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éirígí Becomes a Political Party

category national | miscellaneous | news report author Sunday May 13, 2007 14:47author by Cormac Ryan PRO éirígí Report this post to the editors

Motion to become a political party supported by éirígí membership at Árd Fheis.

As part of its process of development, éirígí has taken the decision to organise itself as a political party.

The motion to this effect was put to yesterday’s (Saturday) Árd Fheis and ratified by the membership.

Also agreed upon during the course of the day was the group’s first constitution which sets out the aims and objectives of éirígí, as well as the conduct expected from members.

When éirígí was launched as a socialist-republican campaigns group in April 2006 it was stated that “a Democratic Socialist Republic can only be established and sustained through the collective action of a progressive social movement incorporating local communities, organised labour, cultural organisations, campaigns groups, political parties etc.”

This remains the case. However, the development of the organisation in the intervening 12 months has opened up opportunities which were previously unavailable.

éirígí’s catchment area has now expanded beyond Dublin, with a membership pool and structure that stretches across the country – in both the Six and Twenty-Six Counties.

éirígí chairperson Brian Leeson expanded on the move:

“Following today’s decision we now intend to set about the business of organising ourselves as a revolutionary political party.

“The growth and level of interest we have experienced over the last year has shown that there is a potential for a radical socialist-republican alternative to what passes for politics in this country – we fully intend to capitalise on that potential.

“Our belief that the needs of the people of Ireland are best served by ending the British occupation of the Six Counties, securing the reunification of the country and the establishment of a Socialist Republic is as relevant today as it ever was.

Brian continued: “However, éirígí are not becoming a political party for the sake of it. We believe that the whole notion of what a political party is needs to be re-examined. The change we seek in society is the sort that comes from the bottom up, not the other way round.

“A revolutionary political party has a crucial role to play in instigating that change but it can only do so in conjunction with the active participation of large numbers of the population. Until that happens, words like democracy are not worth the paper they are written on.

“Much has been said and written in recent times about the state of the republican struggle – a lot of it from an understandably pessimistic point of view. éirígí is ready to play its part in rejuvenating that struggle and looks forward with optimism and hope to doing so.

“In conclusion, we intend not only to radically redefine the nature of Irish society but also the struggle to achieve that change.”

Related Link: http://www.eirigi.org/Ard%20Fheis%2007/index.html
author by CTNpublication date Sun May 27, 2007 16:24author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Indeed the idea of pursuing a Socialist Republic under the aegis of Eirigi will buy members from PSF, the question is Sean- what price will PSF pay electorally in Dublin?

The next two years will be intensely challenging for Dublin Sinn Fein and very interesting for observers.

author by Seanpublication date Sun May 27, 2007 15:12author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Éirigí are still pushing "socialist" nonsense, which means, like PSF and RSF, they will wander down the road to obscurity (RSF) or sell-outism (PSF). People with no grasp of the original spirit of the Republican cause can always be bought.

author by Iñakipublication date Wed May 16, 2007 14:17author address author phone Report this post to the editors

We just wanted to wish you all the best and luck from the Basque Country !
Hope you`re gonna be the radical socialist-republican party that Ireland needs!
Keep up the good work !

author by The Youngfella - éirígípublication date Tue May 15, 2007 10:40author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Just on a point of clarity, any decision to contest elections will be taken at a later date and can only be decided by an Ard Fheis. James Connolly contested elections, as did Séamus Costello. They can be a very effective tool as part of a broader movement, but to suggest that éirígí's decision on Saturday was purely about elections is misleading.

author by Anarchopublication date Tue May 15, 2007 00:59author address author phone Report this post to the editors

but not sure about the sudden veer towards the electoral path.
Seemed to be doing just fine as a campaigns group..
Would have thought lessons from previous forets into the parliamentary stewpot would have indicated its futility.
Good luck with it anyway.

author by sick of it - éirígípublication date Mon May 14, 2007 20:38author address author phone Report this post to the editors

thanks for the praise justin! we in éirígí couldn't be bothered getting into the pointless mud slinging. it shows the insecurities and inadequacies of political activists in their own minds that feel they have to resort to that sh!te. it takes strong character and holding to your core beliefs to leave a party that you might have been working in for years because you feel deeply that they cannot provide the vehicle for the type of society and reunification that you envisage to be the right one. some of us made that decision, some of us came fresh. either way, we've no intention of getting into confrontation with other republicans as we're simply above that.
Please nobody bother answering the usual suspects......ignore them.....

author by DMpublication date Mon May 14, 2007 20:26author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I'm asking you for the third time about you new political party.

What's egri's stance on the 30 years of atrocities committed by SF/IRA? Are you just a splinter or what?

Can you answer that or all you proving that in your first few days of existance as a political party that you're no different than the others!

author by Constructive questionpublication date Mon May 14, 2007 17:14author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Perhaps Justin you could say if there was a full and democratic discussion within SF on the about turn on corporation tax? or was it as some cynics suggest, done on the spur of the moment by a leadership that is not in any real way accountable?

author by Justin Moran - Sinn Féin (Personal capacity)publication date Mon May 14, 2007 17:07author address author phone Report this post to the editors

...is being talked about on Indymedia ;)

Firstly, congrats to the lads on the establishment of their new party. I think it's fair to say Éirigí has made a positive contribution to Irish politics since it's formation, even obtaining the ultimate accolade of a reference in an IMC report. While I continue to regret their departure, and do not accept their arguments for same I have, like most Sinn Féin activists, the height of respect for the comrades. I'd hope that no Sinn Féin member would indulge in sectarian slurs or personal attacks on fellow republicans who have decided to leave us, and that they return the same respect to us, as they have done.

I also hope for their own sake that the fact that they're now a party will lay to rest the rumour that they are some sort of Machiavellian front organisation for the dastardly Shinners.

As to me 'telling the truth'. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to have lied about, and would be curious to know. Not all of Sinn Féin's internal business is for thrashing out on the internet, whatever difficulties one might have, and I have to say one thing I admire about Éirigí activists is they seem to be able to avoid being dragged into endless pointless debates on the various internet sites.

Sin é.

author by MOB - Sinn Féinpublication date Mon May 14, 2007 16:44author address author phone Report this post to the editors

by C Browne Luan Beal 14, 2007 11:08
"Tread carefully" is a threat. There's a lot of abuse there too, and defence of people although no one is named (unless there really is a character callled Daithi Mhac an Stalanist). It's a hysterical attack from a crowd of people who don't like anyone finding fault with them, but who spend their lives attacking the positive moves of the mainstream Republican movement.

So who needs to grow up?

Tadgh I would suggest. His petty and childish personalised attacks on other republicans does the party he represents no favours. Thankfully he speaks only for himself. Whilst many disagree with Brian and Daithí for taking the decision to leave Sinn Féin they are both held in the highest regard by republicans who actually know them. One would have thought that Tadgh's rather late in life conversion to republican activism might have resulted in him having a modicum of humility. Sadly he obviously relishes the opportunity to attack those who would dare to dissent. I have not read the alleged hysterical attacks you refer to emanating from former comrades in Eirigi and as a member of Sinn Féin i do not consider our leaderships recent conversion to neo liberal economics as a 'positive move'.

Related Link: http://www.dublinsinnfein.com
author by Patrick Henrypublication date Mon May 14, 2007 15:50author address author phone Report this post to the editors

As opposed to the Political approach of $inn Feign, Objective, if you can't beat them join them?

author by johnny sock puppetpublication date Mon May 14, 2007 15:27author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I applaud the brave campaigners of Eirigi and wish them luck in their desire to fight elections. It is the best thing thing ever to happen. Other people i know feel the same way, and I feel sure they will be posting similar comments, in exactly the same the same style, shortly.

Eirigi Abu!

author by Objective objector.publication date Mon May 14, 2007 15:26author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Its Republican Sinn Fein-without the armed wing, Eire Nua or the elderly. I do not mean to disparage, but this is what the political approach of Eirigi amounts to.

author by Patrick Henrypublication date Mon May 14, 2007 15:11author address author phone Report this post to the editors

At a time when we've seen the demise of a major Republican Party it is encouraging to see the birth of new and hopefully vibrant Republican Party.
Lets remember the mistakes of the last 30 years. Firstly Violence is a thing of the past and hasn't achieved anything but division and will not gain the support of the people. I would appeal to all shades of Republicanism from the Real IRA to the INLA to get together and join this new party as strength will be in our unity, whereas splinter groups will go no where but in opposite directions. We should also encourage the likes of Ogra to join Eirigi as I see potential there that is being wasted on $inn Feign.
It is only a matter of time before the disastrous Government put in place by the Brits falls apart and Eirigi should be prepared to take advantage.
Most of all the Leadership of Eirigi should be made accountable to the grassroots or else they'll become another Provisional $inn Feign.

author by Seamus Costellopublication date Mon May 14, 2007 14:24author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Congratulations on this move. I think it is high time that we had a new and fresh approach to Socialist Republicanism in Ireland. Looking forward to seeing more and giving a dig out.

Well done.

Beirígí bua

author by MCpublication date Mon May 14, 2007 11:36author address author phone Report this post to the editors

C Browne

I was referring to those who are harming Sinn Féin by engaging in unwarranted and false attacks on other groups. I am a member of SF (probably not for very long however to be truthful). Sorry if that was not made cler


author by C Brownepublication date Mon May 14, 2007 11:08author address author phone Report this post to the editors

"Tread carefully" is a threat. There's a lot of abuse there too, and defence of people although no one is named (unless there really is a character callled Daithi Mhac an Stalanist). It's a hysterical attack from a crowd of people who don't like anyone finding fault with them, but who spend their lives attacking the positive moves of the mainstream Republican movement.

So who needs to grow up?

author by MCpublication date Mon May 14, 2007 09:15author address author phone Report this post to the editors

No it was not. It was a simple request to people like him/her to:

(1) Grow up
(2) Stop lying and,
(3) Stop doing us harm in the eyes of others.

Quite non-threatening and sensible I would have thought?


author by Some Yank - Amerikaypublication date Mon May 14, 2007 04:06author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Mo Chairde,

I am delighted with this develpoment and congrats from across the pond.

This move has truely made my day. One can only wonder what the nodding dogs in the $hinners are going to say.

Will you all be wiling to work with Ogra $hinners, as they at least seem to be a wee bit radical?

Hope you all build this up into something. Dare I say Chucky Ar La and no more Chucky Armani?

author by Michael Jpublication date Mon May 14, 2007 02:19author address author phone Report this post to the editors

... so why, when this country needs real change, are people still flogging it? It never had any relevance during 1916-21, and it doesn't now; not to mention the fact that it's far removed from what James Connolly was attempting to promote.

author by Brianpublication date Sun May 13, 2007 22:52author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Good luck to éirígi with this. I think it is the right move to make.

Youngfella you are right to disregard and ignore those remarks. Dont get involved in the sort of slanging matches that take place between SF and the 32s or RSF etc

author by The Youngfella - éirigípublication date Sun May 13, 2007 20:22author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Yesterday was a fantastic day. éirígí has now truly arrived, I am not under any illusions that it is going to be easy, but I also know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I did the right thing by joining éirígí. It is obvious that they know exactly what Connolly spoke of when he called for a revolutionary political party. Both the Ard-Fheis and the Commemoration went extremely well.

S81's childish jibes don't warrant a response.

éirígí abú.

author by sharonpublication date Sun May 13, 2007 18:32author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I think everyone can see S81 is a deluded shinner who needs to resort to that sort of rubbish because he/she is insecure of their own politics and position within their organisation. He/she has also been rubbished on politics.ie as the same crap poured out

author by sharonpublication date Sun May 13, 2007 17:54author address author phone Report this post to the editors

S81 appears to fear éirígí's new found strength and political aspirations.....could it be that this is coming from a fearful member of SF whose comfortable padded nest in the bosom of corrupt institutions like the Dail or Stormont might actually be in jeapordy due to the events of yesterday? Just as well éirígí is more concerned with the building of a revolutionary movement that will serve all of the people of this island equally.....and doesn't have to resort to this kind of personal attacks (although I'm sure its almost irresistable at times like last Tuesday's 'historical events')

author by S81publication date Sun May 13, 2007 16:07author address author phone Report this post to the editors

In what is seen as an inevitable move, the chairman of the Sour Grapes Party, Mr Brain Leaking, has given in to pressure from Mr Sour Grapes himself, Daithi Mhac An Stalinist, to allow him to run as a candidate in future elections.

Mhac An Stalinist was last year dropped from the Sinn Féin ticket for the general election in a move which led to the formation of the Sour Grapes Party. Asked if the there was a contradiction in putting himself forward as a candidate for SF, then denouncing that party as a tool of the running dogs of capital and the fascist handmaidens of etc etc, Mr Mhac An Stalinist said:

"Previously I believed in the principles and strategies of Sinn Féin and the mainstream Republican Movement, but I now see I was misguided, and the stooges of Gerry Adams and Mary Lou McDonald were never going to let a headcase like me on a poster. I now believe in the policies of mé féin and the principles of scuffling with the police and trying to get my picture in the papers. "

"Ultimately, " he continued at length, "All big-headed people need their own political vehicle, and it's important that at a time when the activities of real-world left-wing republicans are bringing a United Ireland nearer than it has ever been since partition, that those of us left behind should do our best to drag the process back a few years and get as much personal attention as we can." [edited highlights of four hour speech]

The wider world was unmoved by the development, of which they neither knew nor cared.

author by SLpublication date Sun May 13, 2007 16:04author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Interesting move. I think eirigi may be on to something here and may offer a realistic option compared to other republican, so-called, left groups. I have to admit that I didn't think eirigi would last longer than a few months, but they do seem to have something about them and seem to be very well organised and articulate and bring a freshness to their approach. I wish you the best of luck with the move and reckon I'd give you my vote if I had the option.

author by sharonpublication date Sun May 13, 2007 14:59author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Thats great to hear that you guys have become a political party. I've been watching your progress with interest the last few months. Changing to a political party means you can campaign for social change on a new level and will probably ruffle a lot more feathers in the political establishment. I think all left-minded people with a desire to address the inequalities in society and fight for the reunification of this country - should seriously consider getting involved with this party as they seem to be the only ones actively challenging the system.

Looking forward to you guys shaking things up in the future! Best of luck!

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