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D.8 Anti Mobile Phone Mast Campaign Begins

category dublin | environment | news report author Dé Céadaoin Deireadh Fómhair 22, 2008 23:42author by D.Farrell - Four Terraces Residents Groupauthor email dam.farr at hotmail dot com Report this post to the editors

Residents oppose planning application for mast

Residents living close to a new apartment complex on Basin Lane in the south west inner city area of Dublin came together tonight(22 Oct 2008) to attend a public meeting organised by People Before Profit to discuss the health implications to the public posed by the installation of mobile phone masts in areas of dense population.

The meeting heard reports from residents of Canal Bank who had recently been succesful in an objection to Dublin City Council which they lodged against a planning application for the instalation of a mobile phone mast and a neon advertisment sign.Dublin City Council had cited a concern for the public health as grounds for accepting objections and refusing permission to the applicant.Objecting residents gave an account of being obstructed from seeing the actual site notice for several weeks in advance of their registering their objection.They also expressed anger that the applicant had lodged an appeal to overturn the Local Authority decision to An Bord Pleanala.

Several speakers gave their accounts of their experiences as regards the negative effects on their health and in particular their childrens health as a consequence of living close to mobile phone masts.Reports were also given from research conducted by world reknowned experts that identified children as being most vulnerable.The building proposed to home the mast is only metres away from several schools and on the entrance of a pedestrian walkway used by dozens of children daily.Ironically due to the current property market down turn the vacant apartments have recently been advertised as possible student accomodation.

Canal Bank and Basin Lane residents have vowed to fight on and are formulating an objection the the appeal application to An Bord Pleanala.This decision was welcomed and applauded by all present and residents from surrounding areas offered their support and assistance.In the meantime it was proposed that a serious of protests would be arranged to highlight the issue and show solidarity to the residents in close proximity to the proposed site.

author by d.farrell - Four Terraces Residents Grouppublication date Céad Aib 08, 2009 16:52author address author phone Report this post to the editors

For once good news to be reported.The appeal taken to An Bord Pleanala to facilitate the installation of a mobile phone mast and huge advertising signage on apartment complex at corner of Basin Lane and St James Walk in Rialto,Dublin 8 has been rejected.

The Planning Authority cited the installation of advertising signage was not conducive with the area plan and was not in keeping with the surrounding residential community.Also An Bord Pleanala upheld the previous planning refusal by DCC for the phone mast on the grounds of health concerns with specific consideration given to the fact that the building in concern was in such close proximity to several schools in the area.

Congratulations to all involved and particular thanks to the residents of FTRG,Canal Bank and Maryland,

Thanks also to the political parties/organisations Eirigi and People Before Profit for their support and campaigning.

author by D.Farrell - Four Terraces Residents Grouppublication date Céad Ean 14, 2009 23:12author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Following on from the campaign launch Canal Bank residents supported by Four Terraces Residents Group,People Before Profit and Eirigi staged a small protest at the site of the proposed mast at the junction of Basin Lane and James Walk to draw attention to the wider community of the plans to install a mobile phone mast on top of the newly constructed apartment complex.An interesting development was the emergence of actual residents of the apartment complex in question who were oblivious to the plans for their place of residence prior to the protest.So job well done to all.

The sign says it all
The sign says it all

Local residents assemble for protest
Local residents assemble for protest

author by Maxi - NONEpublication date Luan Samh 10, 2008 06:30author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Any word from the likes of 02 on the subject matter or are 02 staff amongst the elitist Who are Immune From Human Illness ?

author by Alan Corcoran - xxxxxxxxxxpublication date Aoine Samh 07, 2008 19:23author address author phone Report this post to the editors

i would have thought any info would be readily available from the environmental people

author by Michael. - Human Leaguepublication date Déar Samh 06, 2008 10:27author address author phone Report this post to the editors

What Is Going On Here ? One Contradicting Another Is NO Way To Solve A Problem As Is The Norm When Situations Such As We Have
Here Are Allowed To Cause Great Anxiety .
Give US Facts And Not Bottomless Opinions .

If Masts Are A Danger To Peoples Health TELL US .Dont Keep It To Yourselves As You Have A Duty Of Care To Do So,

author by Catladypublication date Máirt DFómh 28, 2008 02:42author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Do people seriously still believe that these masts cause cancer??? suicide??? or whatever??? Despite the blatant lack of any evidence?????

Oh dear, I think my curtains are giving me a migrane..... best ban them and sue the company.....

author by Mike - Judean Popular Peoples Frontpublication date Domh DFómh 26, 2008 19:26author address author phone Report this post to the editors

These mobile phone mast scares are pure nonsense but If the police are so worried they should stop using their two way radio system which is far more powerful than any mobile phone transmitter.

author by getouttamyhead - Silent Screampublication date Domh DFómh 26, 2008 14:41author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Make up your own mind what's behind this...

IRISH company Vilicom has been appointed by the Office of Public Works (OPW) to assess the suitability of the State property portfolio for use in the mobile telecommunications sector.
Minister of State Tom Parlon announced yesterday that the five-year contract was awarded to Vilicom after a competitive public tendering process involving some 25 companies.
The company will also act in an advisory capacity to the OPW in their dealings with mobile telecommunications operators.
Thursday August 21 2003

Vilicom is a privately-owned company established in Dublin, Ireland in 1999. It has gained a strong reputation for providing high quality expert engineering solutions to the cellular networks industry
Transmission Line- of-sight (LOS) Surveying
Vilicom’s dedicated LOS teams have completed thousands of surveys. Each member is fully equipped to complete any LOS survey required from rooftop to tower and green-field to monopole sites. Its LOS teams appreciate the fundamentals of transmission planning. This is a huge advantage to clients when it comes to link path verification.
Each LOS team is equipped to perform double-ended surveys and is made up of four fully trained climbers, two vehicles and all the required tools such as cameras, torches, balloons, binoculars, GPS receivers and safety equipment.
Each team’s work includes a survey of existing sites such as towers, rooftops and monopoles, green-field site surveys using cherry-pickers, and the audit of antenna support structures, equipment cabins and compounds.

Calls made from mobiles can be traced via the transmitter or 'cell' they were sent to, Mr Farrell explained. A mobile phone will transmit to the nearest cell, and the location of the phone can be pinpointed based on the cell to which it sends a signal.
Mr Farrell, an employee with Vilicom which works with mobile phone operator O2, said Mr O'Reilly's movements between 5.25am and 8.12am given to gardai tallied with his mobile phone records
Southside gardai are opposing the erection of a mobile phone mast at their station in Shankill over health fears.The Garda Representatives' Association (GRA) is to raise officers' concerns about the pos- sible health implications with its national executive. The move comes after gardai confronted over 100 angry locals last week who were protesting against the erection of a new mobile phone mast adjoining Shankill Garda Station. The mast caused a storm of controversy and local residents prevented Vilicom - telecoms consultants for the Office of Public Works - from carrying out work on the structure at the Garda station. Last week, residents of Dorney Court blocked the entrance to the site with their cars, leading gardai to threaten to haul the vehicles away. The mast, which is situated beside the Garda station, is located in the Dorney Court Estate where hundreds of residents live within metres of it. St Anne's School, Scoil Mhuire/Rathsallagh Primary School and Rathmichael School are also located within 500 metres of the structure. Garda John O'Brien, who is a representative of the GRA for the South Dublin area, is to raise the matter at the national executive of the association at its next meeting after 47 local gardai signed a petition stating their own opposition to the mast. In a statement last week, Garda O'Brien said: “As a result of the imminent erection of a new telecommunications mast, I have written to the district officer. It's going to be a matter for the national executive. This matter is not just a Shankill problem, but a matter for every station in the country.”


author by fitzpublication date Sath DFómh 25, 2008 09:15author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Good stuff, go after the one in Tymon Park, its near the playground disguised as a tree!

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