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Wheelock Inquest told of bruise's, abrasions, and bloody clothes

category international | crime and justice | news report author Friday November 24, 2006 00:19author by tom foley - human rights watchauthor email freedomjig at hotmail dot com Report this post to the editors

Terence wheelocks documented photos of bruising and bloody clothes.

The dublin city coroners court heard at the inquest in to terence wheelocks death. That there was thirty five photos taken on the day after terence wheelock (20) detention at store st garda station.
They were taken at the mater hospital on the 3/6/05 and showed extensive bruising, cuts and larceratons on the young mans body consistent with time of arrest.
It also heard from the the states science forensic expert that blood had been found on mr wheelocks clothes ie tracksuit top ,bottoms and and shorts on the deceased.
There was a witness Mr simon doherty of summerhill stated that he witnessed terence wheelock being assaulted by gardai on arrest

The inquest in to the death of terence wheelock (20) came to a dramatic halt yesterday.
After the coroner brian farrel heard that there was thirty five photographs catergorising extensive cuts and bruising on the young man body.
These photos were taken as a mater of routine after wheelock was admitted after sustaining injuries while being detained at store st garda station on the 2/6/05 on suspicion of car theft along with three others. He died three months later on the 16/09/05 after failing to regain conciousness.

In dramatic scenes the court heard from Dr marie cassidy that she examined terence wheelock body at the matear hospital two months after his admittance although she was not aware of this she stated.
When asked by barrister Mr sean gillane council for the wheelock family if there was any bruising on the body of mr wheelock she stated that there was not, except for a small wound on the back of his brain possibly in her opinion at least a" couple of months old" when she was confronted with the photos catergorising extensive bruising she said she had not been aware of this, when it was put to her that in fact these photos were available to her and were indeed listed in her personal notes, which were read out to her, she stated that this must of been an "oversight" on her part, and accepted that when she examined the body sufficent time had passed for the body to heal itself of injuries.

The court went in to legal argument as wheather the photos should be shown to the jury as the state wanted sufficent time to examine these themselves. marie cassidy stated that evidence relating to wheelock forwarded to her had been limited.

Council for the wheelock family then called the states lab forensic expert who said in evidence that although he found blood on terence wheelocks clothes ie top , bottoms and underwere he did not test this blood to ascertain wheather the blood indeed was mr wheelocks.
Asked why he did not do so as this was a potential crime and that all avenues should be examined he stated that he was instructed only to examined the ligature,
when asked by whom these instructions came from he stated that garda oliver hanley asked him to examine the ligature only.
superintendent hanley was appionted by the garda commisioner to investigate the circumstances sourrounding terence wheelocks death.

The court heard from a witness and neighbour of mr wheelock Smon Doherty of sean o'casey ave summerhill, who was arrested along side wheelock on suspicion of car theft,
That he witnessed the deceased being assaulted by gardai upon arrest "they whacked terence head off the side of the van and twisted his broken arm behind his back" he went on to claim the"terence didn't rob the car. i did terence had nothing to do with it"
when they got to the station they were put in cells alongside each other. The witness stated that he heard scuffles and commotion coming from wheelocks cell and they were slagging terence text messages to his girlfriend he then said he fell asleep.the court heard the night befor he had taken sleeping pills. He was woken by two detectives who took his lace from his tracksuit bottoms and left the cell he was then released a short time later and saw gardai sealing of the cell with crimescene tape.
The coroners was told in two consecetive days from garda witness, nine in total that terence was in good form when detained and that there was banter between the prisoner and gardai, although at times there version of events differed greatly from each other and from custody records, some gardai put gardai in the vicinity of wheelocks cell these gardai denied being in the station at all, this was put down to bad recollection and the time thats has elapsed since then. All the gardai deny that the deceased was assaulted in any way and at all time he was treated with respect.
They also gave in sworn evidence that the noticed no bruise's or cuts after strip searching the prisoner nor did they notice any blood on the deceased.
Te coroner brain farrel stated that the evidence that has come to light should of been available to him he instructed Dr marie cassidy to go back and review the evidence in light of the new photograps and adjourned the inquest to the 15 of dec next month.
The wheelock family are calling for a full independent inquiry in to the death of mr wheelock and have no faith in the internal garda investigation they have always maintained that terence was severly assaulted in store st garda station.
In their opinion they feel only an independent inquiry cas establish the truth in the circumstance sorrounding terence wheelocks death.

author by jimpublication date Fri Nov 24, 2006 16:30author address author phone Report this post to the editors

it seems the gardai at this piont have a lot to answer , the wheelock family have always said they know there son was suffered injuries that were not self inflicted maybe this stuff that has emerged in the coroners court and when these photos have comprehensivly examined will shed some light on this tragic case. gardai have been caught lying again who long how long must they sing that song. " i cant remember" there was nothing wrong. well 35 pics and evidence from the state lab of blood on the clothing turns the garda version of events on its head. it has been widely covered in the medai, there has been many detracters and an equal number of supporters thanks to indymedia and the wheelock campaign people. it seem to be a battle for the truth in the making its only the start of a long battle through the courts and the state has scored an own goal.

author by kevinpublication date Fri Nov 24, 2006 21:04author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The fact that gardai have denyed any injuries on terence wheelock in there press release by supintendent kevin donaghue the gardai's pr man and the fact the he eluded to medical file not being released to them has a hidrance to the gardai.
It shows that if the wheelock family had of been gulible enough to hand over this file to gardai originaly.
There would of been a different version of events in gardai evidence this week in the coroners court in relation to terence arrest on that day 2/6/05.
instead of what we heard in the coroners court this week where gaurd after gaurd stated that they saw no bruising or blood mind you under sworn evidence on mr wheelock.
They claimed that terence was arrested and that he was in a good mood and that he was well treated with a bit of banter going on in the van on the way to the station. a nice friendly garda pr excercise in the coroners court all were smiling at the jury.
when it emerged that there were 35 photos catergorising extensive marks and abrasions and the evidence from the state scientist that there was blood on a number of clothing belonging on terence.
Garda became visibly shaken as well as the rest of the court.
there was stunned silence and border confusion as to what was coming befro the court.
maybe if gardai had, had terence wheelock medical file from the start, there sworn evidence would of been dfferent along the lines of the usual soundbytes like it was a "violent arrest coroner, the prisoner had to be restrained several time was extremely difficult getting in to the van," eeehh maybe this is how he could of got bruised?"
so just as well the wheelock family chose to hang on to the medical files it was all the had in a system that is geared against them.
if they had not off. you can bet the gardai "sworn evidence" would of been a lot different.

author by mariapublication date Sat Nov 25, 2006 18:00author address Dublin 1author phone Report this post to the editors

its good to see the truth coming out at last , but i think it is still early days fair play to the wheelock legal team they are doing good work in exposing the inconsistencies in the gardai version of events and what is fact not just the hearsay of individual members of the gardai.
Time will tell.

author by steve bikopublication date Mon Nov 27, 2006 16:06author address author phone Report this post to the editors

i dont know if wheelock comited suicide or not but there seems to be evidence of an assault about to come out in these courts if this is t the case, then criminal charges should be brought against these people.
it is well known that gardai assault young people in there custody it has been going on for years, but if it leads to deaths in police custody. this is a serious and more sinister developement.
criminal prosecutions should be brought.
fair play to indymedia keep up the good work, the tabliods coverage of the inquest were very selective of their interpretation of the facts.

author by gary dunnepublication date Mon Nov 27, 2006 18:32author address townauthor phone Report this post to the editors

i read the papers during the inquest in the first few days, and most of them said that terence wheelock had not been assaulted as the garda were saying in the court and that he was a joyrider and caught redhanded and all that stuff.
then they changed there story and said he waS assaulted. the papers keep changing there story so no one knows what to beleive its not fair to the family.
si i know were people are coming from

author by jimpublication date Wed Nov 29, 2006 16:21author address author phone Report this post to the editors

what do you expect from the news papers many of whom depend very much on the gardai for there storys, its a well known fact crime sells storys, they can hardly be seen to overtly criticise gardai or there actions, they might create a serious drought and finish up because of the short supply of "sources". no they will only get on a bandwagon.

author by austinpublication date Fri Dec 01, 2006 19:48author address galwayauthor phone Report this post to the editors

justice can be a very long process
the family of this lad must be prepared to sacrifice many years down the road to acheive there goal of i which i think is an independent tribunal, along the lines of the rossiters, it can have a heavy toal, they must be persistent in pursuit of there goal.
i wish them the best of luck.
it was tragic what happend to there loved on. justice for the forgotten.

author by carmelpublication date Sat Dec 02, 2006 16:19author address brayauthor phone Report this post to the editors

seen the wheelocks in town with their supporters today.
i spoke to one of the supporters they seem very scincere in what there doing
i hope for everyones sake that the inquiry they are looking for happens fro the good of all the nation.
they were handing out leaflets and informing the likes of me and the public.
about the facts of the case which were intrigeing
lets hope the goverment wake up, i think they should because i dont think these people are going away.
justice for there son, terence.;

author by nougatpublication date Sat Dec 02, 2006 18:29author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Hey Carmel,

Just wondering what the leaflets said - are they looking for support for a particular event or court hearing coming up soon, or was it just a general shout-out for assistance?

Maybe if you could scan one in and post it here that would be great - if you need tech help contact someone from indymedia.

Related Link: http://www.indymedia.ie/contact_us
author by Sugerplumpublication date Mon Dec 04, 2006 01:51author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Lets look at some of the cold hard facts that came from the Coronors court but the author above has ignored. The author is biased me thinks.

A, State pathologist stated in her evidence that cause of death was self inflicted strangulation.

B, DFB ambulance crews stated in evidence that on arrival they saw gardai performing mouth to mouth and they could find no injuries other than bruising around the neck consistant with hanging.

C, Same ambulance crew stated in evidence they personally saw the cord which he had hung himself with and it was still hanging from the wall.

So 3 independent experts can testify that he died from suicide. 2 of those were eye witnesses. Not one expert from Bambury can say otherwise. Funny that. Now some questions to think about:

A, Everyone, Gardai and his family are all in agreement, they all say he was in good mood, whats so sinister about this?

B, The 1 witness against the Gardai is a self confessed criminal that commited the crime Terrence was arrested for, biased and personal reasons for lying? Surely not! Im sure he respects and congratulates the Gardai for catching him and will be happy to plead guilty.

C, According to the above, the autopsy was carried out 2 months after he was arrested, that must have hurt, an autopsy carried out a full month before he died? Ouch!

D, Photos are NOT standard practice in hospitals for any injuries. Anyone reading this that has been assaulted will know that. Personally having been present for examinations concerning assaults, domestics and rapes as a nurse I have never seen a nurse or doctor with a camera. Honestly, its the first time I have even heard such a suggestion.

E, If photos were taken, could bruising not be caused by attempts to revive a dying person? Isnt it a fact that ribs have been broken during CPR? Why yes, I believe it is. I also understand that people can bruise for no reason other than being dead as bruising is connected to blood flow.

F, If a person can heal after being taken to hospital then they can bruise as well, especially concerning tender fingers were not the priority of anyone that treated him. Ever lifted a dead weight? You cannot do it on tippy toes and with feathers.

G, Only examined the cord, 'Why?' you all scream. Well, as per the state pathologists evidence, it was the object that killed him. Seems a pretty good thing to do to me. Blood on a shirt made no difference and had no bearing. If its his what does that prove? If its not, what does that prove? Someone within the life cycle of those clothes bled, Wow! What an incredible rare event.

Now I know you will all attack me but as I dont visit often I wont notice. However, please look at what I have said and at least think about it because I know you wont admit to any of it being accurate. Once again, I sign off happy in the knowledge that Im right and it was suicide.

author by return of justicepublication date Tue Dec 05, 2006 01:37author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Hmmmm!!! a nurse turns state pathologist isn't it just great, pity how they wouldn't tend to people in accident a little bit more quickly these slows lazy ones I mean the 1%.

I bet this nurse is either married to a guard or she is not who she claims to be? or rather maybe she couldn't make the grade to be a detective, but sure she will be happy signing off.

People in this country are not been treated fairly and anyone who says different should ask themselves when it will happen to them. What I mean is the treatment of a most unfair system.

This nusre makes me sick to the teeth especially when we all rallied for these people when they went out on strike...does she forget the unfair treatment that was encountered in that period? the problem with this country is that they get their own things sorted somewhat and forget about the others...

Nurse what ever your name is please have an opinion but your opinion is down right daft to be honest and rather biased, while I appreciate what you have said and that you are entitled to your opinion, can I ask a question...what were and would be your comments towards the Mc breaty family or the young man in Abylara? would that be people been in the wrong?

Well faith has a funny way of turning around jsut like it did for the Mc Breaty family and while all the fat cats get their legal fees paid the ordinary people have to fight on eating the handles of their fridge doors for the least amount of justice. I don't suppose you are one of those people as these don't go away and sign off happy.

Or the fact that there are more deaths, assaults and robberies in this country now than there ever was!! How would you comment to have to hold a young girl for a whole night to comfort her when she came home to her new home to find a burglar in her house but yet when she rang the guards they didn't turn up, or people who have their possessions stolen but the guards have no time to take a statement.

Before you jump to your extremely well explained set of questions and answers no I do not know the Wheelock family and no I have never been in trouble but yes I am aware of a lot of other disgraceful activity from not all but a good majority of members of the guards they are a disgrace to this country. The ones that habour the bad ones have no feelings or morals.

No Guards its not about being the tell taler its about been proud of what you do and stand up to your superior or the corrupt gang around you and stop been just one of the GAA football team who dont give a god damn about you. David took down Golliat so don't ever feel threatened stand up for what you believe in and the people will support you. Let Fred Morris know who you are. The support is almost in place now use this and make your country proud of the fact you gave that uniform you ware the credit it deserves.

Come on be brave remember it was an irish man who started the guards and police in America, it takes only one brave man to start any thing.

The force is in disgrace and the Goverment is in denial where is all our people money going please stop living in cloud cookoo land we are not better off now than we ever were because the house you live in today while you think you might own it you don't and your children will suffer for your lack of committment.

For the Nurse no I am not against Fianna Fail either but I do think that one power in one position for to long breads contempt and regardless of what ever Government will get in at least its new.

I will support the Wheelock family to this point as lies have been told by the Guards once again and this has been proven. But fair enoung innocent until proven guilty but will the Government have learned their lesson this time and allow funding for an independent enquiry carried out by an outside police force directed by let say Nuala O Loan? isn't that a fair compromise to get?????

Well after all brothers and sisters will never tell tales on one another!!!!!

To the Wheelock Family no matter what the truth will be told and let that be your answer and I am sure your son will reveal all in time.

Good Luck

author by jimpublication date Tue Dec 05, 2006 02:26author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Dr Cassidy said the cause of death was pneumonia, who are you to contradict this?

In the paper there last week Dr Cassidy said she wasn't pro-prosecutiin, I never heard of such incurious doctor who wouldn't want to know how somebody arrived in hospital in the first place?
When does the hearing start up again?

author by By return of justicepublication date Tue Dec 05, 2006 13:45author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that we have one Pathologist, one Commissioner and one Minister for justice who are all nicely appointed by Bertie AHerns office where is the independence in that? There is none and they have every angle covered from the media to the security (Guards) to the funding from there finance section to the protection of the Solicitors which goes without saying.

We are in the European community right so why can't Solicitors from outside this country be used here as a European Solicitors...would this upset the apple cart and maybe just maybe provide the independence thats so many people need but are blocked in everyway from getting.

Staying on the subject of Independence whats that in a country where people are blind to the fact that Bertie Ahern has lied and yes you could tell he was lying through his teeth sure he didn't have the dinner whats thats all about the little boy in shorts approach what a load of rubbish. Vote this man out and vote in someone else he has to go or this country will return to the famine times and yes eventually it will.

This is a corrupt country and the Guards have a lot to answer for with their hugh property porfolio and their expression of anger directed towards beating people up. Remember what happened in Dublin at the parades and multiply that by 100 because this is coming you can smell it in the air and the guards are going to be the front line target for sure.

The Irish people are not ones to be pushed around when they are angry, while they think they have 12,000 strong and a government behind them I would suggest to think long and hard about that one Bertie. Tell the truth about your involvements in England and as for your cousins the O Sullivans in Wicklow ask them to leave people alone will you and stop firing bullets through peoples homes late at night after they had a meeting in your office with you.

Oh sorry for all the people interested in this story please go to www.crookedlawyers.com and have a look at the story about George Hill and his brother.

A site where all stories could be highlighted is badly needed and a list of all complaints about the Guards never arriving should be set up and run INDEPENDENTLY so that everyone can see what these people can be seen for what they really stand for.

Unfortunitly one story and one family fighting alone is never enough as you are remember up against the state with so many resources and using your money to fight against you.

Now take a larger let say community for justice group...include all the people that have rallied recently for justice in any area that is....lets lists them.

The Taxi Drivers
The Mc Breaty Family
The Nurses
The Abylara Family
The Rossport People
The Shannon Landings (is this Government responsible for aiding war crimes? if so lets prosecute this Government)

Do you get the point we are all been walked over here in this country. Now take the events in Dublin not that I condone Violence for all the ones who would love to have a go at me for even mentioning it....for those we are only human and humans will be humans and no I was not one of them....But manners were learnt there where the people were sick of having things pushed down their throats and here is Bertie bringing back a referendum for the third time and he is confident that it will be voted in because it is worded properly this time...what was it sure he didn't have the dinner and I can't remember his name it was so long ago what a bullshit artist....Haughey bad and all as he was did say he was the most cunning and devious just like Bush he would think nothing of a life lost you don't fool us Bertie. So we will have a go until we can get the lies right and fool the people isn't that what its all about Bertie

But take every single person in each situation above have a hugh rally to let the Guards and this Government know that we are not going to listen to their lies and take their abuse by their private security firm anymore and there you have it some manners will be taught to them very quickly...just a suggestion without violence.

Let the people of Ireland vote in an independent ombudsman and let it be the peoples choice and not this Government.

I would like to say to the people rise up and fight back now not alone but together plan your rallies through once organisation and come in numbers more so than you would have on your own. If the Guards stirke our physically at you let them know it won't be accepted if they do it a secound time strike back at them after all they would have not only assaulted you once but twice and in a court of law are you only protecting and defending yourselves? the anty needs to be turned up on these people once and for all to make sure they start behaving themselves.

Do this and du du du du Bertie mi mi mi might just buckle and tell the truth and if not it will come out sooner or later...its a pity he didn't pass some law to help all the other people that were in his misfortunate same state back when he accepted that money and never paid it back....but yet he can have a third go at passing a resolution through a referendum that has been voted out twice already.

Good luck to the Wheelock family like the Mc Brearty family you will be vindicated in your fight for justice and th truth that this Government and their private security firm the Garda seem to have a problem with.

author by maurapublication date Tue Dec 05, 2006 16:59author address nth inner cityauthor phone Report this post to the editors

garda al.....is SUPERPLUM

well nice to see him back with his garda propaganda..
well you stated you have the last word and wont return (how childish) i dont beleive that , why did you bother to visit this site?
Anyway it was clear that you were at the coroners court, you seem to have picked what you wanted from that sitting.
But there are a few details you neglected to include,

A.you give the inference that cassidy has conluded her findings. this is false.
MARIE CASSIDY when she examined terence body, now this is on public record, stated she did not relize that terence wheelock had been in hospital for three months, and that she had not been aware that three dozen or so photos of bruises, marks and larcerations existed, despite those photos been marked in her personal notes. befor she gave her submissions.
now what superplum forgot to include, was that the inquest was halted because of this fact, and the the coroners send her back to take this IMPORTANT EVIDENCE in to her NEW submissions. she stated that information relating to terence had been limited. we have still to get her official submissions. which will be in the new year.

B. also there was not one witness there were two one for the defence simon doherty. and one for the state. steven rock. who stated that events in store st that day were very strange (he was in on a drug search) and very unusual he said a gard was shouting for a knife and it looked staged again on public record. and a blunder calling him as a witness for the gaurds. they choose convicted crims when it suits them. dont be a hypocrite superplum.

C. no nurse's carry a camera, well then superplum where did the photos come from? it was not the family who took them..
The fact of the mater is that a young man came in to the hospital with horrifc injuries after been in a garda station, they decided to take some photos. which as it turns out. is very important to the inquest and this case.
the gardai were not aware of there existence. and felt secure when they lied under oath and perjured themselves. the fact of the mater now is they will be in court at a future date and they will be qouted on there sworn evidence a big big blunder . "notice no bruising ehh... no blood ehh... well treated ehh...stripped searched ehh.. good spirits ehh...." a lair need a good memory.
As for emergency personal or crew as al i mean superplum put it consisted of ONE man fro dublin fire brigade who noticed no bruising,
if the whole scene was staged, how was he to know weather he was being punked?

D. blood on his shirt, again false . The garda forensic scientist who neglected to test the blood on terence wheelock clothes, stated that blood was all over his clothing no just his shirt. where did it come from?
if its true that six gardai gave sworn evidence that they noticed no blood when he was admitted and stripped searched, well then it does not take a forensic scientist to conclude that some sort of an assault took place after the search or during if there was blood on the shorts he was wearing. it is very clear as gardai one after the other stumbled, blushed, stutttered, and contradicted eachs others evidence, all on public record as transcripts, there custody records differed from what they stated simon dohertys had no input at al, clearly showing that terence record was doctored. They were lying everyone could see it poor superintendent tried to console them, by telling then they done well,
but everyone could see, so al, sorry superplum . al was already caught telling lies.... and went in to hiding.. but good to see he's in top form.. no doubt you will be at the next inquest. carrying the flag of lies and deceit that is so ingrained in some parts of the gardai,
but unfortunately for them and there stereotypes of local people they have underestimated the wheelock family.
They thought that grief would overwhelm this family and they would except this crap they came out with.

author by Gregor Kerr - WSM - 1st Maypublication date Tue Dec 05, 2006 20:18author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The truth will out --- no matter how much Garda Al/Sugarplum etc try to muddy the waters.
Thanks a million to all who turned up to last saturday's leafletting session to support the campaign. The family and campaigners were enthused and strengthened by the show of solidarity.
A further leafletting session will take place this Sat at 12 (see http://www.indymedia.ie/article/80040)

author by maurapublication date Tue Dec 05, 2006 23:35author address nth innercityauthor phone Report this post to the editors

absolutely, just stick to the facts and you cant go wrong there is serious questions for the gardai to answer. and the inquest in to the death of terence is not the forum , the high court, an independent inquiry, and the european court of human rights.

a few individual gardai, from store st or fizgibbon st. should not blacken the good gardai in are mists..
The good gardai should come forward

in confidence and let somebody in what happened terence and how he sustained his injuries.
maybe the new ombudsman in jan 07, i hear mcdowell has passed a charter for whistleblowers in the gardai.
Those who remain silent will be guilty as those found out.
it is a crime for those who have information on acrime to with hold it . times are changing....

author by nelpublication date Wed Dec 06, 2006 12:07author address author phone Report this post to the editors

just read that a motion for an independent inquiry has been pssed by dublin city council there is now strong support for one, may be the family our now than they think great news for them.
(story http//www.indymedia.ie/article/80049/.ie

author by the little guypublication date Fri Dec 15, 2006 17:29author address author phone Report this post to the editors

it is quite obvious you were there when terence was beeen assaulted or you wouldn't have such a vested interest in trying to trivialise the evidence that has come before the coroner's court..There must have been a damn good reson why a consultant that was dealing with terence thought it imperitive that the photos of terence's injuries should be taken even by your own admission this is an unusual practise in a hospital to do. ive seen them MArie cassidy is looking at them were not convinced with your argument not that you constructed it in the best possible tatse. There is lots of blood on terence's clothes a fact that had been denied by every cop questioned in the coroners court yet verified by your star witnees dr.michael norton the state forensic scientist oh oh that was a wrong move.now the wheelock family have had independent experts examine his clothes and have revealed shocking results watch this space. this new evidence will be sent to the DPP for consideration plus the photo's.aare you worries? well o'leary,mulqueeen brosnan murphy hanley healy you's should all be worried.how does it feel for the investigaters to be investigated?the truth always
YOU KONCKED ON THE WRONG DOOR THIS TIME. you might be able to save your own miserable skin .i hear that mcdowell has set up a new whistle blowers charter. you may get the honor of been the first or sink with the rest of the rats on that ship . this is of titanic proportions

author by Alpublication date Sat Dec 16, 2006 04:16author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Oh deary me, I have multiple personality syndrome again, how sad for me.

Well fortunately I wont worry about it but will say that

A, Yes I was there.
B, I agree, hospitals do NOT photograph injuries (its actually illegal to take someones photo without permission, check for yourself). Many a time I have photographed injuries, never seen nor been offered this service by medical staff.
C, Why would Gardai know about photos if we didnt take them and the family held them? I see nothing sinister there. The family took them, again I see nothing wrong with this. Why attempt to hide the photographers identity? Oh right, because theres no proof to support them, thats right. will the nurse/doctor that supposedly 'took' these photos be giving evidence?
D, why oh why do you believe that the Commish, McDowell or Bertie care about A, Wheelock or B, Individual Gardai? I can accept that they couldnt care less what happens in Store Street, to prisoners or to Gardai. If I was killed tomorrow they wouldnt care, they worry about PR and polls, nothing else. I repeat, NONE OF THEM WOULD COVER UP WRONG DOING, THEY WOULD SIMPLE SACK THE GARDA AND KEEP THEMSELVES CLEAN
E, The truth will come out, yes it will, have an inquiry, fine by me I have nothing to hide and the truth will show no brutality by Gardai.

Ah but I forgot the daming evidence, theres a Garda out there that does Judo, shock horror!!! Just like I am being paid to type this. There really is so many conspiracy theories and paranoid people around.

PS: the photo of the Gardai 'staring' at the house? they are actually about 50 metres away at least. The abandoned flats behind them give it away, they are probable wondering why the cameraman has nothing better to do than watch them talking. Oh and havent the Wheelocks moved?

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Hey Al, look closer at the photo (link below). The 4 Gardaí are not "50 metres away" from the door of the old Wheelock home, but leaning up against the fence that divides the end of O'Casey Avenue from Summerhill Parade, which is right outside the front door. Mountain View Court (now demolished) is in the distance across the road, you can see another fence which separates the path on that side of the road from the road itself. This is from the short film/interview which was shown a few months ago in Liberty Hall and I can assure you that these Gardaí were standing right outside their front door watching them closely. Since the Wheelocks moved away (and who could blame them with the pressure and intimidation) I havent seen a Garda on duty at that point, ever (never mind 4 of them standing around for hours), so your previous argument about them merely being there to patrol against crime in the area is a pile of bollocks.

I havent had time lately to get involved with the campaign but it seems like it has been gathering momentum, hopefully in the new year the Coroner's Court will return a verdict of something other than suicide, which may (should) bring about an inquiry.

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" its actually illegal to take someone photo with out there permission check and see"
once again al , superplum, liar, your full of shit...do you lads down in store st not read the sunday world? gossip or hello?
your cracking jokes...its ilegal blah blah..
your argument about no photos being in existence is played out..dooaaah the photos that were taken in the mater by STAFF there show extensive bruising marks and larcerations, these were included in terence wheelocks medical file.The family did not give the gardai the medical file on the advice of there legal time who new something was up from the start..
A) With the destruction of forensic evidence ie. renovation of the cell immediately after the incident.

B) The doctoring of custody records..

C)The delay in ringing an ambulance for the critically ill young lad

D) The impossible feat of boring through solid concrete and a steel plate with one's bare hands .. incredible

E) The fact that he was moved out of the cell, when DBF arrived who noted the fact he was not in the cell but a corridor.

F)The recent evidence of tadgh o'leary, steve mulqueen, mary murphy, martin mcInerny, liz brosnon that they in sworn evidence at the coroners . they noticed no bruising marks of any ind on the body of terence wheelock when they stripped searched him.

G)That six gardia again in sworn evidence noticed no BLOOD on the clothes of terence wheelock in the course of there strip search. strange that trained eyes of professional gardai should miss this.

H) The fact that a superintendent oliver hanley had to be told that he was holding up the inquest of the deceased.
Due to his retention of the clothes. He had and was withholding from the family and everybody else ie DPP, GARDA SCIENCE LAB, PATHOLIGIST for an incredible17 months

I) The fact that a garda scentist at the pheonix park was instructed not to test, extensive blood staining on the clothes by the same superintendent oliver hanley the scientist gave this evidence to the coroners court.

J)The fact that the family had to pay independent forensic scientists from briton, to test the blood on the clothes, because the states own lab failed to do so. and the revelations from these tests, is set to be explosive in the new year.

K)The fact that this evidence was known to superintendent oliver hanley of the blood, and who neglected to submitt this important evidence in his file to the DPP.

These facts on there own are important pionts but when put to gether it is incredible and arrogant of the gardai to think that they could get away with such a thing, DOthey realy beleive that when they knocked on the wheelock home that the were dealing with nieave stupid people? big mistake. lesson here dont underestimate working class people
Al its good to see youwelocme an "inquiry" but did you not say in the past that the gardais own internal inquiry was sufficent?
AN INDEPENDENT INQUIRY will establish the truth i agree with you there, it will exposethe dirty practices of cover ups in the gardai.
NOTE this al , the WHEELOCK case will chang everything for all those involved in his arrest , detention, and subsequent death and will have wider implications for the gardai as a whole, all because a couple of rookies thought they could get away with murder.
How arroggant

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The family of the young lad who died.
Have over time managed to sustain there communitys support by sticking to the facts in there sons death, they have no strayed from this piont, despite being gaoded by medai for juicy storys.
They have used there cmpaign and there communitys support to highlight discrepencies in the gardai version of events and to preasure the gardia's safe return of his clothes. they new with out seeing these clothes that gardai were hiding somthing.
they took an educated guess and drew the inference from the gardai persistent retention of the clothing,
that the inference drawn that there was forensic evidence, and that this evidence must be blood.
They were spot on. Thsi made them campaign even harder now they are calling for criminal prosecutions.
we must listen to what they have to say.

A floral tribute to terence on the first anniversary
A floral tribute to terence on the first anniversary

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Community demand answers

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