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David Begg calls for nuclear power

category national | environment | news report author Thursday March 22, 2007 16:58author by SP Member - Socialist Party/CWI Report this post to the editors

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions has called for a national debate on nuclear power as a way of providing enough energy for Ireland's growing population.

Speaking at the launch of a congress policy document on sustainable energy, General Secretary David Begg said that he was not 'cheerleading' for nuclear power.

However, he said that within five years it must be acknowledged that some energy imported from the UK would undoubtedly be generated by nuclear means.

He accused the Government of a lack of 'joined-up thinking' in its formulation of energy policy.

Congress has also called for the establishment of a National Energy Agency.

It said the energy issue is too serious to be left in the hands of politicians engaging in 'electoral gimmickry'.


How low can Begg actually go?????

author by C.Murraypublication date Thu Mar 22, 2007 19:19author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Afterall the unions form part of the IBEC inspired tri-partite much copied
PPP process- its ok really to 'lead' people toward nuclear power David, afterall
the other members of the tri-partite- the State and IBEC have perverted the
mandate for long enough with the support and co-operation of the non-representative

btw: The lawyers employed in writing the SIB heads (bill introduced to the Dail
to faciltate corrupt and unmandated planning abuse ) are the self-same lawyers
who represent the corporations- and you cannot get cosier than that.

The unions involved in the tri-partite PPP and government negotiation
sold out a long time ago- the 'Race to the top" mentality has fueled amongst
other things:- Labour's move to centrism. the establishment who are responsible
for the gross abuse of the health service, the growth of the PD's
and the use of the PPP in other EU states to break unions.

Communities know that the unions are about wealth and that the SIB
is about destruction- only problem is the gap caused by the sell out
is not yet filled. Next time you see Pat Rabbitte in the Dail taking a strip
of the PD's , remeber that it's political theatre.

Labour' faciltated the lack of speaking time in the Dail- giving the Taoiseach friday off.
'Labour' wants to go into power with an avowed right-wing party.
'Labour' accept the growth of private hospitals and supports universal health insurance.
'Labour' and FG has two leaders form Mayo who have turned their backs on the
Rossport and Erris community.

SIB allows for nuclear power in Ireland. it is being investigated by Marine
and Natural Resources in committee.There has been no effective opposition in this country
for many years. FF must be rubbing their hands in glee.

author by News listenerpublication date Thu Mar 22, 2007 23:03author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Isn't the headline for this thread missing the words 'debate on'. Or is the sp school of falsification allowed now on imc. Beggs called for a debate on nuclear power. He didn't call for nuclear power. I know debate isn't popular in Leninist groups but like it or not one is needed.

author by SP Member - Socialist Party/CWIpublication date Thu Mar 22, 2007 23:25author address author phone Report this post to the editors

unless he supported the idea. The only people who call for a 'debate' are people who want to see a change in the current situation where we do not have nuclear power. Besides Begg is a calculating b**tard and doesn't say anything off the cuff. He is clearly flying a kit for his buddies in social partnership as Ahern does not want to take the political flak for suggesting it himself. If you think any different you are living in cloud cuckoo land!

author by Joe McCarthypublication date Sun Mar 25, 2007 11:57author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Nice little exercise in slimy redbaiting there. It's ok for David Beggs to "call for a debate" on nuclear power (in other words, he thinks nuclear power is a good thing, as SP member above points out), but when a member of the Socialist Party points this out, we get the usual shrieking about Leninism and the "SP school of falsification" (maybe "news listener" is smart enough to know he's taking that phrase from a book by the SP's hero Trotsky). Meanwhile, not so much as a sniff of a genuine argument about the substantive issue. Why am I not surprised?

author by C Murraypublication date Sun Mar 25, 2007 14:31author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Michael Ryan wants nuclear power, jayzhus we'd better get it- he might take an ad out in one
of Tony O Reilly's rags otherwise.

author by c murraypublication date Sun Mar 25, 2007 16:36author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Michael (Ryan air) O leary wants nuke power in Ireland.
I mistakenly wrote Michael Ryan;- everyone is reacting to the lightbulb and
toxic emmission speech made by Bertie in his corrupt little nod to the
green issues facing the next generation of Irish kids.

Bertie did not mention the re-cycled toilet-paper or the bigger faster cars
and the toll roads- nope, he wants to make the State use energy efficent light
bulbs and offset toxic government jet emmissions by contributing to green
projects. He may even romance Sargent in his attempt to get a third term. FF
are sending candidates to our doorsteps with a green- consciousness
and awareness- so we can have a bit of fun with them on the list:-

!S.I.B (allows nuclear power)
The closure for profit of the Ringsend glass re-cycling plant.
fast-track corporate lovieness by creating the PPP and SIb which reduces
citizen rights to protest through the judicial system.
encouraging conspicuous consumption.
Oh the list goes on and on.

The Ryan debacle is in the Sunday Independent and is a lon on/register dealy.

author by The Scarlet Pimpernelpublication date Tue Mar 27, 2007 09:38author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Beggs is so in tune with the state that this is what the state did yesterday:
Ireland has joined three northern European countries to launch an international campaign against the use of nuclear energy as a solution to climate change.
The group, which includes Norway, Iceland and Austria, has also called for an independent international safety review to be carried out on the controversial Thorp nuclear processing plant at Sellafield, which has been closed for nearly two years following the discovery of a large leak of nuclear waste.
Environment ministers of all four countries met in Dublin on Sunday and yesterday morning for talks amid a growing debate in Europe on the role of nuclear energy. In a joint statement yesterday they described nuclear energy as "economically and environmentally untenable".
The statement said: "We voice serious concern that nuclear energy is being presented as a solution to climate change. It is our collective view that the current debate seeks to downplay the environmental, waste, proliferation, nuclear liability and safety issues and seeks to portray nuclear energy as a clean, safe and problem-free response to climate change".
It said that the "inherent risks and problems" of nuclear energy remained.

author by C Murraypublication date Tue Mar 27, 2007 11:32author address author phone Report this post to the editors

They really should tell the media who are largely co-opted by the vested interests.
The first sign on the issue was the Oireachtas committee, followed by the Newstalk
interviews (about depleted uranium).

Political campaigns begin through the vested interests and if the current government
who do not appear to read their own legislation do not do it, then the next one will.

The SIB allows a global corporation to apply to put anything they want in Ireland.
The tri-partite PPP facilitates that.
The courts are to be re-structured to facilitate fast-track planning.
The citizen's right to object has been reduced through the present government's
use of 'elements of Aaarhus' which give the right to object alone to incepted
and recognised environmental groups, with 12 months inception and the
premise of environmental preservation in it's title and aims.

Meaning ad hoc protest groups are not to be recognised by the courts- of which there will
now be a specific planning division. the Bill was moved through the house on the
16th of June 06.The lawyers have links to the legal application of the SIB on their
sites to aid corporate understanding of legislation- maybe the Taoiseach should read
it. .............

Roche introduced the Bill on the 16th feburary 06- he was asked by the media at the launch
if it were to include incinerators and gas pipelines- yes- except Poolbeg.
and it will also include communications infrastructure.

I asked Roche why there was no separate Bill to legislate for protection of heritage
to which he responded: " Good question, not in this Government's lifetime'

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