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Lockdown Skeptics

The Daily Sceptic

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The Dancing Fascists

category national | rights, freedoms and repression | opinion/analysis author Wednesday March 17, 2021 19:40author by Gary Jordanauthor email thecovid19illusion at protonmail dot comauthor address NAReport this post to the editors

And Their Willful Destruction of Irish Culture

Policing in Ireland in the COVID-era has brought great shame and disgrace to the Garda Siochana

St Patrick’s Day is a good time for reflection for Irish people all over the world.

It is also a good day to acknowledge the death of a nation and an appropriate time to remember how delinquents within our own country are laying waste to an ancient land and its values. It is a perfect time to take a look in the mirror and ask why we have allowed a small percentage of slithering reptiles to sabotage and hijack our nation, while the future of our children hangs in the balance. St Patrick’s Day should be a day to celebrate the culture and history of a unique nation of people. Instead, it is a day of mourning, as the very things that make us Irish have been stripped away from us. The cosy pubs, the sing-songs, the family get-togethers, the friendly fireside camaraderie, the banter, the craic, the dancing, - all gone, given away; with consent and complacency.

Well, not quite the dancing…..

As the slithering reptiles betray the people and bow to the demands of those who own them, they rely on a faction within our population to enforce their criminality. The Masonic Irish political mafia depends on the willful ignorance of useful idiots to crush dissent, while they pursue their agenda. These useful idiots, in Ireland, are known as the Garda Siochana. They are tasked with enforcement of tyranny as those same slithering reptiles construct a prison for society. The Garda Siochana adhere to the orders, thus allowing this nightmarish, dystopian future to be built. That same nightmarish, dystopian future that the members of the Garda Siochana are helping to build is the very one that their own children and grandchildren will have to suffer. The Garda Siochana will have a responsibility, each member individually, to look into their children’s eyes someday and explain to them their reasoning. They will have to answer, ‘why did you assist in building this hellhole?’ They will have to find an answer to the question ‘what were you doing when they were taking our freedoms and liberties?’. And they will respond;

‘We were dancing’

And they were.

Earlier this year, Irish Gardai, around the country, went viral on social media as they danced for the European banking cartels, the City of London financial institution, the Davos ‘elite’, Wall Street and her Majesty the Queen, celebrating the transfer of wealth from the people they swore an oath to serve. Jacob Rothschild must have had a hard-on, as he watched clueless Freemason subordinates, dance to the tune of Jerusalema, in tribute to the Zionist Israeli Defence Force Fascists and the impending Palestinian-style prison our planet is about to become. Well done boys and girls.

On completion, they advanced their reign of Fascism in the towns, streets and villages of Ireland, determined to crush any form of culture or tradition left on the island. They would go after the Irish sibin, for example - a dangerous outpost; one where you can find all kinds of dangerous, illicit activities, including, at best, palavering, crooning, prattling and tittle-tattle or, at worst, shimmying and jamming. One such hazardous hot spot was discovered in County Offaly. Thankfully, Garda Siochana and their dedicated Operation Navigation personnel put an end to it, thus obliterating any form of merriment that may have potentially arisen out of the abhorrent site.

Other ominous places of entertainment have been found in the country and the Gardai have acted in a likewise manner, recognising them as locations where people could enjoy the craic and have a laugh. One of them was so outrageous, its residents were even known to have been watching football together. The traumatic images were hard to handle, but the fine officers of the force, handled it like professionals, shutting it down and avoiding further incidents of laughter and happiness. A true deathtrap in the eyes of our Fuhrers, it was a symbol of an earlier time, one of fun and freedom; when the Irish had a lifestyle worth envying. It could not be tolerated anymore, under any circumstances.

The attacks on traditional Irish pubs by Gardai have been innumerable. They have deliberately chosen key dates on the calendar such as New Year’s Eve to throw their weight around, putting a halt to the social events of countless individuals in several regions of the nation. Fraternizing and mingling have been reduced to forbidden acts in their eyes, as they exert their illusory authority all over the island, from County Monaghan to County Kerry, decimating the age-old Irish custom of friendly interaction and comradeship.

Of course, they are not just responsible for the breaking up of private parties and family gatherings, but also the devastation to Irish bars all over the nation as it is predicted that at least 2000 of them will not be able to afford themselves the opportunity of reopening, due to the economic damage of lockdowns; which we must remind ourselves are enforced by the Gardai.

Similarly, closures have been experienced by the religious institutions of our island. In a blatant act of aggression, a Catholic priest in the country was found to have been handing out the Eucharist to devoted worshippers in a church in Dublin. One of the city’s media outlets, ‘Dublin Live’ described the illegal operation as ‘sneaky’ when people lined up in secret to accept Holy Communion. It was evident that Ireland was rapidly descending into a nation of criminals as lonely, frustrated, elderly men and women were engaged in the covert consumption of the ‘body of Christ’ in what can only be described as surreptitious circumstances. The spiritual support was condemned by Gardai and the priest was warned not to repeat his mistakes.

This was a throwback to the events of Brigid’s Day when Irish Catholics showed up at a shrine in Co. Louth to pray to the Second Patron Saint of Ireland, after St. Patrick. Our Dancing Fascists soon put a stop to this hooliganism as they deployed their finest and arrested the devotees, doing a great service to the occult, Kabbalah-reading, Christian-hating, Zionist financiers who they now work to appease.

The Church is not the only symbol of tradition that the Garda Siochana target in their servitude of the Globalists. They have also zoomed in on the centuries-old sporting activities that are unique to Ireland. The art of Gaelic football is world-renowned as a passionate past-time for many Irish people. For this reason, in the ‘New Normal’ that attempts to decimate anything that is pro-human such as sports and leisure, the Gardai have broken up post-GAA match dinner parties and removed spectators from the stands.

They’ve even pounced on the ‘Wandering Irish’ as they lay siege to the timely tradition of travel, synonymous with the people of this nation who have journeyed extensively, exploring the four corners of the earth. Yet another age-old habit terminated by the Irish government and prohibited at the hands of the Garda Siochana, who are penalising those who attempt to leave the country.

Culture and tradition are anathemas to the authorities in Ireland today. When a Minister within the country publicly denounces the extremely Irish practice of drinking alcohol on St. Patrick’s Day and urges people to drink water instead, you know that there is an outright war on the country’s heritage. St. Patrick would be rolling in his grave if he watched the 2,500 Gardai, including air, dog and mounted units, occupy the land, in all their arrogant Fascism, determined to defecate on the one day of the year that celebrates Irishness. Purposely and actively, the Yellow Streak brigade stand with their heads held high, imprisoning the population, while serving the elite agenda on a day that the eyes of the world, smilingly, gaze upon the Emerald Isle. The chant ‘shame on you’, has never been so apt.

Of course, there are many who will declare that such policing is implemented to keep us safe against a deadly virus. And I would say, if you think that is the truth, I’ve got a bridge in Dublin called the Ha’penny I’d like to sell you.

As the Dancing Fascists put their boot down on the day of Irish observance, 4000 foreign nationals prepare to fly into the country to commence work in fields picking fruit. Now, as someone who has travelled and worked in several countries worldwide, I am very open to hard-working individuals chasing their ambitions, packing up and setting off across the waters to earn a living for themselves and their families. What I’m not open to is the bullshit coming out of the politicians’ mouths as they struggle to get their stories straight - shutting down the nation on the pretense of a pandemic, yet flying thousands in to work here. Nonsense. It is about as credible as the tale that there were 56 million cases of influenza in a 12 month period in the United States alone - and then one day, just like that, they all magically disappeared. It’s another case of sell-out vermin called politicians lying, in order to destroy their nation’s economy at the behest of Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and the pharmaceutical and banking mafia cartel.

Some may also say that not all Gardai are bad. And I would agree. But we could have said the same thing about the Gestapo or the SS. Rudolf Hoess was generally, at face value, said to be a nice guy. Those that knew him considered him sociable, friendly and helpful to those around him. A study of his book, Commandant of Auschwitz, reveals that he was a devoted family man, well-spoken, articulate and in many ways considerate and caring. This does not excuse the fact that millions were murdered under his watch. Many believe it was not an evil intention that drove him to this but instead, a commitment that he made to ‘just follow orders’. It is obvious today that a huge number of Irish Gardai, and indeed law enforcement personnel worldwide, are doing just that. However, this is no excuse and they cannot be forgiven.

They are complicit in the destruction of the culture and tradition of the nation and in the ravaging of businesses and establishments throughout the land. They have assaulted freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom to dissent and freedom of movement. They are greatly responsible for the wave of mental health issues and suicides presently plaguing our nation.

What’s even worse, is that when people of this nation go out on the streets to push back against the Fascism that is been carried out and object to the soul-destroying mandates of the political slime that run the country on behalf of billionaire gangsters, the Gardai are the very first to lace up their boots, don their badges and wield their batons as they shell out fines, brutalize and detain. They are the very first to defend their overlords; the very first to abuse those that love their country and their freedom enough to stand up against the imposed tyranny.

In my book, The COVID-19 Illusion; A Cacophony of Lies, I warned of the dangers that would come when the Garda Siochana were given unprecedented power over the people of Ireland. I briefly outlined their century-long sins against all walks of life in this country, their framing of innocent people and their bullying, brutish actions towards women and children. The lockdown and COVID-19 debacle have brought the true nature of the Irish policing institute out for all to see. They have disgraced themselves. They have spat in the faces of the people of this country, they have urinated on its culture and they treated its tradition like excrement. For this, the Garda Siochana, for generations to come, will be remembered as an organization that turned its back on the people and pledged its allegiance to the slithering reptiles of the banking and pharmaceutical cartels and the diseased Irish government. For this reason, Gardai will have a lot of explaining to do. They will have to explain themselves not just to the population at large but to their own families as well. They have chosen their position and are now sitting on the wrong side of history.

One thing’s for sure, the Dancing Fascists won’t be able to foxtrot their way out of this one too easily…..

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to one and all from Ireland!

Gary Jordan

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