:40author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Lots of 'is believed' and 'appears to be' and 'is suspected'.Smells of benzene ok.Maybe AJ ghost-wrote it, he has had long term interests in the resource exploration department.Definitely reads like a softener for a round-up.Pity they wouldn't bring us up to date on I-RMS.But then that might upset Shell's neo-fascist mercenaries.

author by non-voter SBUpublication date Mon Jul 26, 2010 17:49author address author phone Report this post to the editors

It should have been written like this .
Many claim that Mr Cusack’s alleged failure to reference the name of the Polish anarchist makes Cusack’s whole article unreliable , potentially libelous ,and quite possibly a load of old bollox.
Sources who are thought to be close to sources within the gardai are said to have been Mr Cusack’s informants on such issues in the past. It has subsequently been speculated that Jim Cuscak is therefore skating on what is thought to be “very thin ice” particularly in light of reports that have appeared to appear in several Irish and international media outlets ,all of which suggest strongly that the season of the year in Ireland presently is summer.

It has been noted moreover that supporters of the Corrib Project are less than pleased by what have by some been called “delays” in the legal process. It has also been alleged that the Cusack article may possibly have come as part of a suspected dirty conspiracy by Shell and those who are thought to be their supporters in the media aimed against ABP aural hearings.

We have contacted several Irish media personalities and other celebrities who have in the past thought to have been known associates of the “journalist” Jim Cusack . Perhaps fearful of their own jobs –or possibly worse- these sources would only agree to be interviewed ,it is thought, on condition of anonymity .In our interviews none of the alleged (oops) interviewees – even those closest to Cusack - denied the easily verifiable claims being made about this man who is increasingly seen – even by the rapidly dwindling band of sycophants who are said to have surrounded him in the past – as a total embarassment.

It has also been speculated that two legs are ,in the opinion of some , better than four legs.

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