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A bird's eye view of the vineyard

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Interested in maladministration. Estd. 2005

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Voltaire, international edition

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SAVE TARA myspace Causes campaign achieving high ranking

category international | history and heritage | news report author Sunday June 01, 2008 16:52author by TaraWatch Report this post to the editors

New e-activism tools are useful for all public and political campaigns

Following on from the success of the facebook Causes application, which already has over 2,500 members, TaraWatch is utilising the Causes application which has now been installed on myspace, to further the campaign to save the Hill of Tara archaeological complex from the M3 motorway.

Indymedia users, who support efforts to save the Hill of Tara from the Hill of Tara, are invited to join the new SAVE TARA myspace cause, which was launched in the last week. We already have over 250 members and currently we are ranked:

Ranked 2nd among small Public Advocacy causes in new members in the past week

Ranked 4th among small Public Advocacy causes in new members in the past month


The myspace Cause app is not as functional yet, as the facebook equivalent, and does not allow you to email all members, but it is still a great awareness tool. More features are promised though.

The facebook cause is located at:

- We will be using these apps to promote the new Tara UNESCO/ICOMOS petition, which will be launched on Wed 8 June, at the ICOMOS Ireland AGM, being held at at Royal Institute of Architects in Ireland, 8 Merrion Square, Dublin 2. For details see:

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author by bobpublication date Mon Jun 02, 2008 11:51author address author phone Report this post to the editors

why not give over the majority of your post to corporate advertising for two well-dodgy networking sites?!! It's not just the ownership of them, or the privacy issues they've been challenged on, but it's also the fact that the government spends a lot of resources trying to map who knows who in the activist scene, who phones or emails who and how much, with key word interception too, to figure out how things are organised and how information flows. If you sign up to facebook, you just hand it to them on a platter, and give them access to all your private details too!

For info on go there and have a read

Stop spending your time on the internet, and get out there and take action!

author by James Byrne - www.CraobhCrua.orgpublication date Tue Jun 03, 2008 14:30author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I like the idea. Well done

Simple and effective

author by ecpublication date Thu Jun 05, 2008 14:26author address author phone Report this post to the editors

“Essentially, with the Internet, capitalism gifts the masses with a false commons where people can work, off the clock, creating information and relationships that the ruling class can enclose, appropriate, commodify, and sell back to us at a later date. It’s a way of letting the process of primitive accumulation work as a perpetual, and because of the stagnation of the economies in the advanced capitalist countries, vital, supplement to the mechanism of exploitation, and one that should be seen alongside the other forms of primitive accumulation that are occurring right now and are, for sure, much more important: the direct seizure of Iraqi resources, the copyrighting and commodifying of the material of our bodies, and most obviously, the accumulation by dispossession that is occurring in Africa, in China, in Latin America, as capitalism pushes to its limits and attempts to expunge from the earth any trace of commonly-held land.”

author by A.. - anti capatalista!!publication date Thu Jun 05, 2008 16:24author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Myspace is owned by Rupurt Murdock,
There are people who work for Mr Murdock to cheak out what is popular and craete markets/ trends/ fasion/ culture around it, so the fat cats can sell us back what we like in a new prepackaged deal.
Now because of Myspace/ face book/ Google. the market researchers don't have to create markets anymore, they only have to streamline what the status quo are posting up on their myspace page or searching for on Google.
I highly recomend boycotting thesee corprate tools, and not using the masters tools to take down the masters house, but stopping these corporations/ governmemts (same thing really) in the real world.

I'll put two questions to the Tara myspace group, if you do get 60,000 "friends" on the myspace page, will this stop those in Power from distroying Tara? and will you wear your save tara t-shirt with pride that you bought for €30 on grafton street?

Tara is being distroyed in the real world, not cyberspace, lets fight in the real world, if we fight in a world that doesn't exist, what do hope to save?

author by AK-47publication date Thu Jun 05, 2008 21:18author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Perhaps the people posting here are living on a different planet but what is the point in all this sudden and frenetic activity on behalf of the SaveTara/Tarawatch campaigns?
Have none of them visited Meath or Tara recently? Have they not seen the ruined and destroyed sites, the bridges being built in the Valley? The huge track snaking through the Valley?
What will UNESCO or ICOMOS do now? Designate a motorway a WHS?
Another petition, more cyber-based nonsense.
The Tara battle is over and the Government won - mainly because of the lack of unity in the campaign but that does not really matter now.
The only thing that could stop this now is for Brian Cowen to have a Pauline conversion or for the whole NDP to be abandoned.
This Government will not back down - if only due to their arrogance and pride and their inability to say that they have made a mistake.
The all suffer the Bertie-disease - its all someone else's fault.
Give up guys, you lost, you fought a bad fight and this is the result.

author by ex Tara campaigerpublication date Thu Jun 05, 2008 21:48author address author phone Report this post to the editors

You are right, AK 47, the campaign to stop the motorway is hopelessly lost and campaign-internal infighting has a lot to do with it. That's why I am an ex Tara campaigner and no longer active.
But wouldn't it be a success for us if UNESCO/ICOMOS would refuse to designate Tara a world heritage site on grounds that the landscape has been destroyed by the construction of that motorway? Looking at the case from that perspective, I think the people who launched this petition and the latest myspace site did the right thing to drive a final farewell nail into the coffin of our corrupt government.

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