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Protest + PUBLIC TEACH-IN on Garda / Govnmt Corruption + Cover-Up

category national | crime and justice | press release author Thursday June 16, 2005 13:35author by BlackPope - private capacityauthor email BlackPope at operamail dot comauthor phone 085-739.52.88 Report this post to the editors

Tomorrow, Friday 17th June 05 @ Dail Eireann, 10am - 2pm

This Friday, 17 June 2005, in Dail Eireann there is a special session scheduled for 'Statements on the Morris Tribunal' from 10:30am - 13:30pm.

To further expose this scandal and the politico/legal Cover-Up now in full swing, the extended McBrearty family from Donegal (the targets of the vicious frame-up on Murder charges by Gardai) will be attending this hearing and they'll have a few words for people both inside and outside Leinster House.

So come along to learn what the media refuses to touch about this unfolding scandal, and lend your voice and presence on this historic occasion! We assemble at 10am at the Kildare Street entrance to Dail Eireann.

Also please spread the word out to anybody who can contribute and blitz the Media to cover this. The attached flyer is being distroed today in Dublin, if a few people would like to urgently lend a hand it would be much appreciated. Sorry for the short notice + Thanks, BP

This is a call out to everybody in this country sickened by Garda harassment, perjury and corruption to come along and support the McBrearty Family, and us all, to begin cleaning out this rat's nest, ensuring proper consequences, i.e. seeing the guilty severely punished and getting some effective protection from such abuse in the future.

So just take the morning off, get to Dublin (Kildare Street) and lend your voice and presence to this historic occasion! We assemble at 10am at the Kildare Street entrance to Dail Eireann.

For visual placards etc. some suitable paroles suggested are "Liar McDowell, deport yourself!" -- "Sack Liar Conroy" -- "Sack Lying Minister for Injustice" -- "Disband Garda Siochana" -- "Corrupt Irish Courts, Parliament stop covering for Corrupt Gardai!". Signatures will be collected calling for the sacking of 'Batman' McDowell and 'Heavy Gang' Conroy as a starting point in the process of cleaning up this stinking mess.

Rather than just make noise, this protest will also be a teach-in – a public education event regarding the details of the Barron/McBrearty case, followed by personal testimony given over an open microphone – themes of interest could be personal experience at the hands of the Gardai, the so-called 'Justice System', an analysis of who is really reponsible and covering for all this abuse, how and why it is done - and what the Irish People will do about it all, etc.

2 minutes time will be given to each speaker from the crowd, so coherence, brevity and clarity are a requirement. Lambeg Drums and music would be greatly appreciated if anybody can manage that.

Plenty of media organisations, who could never possibly dream of EMBEDDING themselves to collude with or protect corrupt politicians or States (like Republic of Ireland) will be very interested to register the free expression of the popular grievance felt against this current system of injustice, which is used in repression mainly against the young, poor and defenceless.

This is not a party-political event, but all parties and those representing other organisations (Unions etc.) are welcome and will also get 2 minutes at the end for statements - please advise the organisers previously for co-ordination purposes (Tlf. 085-739.52.88).

From the word.doc flyer which will shortly be posted as PDF or whatever by 1.IMC-Editor

The fake confession manufactured and even signed on behalf of McBrearty by those corrupt but very diligent Gardai:


Listen I'll tell you what happened on the 14.10.96. I heard that Richie Barron was up to his
old tricks again, mouthing abut the McBreartys, Mark McConnell, he's my first cousin told me this. He had a row with him in Quinn's Pub that evening. His wife Roisin was also there. Mark was very annoyed over the row and what Richie Barron said to him. When he came over to the club, that is Mark McConnell he told me that he had seen Richie Barron heading towards home and that he was drunk. We decided that we would head him off at the top of the road. We went up the back way across the car park and got onto the main road.
We waited for Richie Barron there. We intended having a word with him. We saw Richie coming he was on his own. I picked up a bit of timber. When we stopped him he lashed out at us but he missed. I hit him a slap on the head and he fell back. We then ran. I dropped the timber I had.on the way back. We got into the club and it wasn't until later that I heard that Richie had been knocked down by a hit and run. Michelle Scott told me. My father found out about what happened and he said he would look after it for us. My father never intimidated anyone. He never offered to my knowledge money to anyone to not give evidence against me. This statement has been read over to me and is correct.
Frank McBrearty Jnr
John Melody, Detective Sergeant 8.25p.m.
John Fitzpatrick D/Garda


Then the 'confession letter' from top-dog Conroy, only 8 years later:

Dear Mr. McBrearty,
With regard to your requests made at the Morris Tribunal on 21st October, 2004, this is to confirm the following:

The Death of Richard Barron:

The information contained in Document 829, Volume 22, and reported on 13th January, 1997 was transferred to the PULSE system in 1999. On 13th February, 2002, that information was superseded by the re-designation of the offence as "Dangerous Driving Causing Death" in respect of which you are NOT listed as a suspect.
A user of the system doing a search against your name will not be brought to the Richard Barron Case.

The Edward Moss Incident:

This record shows that you were found "not guilty" by the Court on 6th May, 1999.

Yours sincerely,

Noel Conroy
Garda Commissioner
19th November 2004


Related Link: http://www.morristribunal.ie
author by BPpublication date Sat Jun 18, 2005 13:31author address author phone Report this post to the editors

What 'Stick Assault' do you refer to LAW?

Maybe if you re-read the above you would not be so confused

McBrearty never said he hit anybody with a stick - this was a pure GARDA FABRICATED STATEMENT, signed by the gardai on behalf of McBrearty, who never even saw this forgery until months later.

1. Nobody knows if Barron was assaulted that night, however there has NEVER BEEN ANY EVIDENCE that he was.

2. Nobody knows 100% sure how he died, the investigation and inquest were a GARDA COVER-UP.

3. One of the four remaining suspects for a hit and run death of Richie Barron is Garda John O'Dowd - the same man who subsequently dedicated himself to persecuting the McBrearty family, wrongfully arresting them, trying to beat false confessions out of them during interrogations, organising lying tout witnesses against them, phoning death threats, bomb threats and extortion calls to them from his own home and from his touts homes etc, etc.

4. In the Morris Tribunal John O'Dowd refused to account for his movements on the night Mr. Barron died.


Make your own mind up, if you have one.

Best regards, BP

author by Boa Vistapublication date Fri Jun 17, 2005 20:29author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Law Law, acquaint yourself with the facts.

The Morris Tribunal clearly indicates that the movements of Frank McBrearty Jnr. and Mark McConnell on the night in question were firmly established by witnesses and that they COULD NOT HAVE carried out the attack described in the statement.

author by LAW - LAWpublication date Fri Jun 17, 2005 14:20author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Young Mc Brearty may not have killed him, but he did say he hit Barron with a stick.

1. Barron was assaulted.
2. Barron died as a result of a hit and run.


Injured and disoriented drunk man struck by vehicle after being assaulted.

Make your own mind up.

author by nahhpublication date Fri Jun 17, 2005 03:52author address author phone Report this post to the editors

what an abviously loaded posting "What if some madperson went after them?"

author by A private citizenpublication date Thu Jun 16, 2005 19:59author address author phone Report this post to the editors

If the Gardai can take the law and abuse it like this, and get away with it, then private citizens might start doing the same.Who knows, perhaps those Gardai should be taken into custody for their own safety.What if some madperson went after them?What then?

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