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At Least 9 Internationals Killed As Israel Attacks And Hijacks Gaza Flotilla In International Waters

category international | rights, freedoms and repression | feature author Monday May 31, 2010 17:00author by Kev - IPSC

Concern for Irish passengers as communication lines cut

Report from ship during attack

At least 9 international human rights activists may have been killed and dozens more injured after Israeli commandos attacked the unarmed Gaza Freedom Flotilla early this morning in international waters, according to reports from the flotilla organisers, while Israeli military sources confirmed at least 9 dead. This attack is a clear breach of international law.

No word has been received on the condition of the three Irish passengers as the satellite phone on the Challenger 1 on which they were passengers is not contactable. The IPSC expresses its concern for these brave people we hope that they are safe.

Israel has imposed a gag order on reporting on the attack

Live-streaming video showed images of Israeli commandos descending from helicopters at around 4am this morning, and reports say that they proceeded to use live ammunition against the ships passengers. Video also showed casualties on the boat. The attack happened as the flotilla entered an arbitrarily imposed Israeli ‘military exclusion zone’ in international waters around Gaza, as the captain of the Turkish IHH ship the Mavi Marmara refused a military order to turn back.

Although reports remain unclear, with no line of communication to the boats, it appears that Israeli forces have now hijacked the flotilla and are some 30 miles away from the Israeli port of Ashdod where they will dock. The ships are due to reach the port in the next two hours. Other reports suggest that they may divert to the port of Haifa where there are no media. Upon arrival, the Israeli military have stated that all Israeli participants will be arrested, Palestinians will be questioned by Israeli secret police and internationals will be deported or held in a detention centre if they contest deportation.

On board the ship are hundreds of civilians – including parliamentarians - attempting to bring 10,000 tonnes of supplies and humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip which has been under an illegal Israeli-imposed siege for the past three years.

All the Palestinian factions were united in their condemnation, and the Palestinian Authority called it an act of piracy and declared a three-day state of mourning.

Mustafa Baraghout, an independent member of the Palestinian Legislative Council called the attack “a declaration of war on many countries, including Turkey, Sweden and Ireland”.

Dr. David Landy, Chair of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, said: “This act of Israeli piracy is a clear breach of international law. The fact that Israel would allow its forces to kill and wound international human rights activists shows the world once again that Israeli is a rogue state that acts with impunity. It is high-time for this impunity to be ended and for Israeli to be brought to account for its disregard for international law.”
Dr. Landy continued: “Israel has claimed that it no longer occupies Gaza. If this is the case, then why did they prevent this humanitarian aid flotilla from reaching Gaza? The hypocrisy of the Israeli state is simply astounding, and it is time for the international community to take serious action against Israel. We demand justice both for those murdered today and the Palestinian people for whom such acts are, unfortunately, commonplace.”

The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign has called a protest for this evening, (Monday 31st May) at 6pm, assembling at the Spire on O’Connell Street, Dublin 1 which will then march to the Israeli Embassy in Ballsbridge. Speakers at the event will be Aengus O Snodaigh TD and Chris Andrews TD, both of whom were refused access to the flotilla by the Cypriot authorities after coming under severe pressure from Israel. The IPSC is calling on people in Ireland to show their outrage at this murderous attack against unarmed solidarity activists by coming out on the streets tomorrow.

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Israeli pirates board the IHH ship
Israeli pirates board the IHH ship

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author by TD - Free Palestine Campaignpublication date Mon May 31, 2010 08:59author address author phone

Press TV is reporting that: The death toll from the Israeli navy's takeover of a Gaza aid convoy has risen to 20 while Israel carefully censors reports on the casualties from the attack. Gaza Freedom Flotilla came under fire early on Monday by Israeli navy forces in international waters more than 150km (90 miles) off the coast of Gaza. The six-ship aid fleet was soon stormed by commandos descending from helicopters. At least 20 people were killed in the takeover of the Gaza aid convoy, al-Aqsa TV station reported, saying that more than 50 people, including leader of the Palestinian Islamic Movement Sheikh Raed Salah, were wounded in the attack. The news trickled through the Israeli military censorship which has sought to block the reporting of any information about the casualties.

A report on the radio said the censorship was aimed at covering up the number of casualties brought to Israeli hospitals for treatment (more on link)

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author by Guardian Live Feedpublication date Mon May 31, 2010 09:24author address author phone

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author by Bazooka Joepublication date Mon May 31, 2010 09:32author address author phone

Watch and listen to the barefaced lies and propaganda from the trolls of the Israeli Information Ministry as they attempt to justify this latest mass murder of unarmed civilians.

author by Flotilla websitepublication date Mon May 31, 2010 10:01author address author phone

Flotilla website

Guardian website (above) carrying footage from ship

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author by Malachy Steenson - Workers Party publication date Mon May 31, 2010 10:02author address author phone

The Workers’ Party

Head Office


Monday, 31 May 2010

Israeli attack – time for terrorist state to be given pariah status

Call on Micheál Martin to break off Diplomatic Relations and expel Ambassador

The President of the Workers Party, Michael Finnegan has called on Ireland to immediately break off diplomatic relations with Israel and to expel the Israeli Ambassador from this country.

Mr. Finnegan said that following this morning’s Israeli commando attack on the international aid flotilla should remove any doubts that Israel operates under democratic rules and must now be treated as a pariah state.

“Israel should be isolated and shunned by the international community until it demonstrates that it is prepared to operate under the norms of international law and end its terrorist actions and withdraw from the Palestinian territories”.

The Workers Party President said that the removal of some prominent individuals including three members of the Oireachtas from the flotilla before it left Cyprus suggests that a premeditated military attack against the aid convoy was being planned.

“This attack is completely in breach of international law and as an attack on a purely humanitarian convoy is a heinous and bloody crime of the type one would expect from a fascist regime, not an allegedly democratic state. Given that there were a large number of Irish citizens on this flotilla and that Israel has recently used Irish passports in order to carry out a cold-blooded assassination there is no longer any excuse for not throwing out the Israeli Ambassador and breaking off diplomatic relations and I am calling on Minister Micheál Martin to do this immediately”, said Michael Finnegan.

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author by Malachy Steenson - Workers Party publication date Mon May 31, 2010 10:05author address author phone

The Workers’ Party

Cork Region


Monday, 31 May 2010

Tynan calls on Micheál Martin to expel Israeli Ambassador after aid convoy attack

Cork Workers Party Councillor Ted Tynan has called on Foreign Affairs Minister Micheál Martin to immediately expel the Israeli Ambassador and break off all diplomatic relations with Israel following this morning’s attack by Israeli commandos on the international aid flotilla to Gaza.

There are a number of Cork activists on the convoy including Dr. Fintan Lane who is onboard the Challenger 1 which is one of the vessels attacked this morning. Cllr. Tynan has expressed concern for their safety.

Cllr. Tynan said that while Minister Micheál Martin had visited Palestine recently and had criticised Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people this was no longer enough and it was now time to isolate Israel as the pariah state that it is following its attack on a humanitarian aid convoy.

“Words of condemnation are no longer enough from Minister Martin and he must stop the Israeli embassy in Dublin being used as a mouthpiece to justify international terrorism. Israel recently used Irish passports and those of other nations in order to carry out a cold-blooded assassination – several of the other countries involved have broken off relations with Israel but not Ireland. We now have peaceful Irish aid workers being put directly in the firing line by Israel in this heinous attack on the aid flotilla and it is time to take off the kid gloves with which Israel is being treated”, said Cllr. Tynan.


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author by Mel Lloyd - private citizenpublication date Mon May 31, 2010 10:21author address author phone

The attack by Israel on an unarmed merchant ship in International waters is an act of Piracy!

The killing of civilians an act of cold bloodied Murder
I am once again totally disgusted by the state of israel.

I urge people to stop buying Israeli produce.

author by old codgerpublication date Mon May 31, 2010 10:42author address author phone

The Israel Nation is now thoroughly exposed [inappropriate comment edited by moderator]. We have only to remember that they used white phosphorus on defenceless Palestine children and we subsequently saw a Palestine woman and child evicted from their home to make way for an Israel family that were filmed waiting at the end of the same street, while the eviction took place. The sad aspect of all the rottenness is that when the white Phosphorus was used, all the then British Foreign Secretary could say was, “that he was concerned”. Are we to expect more of the same from the new administration in response to this latest atrocity?
The attack on the defenceless humanitarian effort should be vigorously condemned by all right thinking peoples and the people that participated and organised the aid should be applauded for their heroic efforts in trying to bring humanitarian aid to the people under siege.
Finally the people who lost their lives must be defended for the price they paid for their heroic efforts and any attempt by Israel psychologically trained mouthpieces to put a stopper in our mouths should be resisted and exposed as blatant face saving propaganda to justify murder.
My heart felt condolences to the family’s bereaved

author by Clairepublication date Mon May 31, 2010 11:05author address author phone

RTE is reporting the Israeli claims unchallenged in their updates.

author by Biancopublication date Mon May 31, 2010 11:53author address author phone

Israelis continued firing live rounds after the white flag was raised.

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author by unabletospeakpublication date Mon May 31, 2010 12:26author address author phone

I have to use a pseudonym because it is not wise to criticise Israel, for all sorts of reasons. This fact makes the frustration felt by people all over the world all the more intense. This will lead at some point to an enormous international reaction against the ongoing, intolerable and very effective genocide against the Palestinians - something we know about in this unfortunate country. Hopefully, this horrendous event will be the trigger for that reaction.

The boarding apparently took place in international waters. This means that European calls for the Israelis to investigate are seriously misguided, and indeed, are a fig-leaf to cover the impotence of the European Union, which tolerates Israel's genocide.

It is for the international community to investigate this international incident, and under no circumstances should Israel be asked to investigate.

author by Conor Murphypublication date Mon May 31, 2010 12:43author address author phone

I will use my full name and area of residence and will openly criticise Israel. You shouldn't feel threatened into hiding your identity 'unabletospeak'. Expel the Israeli ambassador now. The EU and UN must begin a campaign of boycott, sanctions and divestment. This type of aggression, sadly, is the norm for Palestinians.

Enough is enough - time to punish Israel for its crimes. Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere.

author by J. Dunne - Connolly Forumpublication date Mon May 31, 2010 13:53author email connollyforum at eircom dot netauthor address Sligoauthor phone 071-9145490

At its meeting this morning Sligo County Council agreed to suspend Standing Orders to consider an emergency motion tabled by Cllr Declan Bree.

The motion read: “That Sligo County Council condemns in the strongest possible terms the slaughter of International human rights activists by the Israeli military and further we request our Government to sever all diplomatic relations with the Israeli regime.”

The motion was unanimously adopted by the Council

author by RSF - Republican Sinn Feinpublication date Mon May 31, 2010 13:53author address author phone

“The boarding of the Turkish boat IHH and the murder of up to 18 innocent aid workers/peace activists in International waters by Israeli armed forces must be condemned unreservedly by all right thinking countries and peoples”, the General Secretary of Republican Sinn Féin, Josephine Hayden said on May 31.

“Israeli commandos attacked the convoy of aid workers in international waters without regard to international law or humanitarian principles. No amount of propaganda can hide the fact that this was cold-blooded murder carried out to further isolate the people of Gaza.

“All right-thinking countries should withdraw their diplomatic representatives immediately in protest at this war crime. We urge to the people of Ireland to show their disgust at this unwarranted attack on innocent civilian volunteers by attending protests and boycotting Israeli goods.

“The Freedom Flotilla was/is carrying 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid, including medicines, construction materials, wood, 500 electric wheelchairs and 100 housing caravans. All the donated items will support reconstruction in Gaza after the bombardment by the rogue state of Israel in 2008/ 2009.

“Among the ships heading towards Gaza is the 1,200 tonne Irish cargo ship, the MV Rachel Corrie, which is owned by the Free Gaza Movement. The ship is carrying a cargo of cement and other vital reconstruction materials for the people of Gaza.

“This is not the first time aid convoys were attacked by Israeli forces. In June 2009 activists on board the Free Gaza Movement boat, the Spirit of Humanity, were kidnapped, arrested and deported after their boat was rammed”.

“Phone and e-mail the Israeli embassy in Dublin at 01-6680303 or 087-617-1218;
email: and”

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author by francis hughespublication date Mon May 31, 2010 14:44author address author phone

any word on how the irish people are that were on board

author by Justin Morahanpublication date Mon May 31, 2010 15:19author address author phone

Words of condemnation are useless especially when Ireland failed to use its veto to prevent them from joining the OECD.

It would be good if all countries who had citizens on the Flotilla recalled their Ambassadors and expelled their Israeli counterparts in solidarity and sympathy with those who have died and are injured.

The news of the Irish is, as far as I know: The five on the Rachel Corrie are safe. There are seven others on different ships and their fate, at present, is unknown.

author by rianorrpublication date Mon May 31, 2010 15:40author address author phone

More atrocities and all Ireland's useless politicians can muster is 'concern'. No outrage, no condemnation,
no consequences. What a world we live in. To hear the vile justifications of murder is galling and they will be amplified
no doubt in the coming days.

author by Rant in B minorpublication date Mon May 31, 2010 16:09author address author phone

Come out today anyway, make your voice heard. Meet at the spire at 6pm and keep hassling politicians to take action, not just sheepishly condemning.

Call the Dept. of Foreign Affairs and DEMAND immediate expulsion - Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs (01) 408 2938

author by Filmmakers - Amman Filmmakers Cooperativepublication date Mon May 31, 2010 16:20author address author phone

Our deepest sympathies and sincere condolences to the families and loved ones of the humanitarian aid workers whose lives were cut short by Israeli piracy this morning in international waters outside the shores of the besieged Gaza strip. Nothing we say can express our horror at this crime.

We have lost contact with a fellow filmmaker from the Cooperative, who was on board the raided flotilla. Our heart goes out to his family in these difficult times.

We stand in solidarity with those courageous humanitarian aid workers who put their lives in harm's way to bring humanitarian relief to the Palestinians of Gaza. We pray for the safe and speedy return of the remaining hostages who were captured and taken to Israel.

The civilized world must live up to its declared values not just in words but deeds to protect the lives of humanitarian aid workers everywhere and to bring an end to the siege which transformed Gaza into the largest open air prison for 1.5 million Palestinians. This comes after an Israeli invasion of Gaza which killed over 1400 Palestinians, most of them women and children.

From the Filmmakers of the Amman Filmmakers Cooperative

author by Irish updatepublication date Mon May 31, 2010 16:52author address author phone

RTE radio this morning reported that there had been communication with Denis Halliday aboard the Rachel Corrie....they were all ok and in the process of deciding whether to press on or turn around. I'm not sure if there are other Irish on other craft.

author by old codger - pensionerpublication date Mon May 31, 2010 16:55author address author phone

America and some EU countries are supplying Israel with arms and supporting Israeli atrocities While pretending to be outraged at their crimes.
Israel was allowed to join the OECD without protest by Ireland or the EU.
Ireland has spent millions of euro's buying Israeli weapons and ammunition for our defence forces.
our foreign minister is speaking out of both sides of his mouth.
The Israeli embassy should be shut down and the ambassador and his cronies expelled immediately and all Israeli goods banned. We should not have to wait for the lies to be played out ,we have had enough evidence of what Israel is when they murdered hundreds of Palestinian civilians.
THEY [inappropriate statement edited by moderator] should be punished for their crimes and the countries that help and support them should be exposed and boycotted.

author by teresa o connor - housewife clara offalypublication date Mon May 31, 2010 17:00author address author phone

what has happened is a disgrace but does the irish goverment even take any notice of whats happening in that country with three injured irish citizens they should raise their voice and for all the other injured too but then our goverment never gave a damn about northern ireland when our fellow country men and women were been shot down by by the brits so why in gods name do you expect them to be any better now ,yes all countries shouls voice their disgust at the recent activities of that country lets care enough to send home their ambassador then something just might clich in their little brain as to why he was sent home

author by pixel8publication date Mon May 31, 2010 17:13author address author phone

The Haaretz article on the attack (see link) has a neat picture of a beardy fellow brandishing a knife (see picture). The capition claims that this shows a guy with a knife at the time of the assault (04:00 hrs, before dawn as per SOP). Great picture for their message. But a couple of problems (apart from the fact that the guy appears to be sat down relative to the remarkably relaxed looking photographers stood behind him).

1. Daylight in the window behind the guy and the green shirt and the photographer to the right of him.

2. (see detail pic) What looks suspiciously like a photoshop line between the knife arm and the rest of the photograph.

So, clumsy fraud? You decide. Oddly my comment pointing this out did not appear on the Haaretz page. Qu'elle surprise...

Haaretz picture
Haaretz picture

Haaretz picture detail
Haaretz picture detail

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author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Mon May 31, 2010 17:17author address author phone


My sympathies to the families of the butchered.
Not altogether unexpected.Same program as applied to Rachel Corrie with the dozer blade.Cow them and reduce their determination.
Well my name is already down for future crew,and this only makes me more willing to participate.No, I dont have a death wish,but to stand by and tolerate this without reacting is moral death,ie reduction of the human to the simian,the level of the yellow cretins who carried out and ordered these crimes.And if they confiscate MV Rachel Corrie we replace it with a shagging curragh, if thats all we can assemble,name it as Rachel III, and head back in.
My name is in the hat,I have no trouble with being identified.I work off the presumption they have us all on drone-scope.But I also enjoy making them go to the trouble,little and all as it will probably take them.Shalom.

Either Martin or Zvrony has to go or this so called republic is dead.

author by dunkpublication date Mon May 31, 2010 17:22author address author phone

Protests around Ireland after Israeli attack on Gaza flotilla (wsm)

Protests are to take place in Dublin, Sligo, Galway, Belfast, Derry, Monaghan & Cork today against the act of international piracy by the Israeli military last night when they attacked a flotilla bringing humanitarian aid to Gaza .

Call for action from activist Caoimhe Butterly (Gaza TV News).

The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign

imc-ireland reports

- Israel forces attack Freedom Gaza flotilla - Activists critically injured

- Israeli warships harass Gaza Flotilla in International Waters

-Israeli War Ships approaching Freedom Flotilla to Gaza in international

- Gaza Freedom Flotilla in final stages of trip

Call for Demonstrations Following Attack on Free Gaza - IMC-ISRAEL

*Call for demonstrations in all countries in the world against Israeli embassies **the People's Committees in Palestine call you to demonstrations of anger against Israeli terrorism and criminality. Let the third International intifada uprising Against terrorism and the occupation.*.

The Israeli army decided to execute a surprise maneuver and attack the boats at night and in the north near Cyprus in International waters and then board the boats and take them to the northern port of Haifa. In doing so they committed a massacre of unarmed civilians to add to the hundreds of massacres committed before but this time they have really gone way too far and alienated the international community with this horrendous crime.

flotilla massacre - IMC-EMC updates - International Middle East Media Center

Irish times
Cowen calls for inquiry into Israeli attack

Israeli commando raid on Gaza aid convoy kills 10

Attack is act of 'state terrorism' - Turkey

RTE link to vid and audio

Israel kills 19 internationals at sea - the flotilla massacre
Israel kills 19 internationals at sea - the flotilla massacre

Solidarity with Gaza freedom flotilla
Solidarity with Gaza freedom flotilla

Derek Graham from Co Mayo officially names the MV Rachel Corrie before it left Dundalk harbour for Gaza. The ship was delayed in Malta and escaped today?s raid by Israeli commandos. (times)
Derek Graham from Co Mayo officially names the MV Rachel Corrie before it left Dundalk harbour for Gaza. The ship was delayed in Malta and escaped today?s raid by Israeli commandos. (times)

Huge protests in Isanbul against Israeli lies and assisination of its countries human rights activists murdered this morning in International waters
Huge protests in Isanbul against Israeli lies and assisination of its countries human rights activists murdered this morning in International waters

Caption: Call for action from activist Caoimhe Butterly (Gaza TV News).

author by V for vendettapublication date Mon May 31, 2010 17:22author address author phone

Kudos to hugo chavez for being the only leader with the balls to do this so far. He did it after the Israeli attack on Gaza. We should do it now after this horrible violent and unjustified attack on civilians on board humanitarian aid ships in international waters

author by hbpublication date Mon May 31, 2010 17:40author address author phone

you are so correct - that pic is so obviously suffering a bad case of photoshopping - which just proves that hen push comes to shove, the so-called leftists at Haaretz are no better than their more openly racist fellow-countrymen and women - all of them are prepared to tell outright lies in order to protect their pathetic little Zionist shithole called Israel

Unless they are openly espousing Jewish-racial-supremacist sentiments, then there is no such thing as 'an Honest Zionist' - the only honest Zionists are the openly disgustingly-racist ones

author by old codgerpublication date Mon May 31, 2010 17:45author address author phone

Letter to Dr Zion Evrony, Israeli Ambassador to Ireland - on earlier calls for expulsion of Israeli ambassador to Ireland

Spain summons Israeli ambassador over Gaza flotilla raid

Spain, which holds the rotating EU presidency, summoned Israel's ambassador on Monday over an "unacceptable" deadly raid on an aid ship flotilla bound for Gaza, the foreign ministry said.

Israel's ambassador "has been summoned and will be received by the head of staff" for Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos, the ministry said.

Spain, which holds the European Union's presidency until the end of June, slammed the a deadly Israeli operation on the aid convoy as "unacceptable", the ministry added.

IMC-UK feature - Israel kills 10+ on Free Gaza Flotilla taking aid to Gaza
with nazi octupus image

for latest updates see the #FLOTILLAFREEDOM tag on TWITTER

Strange report from the guardian - Did Twitter censor the #flotilla hashtag following the Israel attack?


author by Darren C - League for the Fifth International (pc)publication date Mon May 31, 2010 17:52author address author phone

-- clip

"It is to the ordinary working people of the world that the Palestinians must turn with a call for action. The international working class movement should condemn this horrific act and the greater atrocity of the blockade of the one million people of Gaza since June 2007.

Our elementary duty is to demonstrate against the atrocities in Gaza and to launch direct action to isolate and undermine the Zionist rogue state that has turned Gaza into an open air concentration camp and is systematically attempting to oust the Palestinian people from their own land on the West Bank and in Jerusalem.

These actions should include a total workers’ blockade of Israel: by dockers, airline workers and all those working on orders and projects which sustain the Zionist state economically, militarily or culturally. At the same time, solidarity must be maintained with all Israelis who condemn their state’s actions and express support for the rights of the Palestinians."

Full statement -

author by investor democratpublication date Mon May 31, 2010 17:54author address author phone

The Euro-Med Agreement needs to be suspended and an apartheid style boycott of Israel should be put in place.

recent reports on the medialens message board ( )

suggest this was planned. PressTV are showing video evidence apparently

"PressTV reporting a Turkish source as claiming that Israel had prepared a list names of people to assassinate on board the ship.

They are showing aerial footage of shots fired from a helicopter gun ship onto the deck of the ship picking off individuals."

author by NEUROTICISREALI'Spublication date Mon May 31, 2010 18:12author address author phone

They were BRINGING AID AND MUCH NEEDED ASSISTANCE TO PALESTINE,!YES PALESTINE NOT ISREAL!WHY DID THEY HAVE TO GET OVER INVOLVED?WHY IS IT THEIR ISSUE,WHY IS IT THEIR BUSINESS,DON'T THEY HAVE AN ECONOMY OF THEIR OWN?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!WHY ARE THEY SO HOSTILE???WHY DID THEY HAVE TO SHOOT PEOPLE TRYING TO HELP,AND IN TURN HAVE A GREATER BENEFIT TO PEACE RELATIONS IN PALESTINE AND ''ISRAEL''.?!As per usual isreal backed,by many nations with financial gains,support israel,NOT OPENLY OF COURSE,JUST LOOK AT BRITAIN AND ALL THE FINANCIAL TIES THERE AND THE U.S.A!Palestinians do what they have to do every day,there are farmer's who do not even own their own land,there are unrealistic curfews on people,who are not allowed by the isreali army to even forage for food,and people who do not live in these circumstances do not UNDERSTAND!


author by investor democratpublication date Mon May 31, 2010 19:01author address author phone

and excellent article below by Jonathan Cook on the media's curious ineffectiveness during such crises.

( oh and, just ignore Clanrickard. He's a far-right troll. )

Israel's Attack on Us All

Posted by Keith-264 on May 31, 2010, 5:52 pm

Raid on the Gaza Flotilla



It is quite astounding that Israel has been able to create over the past 12 hours a news blackout, just as it did with its attack on Gaza 18 months ago, into which our main media organisations have willingly allowed Israeli spokespeople to step in unchallenged.

How many civilians were killed in Israel’s dawn attack on the Gaza-bound flotilla of aid? We still don’t know. How many wounded? Your guess is as good as mine. Were the aid activists armed with guns? Yes, says Israel. Were they in cahoots with al-Qaeda and Hamas? Certainly, says Israel. Did the soldiers act reasonably? Of course, they faced a lynch, says Israel. Ctd...."

author by hbpublication date Mon May 31, 2010 19:25author address author phone

Below are posted 2 enlargements of the picture Pixel8 posted earlier - the enlarged area shows the hand of the 'jihadi' armed with a knife which the Nazi-like israelis photoshopped into the picture - pay attention to the area just to the right of the thumb of the photoshopped 'jihadi' - i have circled it in red in the pic below - it shows a very strange light-flesh coloured group of pixels which have no business being there.

This to my mind is proof that the pic is a bad photoshop effort - however i would like to definitively confirm this - so that none of the Zio-racists that frequently troll this site can credibly claim otherwise

to this end i obtained the source code to a program called 'jpegquality by a hacker called Neal Krawetz. Here is a brief article discussing what the program does and how it does it -

The source code is here -

I compiled the source code using the supplied commands, but have been unable to successfully manage to make it run - If anyone out there has enough C and unix knowledge to make this run could you please post instructions/results here -

We need to show these Zio-racist photoshopping propaganda peddlers at Harretz for the blatant lying shameless whores that they are

Enlargement with weird area circled in red
Enlargement with weird area circled in red

bad Isaeli photoshop - further enlargement of weird extra flesh-coloured pixels to the right of the thumb
bad Isaeli photoshop - further enlargement of weird extra flesh-coloured pixels to the right of the thumb

author by Forced choicepublication date Mon May 31, 2010 20:13author address author phone

There are still israelis who are building housing in palestine,they palestinians have no choice but to bear arms and take fight and join these radical groups,what alternative has been laid out for them,israel has given palestinians no room to manouvere,therefore the war will continue,until there is AN ACT OF TRUST.

[post edited by moderator to remove inappropriate reference]

author by Gerard - Creative Workers Co-Oppublication date Mon May 31, 2010 20:31author address author phone

I looked at the pictures you posted without reading the text first, and instantly thought you were a pro-Israeli troll, posting obviously photoshopped 'evidence' of violent protestors. I should have read the text first. The worst part is (apart from the attempt to use lies to justify murder) is that its not even a decent attempt at photoshop.

I've also left a comment on Harretz, yet to be published.

author by hbpublication date Mon May 31, 2010 21:08author address author phone

The video below shows Al Jazeera correspondent reporting immediately after the the israeli attack, saying that the Israelis started firing after a white flag had been raised

It also show the putrid Mark Regev, Official Israeli Gov't Professional Liar, telling lie after lie about the reasons for the murder of the unarmed civilians by the Israeli Zio-Racist murder-squad - truly vomit inducing

Caption: Mark Regev - Official israeli Gov

author by hbpublication date Mon May 31, 2010 21:41author address author phone

So before we get swamped by Contrarian's pathetic pseudo-'objectivity' bullshit, let’s reiterate a few simple facts, supplied by the best Middle East reporter bar none, JONATHAN COOK :

* Israeli soldiers invaded these ships in international waters, breaking international law, and, in killing civilians, committed a war crime. The counter-claim by Israeli commanders that their soldiers responded to an imminent “lynch” by civilians should be dismissed with the loud contempt it deserves.

* The Israeli government approved the boarding of these aid ships by an elite unit of commandos. They were armed with automatic weapons to pacify the civilians onboard, but not with crowd dispersal equipment in case of resistance. Whatever the circumstances of the confrontation, Israel must be held responsible for sending in soldiers and recklessly endangering the lives of all the civilians onboard, including a baby and a Holocaust survivor.

* Israel has no right to control Gaza’s sea as its own territorial waters and to stop aid convoys arriving that way. In doing so, it proves that it is still in belligerent occupation of the enclave and its 1.5 million inhabitants. And if it is occupying Gaza, then under international law Israel is responsible for the welfare of the Strip’s inhabitants. Given that the blockade has put Palestinians there on a starvation diet for the past four years, Israel should long ago have been in the dock for committing a crime against humanity.

Add to these facts the other important fact that the Zio-Racist Israelis are almost pathologically incapable of uttering a truthful statement because they know that truly decent people the world over would be horrified if they knew the true depths of racist depravity which haunt the sick twisted psyche of the average Jewish Israeli citizen

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author by CRIMINAL STATESpublication date Mon May 31, 2010 22:39author address author phone

What choice do these people have?

Some people are not even living life.

Israel as always have an over reaction.

When will things change with israel in the way.

author by hbpublication date Mon May 31, 2010 22:45author address author phone

that knife type is associated mainly with Yemen, not Turkey - The Israeli photoshoppers probably just took the first image they found after searching google for 'arab dagger'

author by Irish prisoners?publication date Mon May 31, 2010 23:16author address author phone

Some of these prisoners wearing black shamrocks....

author by johnjoepublication date Mon May 31, 2010 23:41author address author phone

no, really. occam's razor. it's much, much more likely they took a random photo of an angry arab armed with a knife and stuck it in there. the photo's gone from the link you posted below and there's no pixellation or discontinuities in the shading.

author by hbpublication date Mon May 31, 2010 23:47author address author phone

I thought you meant that the pic was not P'shopped at all - Now that i understand you, your explanation seems more likely - they p'shopped the whole figure of the 'jihadi' looking guy, not just the knife itself

author by late night linkerpublication date Tue Jun 01, 2010 00:37author address author phone

- Israel accused of state terrorism after assault on flotilla carrying Gaza aid (guardian)
At least nine activists killed and dozens more wounded by Israeli naval commandos

The Turkish prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who ordered the recall of the country's ambassador to Israel, described the operation as "state terrorism" and said Israel had violated international law. "We are not going to remain silent in the face of this inhumane state terrorism," he said.

The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, described the storming of the flotilla as a "massacre" and called for three days of national mourning.

- Interview: At Least 15 Dead After Israel Attacks Gaza-Bound Aid Flotilla (democracy now)
(audio with Amy Goodman and Adam Shapiro)

Just before being kidnapped by Israel, Huwaida Arraf, Free Gaza Movement chairperson and delegation co-coordinator on this voyage, stated that: "No one could possibly believe that our small boat constitutes any sort of threat to Israel. We carry medical and reconstruction supplies, and children’s toys. Our passengers include a Nobel peace prize laureate and a former U.S. congressperson. Our boat was searched and received a security clearance by Cypriot Port Authorities before we departed, and at no time did we ever approach Israeli waters."

- Live coverage from al jazeera

- Flotilla Activists Disembarking at the Ashdod Port (black shamrock activist taken into custody)

- Turkey: Protests over raid on aid flotilla (Euronews - no comment)

- Criticism mounts over Israel’s flotilla raid (euronews vid)
Israel’s storming of humanitarian aid ships bound for Gaza has been condemned by both diplomatic friends and foes alike.

- Irish demos

Galway demo at M&S

Belfast Protest in solidarity with the Freedom Flotilla

Protest in Cork today at Israeli massacre

Éirígí Sligeach's Photos - Palestinian demo Sligo May 31 2010

dublin - Protests held in Ireland over Israeli attack (irish times)

About 1,700 people have attended a demonstration in Dublin this evening against the Israeli attack on an aid ship bound for Gaza.

Earlier today, Taoiseach Brian Cowen called for an international inquiry into the attack which left 10 pro-Palestinian activists dead.

- International demo

Paris clashes near Israeli Embassy, tear gas used
Hundreds of people in Paris are clashing with police near the Israeli Embassy after blocking traffic to protest a deadly commando raid on ships carrying humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

Irish Black Shamrock flotilla member taken into custody
Irish Black Shamrock flotilla member taken into custody

Caption: Turkey: Protests over raid on aid flotilla (Euronews - no comment)

Caption: Flotilla Activists Disembarking at the Ashdod Port (black shamrock activist taken into custody)

author by vidpublication date Tue Jun 01, 2010 00:40author address author phone

George Galloway on Israel attacking Freedom Flotilla headed to Gaza Strip - 16 Dead

Caption: George Galloway on Israel attacking Freedom Flotilla headed to Gaza Strip - 16 Dead

author by Batterworld Nowpublication date Tue Jun 01, 2010 00:42author address author phone

"Can a lunatic state like Israel be trusted with 200 nuclear weapons?" - Finklestein

Caption: Interview with Norman Finkelstein: Israel is a “Lunatic State”

Related Link:
author by ehyup - Reality Check...publication date Tue Jun 01, 2010 01:13author address author phone

Israeli commandos with paintball guns being chucked aff Mavi Mamara... WTF

author by Tariq Alipublication date Tue Jun 01, 2010 01:59author address author phone

"The only 2 countries to expel their Israeli ambassadors when the bombardment began were Venezuala and Bolivia. Now the only 2 countries to recall their ambassodors from Israel have been Turkey and Sweden, but it is not enough...."

Tariq Ali speaking at the London protest against the massacre of the flotilla outside Gaza


Gaza protest 31 May 2010: Speeches at Downing Street

"The only 2 countries to expel their Israeli ambassadors when the bombardment began were Venezuala and Bolivia. Now the only 2 countries to recall their ambassodors from Israel have been Turkey and Sweden, but it is not enough...."
"The only 2 countries to expel their Israeli ambassadors when the bombardment began were Venezuala and Bolivia. Now the only 2 countries to recall their ambassodors from Israel have been Turkey and Sweden, but it is not enough...."

Caption: Tariq Ali speaking at the London protest against the massacre of the flotilla outside Gaza

author by Joe Sheehan - Independentpublication date Tue Jun 01, 2010 08:04author address author phone

The ship was attacked in International waters by The Israeli pirates ! The people on board were kidnapped and brought to Israel.

The events that lead to the death and injury of the activists and possible injury Israeli pirates are because the pirates boarded the ship the activists were defended their ship!!!!! The reputation of the IDF precedes them,

author by dunkpublication date Tue Jun 01, 2010 09:38author address author phone

Former Irish president and ex—UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson and Nobel-winning Elders including former South African president Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu condemned as “completely inexcusable” the deadly Israeli attack on a flotilla carrying aid for Gaza...

Nobel-winning Elders deplore Gaza flotilla attack

The Elders group of past and present world leaders, including former South African president Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, on Monday condemned as “completely inexcusable” the deadly Israeli attack on a flotilla carrying aid for Gaza.

At least 10 people are reported to have been killed when Israeli commandos raided the boats on Monday in an operation that has drawn international condemnation.

“The Elders have condemned the reported killing by Israeli forces of more than a dozen people who were attempting to deliver relief supplies to the Gaza Strip by sea,” the 12—member group said in a statement issued in Johannesburg, where it met over the weekend.

The group, which was launched by Mr. Mandela on his birthday in 2007 to try to solve some of the world’s most intractable conflicts, called for a “full investigation” of the incident and urged the UN Security Council “to debate the situation with a view to mandating action to end the closure of the Gaza Strip.” “This tragic incident should draw the world’s attention to the terrible suffering of Gaza’s 1.5 million people, half of whom are children under the age of 18,” the group said.

Get live updates from Al-Jazeera live stream at

Al Jazeera had 7 people on the ship that was attacked, they have no news from them, they dont know if they are alive or dead. Al Jazeera is demanding info be given on their condition. They are the reporters whose video appears in the main page of this feature

Mary Robinson, Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu condemn massacre
Mary Robinson, Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu condemn massacre

Al Jazeera live stream re flotilla massacre- 7 A-J reporters were on board, no word if alive or dead
Al Jazeera live stream re flotilla massacre- 7 A-J reporters were on board, no word if alive or dead

author by Michael Gallagherpublication date Tue Jun 01, 2010 12:10author address author phone

It said on the Pat Kenny show that the Rachel Corrie is now sailing towards Tripoli? Does anyone know the latest on where she is headed?

author by dunkpublication date Tue Jun 01, 2010 12:46author address author phone

- Israeli Navy preparing for arrival of Rachel Corrie - 'Next time we'll use more force' (jerusalem post)

Israel will use more aggressive force in the future to prevent ships from breaking the sea blockade on the Gaza Strip, a top Navy commander told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday.

"We boarded the ship and were attacked as if it was a war," the officer said. "That will mean that we will have to come prepared in the future as if it was a war."

two ships, including The Rachel Corrie, were expected to attempt to enter Israeli waters in the coming days.

“Introducing the MV Rachel Corrie” (free gaza site)
photos -


Watch from 42 minutes in of last nights FRONT LINE SHOW on Irish state tv for the deputy Israeli minister to Ireland and Palestinian envoy to Ireland discuss the issues. Incredibly, she tries to justify the actions which resulted in 20 deaths, by saying that the ship was armed. A collection of knives were found on board, of course were, a ship carrying 600 people has to feed all those people, and what do you think does the chopping... yes, knives. Thankfully The palestinian man has been around the block and showed up her and her state for what they are - lying murdering pirates who carried out illegal act of war and piracy...

Viva the Rachel Corrie, bear bua to all those on board, having to take the brave stand to call to sail on, knowing that ahead is where your comrades were slain...

- Dublin Protests Against Israeli Murders on Gaza Flotilla 31-05-2010

The government must ensure that the Rachel Corrie does not have the same fate meated out to it as its comrades. Imagine what the people on that boat are thinking at present...

- Thousands marched in solidarity with the Humanitarian Flotilla attacked by Israel (photo essay)

# Nine News: Ray Colgan reports that over 1,000 joined a protest march from Dublin city centre to the Israeli embassy

MV Rachel Corrie - International community must ensure saftety for this boat and all her crew
MV Rachel Corrie - International community must ensure saftety for this boat and all her crew

 Thousands marched in solidarity with the Humanitarian Flotilla attacked by Israel
Thousands marched in solidarity with the Humanitarian Flotilla attacked by Israel

Dr HIkmat Ajjuri - Palestinian envoy to Ireland - puts the Israeli deputy ambassador to Ireland in her place on last nights FRONT LINE
Dr HIkmat Ajjuri - Palestinian envoy to Ireland - puts the Israeli deputy ambassador to Ireland in her place on last nights FRONT LINE

Caption: Dublin Protests Against Israeli Murders on Gaza Flotilla

author by Michael Gallagherpublication date Tue Jun 01, 2010 12:49author email libertypics at yahoo dot ieauthor address author phone

...your true colours are being tested.....we await your response. The trump card is America, unless they do the necessary, this will be just another statistic against humanity, until the next one. Israel does not care.

author by anonpublication date Tue Jun 01, 2010 20:00author address author phone

The mate on board of Challenger 1, 27th May 2010

author by robin - celticvideo.compublication date Tue Jun 01, 2010 21:47author address author phone

Here is my video of the flotilla massacre protest which took place at the israeli embassy in dublin on 31st may 2010, enjoy

Related Link:
author by wageslavepublication date Wed Jun 02, 2010 02:02author address author phone

Al Jazeera are reporting at least 9 deaths and dozens injured. Their reporter was on board so for now we are using their figure. Press tv were reporting 20. It's looking like that figure was wrong. We'll update if necessary when we get a more reliable figure.

author by linkerpublication date Wed Jun 02, 2010 12:58author address author phone

Latest news updates

Audio - "What they are doing in Gaza is slow genocide" Derek Graham speaking from Rachel Corrie this morning
Irish radio interview with MV Rachel Corrie - Derek Graham, an activist aboard the Rachel Corrie, says it is more vital than ever now that the humanitarian aid makes it to the people of Gaza

radio post is one of many from this mornings radio news in Ireland
Related news article at

Brian Cowen (Irish head of state, taoiseach) calls for Israeli restraint (RTE today)
includes audio links

Israel to release detained activists (RTE yesterday)

Irish Times
- Israel begins deporting activists taken from flotilla

Several Irish activists, including Nobel peace laureate Mairéad Corrigan-Maguire and former UN official Denis Halliday, are on board the Irish-owned vessel MV Rachel Corrie which is en route to Gaza.

The Irish Government has called on Israel to allow the boat, currently in the eastern Mediterranean, safe passage to Gaza to discharge its cargo of humanitarian supplies. Mr Cowen said the Government was “in constant contact with the Israeli government in relation to this matter, advising absolute restraint in relation to this vessel as it goes about its humanitarian purpose.”

- Cowen demands safe passage for Irish ship

Last night, describing the dramatic moments the Challenger 1 came under attack, Mr Dillon said the ship was surrounded by blacked-out vessels and helicopters before armed forces launched an assault at close range with stun guns and high-powered paintball pellets.

“I wouldn’t call them soldiers, they are terrorists,” said the 36-year-old. “They attacked us in international waters. That was a pure act of piracy in international waters on a peace fleet.”

He denied accusations activists had weapons on board the ships. “The weapons the Israelis displayed were cooking knives, a hammer. This was a big merchant ship, of course it’s going to have a hammer, of course it’s going to have galley knives,” he said.

He said that, despite a wound to his left arm from a Taser, he was treated better than most activists because he was a member of the crew. “There was one girl, she was only young, a Belgian girl, she had a broken nose,” he said. “One of the leaders from the Free Gaza Organisation, he was beaten on the deck of the ship.

“They smashed our stern door which is glass and they beat some of the girls and pushed them around the deck. They weren’t friendly with them at all.

“We didn’t expect it to be so severe and a severe loss of life. That was just ridiculous, it’s very sad,” he continued. “My heart goes out to the brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers and the families of those who died.”

Mr Dillon said he only was freed to leave Israel once he signed deportation papers.

IDF Information Blockade Fails: Growing Number of Flotilla Survivors Debunk IDF’s Massacre Story

First off, video evidence shows that the IDF fired the first shots — and in international waters

RTE radio this morning - Shane Dillon, the first of the Irish activists to be deported, says the activists put up little resistance when their boats were boarded,209

Link from RTE news article -

Shane Dillon, The mate on board of Challenger 1, 27th May 2010

Shane Dillon, Mate on Challenger 1 talks about his personal reasons for working with FreeGaza. His brother Owen Dillon, uilleannpiper with Kila, has written a song

author by democracy nowpublication date Wed Jun 02, 2010 14:47author address author phone

Global Condemnation of Israeli Armed Attack on Gaza-Bound Freedom Flotilla: At Least 10 Dead, Hundreds Remain in Detention - DEMOCRACY NOW

youtube vid in 4 parts
1 of 4 -
2 of 4 -
3 of 4 -
4 of 4 -

Original source with full transcript-

Ali Abunimah, co-founder of The Electronic Intifada and author of One Country: A Bold Proposal to End the Israeli-Palestinian Impasse. + blog -

ALI ABUNIMAH: Among the more than 700 people on the ship from about thirty-two countries are thirteen United States citizens, including a former ambassador, Ed Peck, who has been released and is reported to be on his way back to the United States. But as in the previous Israeli acts of piracy and war against ships heading to Gaza—you remember when Cynthia McKinney was kidnapped and jailed in Israel for trying to reach Gaza—once again, the United States government is saying and doing nothing publicly that suggests any great concern for its citizens who have been kidnapped by Israel.

And the statements from the Obama administration, particularly that by the US representative at the United Nations, Alejandro Wolff, were really quite shocking and astonishing. You played a clip during the news, where he suggests really that the flotilla were themselves to blame, talking about using non-confrontational and non-provocational methods rather than going by ship—in other words, suggesting—agreeing with the outrageous Israeli claims that trying to reach Gaza with humanitarian aid is somehow a provocation or a confrontation. And Ambassador Wolff also reaffirmed Israel’s so-called right to self-defense in this context, which suggests that the United States, unless it makes clear otherwise, believes that attacking a civilian ship on the high seas and massacring an unknown number of its passengers is somehow self-defense.

I think we also have to keep our eye on the context here, Anjali. Just a week or so ago, the United States Congress voted by 410-to-four—I’ll repeat that, 410-to-four—to a request from the Obama administration for additional military aid, another $205 million. This was clearly a political move by the Obama administration to fund the rather useless Iron Dome rocket defense as a way to appease Israel politically. But the message Israel got from this, as it has gotten from US and international complicity and complacency, the failure to hold Israel accountable for the war crimes documented in the Goldstone report; the failure to hold Israel accountable for the act of international terrorism and murder in a hotel room in Dubai; the failure to hold Israel accountable for four years of murderous siege on Gaza that has killed, by itself, 400 Palestinians for lack of access to medical aid and other needed supplies. The failure to hold Israel accountable in all these ways has sent Israel the message: do what you like, get away with whatever you want to, until people hold Israel accountable.

And so, what the Freedom Flotilla was, was it was a peaceful, unarmed people’s navy, assembled to fill the void and the vacuum where the Obama administration should be, where the UN Security Council should be, where the Arab governments should be, where the European Union should be. And it is a shocking outrage and a crime that will live in infamy, along with the bombing of the King David Hotel, along with the attack on the USS Liberty, along with so many other appalling crimes, that international humanitarian workers bringing aid were attacked on the high seas.

I spoke to you a few months ago when I was in Cairo with the Gaza Freedom March. By now, people have tried to reach Gaza to break the siege by land. They have tried by sea. And they have lost their lives. They have given their lives in the cause of breaking this siege on Gaza. And we have to ask, we have to ask, for what crime are 1.5 million people in Gaza being held prisoner? There is a museum in Berlin, which I visited as a schoolboy, to those who were killed trying to cross, those who were machine-gunned trying to cross over the Berlin Wall. Well, an unknown number of people, because Israel won’t tell us, were machine-gunned for trying to break this blockade. When will there be accountability? And when will the Obama administration stop this outrageous complicity, this enabling, this acting as an accomplice with these crimes against people in Palestine and now against Americans, Turks, Greeks, Jordanians, Palestinians, Lebanese, Swedes, French people, German people, members of Parliament, doctors, retired people, trying to bring medicine to people in Gaza? That our government has not stood up and condemned this in the clearest possible terms is a sign that something is sick in the United States’ system when it comes to speaking about and dealing with Israel. There is a sickness that has to be addressed.

Caption: Global Condemnation of Israeli Armed Attack on Gaza-Bound Freedom Flotilla #1

Caption: Global Condemnation of Israeli Armed Attack on Gaza-Bound Freedom Flotilla #2

author by Viva Rachel Corriepublication date Wed Jun 02, 2010 15:08author address author phone

Czech camera man describes beating of Irish activist in Israeli prison

German activists, including 2 parliamentarians, on board the Gaza-bound flotilla question details of the Israeli attack.

Ιnterview with Greek Aristides Papadokostopoulos, who was on board the “Free Mediterranean”

author by gay chaverapublication date Wed Jun 02, 2010 15:24author address author phone

This posted up earlier on the YNet news site. Full of the usual omissions of correct info from the israeli side :S

Related Link:,7340,L-3898002,00.html
author by Latin America again taking decisive actionpublication date Wed Jun 02, 2010 16:04author address author phone

Nicaragua suspended diplomatic ties with Israel on Tuesday in protest at Israel's raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla that killed nine people, President Daniel Ortega's office said.

"Nicaragua suspends from today its diplomatic relations with the government of Israel," communications chief Rosario Murillo said in a statement read on Radio Ya.

Managua "underscored the illegal nature of the attack on a humanitarian mission in clear violation of international and humanitarian law," added Murillo, who doubles as poetess and first lady.

Nicaragua reiterated its support for the Palestinian people and urged an end to the blockade on the Gaza Strip.,7340,L-3897773,00.html

via TWEET-

author by Send Evrony homepublication date Wed Jun 02, 2010 18:06author address author phone

Ambassador pulls out of committee

Israel’s ambassador to Ireland has pulled out of a planned appearance at an Oireachtas committee to answer questions about the aid flotilla controversy.

Dr Zion Evrony today cited “unforeseen circumstances” for his decision to decline an invitation to address tomorrow’s scheduled emergency meeting of the Oireachtas Foreign Affairs Committee.

Committee chairman Michael Woods described the ambassador’s "eleventh hour volte-face" as “most disappointing”.

He said the committee had been anxious to seek answers from Dr Evrony about the Israeli actions against the Gaza aid flotilla. “We were also particularly eager to question him regarding his Government’s intentions concerning the Irish-owned ship the Rachel Corrie,” he said.

author by TWITTERerpublication date Wed Jun 02, 2010 20:11author address author phone

Swedish Port workers union seeks the blockade of all Israeli ships and goods to and from Israel. The reason is Israel's attacks against ships in the Ship to Gaza, which claimed nine lives and nearly 30 injured.

"This is our position. We want those responsible brought to justice and that the blockade of Gaza is lifted, "said League chairman Bjorn Borg.

It is unclear how many ships are involved, but the union is not about any significant amounts of freight.

"It's mostly on fruit from Israel, and industrial products in exports from Sweden,"said Castle.

The blockade is effective from midnight on Tuesday, June 15 and expected to continue until midnight on Thursday 24 June.


Trade unions in the blockade against Israel -
Fackförbund i blockad mot Israel -

author by Time for Zion Evrony to be shown the doorpublication date Thu Jun 03, 2010 12:59author address author phone

South Africa to Recall Its Ambassador to Israel Over Gaza Flotilla Raid

South Africa will recall its ambassador to Israel to protest a raid by Israeli naval forces on a flotilla of aid ships trying to breach a blockade of the Gaza Strip, said Mahlatse Mminele, a spokesman for the country’s foreign ministry, said in an interview from Pretoria, the capital, today.

This follows on from Nicaraguas cutting of political ties on tuesday.,7340,L-3897773,00.html

When can we expect the Irish government to follow suit, incidently, I think they are being strong in this difficult situation but should be stronger and kick Zion Evrony out until the siege is lifted.

If the Rachel Corrie gets through, and theres a good chance she will as world opinion rolls in behind her and an international day of action to break the siege is called for saturday well then, mr Evrony will be back soon, so he can explain his countries illagal murdering, pirating and all the rest...

Viva Rachel Corrie, Viva Gaza, Viva Pachamama

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Thu Jun 03, 2010 13:07author address author phone

Way past time.If Micky mouse Martin had squeeked at the passport scam the IDF might have been more careful with its stupid clumsy and homicidal interception.If any harm comes to the MV Rachel its at Martin's door.I reckon he bears responsibility by negligence of responsibility for those lost over the Marmara lunacy.

author by anti-semanticismpublication date Thu Jun 03, 2010 14:03author address author phone

An Algerian activist, who gave her name as Sabrina, revealed that Israeli troops pointed their gun at a one-year-old Turkish child in front of his parents to force the captain of the Mavi Marmara to stop sailing.

Many reports have emerged from among the 124 activists who crossed over into Amman, Jordan, yesterday.

In an interview with Sky News, IT professional Hasan Nowarah, from Glasgow, described the moments as the Israeli troops descended on the ship.

"All you could see was screaming and bullets. Out of the blue as I looked around our ship, all I could see were hundreds of Zodiacs. Hundreds of Zodiacs full of soldiers, and big ships, lots of ships, and I believe as well submarines in the sea."

Kuwaiti MP Walid Al Tabtabai said the Israelis were "brutal and arrogant".

"Israelis roughed up and humiliated all of us, women, men and children," he said.

Algerian Izzeddine Zahrour said Israeli authorities "deprived us of food, water and sleep and we weren't allowed to use the toilet".

"It was an ugly kidnapping and subsequently bad treatment in Israeli jail," he said.

"They handcuffed us, pushed us around and humiliated us," Egyptian MP Hazem Farouq, who was also on the boat, said and added what he witnessed on the ship "defied his imagination".

"It was hell on the sea. I saw Israeli soldiers killing activists in cold blood and then walking on their bodies," Farouq, who was one of more than 700 activists aboard the Freedom Flotilla attacked by Israeli commandos, said on Tuesday in Cairo.

"The Israeli soldiers sprayed bullets as if they were a mafia in an American film."

author by anti-semanticismpublication date Thu Jun 03, 2010 14:13author address author phone

Sarah Colborne, director of campaigns and operations at the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, who was also on board the Mavi Marmara, described scenes of chaos on the ship in the moments after the Israelis boarded. Insisting that no one on board the boat was armed, she said the attack was an act of piracy and a “massacre”. At one point, she saw a man being shot dead by an Israeli commando. She said:

We still don’t know how many people were actually murdered because there are still many missing. When I was on the upper deck I saw an injured person being brought to the back of the deck being tended to by a doctor and someone who is trained in first aid. He was shot in the head. It was clear it was not some paint ball. It was a bullet. As I walked up, the dinghies the Israelis used were bristling with arms. I couldn’t even count how many ships there were in the water. It was just literally bristling with ships, helicopters, gunfire. The whole thing was just horrific. All I know is that there was gunfire everywhere around. We had no weapons. We were on a peaceful humanitarian mission. We knew there might be problems with the Israelis because of the way they treated previous convoys in the past and because of the way they treat the Palestinian people. We never considered that they would murder so many people on a humanitarian mission. It was very clear there was no way we could have been carrying weapons on board. Yet we were attacked with live gunfire.

author by free gazapublication date Thu Jun 03, 2010 18:54author address author phone

video - British survivor tells of Israeli assault on Gaza aid ship
Sarah Colborne, the first British survivor of the Israeli assault on the Mavi Marmara aid ship to return to Britain, insists troops fired live ammunition at unarmed activists

related article - British survivor of Gaza flotilla raid: 'Israelis ignored SOS calls'
Sarah Colborne said pleas for aid were dismissed by the troops who fired rounds at the activists and handcuffed medical staff

Israeli troops ignored SOS calls for medical aid and continued to fire live rounds at activists.

she saw one man fatally wounded from a gun shot to the head and how passengers feared for their lives as Israeli troups trained laser sights on the activists through the ship's windows.

What I saw was guns being used by the Israelis on unarmed civilians. I saw a bullet wound in someone's head. It was very clear it was live ammunition."

We then had the first passenger fatally injured. He was brought to the back of the deck below. He was shot in the head.

"I saw him. He was in a very bad way and he subsequently died.

We asked this in English: 'we are not resisting' please help the injured. Instead of helping the injured the saloon remained surrounded by soldiers targetting individuals with laser sights.

She said she could "see the red of the laser sights sweeping over people's heads". "The Israeli military were firing on us," she said. "We had no arms."

Asked if the trip had been worth it, she said: "We are hoping that the horrific deaths of the people will not be in vain. We are hoping this will act as a wake up call internationally ... We can't sit by and watch Israel violate international law every day. We want the British government to take action, ensure there is no future attacks on humanitarian aid convoys, to ensure there is a search carried out fopr those that remain missing, to ensure that those people who have been detained illegally will be released and most importantly to end the seige of Gaza."

author by anti-semanticismpublication date Thu Jun 03, 2010 20:34author address author phone

Bulent Yildirm, head of Foundation of Humanitarian Relief (IHH), claims that the commandos fired indiscriminately, and even that some activists were thrown into the sea. He says the death toll is higher than announced.

"We were given the bodies of nine martyrs, but we have a longer list. There are missing people. Our doctors handed over 38 injured, on our return they (the Israelis) said there were only 21 injured."

Turkish officials are trying to verify the lists and account for all the people on the boats.

author by Dunkpublication date Thu Jun 03, 2010 20:39author address author phone

Rachel Corrie has taken a break to get better live streaming and vid recording devices installed. World pressure is mounting in rage which is being directed in breaking the illegal siege. Maybe its because Ecuador, South Africa, Nicaragua and Turkey have already cut political ties with the rogue regime that is the present Israeli state or maybe its because one of the confirmed dead was actually a young man from the US who had 4 bullets fired into his head from close range, what ever it is world pressure from below is starting to finally show results, as we see a change of direction from Israeli administration... We will see.

Eitherway there will be more massive protests this Saturday all over the world as part of a Global Day to Break Israeli Siege, and we hope that that will coincide with the Rachel Corrie entering Gaza after the UN have checked the boats cargo and accompany it into port... Once again, the eyes of the world are looking to little Ireland. We boldly kicked down one rotten unjust empire, its time to do it again.

Viva Rachel Corrie, Viva Gaza, Viva Pachama

Irish aid ship delays voyage to Gaza

An Irish-owned aid ship headed for Gaza is delaying its voyage for a while to get equipped with video capabilities and satellite transmission to record what is happening at any given moment on the vessel, a Free Gaza Movement activist told CNN.

Adam Shapiro, Free Gaza board member, said the additions to the ship are being made for safety purposes.

Shapiro said Israel has made it clear it would intercept the ship and he hopes recording technology on the ship will make a difference in the behavior of any soldiers who board the vessel.

"Israel will be sensitive to the fact that we'll be recording what's happening and streaming it live," said Shapiro, who didn't identify where the Rachel Corrie is docking. He said it will head toward Gaza within the week.

The day the world became Gaza, By Ali Abunimah -

Since Israel's invasion and massacre of over 1,400 people in Gaza 18 months ago, dubbed Operation Cast Lead, global civil society movements have stepped up their campaigns for justice and solidarity with Palestinians.

Governments, by contrast, carried on with business as usual, maintaining a complicit silence.

Israel's lethal attack on the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza may change that, spurring governments to follow the lead of their people and take unprecedented action to check Israel's growing lawlessness.

Small countries showed the greatest courage and clarity. Nicaragua suspended diplomatic ties completely, citing Israel's "illegal attack". Brian Cowen, Ireland's prime minister, told parliament in Dublin that his government had "formally requested" of Israel that the vessel Rachel Corrie still heading toward Gaza, be allowed to proceed, and warned of the "most serious consequences" should Israel use violence against it. The boat - named after the young American peace activist killed by Israeli occupation forces in Gaza in 2003 - is carrying Malaysian and Irish activists and politicians including Nobel Peace Prize winner Mairead Maguire.

U.S. Citizen Was Among the Dead on the Gaza Flotilla
via -

Mr. Dogan had 1 bullet in the chest and 4 bullets fired into his head from close range

Under U.S. pressure, Netanyahu may ease Gaza siege
Prime Minister willing to consider easing naval blockade on Gaza, while border crossings will remain closed.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is willing to consider easing the naval blockade on the Gaza Strip, as well as possible creative solutions for monitoring the goods that are allowed to enter the Hamas-ruled territory.

The US administration is standing behind Israel, even if public opinion is not [AFP]
The US administration is standing behind Israel, even if public opinion is not [AFP]

author by linkerpublication date Thu Jun 03, 2010 23:27author address author phone

Video interview on Al Jazeera has just come in, a live interview with Jamal ElShayyal, Al Jazeera's reporter who was speaking on the live stream from the Mavi Marmara untill the line was cut by Israeli soldiers. In that stream he stated that already 2 people on the boat were dead, that they were hit before the soldiers landed on the boat, that one had been shot from above, from a helicopter. He said yes people defended themselves with iron bars, he saw no one using knives. 3 soldiers were taken prisoner by the people on board, when the firefight got worse, they let them go but took their pistols away from them (other report said these were dumped overboard). He said there was a lot of firing.

His treatment in captivity was very bad, as were the others. 3 injured people were not seen to for upto 3 hours, by which time they were dead, despite requests from the people on board. hands were tied for 24 hours, no access to lawyer or british council, told to piss in his pants...

Interview with Al Jazeera's Jamal ElShayyal: One of the passengers on the Mavi Marmara

The earlier vid, the last live stream, amidst the violence and chaos

Al Jazeera's Jamal Elshayyal, on board the Mavi Marmara, said Israeli troops had used live ammunition during the operation.

Al Jazeera's Jamal ElShayyals interviews - after and during the Mavi Marmara massacre
Al Jazeera's Jamal ElShayyals interviews - after and during the Mavi Marmara massacre

Caption: Al Jazeera

Caption: Al Jazeera

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I admit and want to share a slight niggling doubt that our Irish solidarity and perhaps even "national pride" is adding to the honed, psychological warfare adept, media machine spin of the Israeli state, zionists and all who wish to maintain and obfuscate the reality of the apartheid state; its purpose as a US imperialist proxy in the middle East & its undoubtedly (& sickeningly ironic) continued stimulus to anti-semitism ( for both loyal jewish stater and arab muslim are as barbarian as briefly was ulster catholics versus ulster protestants gig )

The original Rachel Corrie was murdered by the IDF on the 16th of March 2003 just 3 days before the start of the illegal war in Iraq.

A lot of people might think that the MV before the name of the ship now bearing her name, which they perhaps recognise as coming before all the boats of the Eire state's little navy is gaeilge for some't.

It aint.

It simply means "motor vehicle" and is assigned to any boat which is powered by "an Internal combustion engine, usually a diesel", as opposed I suppose to nuclear power, slave drawn oars or hot winds. It's good to know what we deal with. & yes - a pedal powered craft would probably in an ideal world get the international maritime classification "PP".

We need to understand ( I believe ) the resonance of the name of the last ship on route to Gaza and in doing so contemplate the names on the other ships which were victims of piracy.

Challenger (1 & 2) were tazered, Eleftheri Mesogeios ( "=free mediteranean") and Sfendoni ( "=slingshot" )
were likewise treated and similarly impounded, their crew & passengers taken hostage and their property stolen.

Gazze ( =Gaza) the smaller Turkish vessel was simply named after its hoped for destination.

Defne Y (=Laurel as in leaf ) was a small ship which inocous though its name has seen a similar fate as her partners in the convoy.

the boat of death was of course as we know the biggest, Mavi Marmara (= Marmara Sea = that little inland bit of water which marks the natural frontier between the continents of Europe and Asia in what is now the Turkish state)

Rachel Corrie 1979 - 2003 - if her state ("the states") had been sterner, she might have been one of the last deaths for Palestine.
Rachel Corrie 1979 - 2003 - if her state ("the states") had been sterner, she might have been one of the last deaths for Palestine.

Related Link:
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Back in our Shell to Sea Flotilla days, I was informed by a knowledgeable comrade that when it came to naming the illustrious individual canoes and dinghies of our valorous (and unarmed, except with the will and loving support of the community) Flotilla, that the apprporiate term to use to prefix each name was PV (Paddle Vessel), in order to keep with the convention of the merchant marine prefix MV (Motor Vessel). This is what I was told anyhow, after I'd used much more cumbersome prefixes in reporting the Flotilla's first major action against Shell's War Boats and ancillary watercraft.

Related Link:
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I have always understood told that in nautical usage 'MV' stands for 'Marine Vessel.'

author by FSB! - International Solidarity Pedants (Craobh Shell Chun Sáile)publication date Fri Jun 04, 2010 01:58author address author phone

I stand corrected. It was a nice conceit though...

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Last nights Gaza solidarity demo in Dublin saw a live satellite connection with MV RACHEL CORRIE, followed by sleep out which, as the Irish Times has reported, Shut the embassy down for the night.

There was a sleep out outside the Israeli Embassy last night after yesterdays demo. And with modern communication technology Denis Halliday, presently on board the MV Rachel Corrie, spoke live to the crowd through a live satellite linkup.

Richard Boyd Barrett said “Here in Ireland, we must demand that our Government takes genuine action against Israel. Words of criticism or a rap over the knuckles from Micheál Martin are not enough. The Israeli ambassador should be expelled from this country and all trade and diplomatic links with Israel must be severed.”

Great to see more and more anger rising all over the country and that saturday looks like it will be a huge day of protest in Ireland, with planned protests in the coming days in Strabane, Gorey, New Ross, Belfast, Sligo, Waterford, Ennis, Limerick, Cork, Belfast and Dublin.

Keep it going Ireland, the eyes of the world are again focusing on our little island, a special boat, and an utterly brave crew...

full report with links to other reports and photos at

vid - Israel Embassy Protest, Dublin Ireland. June 3rd 2010

Freedom Flotilla: Irish on the way home (via Istanbul) / Audio of Shane Dillon / Dublin Demo on Sat
AUDIO - Freedom Flotilla deportee Shane Dillon's press conference in The Central Hotel -

Yesterdays Democracy Now feature (or at if first link is not yet registered)

# Flotilla Passengers Huwaida Arraf of Free Gaza Movement and Retired Army Col. Ann Wright Respond to Israeli Claims on Deadly Assault (full transcript included)

Huwaida Arraf, chairperson of the Free Gaza Movement, and retired US Col. Ann Wright were on the flotilla when it was attacked. They join us to describe the assault and their subsequent detention in Israeli prison. We also speak to Sawsan Zaher, a staff attorney at Adalah, the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, who interviewed many of the activists in detention.

feature vid on youtube -
(more reports from )

# US Student Loses Eye After Israel Fires on West Bank Protest
youtube vid -

Dublin demo for Gaza, protesters sleep outside Israeli embassy and shut it down for the night
Dublin demo for Gaza, protesters sleep outside Israeli embassy and shut it down for the night

Caption: Israel Embassy Protest, Dublin Ireland

Caption: DN! - Flotilla Passengers Huwaida Arraf of Free Gaza Movement and Retired Army Col. Ann Wright Respond to Israeli Claims on Deadly Assault

Freedom Flotilla deportee Shane Dillon

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Below is part of an email I recieved from the petition organisors.

Will you please follow the link below, sign the petition and send the link (with the poster) to all your concerned contacts. So far over 200,000 people have signed, the target is at least a half million.

Many thanks

The UN, EU, and nearly every other government and multilateral organization have called on Israel to lift the blockade and, now, launch a full investigation of the flotilla raid. But without massive pressure from their citizens, world leaders might limit their response to mere words -- as they have so many times before.

Let's make the world's outcry too loud to ignore. Join the petition for an international investigation into the raid, accountability for those responsible, and an immediate end to the blockade in Gaza -- click to sign the petition, and then forward this message to everyone:

This petition reached 200,000 names in less than 24 hours, and has already had its first delivery to the UN and world leaders. To make it roar, we need to reach 500,000 and publicly deliver it again, demonstrating to those in power that sound bites and press releases aren't enough -- that citizens are paying attention and demanding action, and that the momentum is on our side.

As the EU decides whether to expand its special trade relationship with Israel, as Obama and the US Congress set next year's budget for Israeli military aid, and as neighbours like Turkey and Egypt decide their next diplomatic steps -- let's make the world's voice unignorable: it's time for truth and accountability on the flotilla raid, and it's time for Israel to comply with international law and end the siege of Gaza. Sign now and pass this message along:


©  Michael Gallagher 2010
© Michael Gallagher 2010

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Full account of what happened on the ship and horrific images of the massacre starting to appear.

fotos from

Perhaps image included is of the man reported here- He was apparently one of the first to go down, after an Israeli gun targeted the centre of his forehead from a helicopter, spilling his brains into the hands of another activist who was trying to look after him.

Gulf News reporter Abbas Al Lawati recounts flotilla attack horror...
( I think, given the circumstances, it is appropriate to give this full account as it contains invaluable insider take on things as they happened, in all the madness and panic.. If editors disagree, perhaps they could just snip the parts that arent highlighted)

From tear gas to bullets: Gunshots shattered call to prayer

"Everyone was crouching… I could hear louder bangs, see bright lights and hear helicopters," Gulf News reporter Abbas Al Lawati recounts flotilla attack horror

"Going to get some sleep. Action continues in a couple of hours. Hope we still have internet access."

That was one of my last few posts on Twitter before the partially successful Israeli media blackout on the Mavi Marmara, the biggest passenger ship on the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza which came under an Israeli attack that killed nine people.

The events since then have been a different experience for every person on the ship. As all reporters have been compiling their eyewitness accounts, here is my account of what happened.

After sending my last blog entry and Twitter post, I changed into jeans and decided to take about two hours of sleep before the action started. I woke up at around 4.30am with the simultaneous sounds of bangs and the call to prayers, the azzan.

Opening my eyes, I asked an Egyptian man beside me: "Are they attacking?" "Yes!" he said.

I rushed up to the press room, where everyone was crouching. I prepared my camera and went out to the deck, where I could hear louder bangs, see bright lights and hear helicopters.

Small Israeli speedboats were just meters away from me, flashing their lights at everyone in view. I kept trying to get out of the light, afraid of being exposed enough to be targeted. I lifted my camera as I filmed the boat so they would know that I was a journalist, but then decided that filming them was perhaps as likely to get me shot.

Struggling to keep my shirt from flying off because of the wind that was being whipped up by the helicopter propellers, I was reminded that I did not have my life jacket on, having taken it off to go to sleep.

When smoke started appearing, an activist handed me a handful of cut onions to smell, saying it would help in resisting the tear gas. I had no idea about the trick but continued sniffing on onion from one hand as I held my camera in the other.

I saw some impressively effective resistance. Men tasked with guarding the boat had resorted to using hosepipes to push trained Israeli commandos that were trying to climb the ship. Some were thrown into the sea by the pressure of the pipes. The pipes also briefly pushed away Israeli navy speedboats that had been firing tear gas canitsers and smoke bombs.

Other guards used any kind of makeshift weapon to defend themselves and their ship. Some used iron rods that once made the railing on the ships while others used sling shots and chairs.

Those activists who had gas masks on were tasked with picking up smoke bombs and tear gas canisters and throwing them off board or back at the Israeli speedboats. That method, too, prolonged the battle and led to the commandos' use of more serious weapons.

I then decided that I was standing too close to the speedboats for my own safety, and decided to assess the situation inside. That is where I learned that two Israeli soldiers had been disarmed and held captive.

I felt a sense of euphoria upon realising how big a news story this would be, but then had a sense of reality and realised that events on the boat had taken a horrible turn.

Angry activists

As I saw angry activists drag one of the Israeli soldiers down the stairs and punch him, I lost my journalistic objectivity and found myself urging the activist to stop hitting the soldier.

Seeing the anger in the activist's eyes, I thought that he would kill him. I had images of the wars that Israel has waged over its captive soldiers, and the number of people that have died as a result of them. My thought was that if an Israeli soldier was to die on that ship, the entire flotilla would be bombed until it sank.

That was, of course, before I saw the bloodshed. The activists' anger was suddenly put in context when I saw a number of people carrying a dying man down the stairs. His face was unrecognisable, covered in blood. He was apparently one of the first to go down, after an Israeli gun targeted the centre of his forehead from a helicopter, spilling his brains into the hands of another activist who was trying to look after him.

Upon seeing his body I felt nauseous and had to take a step back and walk into the press room nearby. The Palestinian member of Israel's Knesset, Haneen Zoubi, walked into the press room, where everyone was ducking to avoid the windows as Israeli guns kept firing. Haneen had been on the deck outside where the battles were ongoing.

"What's going on outside?" I asked?

"What's going on? War is going on," she said.

I took a few deep breaths and went back to get some footage on my tiny HD camera. Still indoors, I remained by the staircase where, by now, the organisers of the flotilla had pushed aside activists and forbade them to hurt the soldiers.

I took a few steps down to film the other captive soldier, struggling to keep my balance with so much blood under my feet. He stood in a corner being attended by two medics onboard, in shock, crying.

It was surreal. I knew that that soldier could destroy the entire flotilla, and thought I would get some close up footage of him. I took my camera as close as possible to his face and asked his name twice. He was too traumatised to answer. I could see fear of death in his eyes. He was petrified. Then I heard women screaming. "They are coming!"

The Israelis had taken control of the upper deck and were moving to the lower floors. Their target was the press room, where most of us had been causing the bad PR that Israel had been getting. I was right next to the press room and had to rush down to one floor below as the commanders started coming down.

I left my backpack in the press room with my passport, two of my three phones, my laptop, my still camera, watch, car and home keys, wallet, press accreditation, and a lot of cash. As the Israelis took over the press room, I had a feeling I was never going to get any of that back.

an Israeli gun targeted the centre of his forehead from a helicopter, spilling his brains
an Israeli gun targeted the centre of his forehead from a helicopter, spilling his brains

Turkey buries 1 of its 9 nine dead, 5 of which were shot through the head
Turkey buries 1 of its 9 nine dead, 5 of which were shot through the head

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6 peace activists are still missing. When will #Israel allow us to know what has happened to them?

British survivor of Gaza flotilla raid: 'Israelis ignored SOS calls'

• The death toll of nine is likely to rise, because some activists remain missing;

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At 9.48, Israeli military reporting that the Rachel Corrie have now refused for the fourth time their call to go to Ashdod and the ship will probably be boarded now - report by Sky News. So it's likely that this tells us nothing. and more may be happening

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The Rachel Corrie has been boarded by the IDF according to a report in Ha'aretz newspaper. No violence encountered

author by anti-semanticismpublication date Sat Jun 05, 2010 11:03author address author phone

Contrary to all the Zionist lies we've heard over the past week, evidence emerges from the autopsies that the murdered activists were most likely cold-bloodedly executed. Rather than the murder victims deaths being the result of any unavoidable 'self-defence' actions carried out by the hostile and violent IDF forces, or the result of them being merely the unfortunate result of being 'caught up in the chaos', the evidence clearly points to some of their deaths being the result of cold-blooded executions carried by the IDF forces

Victims shot 30 times, five in head at close range
Nine Turkish men on board the Mavi Marmara were shot a total of 30 times and five were killed by gunshot wounds to the head, according to the vice-chairman of the Turkish council of forensic medicine, which carried out the post mortems for the Turkish ministry of justice yesterday.

The results revealed that Ibrahim Bilgen (60) was shot four times in the temple, chest, hip and back. Fulkan Dogan (19), who also had US citizenship, was shot five times from less that 45cm, in the face, in the back of the head, twice in the leg and once in the back. Two other men were shot four times, and five of the victims were shot either in the back of the head or in the back, said Yalcin Buyuk, vice-chairman of the council of forensic medicine. . .

it should also be noted that although the media have reported a figure of 9 murder victims, that figure does not include are least 6 people whose bodies are still missing

the true death toll is possibly much closer to the earlier estimated figure of 18 murder victims

author by dunkpublication date Sat Jun 05, 2010 11:26author address author phone

In Israel this is how they treat their murdering pups...

Israeli commando who shot six passengers in aid convoy in line for medal

Im just listening to Al Jazeera live report with massacre survivors, 1 man who was shielding a shot camera man was shot through the head, bullet passed through his left cheek, smashed 6 teeth out of his head and passed out through the far side of his neck, very luckily missing all critical arteries... Sounds like the work of soldier boy above...

In the following vid report today it was stated- "The Irish government has reported that if Israel intercepted the boat, they will expel the representative in Ireland"

[Press TV Live] Israel Threatens Rachel Corrie - Update From Gaza - June 05, 2010 @ 0800GMT

Now let us see how the Irish government deals with yet another illegal jihacking in international waters, all be it under the agreement of crew knowing that resistance would mean death. Will Martin expel Zion Evrony, who has blood on his hands, as well as a bit of passport ink...

Anyway, Dennis, Mairead and all the others, thank you so much for battling with such courage, conviction and passion. Your action will inspire more and more Rachel Corries... The siege will be broken, in time, people will look back at this morning as being the last great shove before the wall of injustice comes tumbling down...

the MV Rachel Corrie was borded @ 10.45 Irish time...

IDF boards Gaza-bound ship Rachel Corrie, says crew compliant
Army says peaceful takeover takes place after Free Gaza ship reportedly ignored IDF pleas to change course.

The Gaza-bound aid ship "Rachel Corrie" has been boarded by Israel Defense Forces soldiers, and is directed toward the port of the Israeli city of Ashdod, Channel 2 reported on Saturday.

According to the IDF, the takeover was conducted peacefully and no resistance or injuries were reported.

An IDF spokesman, the Israeli special forces soldiers used boats to board the ship, and were not air-dropped as in the nighttime takeover of the flotilla earlier this week.

The spokesman added that the boarding had taken place after receiving full consent from the Free Gaza activists on board.

Caption: The Irish government has reported that if Israel intercepted the boat, they will expel the representative in Ireland

author by D. Glassmanpublication date Sat Jun 05, 2010 20:15author address author phone

Irish at least those in Belfast seem to be one sided. First off: Israel is a sovereign country and has a legal international right to protect its borders. More than 15,000 tons of supplies reach Palestine each week with the help of Israel. Israel helped Arafat reenter Israel but people seem to forget this. Hamas is indeed a terror group in which the USA and UK refuse to deal with directly. If a flotilla of 6 large boats were 15 miles from the shores of Ireland you can bet that your country would out there boarding those boats. If a few of those people on the boats had guns and fired on Irish authorities they would be shot DEAD!

Many of you refuse to see the facts since many are racist to Jews. Many in your area are against Jews since this is how its been since the the council of Nicea in 325 ace. We all know that if Jews were catholics few would make comments. Alas, we are not. Think about come Saudi Arabia and Egypt do nothing to help Palestine? The Saudi's have so much oil money but they do so little. The answer is...they are tired of all of this as terrorism is just bad for trade.

I have been to Israel and areas near Palestine and know that Israel wants to be left alone. When Mexicans come into the US with guns you Irish say nothing...hmmmm. Gaza is a tough issue that will not be solved by sending 10,000 tons of supplies that would be used up in 3 days. These "gestures" of peace are fine but those who send the supplies also broke laws. When shipping to other countries one requires bills of lading if its to be trucked in, customs and other documents to satisfy the governments. Israel did what EVERY OTHER COUNTRY would have done but you people bitch because they are "JEWS" who did it. I am tired of self righteous leftist morons who think with their groins and have only partial facts.

Israel wants to be left alone and 67% of all Jews in Israel wants Palestine to be a true country. Once this happens we will see peace (hopefully). Fighting is bad for business and all it does is support the ideology of those fighting. Palestine will never get Jerusalem for if they did few of you would be allowed to see it. Islam would restrict who gets in. Trust me..the Catholic church wants Israel to keep it. Arafat was given 97% of all he asked for during the Clinton years and he turned it down. In the mean time, Israel has a woman on PMS for a neighbor and it has a right to defend its borders and its people.

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up this list of comments I left a thought on how Rachel Corrie a US Citizen moved from a victim of the IDF's collatoral accountancy to a Marine Vessel complete with flag & diplomacy which perhaps she wouldn't have enjoyed had her propellers been ship shape & she had been on-time enough to get confiscated along with the rest of the Gaza Freedom Convoy...

I've been reading English language media in addition to Spanish and Catalan coverage since this started, and was shocked to see the ambassador of Israel to the Spanish state (where I live) compare the deaths this week to road accidents on Spanish motorways. The disgust at his road kill analogy was shared in many languages today. But I'm not commenting now to explain what is common to European state's response to this story. I'm just wondering at what stage do the media pundits and spin doctors of the Israeli Apartheid state wants us to begin defining humanitarian interest & assisitance and gifts and Hamas .

I'm not going to even labour the symbolic point and dwell upon what the name Rachel Corrie means on either a dead US citizen whose family currently litigates the Israeli state or a boat whose cargo was sealed diplomatically under the jurisdiction of the Irish state.

The Zionists, and I call them such for that is exactly what they are, under let us not forget a broad and expansive umbrella which can somehow accomodate the length and breadth of Brooklyn and the castes of the Israeli state be they militarised or not, seem to want us to accept that all humanitarian aid going to Hamas by sea or *land / tunnel* goes straight to Hamas as understood as a military command structure whose sole purpose is to attack their state.

Now how did that happen?

At what stage did all the people in Gaza who need wheelchairs, medicines, toys, food, coriander, chocolate & c-e-m-e-n-t-.

become Hamas?

are they all card carrying members?
or did the simple majority of them vote for that party to represent their territory?

Oh I suppose using that kind of logic you could say all of Ireland were Fianna Fail, both arm smugglers & a dab hand at profiteering cement & its cousin concrete - at the best of times.

author by Zionism makes me want to vomitpublication date Sun Jun 06, 2010 00:59author address author phone

I'm just wondering at what stage do the media pundits and spin doctors of the Israeli Apartheid state wants us to begin defining humanitarian interest & assisitance and gifts and Hamas .

They don't - they want all expressions of solidarity with the suffering of the Gazans, under the brutal heel of the Israelis, to be unequivocally equated with fully supporting 'Terrawrism'

author by Zionism makes me want to vomitpublication date Sun Jun 06, 2010 01:15author address author phone

Things are bad when a Zionist Troll has to refer back to the year 325AD in order to justify his racist lies and fascist bullshit - your commanding officer in Tel Aviv will be quite annoyed with you if he/she ever reads that post of yours - without doubt it was one of the most pathetic attempts at justification of Zionist Fascism that I've seen in this whole week

A more apt year for you, Herr Gruppenfurher 'Glassman', would be the year 1933 when the Zionistischen Vereinigung für Deutschland, the German Zionist Federation, sent this message to the Nazis:

"May we therefore be permitted to present our views, which, in our opinion, make possible a solution in keeping with the principles of the new German State of National Awakening.... It is our opinion that an answer to the Jewish question truly satisfying to the national state can be brought about only with the collaboration of the Jewish movement that aims at a social, cultural, and moral renewal of Jewry.... Zionism believes that a rebirth of national life, such as is occurring in German life through adhesion to Christian and national values, must also take place in the Jewish national group.... On the foundation of the new state, which has established the principle of race, we wish so to fit our community into the total structure so that for us too, in the sphere assigned to us, fruitful activity for the Fatherland is possible.... Our acknowledgment of Jewish nationality provides for a clear and sincere relationship to the German people and its national and racial realities.... [W]e do not wish to falsify these fundamentals, because we, too, are against mixed marriage and are for maintaining the purity of the Jewish group."

The ZVfD wasn't thinking about any future slaughter of Jews. To the contrary, they proclaimed that
"[A] self-conscious Jewry here described, in whose name we speak, can find a place in the structure of the German state, because it is inwardly unembarrassed, free from the resentment which assimilated Jews must feel at the determination that they belong to Jewry, to the Jewish race and past. We believe in the possibility of an honest relationship of loyalty between a group-conscious Jewry and the German state."

They went further.
"For its practical aims, Zionism hopes to be able to win the collaboration even of a government fundamentally hostile to Jews, because in dealing with the Jewish question no sentimentalities are involved but a real problem whose solution interests all peoples, and at the present moment especially the German people.

The realization of Zionism could only be hurt by resentment of Jews abroad against the German development. Boycott propaganda ­ such as is currently being carried on against Germany in many ways ­ is in essence un-Zionist, because Zionism wants not to do battle but to convince and to build.... Our observations, presented herewith, rest on the conviction that, in solving the Jewish problem according to its own lights, the German Government will have full understanding for a candid and clear Jewish posture that harmonizes with the interests of the state."

[Critics of Lennii Brenner's book] charge that the synopsis misrepresents "pragmatism for collaboration (particularly before the Nazi's policy of extermination was known about) as if Zionists and Nazis shared the same ideals is insulting and disingenuous."

But [the Zionists] called for "a solution in keeping with the principles of the new German State of National Awakening." After all, "Zionism believes that a rebirth of national life, such as is occurring in German life through adhesion to Christian and national values, must also take place in the Jewish national group.... [W]e do not wish to falsify these fundamentals, because we, too, are against mixed marriage and are for maintaining the purity of the Jewish group." . . .

No honest impartial observer could read those last 2 statements made by the Zionists and come to any other conclusion than that the Zionists were quite clearly saying to the Nazis:
"We Zionists share your Nazi values - we are the same as you"

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Sun Jun 06, 2010 12:14author address author phone

You repeat your plaint that Israel '..just wants to be left alone...'.did it ever cross your thoughts that this might have been the position of the Palestinian people when Balfour decided to pull their land out from under their childrens' homes?
We Irish,whom you pack into another of your collective unities that have no existence other than as shorthand simplifications,have a little experience of trying to deal with the consequences of Britannia's blind generosity to those it's imperial elites designate as of strategic use in their Great Game.As do a few other corners of the globe.It goes some way to explain why Kevin Myers got enough traction with his decoy media herring this week of 'everyone hates us nice Brits'.
Poor Kev,its actually just his posturing self-promotion we hate.

author by Free Gaza Blockade nowpublication date Sun Jun 06, 2010 13:42author address author phone

Israel foreign affairs minister Isaac Herzog (labor) speaking live on Irish radio - There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza....

UN relief agency worker Chris Gunness would beg to differ. In this vid interview he slams Israel...

Latest UN news - Security Council calls for prompt, impartial probe into deadly Gaza convoy incident

In a presidential statement issued early this morning, the Council said that it “deeply regrets the loss of life and injuries resulting from the use of force during the Israeli military operation in international waters against the convoy sailing to Gaza.

“The Council, in this context, condemns those acts which resulted in the loss of at least 10 civilians and many wounded, and expresses its condolences to their families.”

Now many Jews in Israel might agree with mr Herzog, but here is one, of many, who surely knows the facts far better than those of us who merely listen to testimonies from those who were there (all my Jewish friends who live in Israel at present ended their facebook friendship during the last week... ) who begs to differ and who is taking action to help end the crisis:

A year ago on Shalom Rav, A Blog by Rabbi Brant Rosen: Jewish Fast for Gaza

In response to the dire humanitarian crisis in Gaza, my dear friend and colleague Rabbi Brian Walt and I have organized a new initiative, Ta’anit Tzedek – Jewish Fast for Gaza.

Meanwhile in latest news from this mornings Israel media:

Minister Herzog: Time to lift Gaza siege,7340,L-3899589,00.html

Prime Minister Netanyahu tells cabinet that group which attacked IDF soldiers aboard Turkish-owned ship 'boarded ship separately, underwent completely different security checks than other passengers.' Minister Braverman says Israel should cooperate with international investigation

No humanitarian crisis in Gaza?! UN relief agency worker Chris Gunness begs to differ
No humanitarian crisis in Gaza?! UN relief agency worker Chris Gunness begs to differ

Caption: UN relief agency worker Chris Gunness would beg to differ. In this vid interview he slams Israel

author by TWITTERerpublication date Sun Jun 06, 2010 15:13author address author phone

*Breaking* Germany confIrmS: Number of people killed in the #Gaza flotilla attack is 19 #FREEDOMFLOTILLA #israel

- IDF Admits It Doctored the Audio Tapes

The IDF admitted today in a press release that it doctored audio footage from its exchanges with the Gaza flotilla in order to paint the flotilla passengers as anti-Semites.

Important TWEETs

- Fotos: Belfast #protest in #solidarity with #gaza
- #Limerick Protests #Flotilla Murders
- #Cork rally for #Gaza
- US rock band The Pixies cancel Israel gig Bravo @PIXIES!! #BoycottIsrael
- Boycott Apartheid Israel Global BDS Movement Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions #FreedomFlotilla
- British rapper Lowkey speaks at the Rage Against Israel demo in London and performs an accapella version of his song Long Live Palestine.
- Sarah Colborne's eyewitness account of attack on freedom flotilla from today's PSC press conference:
- 28 children orphaned by flotilla attack
- VID: Pro-Palestinian rallies in Europe after Israeli raid @euronews
- Turkey warns will send more aid vessels to Gaza, escorted by Turkish Navy.

author by anti-semanticismpublication date Sun Jun 06, 2010 15:36author address author phone

there are people still missing - we don't know what happened to them - 38 injured people handed over - only 21 accounted for by IDF - what happened to the other 17? Dead? imprisoned? we don't know and the media are completely ignoring it

So far we know that 9 are definitely dead - but there's a major discrepancy in the figures reported by the IHH and the IDF - 38 vs. 21. Some of the those injured may have died later, or they may not have - but where did 17 people disappear to once they were handed to the IDf for 'treatment'?

The 'western' media are refusing to even acknowledge that such a major discrepancy exists

"A German doctor on the ship, Matthias Jochheim, who had bloodstains on his trousers from people he treated, said that he had personally seen four dead people and that he expected the total death toll to be 15.

Three leftist German politicians, plus a representative of... See more the Palestinian community in Germany who was also on the Mavi Marmara when it was raided on Monday, said that there were around 18 or 19 people killed.

author by Michael Gallagherpublication date Sun Jun 06, 2010 18:10author email libertypics at yahoo dot ieauthor address author phone


© Michael Gallagher June 2010
© Michael Gallagher June 2010

author by VID smuggled out from massacrepublication date Mon Jun 07, 2010 01:43author address author phone

That vid, that translation, that commentry and a few TWEETS

TWEET - Video: Amid violent Israeli attack on Marmara, passengers aid soldiers injured in descent from choppers #flotilla

The vid -
Its translation

- There are now wounded on both sides of the ship, the direct link continues...
- Sorry to say there are several wounded, yes several wounded!
- Yes, unfortunately the operation continues...
- I really ask myself how this will end!
- Yes yes we are still sending live from international waters!
- We are still in international waters!
- What is happening now is a real attack!
- Israel must understand [the consequences of] these acts against the 50 countries that have participated!
(English-speaking Al Jazeera reporter reporting)
- You can see it with your own eyes!
- There are wounded on both sides of the ship...
- Our friends are trying to help them as good as they can, that's what we are able to see from where we are located...
- But we know that on the other side of the ship there is a big confrontation in this very moment!
- We're still trying to continue filming in order to send you these pictures!
- Here is what you have to do after having watched this!
- After having seen this with your own eyes you must help us! The persons present on this ship must come out of this unharmed!
- The commandos are descending! Yes the commandos are coming down from above!
(English-speaking reporter takes over)
- They have come down from the upper level [where] armed soldiers rappelled down!
- Before that, they attacked from the rear with zodiacs to desactivate the ship's propellers!
- After this attack the ship slowed down [unclear French - uncertain translation]
- They arrived with helicopters and debarqued around ten soldiers!
- However our friends up there managed to passivate two soldiers!
- Two other soldiers are wounded, they fell during their descent, our friends are now helping them!
- The others are still waiting up there!
- What we have asked from Israel is that no-one gets hurt, neither us nor them!
- Their soldiers that fell onto the bridge are in good hands, our friends are helping them now, nobody is harming them...
- This operation must be stopped!
- Yes it must be stopped…
- After having posed the soldiers the helicopters left, we don’t know how many they are!
- But we still help them , we are human…
- We simply defended ourselves it’s a reflex of auto defense!
- We have been exposed to an armed attack!
- We are full of blood! And there is still shooting!
- Yes there is still shooting!
- Our friends are wounded!
- Turkey must react!
- Friends, spread out! [response to several gunshots being heard]
- They’re coming back, they still attack we really don’t know how this will end?
- They’re attacking again!
- They want to finish this operation rapidly, before daylight returns!
- You have to help us!
- If you hear our voice, if you see these pictures!
- You have to help us!
- Our lives are really in danger!
- Here are more than 600 civilians, including a 1-year child!
- They are continuing in this way to attack a civilian ship, Israel continue its exaction!
- And nobody has yet reacted!
- You must absolutely help us in any way, e-mail, telephone, fax, internet…
- Anything you can do to help us do it! And now! Immediately!
- Anything you can do, do it to save lives,
- If you do not, who knows how many dead there will be… entire families will be destroyed…
- They used shooting weapons!
- They attacked with knifes!
- After that they used gas!
- They are all around us, we don’t have any contact with the other boats
- It is certain now that they have no humanity!
- They told us that it would happen calmly, silently, that they would speak to us…
- Nothing at all!
- They have nothing less than declared war on us!
- They just threw a grenade! I will stay, they can do whatever they want!
- The Turkish people are witness!
(English-speaking reporter takes over)
- They’re still attacking, They are throwing gas, again and again they attack…
- And each time they use gas and bullets and opening fire each time…
- The helicopter returns despite all that has happened, they come back again…
- Despite all they have done they return, it’s shameful!
- The entire world sees live what happens here…
- It’s really unacceptable…
- On a ship with 600 civilians…
- With armed commandos…
- As if it was a military operation they descend in rappel
- This is really surrealistic…
- The helicopter has arrived with soldiers on board…
- [If] they will descend or they will throw grenades I cannot tell you…

(much thansk to opsahle2 for translations )

Israel hasbara fails again: Photos show Mavi Marmara passengers protecting, aiding Israeli soldiers

Finally, the fact that passengers were giving aid to captured Israeli hijackers even as the ship was still under full scale assault by the Israeli military is bolstered by video which has recently emerged of the first moments of the attack. In the video, passengers are appealing for help and one says clearly that several soldiers were injured in their descent from the choppers, that they had been taken by the passengers and were receiving medical care. This is in the thick of the action, so it seems entirely credible that the passenger is reporting what he had just witnessed.

At about 3:34 in this video, a man speaking Turkish appears, and according to the french subtitles on the video, says that Israeli helicopters dropped about 10 soldiers onto the ship, that passengers had subdued two, and two others had been injured during their drop. He then says, "our friends are trying to come to their aid right now," and adds, "What we say to the Israelis is that no one should be injured, neither them nor us. Their soldiers who fell onto the bridge are in good hands. Our friends are looking after them, no one is doing them any harm. This operation must be stopped!"


- New #flotilla leaving from London next week. Will have 50 reporters on board.
- Jewish flotilla to break Gaza siege
- Noam Chomsky on Israel and the Gaza Flotilla Attack:
- Former US Ambassador describes raid on Gaza flotilla -A Must Listen. (he travelled on flotilla)
- VIDEO: Activist interviewed at airport: Passengers grabbed Israeli weapons to stop killing on
- Video: Roger Waters records new version of "We Shall Overcome"
- 'Rachel Corrie' activists: We failed, world must act
- "We were lynched" IDF claim shown to be yet more Israeli lies
- German Jews prepare Gaza ship with candy, school kit, musical instruments; 'afraid but not of Hamas'
- Plz share @avinunu: UPDATED: Even more photos disprove Israel lie #flotilla tried to "lynch" soldiers
- georgegalloway: Just received an email from an Israeli government ministry email address, saying "DEATH TO PALESTINE".
- justicentric: The week in brief, 31st May-6th June – a summary of recent postings
- Great leaping escalations. Iran offers to escort next #flotilla #freedomflotilla. (Guardian).

author by Social and Climate Justice Caravanpublication date Mon Jun 07, 2010 12:16author address author phone

****WATCH THIS VIDEO***: Activists return to UK from #FreedomFlotilla filmed at Heathrow yesterday morning

VID - Heroic Peace Activists return to UK from Gaza Freedom Flotilla - -

, ..."My friend a journalist, tried to take a photo of the helicopter, they shot him Here (between the eyes) and his brains exploded through the back of his head into my hands"

... "If we were here when the nazis were killing Jews, we would go there to stop them"

And Israel propaganda continually calls these peaceful activists "Hamas supporting terrorists bringing in weapons to kill"... SHAME.

Thankfully, the world is awakening to Israeli state terror, this is not an anti-semite thing, it is an anti terror and anti injustice thing, simple.

Viva Rachel Corrie, Viva Gaza, Viva Palestine, Viva all those who want and fight (non-violently) for peace

VID - I am Israel (Documentary Film) English version (ALT versions in many languages)

TWEETS via #FREEDOMFLOTILLA Batch 3 all send to #Palestine #Israel tags

- Rachel Corrie activists due home: @the_irish_times
- Rage after the Raid: Israel's Voyage into Isolation... @Jew4palestine RT @SPIEGEL_English: -
- 0 Israeli homes have been demolished while 24,145 Palestinian homes have been destroyed 2 make way 4 Israeli settlements #Palestine #Israel
- @RTEnews Who was Rachel Corrie: audio #gaza #Palestine #Israel #us #ireland #rachelcorrie #freedomflotilla #peace
- @RTEnews Israeli forces have shot dead four Palestinian ‘commandos’ at sea off Gaza during...
- @dangainor No, the world is filled with PEOPLE OPPOSED TO ISRAEL STATE TERROR #freedomflotilla #Palestine #Israel WATCH (Response to self proclaimed : VP of Business and Culture for Media Research Center @the MRC, professional loudmouth )
- U.S. demands IDF probe how American lost eye at West Bank protest
- Show support 4 d Gaza Aid Flotilla Massacre: peacefully protest at local Israel embassies
- The Jews are sick of Israel 's immorality-
- Parents of Rachel Corrie pay tribute to courageous activists
- 2005 UN map of #Gaza showing: checkpoints,military posts,observation towers,gates,closed zones @ Med
- Australians blast Israel over aid deaths
- @BarackObama Hello Mr. President. Was just curious to know where you keep your Nobel Peace Prize...
- 'Israelis threw 4 injured into the sea'
- New land and sea convoys to break the siege of Gaza from Britain @ end of Ramadan @SalmaYaqoob
- Israel will be isolated from the world because of their inhumane and violent behavior
- Iran Red Crescent to send 2 aid ships to Gaza
- Professor Norman Finkelstein: israel is A LUNATIC STATE!
- Demand Israel allow release of #FreedomFlotilla video of Peace activists for THEIR side of the story!They have the video!
- All I saw in Israel was cowards with guns: Former #US Marine Ken O’Keefe
- Israel rejects inquiry into attack surprise surprise!
- VIDEO: Activists return to UK from #FreedomFlotilla filmed at Heathrow yesterday morning
- Gaza blockade: Iran offers escort to next aid convoy
- French cinema cancels Israeli film, replaces wiv 1 on #RachelCorrie
- @euronews: Dispute continues over Israeli raid on aid ship -
- Dispute continues over Israeli raid on aid ship -
- The Independent (UK):The hijacking of the truth: Film evidence 'destroyed'
- Israel rejects call for inquiry - The Irish Times - Mon, Jun 07, 2010

View full UN map at 2005 UN map of #Gaza showing: checkpoints,military posts,observation towers,gates,closed zones @ Med (PDF format)

Israel stop killing peace - click on link to view full PDF 2005 UN map of Gaza
Israel stop killing peace - click on link to view full PDF 2005 UN map of Gaza

Caption: Heroic Peace Activists return to UK from Gaza Freedom Flotilla

Caption: I am Israel

author by FREE GAZA - Open her port again, after the 42 year waitpublication date Mon Jun 07, 2010 13:19author address author phone

"Their port (port of Gaza) has been closed off for 42 years, we will be the first cargo ship entering the port of Gaza"

Stated Mairead Corrigan Maguire on RTE radio news at 1.00 last friday, here is a bit more info about the port and the difficulty of living and trying to fish and eat out of that port...

Mairead Corrigan Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate, says the vessel, which is carrying humanitarian aid, is 150 miles from Gaza (fri 4th June 2010,230

Fishing in Gaza (video - 7 months ago)

What is it like to live in Gaza? On the TV we only see bombs falling. And yet every day, day in and day out, the 1.5 million residents of the Gaza Strip must continue their daily lives and try to eke out a living, despite the blockade which since 2006 has smothered Gaza’s economy and isolated it from the world, despite the massive destruction caused by last winter’s bombing, and despite all the political turmoil and uncertainty.

This video is the first of a series about life in Gaza now.

Not so long ago, the fishermen of Gaza brought in rich hauls, and fishing was one of the pillars of the Gazan economy. But one of the many unseen consequences of the Israeli blockade has been to restrict Gazan access to shared Mediterranean waters, crippling the fishing industry. This video takes us to the port of Gaza City to talk to fishermen about the personal, economic and ecological consequences of the blockade.

View Port of Gaza for yourself via googlemap Closed 4 42 years (you can scroll around, zoom in and out as you wish...)

A bit of info in recent years -

- Palestinians to rebuild Gaza sea port in latest peace move - 17 Feb 2005

- Port of Gaza WIKIPEDIA

- Image - A Palestinian youth dives into the sea from a fishing boat at the port of Gaza City, in the Gaza Strip, Saturday June 23, 2007 (AP)
via - MEMRI Loss, By Kurt Nimo -

Port of Gaza has been closed off for 42 years - A Palestinian youth dives into the sea from a fishing boat
Port of Gaza has been closed off for 42 years - A Palestinian youth dives into the sea from a fishing boat

Caption: Fishing in Gaza

author by ABCpublication date Mon Jun 07, 2010 19:55author address author phone

Australian Shot by Israelis and Left to Bleed

author by O'Keefe Interviewpublication date Tue Jun 08, 2010 08:13author address author phone

VID (3 min) - Ken O'Keefe (U.S. desert Storm Veteran) Interview Following Release from Israeli Jail

author by END THE SIEGE - ahimsapublication date Tue Jun 08, 2010 11:46author address author phone

- Ken O’Keefe, Irish, Palesinian, world citizen - building a PEACE ARMY - #ahimsa #Palestine #Israel #us

"They have also stolen my Palestinian passport. I am a Palestinian citizen, I have been given a palestinian passport by the Palestinian government. I take that very seriously. I demanded to be deported to Gaza, thats where I was headed, thats where I wanted to go. Although I am an Irish citizen aswell, I did have my Irish on (me). I have been beaten around the head and Im not thinking totally clearly."

I myself was beaten and choked to the point of blacking out… and I was beaten again while in my cell.

In all this what I saw more than anything else were cowards… and yet I also see my brothers. Because no matter how vile and wrong the Israeli agents and government are, they are still my brothers and sisters and for now I only have pity for them. Because they are relinquishing the most precious thing a human being has, their humanity."

Interviewer - How do you feel about the Israeli
Ken O’Keefe - , Murderers, the whole world needs to unite

- On Cowardice and Violence, Reflections by a Former US Marine on the Mavi Marmara

In conclusion; I would like to challenge every endorser of Gandhi, every person who thinks they understand him, who acknowledges him as one of the great souls of our time (which is just about every western leader), I challenge you in the form of a question.

Please explain how we, the defenders of the Mavi Mamara, are not the modern example of Gandhi’s essence? But first read the words of Gandhi himself:

"I do believe that, where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence.... I would rather have India resort to arms in order to defend her honour than that she should, in a cowardly manner, become or remain a helpless witness to her own dishonour." – Gandhi

And lastly I have one more challenge. I challenge any critic of merit, publicly, to debate me on a large stage over our actions that day. I would especially love to debate with any Israeli leader who accuses us of wrongdoing, it would be my tremendous pleasure to face off with you. All I saw in Israel was cowards with guns, so I am ripe to see you in a new context. I want to debate with you on the largest stage possible. Take that as an open challenge and let us see just how brave Israeli leaders are.

author by Anti-Semanticismpublication date Wed Jun 09, 2010 12:47author address author phone

Here's what he said regarding the Zionist regime's criminal experiment in State-sponsored Racial Supremacism:

"Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French. It is wrong and in-human to impose the Jews on the Arabs. What is going on in Palestine today cannot be justified by any moral code of conduct. The mandates have no sanction but that of the last war. Surely it would be a crime against humanity to reduce the proud Arabs so that Palestine can be restored to the Jews partly or wholly as their national home.

The nobler course would be to insist on a just treatment of the Jews wherever they are born and bred. The Jews born in France are French in precisely the same sense that Christians born in France are French. If the Jews have no home but Palestine, will they relish the idea of being forced to leave the other parts of the world in which they are settled? Or do they want a double home where they can remain at will? This cry for the national home affords a colourable justification for the German expulsion of the Jews.” —Mahatma Gandhi

author by Anti-Semanticismpublication date Wed Jun 09, 2010 12:57author address author phone

Max Blumenthal is a 'Righteous Jew' - a light onto humans everywhere

Nailed Again: IDF Description of Suspicious Photo It Distributed Is Retracted

I called the IDF Spokesman’s Office to inquire about the photo. Why did the IDF claim the photo depicted an event that took place after the commandos raided the flotilla when it was clearly taken during the daytime? I asked.

The IDF apparently told Haaretz that the photo was taken immediately after its Naval commandos raided the Mavi Marmara and other flotilla ships — at least, that’s how Haaretz described the photo based on an IDF source. Yet the raid was conducted under the cover of darkness. How could a photo obviously taken during daytime have portrayed an event that took place during the late evening? Do Muslims have magical powers that allow them to turn night into day? And why were reporters standing around, casually taking photos when commandos were supposedly getting “lynched?” Once again, the IDF’s story was highly suspect.

Spokesman Sgt. Chen Arad told me he did not know whether the photo was taken before or after the commandos landed on the Mavi Marmara. “It could be that the claim was made by commandos in the interview,” he maintained. I reminded him that Haaretz’s source for the photo was not the commandos, but the IDF Spokesman’s Office. After confirming that his office released the photo, Arad said, “It is reasonable that it was before the actual takeover but I’m not sure what was claimed with Haaretz.”

Soon after I spoke with Arad on June 8, Haaretz scrubbed its caption of the suspicious photo, removing the phrase, “holding a knife after Israeli commandos boarded their ship.” However, Haaretz did not mention the retraction, probably assuming no one would notice. The retraction raises disturbing questions about the level of coordination between the IDF and the Israeli media. Did the IDF Spokesman’s Office tip Haaretz off after I called them? And why does Haaretz accept the IDF’s version of events on the Marmara at face value? Besides casting a shadow over Haaretz’s coverage of the flotilla raid, this episode once again proves that nothing the IDF says can be trusted.

Original Photo with Harretz caption  claiming the knife-holder was 'attacking' poor innocent IDF members
Original Photo with Harretz caption claiming the knife-holder was 'attacking' poor innocent IDF members

Harretz caption changed to cover up thier lying
Harretz caption changed to cover up thier lying

author by climate caravan TWITTERerpublication date Wed Jun 09, 2010 16:28author address author phone

As many jews in Isreal maintain that to criticise their countries state terror is simply being anti-jewish, it is important to communicate more and more how many jews there are, both in and out of Israel, who are absolutely opposed to Israels siege of Gaza and its murderous actions on the Freedom Flotilla. Here are but a few examples to back up this claim.

- Tel Aviv: 1000's of Israelis protest 43 year occupation of West Bank + #Gaza #freedomflotilla massacre
43 years of occupation - Protest - Tel Aviv 6.5.2010 - vid -

Thousands of Israelis demonstrators, gathered in Tel Aviv to mark 43 years of Israel's occupation of the West Bank and protest against the government's decision to attack the flotilla to Gaza. The demonstration was held under the slogan "The Government is Drowning Us All". Israeli media covered the demonstration in a narrow manner.

- UK Jewish MP, SIR Gerald Kaufman: Israel acting like Nazis in Gaza (2009)
UK Jewish MP: Israel acting like Nazis in Gaza - vid -

"My family came as refugees to England from Poland, my Grandmother was killed by a nazi in her bed. My grandmother did not die to provide cover for Israeli soldiers murdering Palestinian grandmothers in Gaza. The present Israeli government ruthlessly and cynically exploits the continuing guilt from gentiles over the slaughter of Jews in the Holocaust as justification for their murder of Palestinians."

He said the claim that many of the Palestinian victims were militants "was the reply of the Nazi" and added: "I suppose the Jews fighting for their lives in the Warsaw ghetto could have been dismissed as militants."

He accused the Israeli government of seeking "conquest" and added: "

They are not simply war criminals, they are fools."

- Will the IDF shoot the Jewish flotilla when it arrives?

linking to: Jewish flotilla to break Gaza siege,7340,L-3899915,00.html

German Jewish group prepares flotilla to protest Israel's blockade on Gaza. 'Activists frightened, but not by Hamas,' member of organization says

The German-Jewish organization Jewish Voice for Peace in the Middle East is preparing a Jewish flotilla to the Gaza Strip. "We intend to leave around July," a member of the organization, Kate Leitrer, said to Ynet. "We have one small craft so far, in which there will be between 12 and 16 people, mostly Jews."

Leitrer, herself Jewish, said there was great interest in joining. "Getting another boat means more expenses, and we're discussing this possibility," she said. "Because of limited space, there will be school equipment, candy, and mainly musical equipment, and there'll be musicians aboard who'll teach the children of Gaza. They need to see that Jews are not what how they are drawn in their eyes."

web - Their blog - MuzzleWatch, Tracking efforts to stifle open debate about US-Israeli foreign policy.

Related image from

#FreedomFlotilla TWEET batch 4, via

- Israel condemned at Turkey summit
- US Media Terrified Of Mentioning USS Liberty, 43 year anniversary 2day, due to Flotilla massacre
- IDF Retracts: That knife wielding flotilla "terrorist" photo debunked
- SanFran: Voices for Israel advocates threaten Jewish peace activists
- Tel Aviv: 1000's of Israelis protest 43 year occupation of West Bank + #Gaza #freedomflotilla massacre
- UK Jewish MP, SIR Gerald Kaufman: Israel acting like Nazis in Gaza (2009)
- Zionists vandalize mosque in Haifa, threaten with demolition
- Amy Goodman: The Gaza Freedom Flotilla, Framing the Narrative
- Irish American #freedomflotilla survivor Ken O'Keefe denies 'terrorist' tag: Al Jazeera VID @AJEnglish
- @CNN: Is Israel A Burden To The U.S.?
- Ten years of BDS in the USA
- Britain: No deal with Israel over Gaza siege. Current restrictions must be lifted in line with UNSCR 1860 @ECESG
- Britain: No deal with Israel over Gaza siege
- #Australia unions joining Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions against #Israel
- BBC: Israeli soldiers shot children while eating chocalate and chips
- Electronic Intifada Co-founder has created inspired website supporting the #freedomFlotilla #Palestine #Israel #gaza
- Visits statistics to freegaza and witnessgaza @freegazaorg
- Global Civil Society Campaign to De-Legitimise Israel
- Massacre at sea turns tide of world opinion
- 'Israelis threw 4 injured into the sea' @freegazaorg
- Rachel Corrie Passengers Press Conference: YouTube
- Call From gaza to the citizens of the world to break the siege
- 19 "terrorists" talk about the piracy:
- Gaza: the biggest prison (video)
- SalmaYaqoob speech to Gaza demo in London
- Will the IDF shoot the Jewish flotilla when it arrives?
- Irish Nobel peace prize-winner Mairead Maguire @ Rachel Corrie: Gaza situation a 'SLOW GENOCIDE'
- Last Irish Freedom Flotilla deportee, Al Mahdi Al Harati, arrives home
- Cuban leader Fidel Castro called Israel’s actions “truly fascist Nazi fury” toward Gaza
- The Aftermath of the Flotilla
- Swedish Building Workers Union condemns Israeli raid on #freedomflotilla + donate €5000
- Russian premier Putin backs U.N. probe of Israeli Flotilla raid
- Israel consults US on flotilla raid @the_irish_times
- ECESG - Freedom Flotilla 2 will be ready in @ 6-8 weeks
- Irish Nobel peace prize-winner Mairead Maguire from Rachel Corrie: Gaza situation a 'SLOW GENOCIDE' #freedomflotilla #Palestine #Israel
- AUDIO: Irish Nobel peace prize-winner Mairead Maguire from Rachel Corrie: Gaza situation a 'SLOW GENOCIDE'
- Irish police break up Gaza blockade protest at Israel embassy
- Emotional homecoming for last Irish Gaza flotilla activist
- Irish Rachel Corrie Deportees Vow To Return, Call 4 International Inquiry + Boycott

Jews for a free Palestine - Many jews are absolutely opposed gaza siege and flotilla massacre
Jews for a free Palestine - Many jews are absolutely opposed gaza siege and flotilla massacre

Caption: Tel Aviv: 1000

Caption: UK Jewish MP, SIR Gerald Kaufman: Israel acting like Nazis in Gaza (2009)

Irish Nobel peace prize-winner Mairead Maguire from Rachel Corrie: Gaza situation a 'SLOW GENOCIDE'

author by NOT Opus Diablospublication date Wed Jun 09, 2010 16:55author address author phone

As many jews in Isreal maintain that to criticise their countries state terror is simply being anti-jewish,

for the purpose of clarity, the above sentence really should read:

"SINCE many Jews in Israel maintain that to criticise their countries state terror is simply being anti-jewish, it is important . . . etc etc . . ."

author by Australian shot -vid interviewpublication date Thu Jun 10, 2010 10:30author address author phone

VID (3mins.41) - Australian Shot by Israeli Military Recalls Flotilla Ordeal

Related Link:
author by Gaza flotillapublication date Thu Apr 14, 2011 08:39author address author phone

info at

Israel is considering allowing the Freedom Flotilla 2, due to sail next month, to reach Gaza, to prevent a repeat of last summer’s clash between flotilla participants and Israeli forces.

A document drawn up by the foreign ministry in Jerusalem and presented to prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu suggested as one option allowing the vessels to reach Gaza without interference.

Such a scenario, it was argued, would not undermine the legality of Israel’s naval blockade imposed on the Hamas-controlled strip. As proof, foreign ministry officials noted that when Ehud Olmert was prime minister several vessels were permitted to reach Gaza.

Another alternative presented to Mr Netanyahu is to have Cypriot forces carry out security checks on the flotilla. If the vessels were not carrying weapons, they would be allowed to proceed.

According to reports, Turkey’s IHH organisation is planning a large flotilla to mark the one-year anniversary of last year’s interception. Six vessels were boarded by Israeli commandos on May 31st, resulting in the deaths of nine Turkish activists when clashes broke out on the main vessel, the Mavi Marmara . The lead vessel on this year’s flotilla is again expected to be the Mavi Marmara, which will be accompanied by 15 vessels and nearly 1,000 activists from dozens of countries.

Indymedia Ireland is a media collective. We are independent volunteer citizen journalists producing and distributing the authentic voices of the people. Indymedia Ireland is an open news project where anyone can post their own news, comment, videos or photos about Ireland or related matters.