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Dublin - Event Notice
Thursday November 07 2013
06:30 PM

2014 Naked Calendar - The Girl Against Fluoride

category dublin | environment | event notice author Saturday November 02, 2013 00:52author by FluorideGirlauthor email info at thegirlagainstfluoride dot com Report this post to the editors

The Girl Against Fluoride

The Girl Against Fluoride invites you to celebrate the launch of the 2014 Naked Calendar at: The White Lady Art Gallery, 14 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2 on Thursday 7th November. Doors open at 6.30 pm.

The aim of the 2014 Naked Calendar is to create awareness about the water fluoridation issue in Ireland. It will combine beauty, entertainment and information that is sure to get the nation talking about fluoride. The proceeds of the sale of the calendar will go towards paying for expert witnesses who will be needed to testify in the up and coming High Court case. The calendar will be on sale at €9.99 on the website from Friday 8th November. To reserve a copy email info@thegirlagainstfluoride.com

Join me for a free wine reception during what promises to be a night of information and fun. Meander through the exhibition of our calendar and best campaign photographs. Meet with the brave participants and models which graciously and unreservedly created the Naked Calendar. Starring in the exhibition is the talented and stunning Hot Press journalist Adrienne Murphy who will be present on the night to discuss her fluoride investigation with guests. The exhibition will be opened by the much loved and esteemed Senator David Norris. Music will be provided on the night by DJ Dave Sullivan. I very much look forward to seeing you on there.

Kindest regards.

The Girl Against Fluoride.

Venue: The White Lady Art Gallery, 14 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2.

When: on Thursday 7th November. Doors open at 6.30 pm.

Related Link: http://www.thegirlagainstfluoride.com/
author by Bobbypublication date Sun Nov 03, 2013 14:35Report this post to the editors

This is insane.

Just campaign against corporate alcohol why don't you. There are loads of toxins including fluoride in lots of beer. This stuff needs to stop, I was at a public meeting where some lunatic started ranting about fluoride, after having been giving terrible, over-hyped and false information. Low and behold, he was ranting about fluoride while knocking back a pint of Guinness, which has more fluoride than other popular corporate drinks.

Also, didn't the UN recently say that the air is now one of the highest contributors to cancer? Why not fight the automobile and other large-scale industries? Maybe I'm just a naive anti-Capitalist who thinks this campaign is a total waste of time. While we in Ireland moan about fluoridation (while we self medicate ourselves on other, proven, damaging substances) the rest of the world suffers from our daily exploitative lives which directly affects them.

author by JoeMcpublication date Sun Nov 03, 2013 16:47Report this post to the editors

In the link , Aisling FitzGibbon aka 'The Girl Against Fluoride' , attributes her own recovery from debilitating depression to “drinking fluoride free water, mineral and vitamin therapy, an organic diet and detox techniques”. Aisling says that she is  “a Master Integrated Energy Therapist “ who is currently training as a Nutritional Therapist with The College of Natural Nutrition .

I assume that this must be the same UK-based College of Natural Nutrition whose principal is Barbara Wren and whose activities were exposed in a 2008 BBC documentary .A secretly taken video recording revealed some of the “totally bizarre” teachings of Barbara Wren.This website gives an excerpt of the bullshit taught at the college :


“Minerals have different charges and the polarity is a function of the interaction between the four electrolytes: sodium and potassium (male and female) and between calcium (male charge, like sodium) and magnesium (female charge, like potassium).All doctors know this, they learn it in their training, but they subsequently ignore it
The moon rises, you go to bed and lie prone. The other 2 minerals, the Magnesium (female) and Potassium (female), now begin to act (please refer to the bottom part of Diagram 1). The Magnesium works with the Potassium, pushing it, and the two of them enter the cell and displace the 3 that have entered during the daytime, the Calcium, Sodium and fats. The daytime movement of Sodium and Calcium into the cell will happen whatever else we do. This second movement, which happens during the night, is what sometimes fails to occur.
The moon-pull is much gentler than the sun-push: only if conditions are right within the body can the moon pull the sodium back across the cell membrane, thus making way for the Magnesium to exert a gentle push with the potassium, so that they go back to their rightful position, which is inside the cell. This is why it helps to note your energy state upon awaking in the morning, because feeling like you ‘have never been to bed’ is what we regularly hear in cases of CFS/ME and similar low-energy ‘diseases’”

author by Tpublication date Sun Nov 03, 2013 19:49Report this post to the editors

Not sure if I am mis-understanding what you are saying but it seems you are suggesting because there are other toxins and because some people self-mediate themselves with harmful substances that therefore we should not have a campaign against Fluoride. That just makes no sense. There are many reasons why we should not have fluoride in our drinking water and to me the main one is that it is there supposedly to reduce tooth decay. But why mediate the whole population and for every instance where they consume water to allegedly solve a very minor and non-threatening problem? At best it is bizarre, but not really when you realize that fluorine is a by-product of the fertiliser industry and would be very costly to dispose of safely, when they can just give it to the local water authorities and for all I know they get paid for it too.

There are then the many reasons why fluorine should not be added to the water due to it's toxicity and harm. It just makes no sense.

And with regard to the other toxins affecting yes, yeah, there should be campaigns against those too and there probably are.

author by J Cpublication date Sun Nov 03, 2013 20:54Report this post to the editors

Yes T the state pays 4 million euros PA to have the fluoride added, that information was given by way of reply to a Parliamentary Question placed before the Minister earlier this year.

It is bizarre at so many levels but the real killer is that it is banned across 97 % of the EU. In addition Declan Waugh has done serious research on the issue with little coverage by MSM.

author by automatically suspicious of govtpublication date Sun Nov 03, 2013 21:21Report this post to the editors

I think this campaign deserves all the support it can get even from "just an anti-capitalist" in the comments above.

I thought there was no one else who was organised against this mass medication after the Greens were neutered. I'm definitely going to the Launch and i'm going to look into this campaign a little more.

If the government were so concerned about the public welfare of its citizenry that its pouring so much money into keeping our teeth clean then we would hear about their "good deeds" a lot more. Career Politicians are very good at self promotion. Instead both government ministers and officials are very shifty when the topic of adding Fluoride is brought up.

author by Tpublication date Sun Nov 03, 2013 21:47Report this post to the editors

There are some links to coverage on fluoride including Declan's Waugh Hot Press article and his blog too, here: http://www.indymedia.ie/flouride -link is also on the LHS side menus

author by fredpublication date Mon Nov 04, 2013 19:28Report this post to the editors

Your post is pure "whataboutery". Just because there are other things like alcohol that are harmful, does not negate campaigning against mandatory fluoride in our water.
The difference is, we need to consume water every day. We can choose whether to drink beer.
Our only alternative to drinking fluoride is to live on very expensive corporate bottled water which is ludicrous. (but then perhaps that profit motive is part of why our public water system is allowed to remain so poor and our tap water is so full of crap and hence seems to taste so awful everywhere?)

This is a civil liberty issue. We should have a choice here. Government putting mandatory substances in the water we drink is not a good thing. We are free to use toothpaste if we want to put fluoride on our teeth every day. Why should we need to put it in the water? Our water should be as clean as pure as is practically possible.

I agree, fluoridation is not the most pressing issue we have in the world currently, but it is still important from a civil liberty point of view. Governments should not have carte blanche to spend millions of our money monkeying with our water supply in this manner, no matter what the excuse. Just make it as clean as pure as possible for us to drink, because we all have little choice but to drink this water every day of our lives.

I do agree that some very unscientific "fruitcakes" are on the anti fluoridation bandwagon and thanks for posting the results of your investigation, but that does not negate the civil liberty reasons for ending compulsory government fluoridation of our water. We should have a democratic say on this matter.

author by Joe Mcpublication date Mon Nov 11, 2013 18:15Report this post to the editors

Speaking in opposition to a private members' bill from Sinn Fein proposing that the fluoridation of water should be halted immediately ,Junior Minister for Primary Care Alex White  told the Dail today that “the preponderance of scientific evidence supports the continuation of water fluoridation” .

The government was supported by Fianna Fail in opposing the anti-fluoridation bill. FF spokesman Barry Cowen pointed to the opinion of reputable international bodies such as the World Health Organisation that fluoridation had a beneficial effect on teeth and was not harmful when taken in the correctly prescribed dosage .The WHO 2006 report can be read here:


author by Joe Mcpublication date Mon Nov 11, 2013 19:14Report this post to the editors

The government's concern for children's teeth is of course completely hypocritical . Irish Dental Association president, Dr Andrew Bolas, told a cross-party Oireachtas health committee meeting in March that as many as 456 primary school children are being forced to wait three years for check-ups in the HSE Dublin Mid-Leinster region. 

“In East Cork, more than 1,400 are waiting almost two years — meaning they are not seen until they have started secondary school.  Dr Bolas said the situation is the direct result of a 41% cut to State funding for the public dental system since 2009, at a time when there has been a 17% rise in patients seeking publicly funded treatment. 
He said the issue is contributing to poor dental hygiene, which is risking more serious problems for children in their adult years.”see: http://www.irishexaminer.com/archives/2013/0329/world/c....html

Just two months ago, Public Transport Minister Alan Kelly praised Coca Cola's sponsorship of the Limerick, Cork and Galway public bike schemes saying that the “only way” such schemes could work was with a private sector partner to support them.

”Now we will have one of the world’s best marketing companies, not only investing financially in the scheme but also actively engaged in cycling promotion and provision in Ireland. It is a major achievement, we had to think of an innovative way to make such a scheme attractive to a company such as Coca-Cola and I’m glad we did.”

No amount of fluoride will help this regular coke drinker's teeth :

author by Tpublication date Mon Nov 11, 2013 20:43Report this post to the editors

>No amount of fluoride will help this regular coke drinker's teeth :

You couldn't have put it better. Isn't it extraordinary the concern that the govt and FF have for children's teeth. I would be willing to bet 20 quid that the people who get rid of their fluoride waste products into our drinking water give healthy donations to possibly both FF and FG.

As to the WHO report, I would say it is largely bunk and made up of carefully selected studies. I recall a few years ago a scientist from the US EPA giving a talk in Dublin about fluoride and he basically said there is a revolving door with those on the "expert" panels and associated industry and at the time he described how they went out of their way to studiously avoid any research that demonstrated harm from fluoride, even though he had through his own literature searches had found tonne of evidence.

As we know from the Tobacco industry revelations a few years back, the industry there had completely manipulated the science and had an army of "paid" independent experts doing their bidding. They managed to stall the whole thing for at least 2 or 3 decades.

The same thing is true of the entire chemical industry. For example, people may not be aware that one of the biggest cancer charities in the UK, the Imperial Cancer Research Fund regularly had as chairman ex-CEOs and other "leaders" of some of the largest chemical multi-national corporations. It also turns out that I think the ICRF only ever sponsored one bit of research into links between cancer and environmental pollutants. All their research focuses on diet, genes and smoking -which of course is a way of blaming the individual and making sure there is no spot-light on the role of the chemical industry. There was a write up in The Ecologist years ago about it.

I think this may be the link to that article but you need a subscription for the full article.

Related Link: http://www.theecologist.org/investigations/health/26897....html
author by fredpublication date Tue Nov 12, 2013 00:23Report this post to the editors

Both JoeMc and T. have hit the nail on the head

The government's hypocrisy is incredible. On this and many other matters.

This is the same government that is so concerned about regulating our septic tanks (at a cost) to "protect our environment" while in the same breath it hands out 13 fracking licenses to corporate sociopaths.

They don't care about our teeth, or our environment, or our economy. Just power and cash, for themselves and their friends. FF are the same.

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