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Antrim - Event Notice
Saturday July 07 2012
01:30 PM

All Ireland Rally for Choice

category antrim | gender and sexuality | event notice author Monday July 02, 2012 20:51author by Rally for Choice Report this post to the editors

This year Youth Defence are having their annual Rally for Life in Belfast, we intend to hold a counter protest to this.


Anti-choice groups meet once a year to oppose a woman's right to choose.. In 2011 in Dublin, several hundred people opposed this march, and did so peacefully. The truth is the anti-choice side called the peaceful protesters nazi's, murders and much more besides.

This year the event is in Dublin, we will be assembling from 1.30pm outside Belfast City Hall to hold a counter demonstration.

Please bring any banners, placards etc. that you feel are relevant

Related Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/175683175882968/
author by Lifepublication date Fri Jul 06, 2012 20:05Report this post to the editors

I look forward to the rally for life in Belfast.

author by Terminatorpublication date Fri Jul 06, 2012 21:27Report this post to the editors

Your lies and song & dance show will be confronted.

author by Citizen Joepublication date Mon Jul 09, 2012 12:50Report this post to the editors

Being pro-abortion means you have no respect for facts.

What you had going from Dublin was a mini-bus, which was more than adequate for all of your supporters.

As opposed to the pro-lifers who had a fleet of full sized coaches arriving from all over Ireland.

Did anyone get a chance to count the number of families with children marching for life ? If they did they know how many young people are ready to continue the battle to defend the one decent value we still have in this country, a respect for the the life of the unborn child.

author by Vpublication date Mon Jul 09, 2012 13:20Report this post to the editors

In the vid you see PSNI members shoving back Pro Choice protesters. An example of the growing % of catholics in the PSNI I guess.

Caption: Footage from

author by Vpublication date Mon Jul 09, 2012 13:24Report this post to the editors


Shady is on our side, a bit dogmatic though.
Shady is on our side, a bit dogmatic though.

Getting the message across
Getting the message across

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Mon Jul 09, 2012 14:37Report this post to the editors

..maybe one of those women's placards could have read..


The fundamentalist Right has colonised the concept of Life, to suit their religious-conviction driven simplfications of a complex human dilemma. Take back your life. It does not belong to a fertilised egg.

And if they are so Pro-Life..ask them why they don't protest the Shannon mercenary war-traffic.

Hit them with the dictionary they are usurping.

author by Readerpublication date Mon Jul 09, 2012 18:41Report this post to the editors

But that last comment has to be the stupidiest comment (in a long list of stupid ones) I ever read on this site.

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Mon Jul 09, 2012 18:59Report this post to the editors

do elaborate.

I'm all for being educated by such intelligences as your own, which can throw out a dismissal without a trace of a refutation of the case made.

Do demonstrate your acuity.

The page is open. Justify your supercilious comment.

author by Citizen Joepublication date Mon Jul 09, 2012 20:48Report this post to the editors

When it comes to the debate about life, having no preferred brand of religion, I use scientific fact to back up my stance on abortion.

When sperm meets egg, a new and genetically unique individual is created, related to but different from the parents.

That person has all the genetic code they will ever need for the rest of their life, from the moment of fertilization.

The stages of development in the womb are followed by the stages of development out of the womb ; infancy - adolescence - adulthood - senility.

Those who describe the unborn child as merely a collection of cells should look in the mirror and recognise that is all they are, a collection of cells.

As regards Shannon, I was one of those who travelled there a number of times to protest our moral responsibility for the carnage in Iraq.

Along with many pro-lifers, I also protested against the sanctions that crippled Iraq in the years after the first Gulf war. Why ? Because the people who suffered most under those american backed sanctions were WOMEN and CHILDREN.

The abortion debate is not between right and left, it is not between religious and secularists, it is basically a fight between those who take responsibility for themselves and their society, and those who believe society is one big supermarket of choices designed to satisfy their every desire.

That is why the pro-abortion message is dominated by the first person ; I, me, my. Like fully indoctrinated members of the consumer society, pro-aborts expect choices without responsibilities, instant gratification without long-term considerations, they believe in a society where rampant individualism trumps collective consequences.

If abortion is such a good thing, why do so many women who have had abortions cry when they see someone else with a baby ?

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Mon Jul 09, 2012 22:49Report this post to the editors

cool your porridge.

There is a difference between recognising the decisions real women have to make and the bunch of cells in your mirror telling you you have right to make their painful decisions for them.

I know several women who have aborted foetuses, I can't recall that any of them considered themselves pro the decision they made, often because of economically dictated necessity.

Stop simplifying complex situations. Women are more than fucking vehicles for animal reproduction. They too have lives to preserve, and often other parental responsibilities that an extra child can tip into disaster for already extant children.

You are approaching a complex problem from the wrong front. Our sick, anti-child, anti-women, and indeed anti-human social structures drive women to other desperations besides abortion(including suicide and prostitution).

Recognise the disease, before you take clumsy, ignorant and counter-productive stabs at treatment.

You mistake a symptom of a sick society for the problem needing addressing. Always easier, seldom constructive, but most moralistically self-gratifying.

Our sick society is what needs addressing, rather than its victims being scapegoated for moral hubris.

author by Pro babiespublication date Mon Jul 09, 2012 23:16Report this post to the editors

So, women who have abortions are victims, thats an unusual view.

I'd imagine the unborn baby denied a life would be the victim and see the mother as the dispenser of a death sentence due to inconveniently geting herself pregnant.

Say no to sex or take precautions if you don't want a bouncing, smiling little baby in 9 months!


author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Tue Jul 10, 2012 10:23Report this post to the editors

..presuming that women who find themselves pregnant and unable to deal with another mouth to feed are 'anti-baby'.

Some of them may actually like children(I don't pretend to read all their motives)and I know many who are excellent parents, but found themselves in circumstances where a child was not an option. They even had to borrow the necessary money.

Precautions, unlike yourself, are not infallible.

I recall a woman in rural Ireland during the '83 referendum shutting up a moralising 'pro-lifer' in a pub by announcing that as a mother of 9 who loved her kids if she found herself going round for a tenth time she would, in fairness to her extant kids, have no choice but to go to England for an abortion. She claimed her health would not have withstood it.

I can recall women in Dublin in the fifties with 16 or 18 kids because of attitudes like yours dictated from a(hahaha)celibate male church. I am a parent...I've raised kids. You think I am anti? I've seen women's health destroyed by having kids too early. Your presumption that rationality governs all sexuality is grossly naive, at best. Not all lives are as neat and tidy as your own.

author by foetalcoliformpublication date Tue Jul 10, 2012 14:23Report this post to the editors

If these pro lifers are so pro life then they should get working on their being a good environment to be born into so mothers are no longer are forced economically to have abortions.

The fact is, society doesn't give a shit about most of the people who are already here once they are born. It is spending most of it's efforts making sure the poor get poorer, have less social supports and are overall living more miserable and desperate lives.

Who except a rich person would countenance bringing a life into this current society? But then maybe that is really the point??

Pro lifers should vote for taxing the rich and improving social supports for the poorer in society if they really want to reduce abortions. But in my experience, they are one issue ponies.

Once you get here your life is cheap and you're on your own. fuck you.

More desperate cheap slaves to feed the factories, fight the absurd wars and make profits for the wealthy. Thats the reality of the "sanctity of life" in this cynical world.

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