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offsite link Does This Data From Public Health Scotland Show that Vaccine Effectiveness Against Death is Just 46%... Mon Aug 02, 2021 00:55 | Will Jones
A rough calculation based on recent death data from PHS suggests that, with 87% of deaths in the vaccinated, vaccine effectiveness against death may be considerably less than studies have suggested.
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Millions of Brits will be offered a Pfizer vaccine booster later this year, even if their first two doses were from another provider, because it has proved to be more effective against the Delta Covid variant.
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Andrew Bridgen MP has criticised the Government for "trying to aggressively coerce young people" into getting 'jabbed' with threats of vaccine passports, but says the plans would not pass through the House of Commons.
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Australia is using its army to enforce strict 'Zero-Covid' lockdown measures, with helicopters flying over parts of the country telling rule-breakers: "You will be found and fines issued."
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offsite link News Round-Up Sun Aug 01, 2021 01:45 | Toby Young
A summary of all the most interesting stories that have appeared about Covid and other areas of warranted scepticism in the past 24 hours ? not just in Britain, but around the world.
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international / crime and justice / other press Wednesday November 16, 2005 15:42 by iosaf   text 15 comments (last - wednesday june 07, 2006 06:09)
Latest twist in the killing of De Menezes on July 22 in london at Kennington tube station.

The Daily Telegraph has revealed that the police who killed Jean Charles de Menezes used _illegal_ "dum dum" bullets.

["Modern hollow point bullets are descendants of the expanding "dum dum" ammunition created by the British in an arsenal of the same name near Calcutta, in India, at the end of the 19th century and outlawed under the Hague Declaration of 1899.

The bullets, which expand and splinter on impact, were available to officers taking part in Operation Kratos, the national police drive against suspected suicide bombers which has been described as a "shoot to kill" policy."] read full story / add a comment
international / rights, freedoms and repression / opinion/analysis Monday November 14, 2005 21:50 by iosaf .:. the ipsiphi   text 10 comments (last - friday august 18, 2006 21:49)
This is my 4th article looking at the Housing Crises and Extreme Poverty in Paris.

It is also direct response to tonight's speech by President Chirac on French TV in defence of the decision made today by cabinet to extend the curfew and (further criminalise) French youth for the next 3 months. read full story / add a comment
the current very powerful image of reporters without borders : for the christmas cards.
international / sci-tech / news report Monday November 14, 2005 14:24 by iosaf   text 4 comments (last - thursday november 17, 2005 15:53)   image 1 image
This week the second and final meeting of the "World Summit on the Information Society" takes place in Tunis, starting on Wednesday.

Present will be the current "web masters" the USA and the principle partners who created the www most notably Switzerland (who co-organised with the UN the first phase), and a plethora of states who don't allow their citizens freedom of speech or association.

The UN wants to change the "US webmaster" balance in favour of one of four options which would give control to UN appointed bodies.

Many other states, just want to stop the internet.
_________________________________________ read full story / add a comment
international / consumer issues / opinion/analysis Sunday November 13, 2005 15:15 by iosaf   text 4 comments (last - tuesday november 22, 2005 22:29)   image 1 image
36 days to go, and I'm sure many of the readers are like my good self, drawing up the list for Christmas Cards 2005.

I enjoy these gradually shortening days and evenings as Winter comes on. The garden becomes more manageable, all the roses are pruned, and flower beds have been dug, I find more time to relax and draw up the list.

Of course at this time of year it may number some thousands of names, and then the fun bit comes-

Crossing off the names. It is my annual project to "not send" christmas cards to many thousands of people, from both public and private life. & I have noted that they don't send me one either. read full story / add a comment
a battalion of catholic widows hear open air mass in Madrid November 9th.
national / rights, freedoms and repression / opinion/analysis Saturday November 12, 2005 15:29 by iosaf mac diarmada   text 26 comments (last - wednesday november 23, 2005 01:29)   image 3 images
This week the heirarchy of the Roman Catholic Church and its secular powerbase popped up on my radar twice.

The Ferns reports was published in Ireland, and the PD Liz O'Donnell TD is to be congratulated on her little speech, which though bitchy did get the point accross.

The Spanish heirarchy meanwhile has spent the last weeks pumping up its fans for a march against the Socialists plans for education reform today in Madrid which is to "draw a million". Its the return match after the Bishops drew a million to oppose gay marriage.

Two traditionally catholic states who have only recently experienced prosperity, and begun the development of socially open and secular societies dealing with "much the same" problems.
Liz O'Donnell's speech to the Dail, came from a woman who obviously feels she suffered at the hands of "the special relationship" at the heart of the Irish state. I want to reduce read full story / add a comment
international / history and heritage / other press Thursday November 10, 2005 14:02 by iosaf
Earlier this year Israel's Sephardi chief rabbi recognized the community "Bnei Menashe" as one of 10 lost tribes of Israel, after examining their oral traditions, customs and religious habits, enthusiastically set about converting them wholescale.

The "Bnei menashe" live in what is now India. And according to their own oral traditions were exiled from the other tribes in the 8th century BC. The Indian government is very unhappy, and after a low level diplomatic spat, Israel announced yesterday that it would stop its conversion mission. read full story / add a comment
international / environment / other press Wednesday November 09, 2005 15:39 by iosaf   text 9 comments (last - thursday november 10, 2005 13:55)
The red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) is indiginous to europe its a hibernating, rodent creature that lives in trees, collects nuts, carries rabies and TB, and hibernates.
The Grey squirrel (Sciurus griseus) is indiginous to North America and was imported in the 19th century by english landowners to prettify their newly acquired scottish estates.
The Grey squirrel is pretty much the same as the Red squirrel, but its hibernation period is shorter.
thus when it wakes up hungry in january its fine little nose can hunt out the stores of nuts that its nieghbouring red squirrels have stashed. The result is famine for the red squirrels who have progressively died out since the introduction of the Grey to Britain (and thanks to the channel tunnel Europe). read full story / add a comment
international / environment / other press Tuesday November 08, 2005 14:19 by iosaf   text 1 comment (last - saturday april 21, 2007 11:34)
The authorities of Sao Paulo in Brazil have confirmed that the destruction of rain forest and their natural habitat has led to an inordinate wave of attacks from vampire bats.

In the last two months, thousands of brazilians have been bitten, and at least 23 have died, from vampire bat bites. Those 23 who died, did not do so from loss of blood, but from rabies. The vampire bat comes in three sub species [he Common Vampire Bat (Desmodus rotundus), the Hairy-legged Vampire Bat (Diphylla ecaudata), and the White-winged Vampire Bat (Diaemus youngi) and all carry rabies. read full story / add a comment
international / housing / other press Saturday November 05, 2005 15:28 by iosaf
This week sees 2 of Europe's very historic squat communities step up their latest campaigns to fight eviction.

(1) St Agnes' Place in Kennington. London has been squated for 30 years, and though attempts have beenmade to evict some resident before the latest attempts by Lambeth borough to evict the community seem the most concerted yet.

(2) The Rhino squat in Geneva called a demonstration which began at 14h00 today, and sees the wider housing movement in Switzerland support the 80 residents against the Geneva's canton's attempts to evict them by 22 november they have been in continuous occupation of the site for 17 years. read full story / add a comment
Let them own Cars! be Equal & Free! & vote for their rulers. let us call it democracy!
international / politics / elections / opinion/analysis Friday November 04, 2005 17:54 by iosaf the ipsiphi   text 6 comments (last - monday november 07, 2005 13:15)   image 2 images
The Spanish have a word for it, they call it "callejera", it means street violence which includes arson, houses, businesses and cars get burnt.
The Basque term is "kale borroka", its thought of as the lowest level of sustained urban unrest.

The French today, look at their newspapers and see photos which usually they see in Iraq of cars in flames. But this time its "their cars", as their prime minister De Villepin assured the national assembly from the floor.

They must be very re-assured.
Even though he was never elected.
One might have heard an artistocratic taunt hanging in the gilded air, "let them buy cars!".
_______________________________________________ read full story / add a comment
barcelona : blockaded for the first time since 1939.
international / worker & community struggles and protests / other press Wednesday October 26, 2005 14:41 by iosaf aye! aye!   text 4 comments (last - thursday october 27, 2005 20:57)   image 1 image
The last days have seen the various unions and collectives that represent spanish fishermen decide to blockade ports on the peninsula to demand a reduction in the cost of fuel.

Its a European issue which has passed from state to state through the summer, and each government must fiddle with its budget to ensure that low costing subsidised fuel essential to its industry stays low. Despite hurricane supply pricing, despite Iraq, despite Mr Bush, despite the nerves that nigerians or poor south americans may blow up their oil wells.

UK road haulers need cheap fuel too, and we remember their blockades didn't transpire this summer, well now its the Spanish trawlers turn... read full story / add a comment
where the ruffians and loveable rogues do business & banking is where children are sold, birds have flu, and misery is cheap.
international / worker & community struggles and protests / opinion/analysis Monday October 24, 2005 22:11 by iosaf   text 4 comments (last - friday october 28, 2005 13:20)   image 2 images
Last week saw the publication of this year's "transparency org" world corruption perception report. Its a report which is taken seriously by some, and certainly no country looking for foreign investment wants to be at the bottom of the 158 rankings.

But both the annual list of "corruption perception" and "bribery perception" indixes, can not be understood as isolated statistics. Just as Greenspan's biographer assured us he takes stock of over 4000 weekly indicators, we can not consider just one single country or economy when discussing corruption or bribery. Nor can we refuse to draw in other human development indicators, (the UNHDR report) all the usual "facts and figures" and internal data. read full story / add a comment
"its up to the Africans" - Will they save us?
international / racism & migration related issues / opinion/analysis Saturday October 22, 2005 15:31 by iosaf   text 5 comments (last - monday october 31, 2005 12:08)   image 1 image
Once upon a time, the global system allowed pharmaceutical companies to withhold patents on drugs, vaccines and treatments needed by the poorest of this earth to protect intellectual property rights, assets, and the R&D budgets of scientists in the newly prosperous technologically focussed economies of the north. read full story / add a comment
national / worker & community struggles and protests / news report Friday October 21, 2005 18:28 by iosaf
Postmen and Postwomen of Eire.
Many times in past generations have you been called upon to suffer the yoke of privitisation and Fianna Fail meddling in essential services, and you have answered that call with industrial action.

Well done!
90% of the members of the CWU have turned out to vote 90% in favour of strike action. Thats more democractic than any ard fheis in gleneagles.

The strike notice has to be for 2 weeks time. read full story / add a comment
international / crime and justice / other press Wednesday October 19, 2005 14:11 by iosaf   text 3 comments (last - friday october 21, 2005 12:57)
Marc Henzelin a legal expert from Geneva University has explained why he declined to defend Saddam Hussein saying the special tribunal is not compatible with international law and is little more than a soap opera.

Iraqi Saddam Hussein is charged with ordering the deaths of 143 Shi'ite Muslim men following a 1982 assassination attempt against him.
He might also face trial for genocide and war crimes for the killing of Kurds in the 1980s, as well as the suppression of uprisings by Shi'ites and Kurds in 1991.

The organisation Human Rights Watch said 200,000 potential opponents were killed during Saddam's regime between 1979 and 2003.

It would seem like the man ought be put to trial where the international community recognise the process, penalty and court. Does it not?
_______________________________________ read full story / add a comment
international / worker & community struggles and protests / other press Tuesday October 18, 2005 23:27 by iosaf   text 1 comment (last - tuesday october 18, 2005 23:39)   image 1 image
its a slogan we're all familiar with, and its the subtitle of "The Take" one of many movies made on the Brukman factory in Argentina and the collective who worked there before the economic crash of 2001 / 2002 and continued working there.

through the crash.

"The Take" will perhaps find a wider audience than most other videos and projects, because its co-script writers are Naomi Klein & Avi Lewis.
Its now screening. Go, be the audience & media and tell us about it. read full story / add a comment
international / summit mobilisations / other press Monday October 17, 2005 15:38 by iosaf   text 5 comments (last - monday march 19, 2007 13:39)   image 1 image
"Must we allow these men, the two unholy men of our millennium, who in the same way as Hitler and Mussolini formed [an] unholy alliance, form an alliance to attack an innocent country?"
"The voice of Mr Bush and the voice of Mr Blair can't decide who shall rule in Zimbabwe, who shall rule in Africa, who shall rule in Asia, who shall rule in Venezuela, who shall rule in Iran, who shall rule in Iraq,"
"Is this the world we desire? The world of giants and international terrorists who use their state muscle in order to intimidate us? We become the midgets,."
"Where are their democratic tenets? Where is their morality? Where is their compliance with the salient principles of good government?" read full story / add a comment
national / arts and media / other press Monday October 10, 2005 14:52 by iosaf seething.   text 11 comments (last - wednesday may 24, 2006 07:01)
By now many of you will seen a copy of the two "free newspapers" launched this morning in Dubiln.

& you will be aware of the court wranglings which led to the change of name of the Herald AM.

"Metro" was originally launched 10 years ago, in Sweden but its name has been copied wherever people have underground trains. & in the case of Dublin - "double decker omnibuses".

its main international rival "20 minutes" was launched in Switzerland and Germany in 1999.

They dominate a global readership (concentrated in Europe) of 14.5 million commuters. And it is estimated produce 21million copies daily, and the advertising executives will tell you that means 2 readers for every copy.

_______________________________________ read full story / add a comment
international / environment / other press Thursday October 06, 2005 14:36 by iosaf   text 2 comments (last - friday december 02, 2005 14:01)   image 1 image
Luiz Flavio Cappio, is 58 years of age, a franciscan and bishop of the Brazilian town of Barra in the state of Pernambuco.
He started 11 days ago a hunger strike -

to stop the Brazilian government beginning work on a water pipeline/ canal / duct transfer system. read full story / add a comment
he's a catholic give him a burial.
international / worker & community struggles and protests / other press Thursday October 06, 2005 13:00 by iosaf   text 2 comments (last - monday october 10, 2005 14:14)   image 1 image
on the 28th of August, Georgi Poltavchenko delegate to the central federal district of Russia suggested burying Lenin. That means putting him in a box, sticking it under ground, and hopefully forgetting about all the mausoleum stuff.

As you'd expect the suggestion (thought to be supported by Mr Putin) has provoked a lot of public debate amongst Russians, former Soviet citizens and naturally the fans, non-fans, and "I never was a fan" types of leninism / centralised state socialism / sovietic tyranny - the world over.

Join the debate - read on.... read full story / add a comment
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