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offsite link Does This Data From Public Health Scotland Show that Vaccine Effectiveness Against Death is Just 46%... Mon Aug 02, 2021 00:55 | Will Jones
A rough calculation based on recent death data from PHS suggests that, with 87% of deaths in the vaccinated, vaccine effectiveness against death may be considerably less than studies have suggested.
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offsite link Tens of Millions of Brits Will Be Offered Pfizer Booster Vaccine This Autumn Sun Aug 01, 2021 13:31 | Michael Curzon
Millions of Brits will be offered a Pfizer vaccine booster later this year, even if their first two doses were from another provider, because it has proved to be more effective against the Delta Covid variant.
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offsite link Andrew Bridgen MP Criticises Government Over ?Serious Infringement on People?s Liberties? Threatened... Sun Aug 01, 2021 12:08 | Michael Curzon
Andrew Bridgen MP has criticised the Government for "trying to aggressively coerce young people" into getting 'jabbed' with threats of vaccine passports, but says the plans would not pass through the House of Commons.
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offsite link Australia Uses Helicopters and the Army to Enforce Lockdown Rules Sun Aug 01, 2021 11:07 | Michael Curzon
Australia is using its army to enforce strict 'Zero-Covid' lockdown measures, with helicopters flying over parts of the country telling rule-breakers: "You will be found and fines issued."
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offsite link News Round-Up Sun Aug 01, 2021 01:45 | Toby Young
A summary of all the most interesting stories that have appeared about Covid and other areas of warranted scepticism in the past 24 hours ? not just in Britain, but around the world.
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international / history and heritage / news report Wednesday July 26, 2006 18:58 by iosaf   text 3 comments (last - saturday july 29, 2006 20:53)   image 1 image
on the 26th of July 1956 Nassar read the proclamation in Cairo by which his popular government liberated the Suez Canal from joint Anglo-French imperialist stockholders.

It was one of the most significant nationalisation declarations of history leading to an attack by French & British troops on Egypt and then their sudden abandonment by the USA. 1956 for many proved the watershed (forgive the pun) which forever locked Britian and France out of their imperialist past and proved their inability to act "on their own" if the USA did not support their actions. read full story / add a comment
international / history and heritage / news report Tuesday July 25, 2006 20:19 by iosaf   text 3 comments (last - friday december 14, 2007 01:08)
Today those elected to the Peruvian government earlier this year to serve till 2011 must each swear an oath of allegiance. Its part of a series of constitutional rituals which will lead up to the presidential inauguration this coming Friday which is also Peru's national day.

The formula for the oath is very simple - (they often are) - each deputy takes his place in turn & recorded by stenographers and pictured on live TV recites the formula of loyalty. But already some deputies oaths have been rejected :- read full story / add a comment
Hugo greets his arabic brother Amr Moussa (or it might have been Ahmed Benhelli) [they all look alike] in Caracas last Tuesday.
international / miscellaneous / other press Friday July 21, 2006 18:32 by iosaf   text 6 comments (last - friday july 28, 2006 19:37)   image 1 image
At long last, the Bolivarian republic of Venezuela will take its place at the League of Arab states.
This is a diplomatic coup for the Latin American state, considering its not arabic or even remotely Islamic.

Only a great leader such as Hugo Chavez and his minister for African affairs Reinaldo Bolivar could have achieved such. Though detractor are quick to point out that Venezuela will at first only be an "observer state" at the League's meetings and as such won't have any power to vote or present resolutions - but the important news is this :- Hugo Chavez will get to stand in the family photos.

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international / anti-war / imperialism / other press Wednesday July 12, 2006 17:57 by iosaf   text 23 comments (last - tuesday july 18, 2006 19:44)   image 5 images
Israeli armed forces crossed the border into their northern neighbour Lebanon in the last 36 hours.
This illegal incursion follows entry of IDF forces into the occupied Palestinian territories of the last week.

Hezbollah in a press conference has called for "discussions", warned of "surprises" if the "enemy attacks" and wants "prisoner exchange" and hinted at "linking this crises to the plight of their Palestinian brothers". The leader of Hezbollah also rejected Israeli blusters that the IDF would return the country of which they now form a democratically elected government of "returning Beirut to 20 years ago".

The rest of the "Hariri's Game" series which covers Lebanese politic development since the asassination of Hariri on Saint Valentine's Day 2005.
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Syd Barrett (1946- 2006)
international / arts and media / news report Tuesday July 11, 2006 22:44 by iosaf   text 5 comments (last - tuesday july 18, 2006 00:15)   image 1 image
Syd Barrett the lead singer & founder, composer/songwriter of "The Pink Floyd" has died aged 60 years.

May he rest in peace.
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Eu-ler's identity.
international / arts and media / other press Sunday July 09, 2006 21:44 by iosaf mac diarmada   text 6 comments (last - monday july 17, 2006 01:50)   image 4 images
It has long been observed, that on Sunday the mass does different things.
Some go to church, some return from clubs and sleep, some read a book, some do the gardening, some catch up with their kids, some eat a lot, some practise yoga, some Vote.
It has long been valued that on their non-banking days people are pretty much the same as when they work, graft, toil and sweat. Except they have less money making opportunities. This facilitates their increased participation in their society as citizens and nationals of the Civilised World.
It has long been observed that the mass on their non banking days readily absorb shite.
This is why coups are most successful on the weekend, and elections as well.
It is on your non-banking days that you are presented with the most filagree woven tissues of spirit and lie, ghost and truth. It is through weekend that you allow others to have considerable space in your head. As a global and local movement truthfully based on ethical principles - we can indulge ourselves on Sunday every once in a while. And wonder why some of us are excommunicated. I do not wish to enter the theologically or anthropromorpholigically unknown. Big words scare me.

Less than a week ago, an insecure worker on temporary contract exceeded the speed limit of the metro train he was driving by exactly twice as entered the "Jesus" station of Valencia city. The tunnel was widest at that point, the subsequent derailing killed over 40 people - I may not ask what was he thinking??? nor where he is now.
In today's edition :- read full story / add a comment
do they have a right to life?
national / rights, freedoms and repression / other press Wednesday July 05, 2006 01:40 by iosaf   text 31 comments (last - tuesday december 15, 2009 16:33)   image 4 images
A 41 year old woman began a case in the High Court of Ireland yesterday, represented by Gerard Hogan SC to have 3 of her embryos released from the freezer of a fertility clinic in Rathgar Dublin. Or.... 3 embryos made for her by a clinic out of her eggs and her estranged husband's sperm.

Her case hinges on her belief and the Irish Courts interpretation of the Irish Constitution's relevant clauses and amendments - that each of the 3 frozen embryos has a "right to life".
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In Nahuatl, Teotihuacan means 'The City of the Gods', or 'Where Men Become Gods'. who will sit atop the Mexican pyramid next? probably the same eagle as usual.
international / politics / elections / opinion/analysis Monday July 03, 2006 20:18 by iosaf   text 17 comments (last - thursday july 13, 2006 12:18)   image 4 images
Voters went to the polls in Mexico, a federation of 31 states and one district yesterday the 2nd of July to directly elect their new President. There are roughly 106.5 million Mexican citizens and their state ranks 12th in the World GDP and 4th for "per capita income" in Latin America.

The "not voting" thing was very simple for Mexico, 2005 saw Chiapas agree to send Sub Comandant Marcus out on a nation-wide "other campaign". Officially 99.4% of ballot offices were opened without incident, and 58.91% of the electorate voted. That means an abstention of roughly 41%.

The "voting" thing has produced a result so narrow that the Federal Electoral Institute can't call the election yet. The mechanism used dictates that the candidate with "plurality of votes" shall win, even if that candidate hasn't got more than 50%. If the IFE can't call the results, it means there is less than 0.3% difference in the results. there is no mechanism for a "run-off" election which readers will remember occured in the recent Peruvian presidential elections. read full story / add a comment
& they will be drained of thier blood for use in future catholic pacifist anti-war rituals.... all above board. within your rights.
national / crime and justice / other press Wednesday June 28, 2006 19:34 by iosaf   text 8 comments (last - wednesday march 14, 2007 18:45)   image 2 images
Michael Mc dowell wants an all party Dáil discussion on the use of force by people to protect thier homes from intruders. His comments were made public today in response to a story doing the rounds that FG leader Enda Kenny warded off two drugged up muggers who were about to knife him.
Not to be outdone, big swinging Mickey has at last revealed the "poker wielding incident" when at age 19 he held a burglar to his parents house with a poker.

Its part of a PD / FG exchange of little real worth which continues their implosion strategy as transfer of power.

Until of course you see the subtle shift in our national narrative from Shakespearian drama, ( the black / white analogies of Othello & Titus Andronicus [ general Titus on his 38th day but really focussing his ire on the Labour party) to the dramatic works of Christopher Marlowe, the life of Edward 2nd and its introduction of "pokers" into the Western Armoury, remembering that real men used swords and halbards back then. & then of course the memorable "poker wielding incident" between Witgenstein and Popper. read full story / add a comment
if they cross the border of Europe - they've reason to be Proud. some day they will get a Pride day. just like NYC paddy's day & some of our community ;-)
national / politics / elections / opinion/analysis Monday June 26, 2006 00:51 by iosaf   text 7 comments (last - sunday august 13, 2006 04:12)   image 1 image
It has long been observed et cetera.., As your national poet & someone who has read Chomsky's tarot cards, I want to move the Irish cultural narrative beyond the Othello quotation frenzy of C.J. Haughey's state funeral & draw your attention to the European Day of Action yesterday to close migrant internment camps. This is where our 25 states send mostly Africans & Moors so we don't see thier desperation.

The title of this edition of The Sunday Papers is a play on nomencliture
being both a simultanteous play on the name of Oscar Wilde's father Sir William Wilde
and Alderman Dr William Shakespeare H.dip.Ed. F.R.C.S.I., M.B.E.,

gather round!
for the first time since the "exodus edition" of the Sunday Papers, iosaf is going to tell you a story. read full story / add a comment
RIP Raymond Devos (1922 - 2006)
international / arts and media / news report Thursday June 15, 2006 20:53 by iosaf   text 1 comment (last - friday june 16, 2006 17:49)   image 1 image
Raymond Devos the Belgian born, French resident & Francophone Cartoonist, Comedian, Political (& national) satirist has died of a brain hemorrhage today.

He was a very funny man who's humour & wit crossed borders & langauges.
He will be sorely missed. . Everyone who met Raymond Devos liked him. His jokes were both simple & intelligent. He'll be sincerely missed. He made many friends, most of whom will want to attend his sudden funeral. He won lots of important awards for being funny & clever but won't get a state funeral from either France of Belgium. Raymond Devos was in no common sense of the word a popular man. & sincere with it.

He rose to acceptance of his extraordinary talent through circus acts & written puns of astounding complexity. In 1956 He worked with Jean Luc Godard on the movie "Pierrot le Fou".

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20 years since the death of Borges
international / arts and media / other press Wednesday June 14, 2006 01:33 by iosaf   text 1 comment (last - thursday june 15, 2006 00:07)   image 2 images
It might not seem it, but 20 years have passed since the death of Jorge Lluis Borges in Geneva on the 14th of June 1986.

He shared the Nobel Prize for literature with Samuel Beckett.
He learnt Japanese at 90 and was thought by everyone to be very brainy.
His father was an anarchist. He had a wonky eye. Everyone loved him & humoured him.
The cruelest thing you could say about him was "sure he didn't get out enough & spent too much time on the mammy & the demonologies"

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national / history and heritage / opinion/analysis Sunday June 04, 2006 20:19 by iosaf mac diarmada   text 4 comments (last - monday june 05, 2006 21:45)
It has been long observed that people for some reason on their non-banking days readily absorb shite about Dangerous Places, Famous People, Sensible Saving Options, Holidays, Interesting facts, Sport results, Media, gardening and health as well looking ahead at “democratic evolution” and looking back at "how history was made".

Very special & very short edition this one, if you're reading this in Ireland or are one of the Irish Diasporia -


You are now one of the Establishment, in the period from the 23rd of May to the 2nd of June all the Irish people joined ranks & played their part to be the Regime. We are all Brainy. I am thus giving you all tips today - so you can go on being "Brainy".

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international / sci-tech / news report Wednesday May 31, 2006 02:06 by iosaf   text 4 comments (last - saturday october 10, 2009 14:17)   image 1 image
(1) Gary Mc Kinnon has lost his extradition case & will now be sent to the USA.
A UK court recommended last wednesday that the 40 year old unemployed Gary Mc Kinnon be extradited to face US charges of entering without password in their most secure databases to look for UFO files. that means the anglo-saxon world are the enemies of hackers

(2) the Brazilian minister of Culture, Gilberto Gil, has defended his state's internet law (which is the most tolerant in the world) and hailed hackers and creative users of the new technology at a world Internet conference which opened yesterday in Europe.
this means Brazil is still the hackers' best pal read full story / add a comment
The Italian Secret Service Car had 58 "lethal shots" one is circled.
international / anti-war / imperialism / news report Monday May 22, 2006 22:10 by iosaf   text 7 comments (last - monday march 19, 2007 12:22)   image 4 images
The decision by Mr Prodi to honour the public will of the Italian people and withdraw the Italian presence in Iraq, and also to describe the war as "illegal" and a "mistake" has allowed Italians to give more attention to the manipulation of information during the Berlusconi years and return to the causes of Italian casualties & hostages during the Iraq war. The most senior officer of the Italian forces to be killed was Nicola Calipari of the Italian secret service who was shot by the US army.

on the 4th of March 2004, after one month spent in captivity, Giuliana Sgrena a journalist of the italian newspaper "il Manifesto" was released after negotiations had been opened by Calipari and brought to "safety". Their route had been communicated to their US coalition partners before hand. It is important to remember that the murder of Calipari and his subsequent state funeral prompted Berlusconi to first suggest the withdrawl of troops, but unconstitutionally, as he made the offer through his own TV station & not in parliament. Giuliana Sgrena has now published a book on her experiences & granted an interview, which I am reproducing in english translation here. read full story / add a comment
He broke the law again - He alone may write the law, change the law, ignore the law, stretch the law....& get away with it everytime.
national / crime and justice / opinion/analysis Monday May 22, 2006 17:22 by iosaf   text 6 comments (last - friday september 29, 2006 13:55)   image 1 image
Mc Dowell wanted us to ponder this :-
"Probably the most important one is that the United Nations high commissioner's representative in Ireland and his predecessor have both pointed to the fact that the Irish system is one of the best in Europe and that it's a good and fair one and that it's transparent, that it's subject to judicial review."

Most of us of course disagree. But one word of Mc Dowell's statement made last week & republished again in today's Irish Times screams out for more attention :-
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how do you promote your leaders?
international / politics / elections / opinion/analysis Tuesday May 09, 2006 01:31 by iosaf   image 1 image
Oscar Arias has entered history as the first Nobel Laureate ( Peace prize 1987) to be president of a nation twice.

Chavez doesn't like him nor will he ask the Iranians to help him exploit his natural resources.
This is because Costa Rica has very little on the natural resources side.

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our so called democracies have completely blurred the lines between journalism, advertising and propaganda.
international / arts and media / other press Thursday May 04, 2006 14:35 by iosaf mac diarmada   text 4 comments (last - friday april 09, 2010 09:12)   image 1 image
Reporters without Borders published their annual report on the freedom of the press and internet yesterday to co-incide with the United Nation's World Press freedom day.

It is important for readers and contributors alike to remember that the idea of "journalism" can not really trace a history longer than Mayday and the struggle for workers' rights, or indeed the emancipation of American slaves, or the long ardous and brave road to full suffrage.

The first journalists, did just what the word implies - they contributed as writers to small circulation journals, and often went without collecting their stipends, and thus decided to form the first "unions". There appeared to be no special qualifications other than literacy. Today we send children to universities to study * how to spell. * how to ask the questions "what? when? where? why?" and then of course how to manipulate it all. an Anglo-saxon model of the "reporter" has taken global hold, and the founders of the "industry" such as Hersch raised to the pedastal. read full story / add a comment
Bolivian Fuel resources are now nationalised.
international / anti-capitalism / news report Wednesday May 03, 2006 16:51 by iosaf .:. ipsiphi   text 17 comments (last - wednesday july 19, 2006 18:51)   image 3 images
Bolivia has nationalised her fuel resources.

I'll bring you through it simply :-
* Last June Bolivia entered popular rebellion and verged on civil war.
* Morales emerged as popular leader of the Left & said if elected he would nationalise Fuel resources.
* He got elected. and sworn in 22/1/2006
* His thinking man Garcia Linera went about figuring out how that would happen.
* the oil companies (Repsol - Spain) said they'd sue if their investments were "misappropriated".
* Morales met Zapatero and promised he'd go about it easily in a staged way.
* Garcia Linera said it wouldn't be a surprise.
* May 1, 2006 morales put on his presidential sash and announced a presidential decree.
* May 2, 2006 the Bolivian army accompanied by Police in riot gear turned up at the installations kicked every inside out, and put up banners "nationalised for the Bolivian people".
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I don't care if its world press freedom day.... I just pay them less.
international / crime and justice / news report Wednesday May 03, 2006 14:43 by iosaf mac diarmada   text 4 comments (last - thursday september 07, 2006 17:27)   image 1 image
3 little mafia news items not really getting attention in the Irish Commercial Press to put everything in perspective for you as to the quality and depth of our "liberal democratic system" this May 3rd which as we all know is "World Press Freedom Day".

Which the UN wants us to use to correlate media freedom and the eradication of poverty, as you may obviously see from this mornings commercial newspapers. read full story / add a comment
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