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60,000 to 80,000 Farmed Salmon have Escaped in Bantry Bay, Co Cork, Ireland

category cork | environment | press release author Monday February 10, 2014 22:47author by Ireland Against Salmon Farms Report this post to the editors

Escaped factory fish will dilute gene pool of natural wild salmon.

It is estimated that between 60,000 to 80,000 one year old farmed salmon have escaped from a salmon farm at Gerahies, Bantry Bay, County Cork with an added undetermined number of smaller fish escaping after a bad storm on Saturday 1st February 2014. Save Bantry Bay said: ‘We are particularly concerned because of the very real likelihood of further escapees. The protective nets have been stripped by the gales and the seas are overtopping the cages, allowing salmon to escape and predators like seals to enter.’


‘Their licence requires that they report all escapes to the Department of Agriculture without delay and this information should be available to us all through the local media.’
The company must tell the public what is going on, even if they are unable to undertake a detailed survey of the remaining fish because of the unsettled weather. We need to know what measures the company is taking to prevent their further escapes.

The statement went on to explain that ‘The escape of farmed salmon is a potential disaster for our native wild stock. ‘These escaped fish interbreed and compete with wild salmon, transmitting disease and parasites to them. Farmed salmon compete with native stock for scarce food and irreversibly weaken the genetic makeup and survival of wild salmon if they reproduce with them.
‘Contained systems on land are the only way to protect the environment and raise salmon. It is clear now that the proposed expansion by Marine Harvest in Bantry Bay can not be defended’, the statement from the local group concluded.

author by Ruapublication date Tue Feb 11, 2014 16:05Report this post to the editors

This is truly a disaster...I think this is a case of us living in exponential times.

We are suffering overpopulation of human beings,and now that our oceans are verging on empty we come up with the bright idea of fish farms,sounds like a good solution right???

More trees in forest are being logged because of expanding agriculture to keep up with the demands of human overpopulation,we are literally eating and drinking our enviornment dry,like a pack of locusts.

As david attenborough has said,''humans are the scourge of the earth,he also said feeding hungry mouths,and surplus populations with bags of flour is barmy.Of course the tabloids went all sunday world on him and insinuated he was a racist.

The fact of the matter is we aren't suffering ageing populations,or low populations here in the west,we need less people per square foot,not more,immigration also is not the answer,why is it,ask yourself,why is it governments want to cram as many human beings into one square foot?Because they want more heads to tax.

The end game is overpopulation makes poor people poorer and more hungry,vunerable and on the verge of starvation,while on the other hand it makes politicans richer,and boosts the bank balances of billionaries,who just want to sell more gadgets to more people.
This is why nobody in government or business tycoons want to tackle honeslty the problem of human overpopulation.

The only way i see out of this problem is a one child policy world wide.This is the only solution and until we get honest with ourselves and do that,no amount of animal activism or enviornmental activisim will change that.

author by Crazy catpublication date Wed Feb 12, 2014 13:16Report this post to the editors

I think that if women were respected and educated worldwide we would not have a population problem.

author by co2publication date Mon Feb 17, 2014 17:32Report this post to the editors

The level of education does leave women with more options,but its not cut and dry,they may have other options ,but sometimes life just gets in the way and a woman copulates and gets pregnant.

The only way to deal with this head on is to introduce a mandatory birth control system for women world wide after they have had their first child,and severe penalties for women who purposefully opt out.

Obviously there will be women who cant help having twins etc,but they are not in huge numbers,once they get pregnant once,thats it end of the road - birth control programme after that.

Im not suggesting a china style one child policy with forced abortion or even sterilsation.

author by Rational Ecologist.publication date Tue Feb 18, 2014 09:53Report this post to the editors

It has been demonstrated that where women are, and feel, equal to men, and have more control over their own bodies, that birth rates drop significantly.
Consumption cannot be separated from population.
Fish Farms are and will always be a disaster.
We need a programme of native reforestation in the country, and worldwide!!

author by Anti-Eugenicspublication date Wed Feb 19, 2014 12:12Report this post to the editors

The only way to deal with this head on is to introduce a mandatory birth control system for women world wide after they have had their first child,and severe penalties for women who purposefully opt out.

Obviously there will be women who cant help having twins etc,but they are not in huge numbers,once they get pregnant once,thats it end of the road - birth control programme after that.

Sounds suspiciously like the Chinese method

Im not suggesting a china style one child policy with forced abortion or even sterilsation.

No of course you're not. you're much too warm and cuddly for that

You're suggesting a china style one child policy initially without forced abortion or even sterilsation

And once you get that accepted, like all good authoritarians it won't be long before you’ll be demanding a china style one child policy with forced abortion or even sterilisation

author by co2publication date Wed Feb 19, 2014 13:25Report this post to the editors

no you are putting words in my mouth i never ever,ever expressed. you are paranoid and delusional.

something needs to be done to save the enviornment,the fantasy that most anti enviornmentalist bigots have is that we will somehow stumble across another planet(even though we havent mastered space and time travel,and can barely get our heads around it),and magically it will have all the same elements our own planet has?!?!

we have to get our heads around this fact: this one planet RIGHT NOW IS ALL WE HAVE.

we have to PROTECT IT.

author by Ireland Against Salmon Farmspublication date Thu Feb 20, 2014 22:16Report this post to the editors

Thursday, 20 February 2014

IOFGA - IRISH ORGANIC FARMERS AND GROWERS ASSOCIATION obviously are very concerned about their continued certification of salmon processors and salmon farms and the negative image it is giving their brand as they UNANIMOUSLY Passed the following motion at their recent AGM on February11th "Membership of IOFGA have serious concerns about the certification of salmon farms and salmon processors and that a working group should be set up immediately to reflect that concern and report back to the AGM in the interim"

Related Link: http://www.salmonfarmsireland.com/2014/02/iofga-express....html
author by Gary Boynepublication date Fri Feb 28, 2014 17:20Report this post to the editors

Thats not my reading of what co2 said.

I'm sure you're sneering away tapping at your key board but the situation of over population of humanity on this finite planet is quite scary.

You set me in mind of a fella deciding to act the maggot in a fire. Everyone is running around in heightened tension and you decide to grow a sense of humour.

author by wageslave - (moderator)publication date Fri Feb 28, 2014 23:15Report this post to the editors

if you want to discuss overpopulation then we welcome an article and subsequent discussion of this important topic there.
This one however is about fish farming.

Any further off topic comments will be hidden ok?

Wageslave (moderator)

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