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éirígí New Year Statement 2013 / Ráiteas Athbhliana éirígí 2013

category national | anti-capitalism | press release author Tuesday January 01, 2013 19:33author by PRO - éirígíauthor email info at eirigi dot org Report this post to the editors

As the hundredth anniversary year of the 1913 Lockout begins éirígí extends solidarity greetings to its members, supporters and all of those who have contributed to the struggle against imperialism and capitalism in Ireland over the last twelve months.

Agus an céad bliain ó cheann Fhrithdhúnadh 1913 ag tosnú cuireann éirígí beannachtaí dlúthpháirtíochta chuig ár mbaill, lucht tacaíochta agus chucusan ar fad a d’oibrigh ar son na streachailte in aghaidh impiriúlachais agus caipitleachais in Éirinn le dhá mhí dhéag anuas.

éirígí New Year Statement 2013


As the hundredth anniversary year of the 1913 Lockout begins éirígí extends solidarity greetings to its members, supporters and all of those who have contributed to the struggle against imperialism and capitalism in Ireland over the last twelve months.

We look forward to 2013 with optimism, resolute in the belief that an all-Ireland Socialist Republic continues to represent the only viable alternative to the failed politics of partition, exploitation, deprivation and austerity. We enter the New Year with a renewed determination to challenge both the British occupation of our country and the exploitative economic system that currently exists across Ireland.

The popular fight back against the anti-working class policies of the Leinster House and Stormont administrations gained considerable momentum in 2012. Hundreds of thousands of families in the Twenty-Six Counties participated in the boycott of the Dublin government’s home tax. éirígí commends them for this historic and successful act of mass civil disobedience. 2013 will see the Dublin government attempt to introduce a re-formatted home tax, with domestic water taxes set to follow in 2014. These taxes will need to be met with mass collective action similar to that which defeated the 2012 home tax.

In the Six Counties ever greater numbers of people are coming to see Stormont as the White Elephant it will always be. Far from the new beginning that it was supposed to deliver, Stormont has produced nothing but the same old, tired, failed politics of the past. Despite their hollow words of protest, the coalition parties in Stormont have obediently implemented the cutbacks of their Tory masters over the last twelve months; a fact which has not gone unnoticed by communities across occupied Ireland.

éirígí believes that the austerity programmes of both states can be defeated through a sustained campaign of mass protest, industrial action, civil disobedience and direct action. Over the coming year éirígí will continue to work within working class communities to build such a campaign of resistance.

The last twelve months have seen a marked increase in the harassment and vilification of republican and socialist activists across Ireland. éirígí members and supporters have found themselves repeatedly subjected to ‘stop and searches’, attempts to recruit them as informers, house raids, arrests and imprisonment. In late November, this campaign of political policing escalated with the charging of éirígí activist Stephen Murney. As a result of these spurious charges Stephen has now spent more than a month incarcerated in Maghaberry Jail.

It is abundantly clear that Stephen has been targeted by the PSNI for no reason other than his vocal and consistent criticism of the PSNI and the Stormont regime. éirígí is calling on all republicans, socialists and others progressives to familiarise themselves with Stephen’s case and actively campaign for his immediate release.

This escalation of state harassment and oppression against éirígí has come as no surprise. All oppressive states respond in this way to effective opposition. There is nothing the Irish ruling class fears more than a resurgent revolutionary republican movement successfully mobilising the wider working class. Our activists intend to spend the next twelve months working to realise the worst fears of the ruling class. The attempts of their forces to intimidate our activists and supporters will be as unsuccessful in 2013 as they were in 2012.

Towards the end of 2012 éirígí welcomed the decision of the political prisoners in Maghaberry to end their long-running protest in support of political status. We are again calling on the British government and the prison authorities not to squander the opportunity that this brave decision affords them. Irish republicans will never accept the criminalisation of the struggle for Irish freedom, within the jails or without.

2013 will mark the hundredth anniversary of a number of critically important events including the Great Lockout, the foundation of the Irish Volunteers and the foundation of the Irish Citizen Army. The parallels between the Ireland of 1913 and the Ireland of 2013 are many. Then, as now, Britain maintained an illegal occupation of Ireland. Then, as now, workers and their families found themselves being pushed into extreme poverty to satisfy the greed of a super-wealthy elite. And then, as now, the private media and the forces of the state were mobilised to vilify and attack those who dared to resist.

One hundred years ago thousands of Irish women and men came to the conclusion that the appetite of the rich and powerful was insatiable; that national, economic, social and cultural rights have to be fought for and defended; that the key to victory lies in the creation and development of revolutionary organisations committed to the overthrow of the ancien régime.

As we enter 2013 the people of Ireland would do well to follow the example of their grandparents and great-grandparents, by taking a stand against those who would drive them into poverty and despair. To those who are ready to take that stand éirígí extends an invitation to join with us. Together we can act in the spirit of 1913 and achieve the vision of 1916.

* * * * * * *

Ráiteas Athbhliana éirígí 2013


Agus an céad bliain ó cheann Fhrithdhúnadh 1913 ag tosnú cuireann éirígí beannachtaí dlúthpháirtíochta chuig ár mbaill, lucht tacaíochta agus chucusan ar fad a d’oibrigh ar son na streachailte in aghaidh impiriúlachais agus caipitleachais in Éirinn le dhá mhí dhéag anuas.

Tá muid ag tnúth le 2013, diongbháilte sa chreideamh gur í an Phoblacht Shóisialach uile-Éireann an t-aon fhreagra ar pholaitíocht theipthe na críochdheighilte, dúshaothraithe, anáis agud déine. Téann muid isteach san Athbhliain le tiomantas athnuaite le comhrac a thabhairt don fhorghabháil Bhriotanach ar ár dtír agus don chóras dúshaothraithe eacnamaíochta atá in Éirinn faoi láthair.

Tháinig borradh mór faoi aistroid an phobail in aghaidh pholasaithe frith-lucht oibre na riarachán i dTeach Laighean agus i Stormont in 2012. Bhí na céadta mílte teaghlach sna Sé Chondae Fichead páirteach sa bhaghcat ar cháin tí rialtas Átha Cliath. Molann éirígí iad as an ghníomh easumhlaíochta sibhialta stairiúil agus rathúil seo. Feicfidh 2013 iarrachtaí ag rialtas Átha Cliath cáin tí leasaithe a thabhairt isteach, agus cáin uisce teaghlaigh sa tóir air sin in 2014. Ní foláir ollghníomh comhchoiteann a thabhairt mar fhreagra ar na cánacha seo cosúil leis sin a chloígh cáin tí 2012.

Sna Sé Chondae tá níos mó agus níos mó daoine ag féachaint ar Stormont mar an eilifint bhán atá ann. In áit an túis úir a raibh in ainm bheith ann, níor tháinig faic ó Stormont ach an tseanpholaitíocht thraochta theipthe chéanna. D’ainneon a mbriathra folmha gearáin, chuir na páirtithe chomhrialtais i Stormont ciorruithe a máistrí Tóraíocha i bhfeidhm go humhal le bliain anuas; fíric atá tugtha faoi deara ag pobail ar fud Éireann gafa.

Creideann éirígí gur féidir cláir dhéine an dá stát a threascairt trí fheachtas marthanach d’ollagóidíocht, gníomh stailce, easumhlaíocht shibhialta agus gníomh díreach. Sa bhliain le teacht leanfaidh éirígí ag obair laistigh de phobail lucht oibre lena leithéid de fheachtas frithbheartaíochta a thógáil.

Bhí méadú suntasach ar chiapadh agus ar aithisiú ghníomhaithe poblachtacha agus sóisialacha ar fud na hÉireann le bliain anuas. Arís agus arís eile rinneadh ‘stad is cuardach’ ar bhaill agus ar thacadóirí éirígí, rinneadh iarrachtaí iad a earcú mar bhrathadóirí, agus d’fhulaing siad ruathair thí, gabháil agus príosúnacht. Ag deireadh mhí na Samhna, d’fhormhéadaigh an feachtas seo de phóilíneacht pholaitiúil le cúisiú an ghníomhaí éirígí Stephen Murney. Mar thoradh ar na cúiseanna bréige seo tá breis agus mí anois caite ag Stephen i bPríosún Mhaigh gCabraí.

Tá sé rí-shoiléir gur dhírígh an PSNI ar Stephen díreach mar gheall ar a chriticeas glórmhar agus seasmhach ar an PSNI agus ar réimeas Stormont. Glaonn éirígí ar gach poblachtánach, sóisialaí agus forásaí eile eolas a fháil ar chás Stephen agus dul i mbun feachtais gníomhaigh ar son a scaoilte saor láithreach.

Níl aon iontas san fhormhéadú seo i leatrom agus ciapadh an stáit in aghaidh éirígí. Freagraíonn gach stát leatromach do fhreasúrthacht éifeachtach ar an bhealach seo. Níl eagla ag lucht ceannais na hÉireann roimh aon rud níos mó ná gluaiseacht phoblachtach réabhlóideach athéiríoch ag spreagadh an lucht oibre i gcoiteann. Tá rún ag ár ngíomhaithe an dá mhí dhéag amach romhainn a chaitheamh ag obair chun eagala anama an lucht cheannais a réadú. Beidh iarrachtaí a bhfórsaí na gníomhaithe agus tacadóirí s’againn a imeaglú chomh mírathúil in 2013 agus a bhí siad in 2012.

I dtreo dheireadh 2012 d’fháiltigh éirígí roimh chinneadh na gcimí polaitiúla i Maigh gCabraí deireadh a chur lena n-agóid fhadtréimhseach ar son stádais pholaitiúil. Glaonn muid arís ar rialtas na Breataine agus ar údaráis an phríosúin gan an deis a thug a cinneadh cróga seo dóibh a chur amú. Ní ghlacfaidh poblachtánaigh na hÉireann go deo le coiriúlú na streachailte ar son saoirse na hÉireann, laistigh de na príosúin nó lasmuigh.

Tchífidh 2013 céad bliain ó cheann roinnt imeachtaí ríthábhachtacha, an Frithdhúnadh Mór, bunú Óglaigh na hÉireann agus bunú Arm Cathartha na hÉireann ina measc. Is iomaí cosúlacht idir Éire 1913 agus Éire 2013. Ansin, mar anois, bhí forghabháil mhídhleathach ag an Bhreatain ar Éirinn. Ansin, mar anois, brúdh oibrithe agus a dteaghlaigh i mbochtanas géar chun saint scothaicme ríshaibhair a shású. Agus ansin, mar anois, slógadh na meáin phríobháideacha agus fórsaí an stáit chun aithisiú agus ionsaí a dhéanamh orthu siúd a raibh de mhisneach acu dúshlán a thabhairt.

Céad bliain ó shin tháinig na mílte Éireannach, idir mhná agus fhir, ar an tuairim go raibh goile an lucht airgid agus cumhachta dóshásaithe; gur ghá troid ar son chearta náisiúnta, eacnamaíochta, sóisialta agus cultúrtha agus iad a chosaint; go luíonn eochair an bhua le bunú agus forbairt eagraíochtaí réabhlóideacha atá tiomanta do threascairt an tseanchórais.

Agus muid ag tabhairt faoi 2013 b’fhearr do mhuintir na hÉireann ceacht a seantuismitheoirí agus a sin-seantuismitheoirí a leanúint trí sheasamh a ghlacadh in aghaidh na ndaoine a bhrúfadh iad i mbochtanas agus éadóchas. Dóibh siúd atá réidh leis an tseasamh sin a ghlacadh, síneann éirígí cuireadh le bheith linn. Le chéile is féidir linn gníomhú i spiorad 1913 chun fís 1916 a bhaint amach.

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author by BrianClarke - AllVoicespublication date Tue Jan 01, 2013 23:58Report this post to the editors

It is the humble opinion of this blogger, that Father Raymond Murray, in the absence of Marian Price, Martin Corey or Gerry McGeough, should stand for the Mid-Ulster vacancy, left by Martin McGuinness MP. Raymond Murray's record is a very long and consistent, humanitarian, trustworthy voice, to speak for the Irish people of no property, in the house of commoners in London, especially those voices that have already been silenced, in political internment and assassination by the British Government in Occupied Ireland.

McGuinness and Co., came to power on the back and shroud of Bobby Sand's blanket, that was initially BORROWED in Fermanagh/South Tyrone. It is time once again to remember and respect all those who gave their lives for a non-sectarian PEACE WITH JUSTICE ! THE INCARCERATED SPIRITUAL VOICE OF THE IRISH PEOPLE OF NO PROPERTY.




me fein
me fein

Caption: Truthful Irish : Exposing The Gathering 2013

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