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White Nationalist Party

category antrim | miscellaneous | press release author Monday April 12, 2004 22:23author by R Craig - Fascists Out! Campaignauthor email fascistsout at hotmail dot com Report this post to the editors

WNP/Combat 18 fascists driven out of Portrush

WNP/Combat 18 fascists driven out of Portrush
Call for venues to refuse "Blood & Honour" concert

Members of a recently set up Fascists Out! Campaign prevented fascists from the White Nationalist Party/Combat 18 from distributing leaflets in Portrush on Saturday. (3 April). The anti-fascists confronted the four fascists in a car park near the Dunluce Centre and insisted that they hand over their material. After a brief confrontation the fascists ran off in different directions.
Captured Flag
Captured Flag

Leaflets and other fascist material including a WNP flag were seized. This material – see photograph – from the WNP and Combat 18, with swastikas prominent, shows the real nature of these groups.
Yesterday a misleading report appeared in the Sunday Life which claimed that the Portrush action was carried out by the Socialist Party. The Fascists Out! Campaign is, in fact a broad based campaign made up of a number of groups and activists in the North Antrim area. It was formed last month at a meeting in Ballymena organised by people in North Antrim who have been concerned by the efforts of the fascist WNP to organise in the area. None of the individuals or organisations involved were approached by or spoke to the Sunday Life.
It’s purpose is to expose the real nature of the WNP. The fact that most of the material seized in Portrush was openly fascist with swastikas prominently displayed should be noted by people throughout North Antrim.
A spokesperson for the Fascists Out! Campaign commented.
"For some time we have been monitoring the activities of the White Nazi Party in the Coleraine, Ballymoney, Bushmills and Ballymena areas. These people are spreading racist filth and encouraging the cowardly attacks, including the petrol bomb attacks, against members of minority communities.
"Hitler scapegoated the Jews and these modern Hitlerites are trying to scapegoat racial minorities. Like Hitler they stand for a "pure aryan race".
"The problems of low pay, cuts in services, lack of jobs especially for young people, lack of affordable housing etc. are not caused by immigrants. They are caused by the current economic system that puts profit before need, and by government policies that are dictated by the interests of big business.
"The ideas of the White Nationalist Party/Combat 18 are straight out of Mien Kampf. Their aim is to take away democratic rights including the right to vote and the right to belong to trade unions. The White Nationalist Party programme states: "We believe that democracy is a fraud and a sham. We wish to establish a new type of State based on leadership, authority and discipline."
"People in North Antrim and across Northern Ireland respect democratic rights and will oppose any group whose aim is to take away these rights and establish a Hitlerite dictatorship.
"We do not want fascists organising here. We have enough problems in Northern Ireland with the sectarian conflict without having fascists stirring up more trouble.
"We are organising against them because we know it is dangerous to be complacent in face of the threat of fascism. The lesson of the rise of Hitler is that the German fascists should have been taken on when they were small. The White Nationalist Party/Combat 18 have no support. This is the time to defeat them so that we make sure they never get any bigger.
No "Blood & Honour" concert here!!!
"These thugs have announced that they intend to bring a fascist "Blood & Honour" band over from England to play in the North Antrim area. This concert should not go ahead. The Fascist Out Campaign are asking every venue in the area to refuse to let fascists use their facilities. Make sure every door in the area is closed to these Hitlerites."
Contact us at: fascistsout@hotmail.com
Attached & below – photos of fascist material seized in Portrush & a posting from the WNP website – see Guest book – responding to what happened in Portrush.
From: ulster
Sent: 21:19 GMT on 3 April
four members of ulster w.n.p were attacked in portrush today by a group of up to forty reds whilst leafletting,a bag containing leaflets and posters was stolen by force. my question is where the fuck were all you armchair ulster nationalists who spend all their time posting about how great it is to be in ulster on this guest book and yet leave all the ground work to real actavists it's about time you lightieght fuckers got out from behind your p.c and did something to help.well done to the coleraine and bushmills members who were there today.as ian stuart said even if we stand alone we must never hide.
(This posting can be found on the WNP UK website, under "guestbook")

Nazi on the run
Nazi on the run

Nazi rubbish
Nazi rubbish

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