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International - Event Notice
Thursday January 01 1970

New York Easter Commemoration

category international | history and heritage | event notice author Saturday April 08, 2006 23:06author by NIFC - National irish Freedom Committeeauthor email nifcmem at optonline dot net Report this post to the editors

90th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising

This commemoration will be held at Kelly Ryan’s Restaurant, 5790 Mosholu Ave. in the Riverdale section of the Bronx on Easter Sunday, 16th April. Fr. Pat Moloney will celebrate a Mass commencing at 10.00am A traditional Irish breakfast and the Easter commemoration will follow at 11.00 am At the completion of the commemoration, Cumann Na Saoirse Naisiunta (The National Irish Freedom Committee) will hold a ceremony at the grave of Joe Stynes in Woodlawn Cemetery, which is close by. Joe along with Mike Flannery and George Harrison were founding members of Cumann Na Saoirse Naisiunta (The National Irish Freedom Committee)

Remember Easter Week 1916
Easter Commemoration
90th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising

Easter Commemoration
90th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising

This commemoration will be held at Kelly Ryan’s Restaurant, 5790 Mosholu Ave. in the Riverdale section of the Bronx on Easter Sunday, 16th April. Fr. Pat Moloney will celebrate a Mass commencing at 10.00am A traditional Irish breakfast and the Easter commemoration will follow at 11.00 am

Ken Tierney, life long Irish freedom activist will be the master of ceremonies. Ken was an Irish political prisoner here in the U.S in the 1970’s. The Guest speaker will be Sen. Labhras Ó Murchú, Director General of Cómhaltas Ceolteoiri Ēireann

The Sponsors for the Commemoration are:

Sean Óglaigh na hĒireann, The Friends of Irish Freedom, The Bronx Gaelic, The Tipperary Men’s Association, Saoirse NJ, and The Irish Cultural Club of NJ.


Call (718-601-1550) or (718-884-3085)

Cumann Na Saoirse Naisiunta

An 90ú Cuimneachán Na Cáisce

At the completion of the above commemoration, Cumann Na Saoirse Naisiunta (The National Irish Freedom Committee) will hold a ceremony at the grave of Joe Stynes in Woodlawn Cemetery, which is close by.

Joe along with Mike Flannery and George Harrison were founding members of Cumann Na Saoirse Naisiunta. Joe carved his legend as a most active and prominent volunteer of the famous IRA Dublin Brigade in the War of Independence. He also fought on the Republican side in the counter-revolution and was a leader Clan Na Gael in the US and remained faithful to his oath to the Irish Republic and supported that cause for his entire life.

The ceremony at the graveside will include laying a wreath on Joe’s grave, the traditional reading of the Proclamation in English and Gaeilge and reading the Easter Message. Brian Mór Ó Baoighill who served as Joe’s aide in Clan na Gael will pay a special tribute to his former comrade.

Selected passages from Sean Cronin’s book Our Own Red Blood will be read by various individuals. (This book in now available from

The event will be video taped.

25th anniversary of the 1981 Hungerstrike

The 25th Anniversary-1981 Hunger Strike Commemoration Committee-New York is organizing a tribute. This Committee includes members of various Irish organizations. A Mass & Commemoration will take place on Saturday, 29th APRIL 2006. Mass will be con celebrated by Msgr. Kevin Flanagan and Fr. Pat Moloney. There will be speakers, music, Long Kesh memorabilia, POW crafts, merchandise, etc... Anyone wishing to participate and or be a "Patron" in this event can email More details to follow.

National Irish Freedom Committee
NIFC PO BOX 771084, WOODSIDE, NY 11377

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author by NY Republicanpublication date Mon Apr 17, 2006 04:53author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Statement from the Leadership of the Republican Movement

THE Leadership of the Republican Movement extends fraternal greetings to members, supporters and friends throughout the world on this the historic 90th anniversary of the 1916 Proclamation of the Irish Republic. We send special greetings to our imprisoned comrades in Ireland and to prisoners throughout the world who are incarcerated because of their struggle for freedom and justice.

Since we last assembled twelve months ago we have witnessed the final act of treason by those who would have described themselves as Republicans. Irish Republicans throughout the world watched with total dismay at the declaration that their war was over for all time and at the destruction of all arms under their control which had been given to them to wage a war for the freedom of Ireland. The effect that these so-called Republicans were attempting to imply was that the struggle for national liberation was over permanently and that the IRA had been killed by its own leadership.

We have a message in response to this act of treason. The Irish Republican Army has declared that it is still very much alive in the form of the Continuity Irish Republican Army which remains active and dedicated to the achievement of Irish independence for however long this may take.

This Easter the Free Staters have attempted to hijack the Easter commemoration ceremonies, having ignored them for the past 35 years. It should be remembered that the heritage of 1916 belongs to all the people of Ireland. For their part, faithful Republicans have marked Easter each year in good times and in bad. Other elements, including some members of the media, have allied themselves completely with British Imperialism, saying that 1916 was unnecessary and condemning outright everything associated with the national struggle. Many politicians seek to besmirch the Republican Movement and rob it of its good name. The emergence of tiny groupings as rivals to the Movement only cause confusion and obscure the supreme issue facing the people, the unity and freedom of Ireland.

On the international scene we continue to see the mighty world powers, through sheer force and intimidation, take over weaker countries and terrorise their people. We send solidarity greetings to oppressed people throughout the world who are suffering from these superpowers.

We have noted with regret the public announcement that the struggle over so many decades of the Basque people for national liberation is at a permanent end. The involvement of the same forces that have been at work in Ireland, and especially of the Provisional leadership, in bringing about this outcome for a friendly people is to be deplored.

Ireland's national struggle, particularly since the 1916 Rising, has been admired and looked up to by subject peoples throughout the world who have been and are fighting colonialism. Now they receive the news of the collapse of the active struggle in Ireland, the acceptance of British rule and the voluntary destruction of arms. But the fight goes on.

On the home front we send greetings to the Rossport Five and to their families and supporters. We salute your courage in confronting this multinational company who have little regard for the welfare of local communities.

In recent weeks we have seen on the streets of Dublin how far removed those who profess to be in power are from the communities at local level. We saw how Free State ministers were so readily available to meet leaders of a loyalist organisation while refusing to meet with representatives of the Dublin and Monaghan bombings or the relatives of the Stardust tragedy. The Free Staters got their answer when the local community showed their resentment at what only could be described as an exercise of appeasement of their British masters. We urge Republicans throughout Ireland to start now and prepare for the next act of appeasement - the visit of the foreign Queen of England who claims jurisdiction over part of our country.

Faithful Republicans throughout Ireland have continued to feel the jackboot tactics of so-called forces of law and order on both sides of the Border and we urge our members to be at all times vigilant.

Now for the fourth time the English government is seeking to resurrect Stormont which was brought crashing down in 1972 by the people’s struggle under the leadership of the Republican Movement. Of course they now have the collaboration of former Republicans who have already administered English rule here and are prepared to police it by joining the British forces.

For eight years since the 1998 Agreement sought to copper-fasten Partition and British rule, they have failed in their efforts. Whether as 'shadow, interim or transitional', Stormont must be rejected.

The men and women of 1916, whose deed we honour today and every Easter ever since their Rising, set out clearly in the Proclamation of the Irish Republic what their objectives were. That noble document was read to you here. It required "a permanent National Government representative of the whole people of Ireland and elected by the suffrages of all her men and women".

Such a government was indeed elected in an act of self-determination by the whole Irish people acting as a unit in 1918 and established by the All-Ireland Dáil in 1919. A combination of British brutality and force and Irish weakness and treachery overthrew that 32-County government and suppressed it by the creations of a British Act of Parliament, Stormont and Leinster House. Any new-style Stormont must be brought down and replaced by an All-Ireland parliament. A new federation of the four provinces can best implement this and provide a just solution for minorities and majorities alike.

To secure the "civil and religious liberty, equal rights and equal opportunities" guaranteed in the Proclamation and sealed by the blood of the leaders and martyrs of the 1916 Rising, a Democratic Socialist Republic must be instituted.

Ninety years to the day since that momentous event in Irish history we renew these guarantees and pledge to strive might and main for those objectives. No collaboration with Imperialism and with British rule here - but straight through to Irish freedom and Irish national independence.
An Phoblacht Abú!

- Issued by the Leadership of the Republican Movement
Easter 2006.

author by Patrick - NIFC-personal capacitypublication date Mon Apr 17, 2006 23:33author address author phone Report this post to the editors

A brief report of Yesterdays Easter Commemoration in New York. This is a personal report. Official NIFC report to follow shortly.

A very large crowd of 200 or so gathered yesterday in Kelly Ryans, Bronx, New York to remember Easter 1916. Mass was said by Fr. Pat Moloney. Mass was in honor of Magaret Devine Tompkins (Sister of INLA hunger strike martyr), Elizabeth Betty O’Connell, Vol. John O’Halloran, Vol. Martin Conlon, Kathy Bulter-Diaz and Chris Quinliven.

Fr. Pat gave a moving homily about remembering the men and women of 1916. Toward the end he mentioned onabout on his last return to Ireland he spoke to those in the provisionals who claimed they were “sticking to their guns.” Fr. Pat replied “that will be rather difficult…haven’t you given them away to the English?”

Galway native, former political prisoner and last years Cabhair honoree Ken Teirney was the master of ceremonies. The Irish Proclamation was then read in Irish by Maurice O’Bric and in English by Micheal McDermott; grand-nephew of Sean MacDiarmada (organizer of the 1916 Rising).

Ken then introduced the dais. They were Tom Beirne of the Leitrim Society, Tony Creaney of the Antrim Society, Bob Loughman of the National Irish Freedom Committee, Micheal Sean McDermott and Jimmy McDermott, nephews of Sean MacDiarmada, Mary Holt Moore of the Bronx Gaelic League (and this years recipient of the Pearl Flannery Award from the NIFC), John Murphy, President of the Tipperary Assoc., Labhras O’Murchu of Comaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann, Mary Nolan of the John Barry Club, Charlie McLoughlin of Friends of Irish Freedom, Malachy McAllister former Irish POW who is facing deportation, and former Congressman Mario Biaggi. Mario received a prolonged standing ovation. Mario as founder of the congressional ad-hoc committee on Irish Affairs was the best friend Irish Republicans ever had in the corridors of Washington dc and made many enemies for it with both the brits and the staters. Mario gave a brief speech to the assembled thanking them for their dedication to Irish Freedom and their friendship with him. Its Mario who deserves the thank you. A full Irish Breakfast was then served to the couple hundred who attended.

There was Republican merchandise for sale and historic Republican material displayed. There was information available about the up-coming Cabhair dinner/ceili, the Captain Kelly Justice Campaign, Aidan Humle Campaign, The Free John Brady Campaign and SAOIRSE.

After the breakfast a ceremony was held by Cumann na Saoirse Náisíunta/The National Irish Freedom Committee at the graveside of Joe Stynes. Joe, along with Micheal Flannery and George Harrison, founded the NIFC. Joe was a vetern of the Dublin Brigade of the IRA and fought in the tan war. The oration was given by Brian Mor O”Baoighill. Brian noted that Joe remained faithful for life to the precepts of Fenianism and the legacy of easter 1916. . In 1987 he helped found the NIFC in response to the provos discarding of Republicanism.

After the oration The Easter Proclamation was read in Irish and English, a wreath was laid on behalf of NIFC and then the NIFC Easter statement was read followed by the statement from the Republican Movement in Ireland. The ceremony was finished with a brief reading from Sean Cronin’s excellent book about the rising: “Our Own Red Blood”. The official NIFC statement should be out soon and keep an eye on the website ( for video from the day.

I should say also that some members of the National Irish Freedom Committee traveled from quite far away in order to attend yesterday's commemoration. A few even came from as far away as Virginia. This was mentioned at yesterdays breakfast and people were impressed of their dedication.

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