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Irish 9/11 Truth Movement information packs for Politicians and media

category national | crime and justice | news report author Friday July 29, 2005 18:25author by Anon - Irish 9-11 Truth Movementauthor email info at 911truth dot ie Report this post to the editors

Irish 9/11 Truth deliver 166 pack to the Dail one for each TD , but Dail only accept 5

Irish 9/11 Truth Movement has been busy preparing 250 information packs for:

166 TD’s
13 MEP’s
8 members of the RTE Authority &
63 prominent media and other Irish individuals.

Last week they delivered 166 pack to the Dail one for each TD , but officails refuse to accept and mor etahn 5 packs.

Dail Refuse to any more than 5 envelopes for TDs

so close !
so close !

“Do people really think that matters of Government are decided over a pint in the Galway tent? Let’s face it, we have the most accessible political system in the world – it’s more trouble to get away from Irish politicians.”

‘Fianna Fail Party Insider’ ‘Winners all Right’ Pn9 Sunday Business Post July 24th 2005

Below is a copy of the mail sent to all political partys.

Dear Heads of Political Parties,

Since the London bombing on 07/07 the Irish 9/11 Truth Movement has been busy preparing 250 information packs for:

166 TD’s
13 MEP’s
8 members of the RTE Authority &
63 prominent media and other Irish individuals.

This task has taken dozens of man hours provided at no charge by concerned citizens and members of our movement. Each information pack (as you are aware since all five heads of parties received theirs via the postal service on Friday July 22nd) contains approximately 50 pages of documentation and a copy of the DVD ‘Confronting the Evidence’ which suggests (if not proves) that we were lied to by the American government about that terrible atrocity on September 11th 2001 and thus lied to re the reasons for the horrific deaths of so many Irish people on that fateful day.

In all, 12,500 pages of documentation are included which cost members of the Irish 9/11 Truth Movement personally a cumulative €500 in terms of paper, printing and related stationary costs. Due to this initial cost we took the decision that rather than spend a further €170 on postage we would simply drive from Cork to the Dail and deposit the four boxes of envelopes at reception.

When we arrived in Dublin last Wednesday July 20th we rang the Dail as we approached the city centre in order to notify the internal postal service of our arrival and to arrange a drop off. However, the first question we were asked was what organisation we represented and when the answer was provided it became very clear very quickly that we were not going to be facilitated and were told instead that we had to post any correspondence that we wished a member of the Oireachtas to receive.

We could not help thinking at the time that if the answer provided was the ‘Irish Licensed Vintners Association’ or the ‘INO’ that we would not have received the same response – why else ask the question?

Having driven for four hours we were obviously not happy with this situation and in the best Irish tradition we decided to chance our arm. When we approached the Garda on duty at the Dail he asked us where we were from and what we wanted to do. When we told him that we had driven from Cork with the sole purpose to drop off 166 information packs he told us, wholly reasonably, to say that to the security guard in reception and that ‘we should be alright to leave them in reception until the postal guys come in the morning.’

When we approached John the security guard and told him what we wanted to do the initial response was not negative. The quote was ‘I’m not 100% percent sure what I can do for you, just hold on a minute and I’ll make a call.’ Again, we thought, if this is a hard and fast rule, there would be no point in making that phone call. The point is, it is obviously not.

Moments later John returned with a different tone: ‘So you’ve been on already have you?’ ‘I have yeah’. ‘All I can do for you I’m afraid is take five envelopes and they have to be for T.D.s in your constituency, nobody else.’ We then retrieved five envelopes for the three Fianna Fail T.D.’s, one Fine Gael T.D. and one Green T.D. in Cork South Central. John checked all the addresses to make sure that we were not sneaking one in to the Tanaiste or something. Before we left, John gratefully received a free copy of the DVD with interest.

We then distributed copies of the DVD’s to the patrons and staff of Buswells hotel and Hogan’s bar on George St as well as all patrons sitting outside the Barge that evening. The irony is that John and the patrons of those fine three establishments are all better informed about 9/11 at this point than members of our own parliament. In all, the Irish 9/11 truth movement has distributed 1,300 copies of the DVD in Ireland and expect another large shipment in the coming weeks from our kind DVD sponsors Reopen911.org

In any event, we are quite sure the 5 envelope maximum rule for correspondence is NOT designed to prevent Irish citizens from giving information to Irish T.D.s. What the rule IS designed to achieve seems a mystery to everybody that we have spoken to.

We have phoned all the offices of the political parties today with the intention of arranging how we might drop off the information packs for the Dail members by perhaps driving back to Dublin and driving around the party political HQ’s.

However, we have just come across some evidence that suggests that the CCTV footage of the four London bombers at Luton is a complete fabrication and given that neither our government nor our media seems interested in critiquing this information we feel that this is a more productive use of our time than driving back to - and around Dublin.


Therefore, we hereby ask all six political parties to send a cheque or postal order to our postal address below in order to cover the cost of postage so that we can send an information pack to every elected member of your party.

The figures are quite small apart from the Fianna Fail postal bill of €76.80 (80 (81-1) * .96 cent) but if one considers that this represents one hundred of one percent (.000192%) of top line revenues from the Fianna Fail tent (€400,000) at the Galway races this week (or alternatively one bottle of champagne) then we don’t expect it to lead to any financial insolvency problems for the party.

The other party political postal bills are as follows:

Fine Gael: 30 (31-1) * .96 = €28.80
Labour: 20 (21-1) * .96 = €19.20
Progressive Democrats: 7 (8-1) * .96 = €6.72
Greens: 5 (6-1) * .96 = €4.80
Sinn Fein: 5 * .96 = €4.80

Kind regards,

Irish 9/11 Truth Movement,

Related Link: http://www.911truth.ie

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