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Public Inquiry
Interested in maladministration. Estd. 2005

offsite link Did RTE journalists collude against Sinn Fein?

offsite link Irish Examiner bias Anthony

offsite link RTE: Propaganda ambush of Sinn Fein Anthony

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The Saker
A bird's eye view of the vineyard

offsite link Every Day is Ashura, Every Land is Karbala Mon Aug 03, 2020 22:40 | amarynth
by Mansoureh Tajik for the Saker Blog As part of a very thoughtful email last month, the Saker wrote, ?In your latest contribution you wrote ?Every day is Ashura, Every

offsite link Serbia sinks deeper into a sordid mockery of the rule of law Mon Aug 03, 2020 21:53 | The Saker
by Saker?s Johnny-on-the-spot in Belgrade for The Saker Blog Relentlessly, as if his life depended on it (as it well might) the Serbian tyrant Alexander Vu?i? is setting the stage

offsite link The Twilight of Neo-liberalism? Mon Aug 03, 2020 21:33 | amarynth
by Francis Lee for the Saker Blog It speaks volumes about the gravity of the current political and economic situation that the leading US investment bank Goldman-Sachs has seen fit

offsite link Turkish-Backed Forces On Guard For Liberal Values And Same-Sex Marriages In Syria Mon Aug 03, 2020 21:19 | amarynth
South Front Democracy and liberal values are on the rise in the opposition-held part of Syria?s Greater Idlib region. On July 31, forces of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly the Syrian

offsite link Iraqi PM?s visit to Washington will fail if he is not ?obedient?: Iraqi politician Mon Aug 03, 2020 13:14 | amarynth
Video link: https://www.youtube.c... Description: In an interview with Afaq TV, Sa?ad al-Muttalibi, a senior member of the Iraqi State of Law Coalition says that Iraq?s prime minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi will fail

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Human Rights in Ireland
A Blog About Human Rights

offsite link Right to Water Mon Aug 03, 2020 19:13 | Human Rights

offsite link Human Rights Fri Mar 20, 2020 16:33 | Human Rights

offsite link Turkish President Calls On Greece To Comply With Human Rights on Syrian Refugee Issues Wed Mar 04, 2020 17:58 | Human Rights

offsite link US Holds China To Account For Human Rights Violations Sun Oct 13, 2019 19:12 | Human Rights

offsite link UN Human Rights Council Should Address Human Rights Crisis in Cambodia Sat Aug 31, 2019 13:41 | Human Rights

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Cedar Lounge
Ni dieu ni maître. Ni patrie, ni patron.

offsite link Over 50s shielding? 11:17 Tue Aug 04, 2020 | WorldbyStorm

offsite link Exile? 11:01 Tue Aug 04, 2020 | WorldbyStorm

offsite link Not overkill, but not normality? 07:09 Tue Aug 04, 2020 | WorldbyStorm

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Michael D. being interviewed for a forthcoming Indymedia posting
galway / rights, freedoms and repression / news report Monday May 26, 2008 15:01 by TD   text 22 comments (last - wednesday june 11, 2008 01:48)   image 10 images
For the past two weeks the focus of the Free Palestine Campaign group in Galway has been harvesting signatures for our petition calling on the EU (and the Irish government to work towards effecting it) to suspend or terminate the Euro-Med Agreement, which economically privileges Israel with access to the EU market, due to that country's gross and willful trampling of Palestinian human rights, International Law, Geneva Conventions and Part 2 of the Agreement .

When it comes to Palestine, the moral rot of the EU in refusing to suspend the Agreement does'nt stop there, it's deep and pernicious and with the passing of the Lisbon Treaty will deleteriously effect and infect Palestine further?. read full story / add a comment
Fred Johnston at the Jack Lynch House, Shandon, Cork
galway / arts and media / press release Wednesday May 21, 2008 15:54 by Fred Johnston   image 1 image
At a presentation at Galway City Hall recently, the Western Writers' Centre were pleased to unveil a variety of development plans - bolstered by enormous national and even international support read full story / add a comment
Maggie Heneghan on the  left (as it were) with SWP colleague, Dette McLoughlin
galway / rights, freedoms and repression / news report Sunday May 18, 2008 16:08 by TD   text 2 comments (last - tuesday may 20, 2008 11:07)   image 8 images
Yesterday, activists from the Irish Centre for Human Rights, NUI Galway, Permanent Revolution, Free Palestine Campaign, ably aided, abetted and filmed by students from the Huston School of Film & Digital Media did a nine hour slog in Shop street for the Raytheon 9 and Palestine. After their info stall outside Lynch's castle two SWP activists joined us for a while in solidarity with their SWP colleagues in the Raytheon 9 whose trial commences in Belfast this coming Tuesday or Wednesday, see http://www.indymedia.ie/article/87594 read full story / add a comment
galway / rights, freedoms and repression / feature Wednesday May 07, 2008 23:33 by TD   text 13 comments (last - monday september 01, 2008 10:41)   image 21 images
Last weekend, Belfast was graced with the presence of two strong Palestinian activists; George Rishmawi and Iyad Bornat (also spelled Eyad Burnat), the screening of Iyad's powerful documentary: Bil'in Against the Wall http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qy8-oxnZQJU in the Falls Road Cultural Center last Friday night and George's public address at the Belfast May Day Rally on Saturday.

The documentary is a powerful indictment of Israel and its use of murderous violence by its Occupation Army in beleaguered Bil'in against peaceful protestors to snuff out dissent against the expropriation of Palestinian land for the building of "settlements" for Jews only colonists.

Au fait with the action of the Raytheon 9 in Derry, George Rishmawi and Iyad Bornat, through the good offices of Kathleen O'Connell (IPSC) sought and found Eamonn McCann at the rally to express solidarity with the 9 and Pitstop Ploughshare success at their forthcoming trial.
read full story / add a comment
Kathleen Flowers
galway / arts and media / press release Wednesday April 30, 2008 16:47 by Fred Johnston   image 1 image
Three prominent US women poets willl read from their work, courtesy of the Western Writers Centre, at Galway City Museum tomorrow, Wednesday, May 1st. read full story / add a comment
galway / rights, freedoms and repression / news report Sunday April 27, 2008 13:28 by TD   text 15 comments (last - wednesday january 07, 2009 22:31)   image 13 images
Fuel and medical shortages, unbridled Israeli military attacks, trade embargoes, travel restrictions and now the food crisis has brought Gaza to the edge of an all out humanitarian crisis: out of a population of 1.4 million, the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), last Thursday, due to the Israeli fuel blockade has halted food aid to 700,000 refugees and the World Food Programme to another 127,000. Michael Jansen in last Friday's Irish Times http://www.ireland.com/newspaper/breaking/2008/0306/bre....html states that: "Due to the grounding of its vehicles, UNRWA also reduced operations at 214 schools serving 200,000 children and 19 health centres as well as refuse collection in eight refugee camps housing 500,000" read full story / add a comment
galway / rights, freedoms and repression / news report Friday April 11, 2008 15:03 by Margaretta D'Arcy   text 20 comments (last - wednesday april 16, 2008 12:50)
30 students from The Irish Centre Of Human Rights Galway walked out in the middle of an Amnesty public meeting called to hear the recent experiences of a Galway woman in Gaza read full story / add a comment
Storyteller Eddie Lenihan at Gort Festival
galway / arts and media / press release Monday March 31, 2008 17:22 by Fred Johnston   image 1 image
Old and young alike entertained by Eddie in the Gort Library read full story / add a comment
The Forge, Gort, Co. Galway
galway / arts and media / news report Monday March 31, 2008 13:25 by Fred Johnston - Director   image 1 image
Historic memories and a lecture on a Brazilian poet were among the literary events at Galway's newest literary festival read full story / add a comment
galway / anti-war / imperialism / news report Thursday March 20, 2008 20:19 by GAAW PRO   text 3 comments (last - saturday march 22, 2008 18:28)   image 2 images
Members of the Galway Alliance Against War were on the streets of the city today to mark the 5th anniversary of the US and British invasion of Iraq. read full story / add a comment
galway / anti-war / imperialism / press release Tuesday March 11, 2008 12:41 by GAAW   text 6 comments (last - sunday march 16, 2008 01:01)
As Galway peace activists prepare for next Saturday's anti-war event in Dublin, the last thing they expected is for their spokesperson to receive a death threat to GAAW's mobile number. The male caller had a west of Ireland accent and repeatedly made threatening and obscene remarks to NIall Farrell. read full story / add a comment
galway / rights, freedoms and repression / news report Sunday March 02, 2008 10:08 by TD   text 3 comments (last - wednesday march 05, 2008 22:45)   image 15 images
"On an eight day intercultural, fact-finding trip to Palestine," http://www.indymedia.ie/article/86470 and participating in the weekly Bil'in protest last Friday, three IPSC activists in a group of ten Irish concerned citizens who journey up from Jerusalem witnessed the brutal dispersal of the peaceful marchers by the Israeli Occupation Forces through the indiscriminate firing of rubber bullets and physical assault which continued all around us as our group was corralled without rhyme, reason or explanation by the IOF. Even so, thanking the good lord for small mercies, it was small potatoes in comparison to the egregious violence visited on previous Bil'in protests as evidenced in the DVD documentary we saw later. read full story / add a comment
galway / rights, freedoms and repression / news report Sunday February 17, 2008 14:08 by Paddy F.   text 24 comments (last - friday january 16, 2009 04:06)   image 11 images
Yesterday, Galway IPSC took to the street to protest against the collusion of a spineless and conscienceless EU with Israel and to encourage shoppers to boycott Israeli goods.

Belfast based, David Morrison, who writes for the Labour & Trade Union Review puts the pertinent question in a Electronic Intifada article: "How is Israel able to strangle the Gaza Strip when there is supposed to be an international crossing between Gaza and Egypt not controlled by Israelis?" and then goes on to answer with telling detail that: "It was primarily through the good offices of the European Union (EU), which had a formal role in managing the Rafah crossing, that Israel always had a veto on the opening of the crossing. In practice, whenever Israel didn't want the crossing open, the EU obligingly kept it shut". http://electronicintifada.net/v2/article9303.shtml
read full story / add a comment
galway / arts and media / press release Friday February 08, 2008 12:28 by Over The Edge
Creative Writing Competition:
€1,000 in prizes plus major reading opportunity

Over The Edge New Writer of the Year 2008
sponsored by Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop, Bank of Ireland, Kelly’s Office Supplies and Des & Mary Kavanagh read full story / add a comment
Treasa in center with daughter, Naisrin, behind her pictured at a recent GAAW anti-war/ Gaza solidarity protest in Eyre Square, Galway.
galway / rights, freedoms and repression / news report Thursday February 07, 2008 09:54 by TD   text 28 comments (last - wednesday february 27, 2008 16:46)   image 3 images
Treasa N1 Cheannabain, from the Galway Palestine Solidarity Campaign on a humanitarian mission to besieged Gaza with daughter, Naisrin, is now trapped there by the Israelis; in that dark valley of suffering that Michael Dugard has called the worlds largest prison, Married to Egyptian, the courtly Dr. Al-Safti, Treasa and daughter availing availing themselves of the window of opportunity provided by demolishment of the Apartheid Wall at the Rafah Crossing by Hamas two weeks ago, entered Gaza with funds for humanitarian purposes, to alleviate the endless suffering deriving from the collective punishment visited on that Golgotha by criminal Israel.

read full story / add a comment
galway / anti-war / imperialism / news report Monday January 28, 2008 11:55 by saoirse   text 24 comments (last - thursday january 31, 2008 01:33)   image 3 images
Republican Sinn Fein oppose plans by GAAW to draped orange jumpsuit on Liam Mellowes statue. read full story / add a comment
galway / environment / news report Saturday January 26, 2008 20:57 by Dunlo   text 50 comments (last - sunday february 03, 2008 23:35)   image 13 images
Deeply concerned and outraged at the continued use of Guantanamo as a US torture site, the ongoing Israeli collective punishment of Gaza and the facilitation of US troops and CIA torture flights through Shannnon Warport, members of the public, activists from Galway Food Not Bombs and the IPSC joined the Galway Alliance Against War protest at the Liam Mellows statue in Eyre Square this afternoon. Unfortunately, Rhuhel Ahmed, the British citizen who spent two years in the torture camp after being kidnapped with two of his friends whilst attending a wedding in Pakistan, could'nt attend. Fortunately, some 140 people attended including Michael D. Higgins, Galway City Councillors; Niall O' Brolchain, sisters, Catherine and Collette Connolly Billy Cameron and writers, Fred Johnson, Margaretta D'Arcy and Rita Anne Higgins. read full story / add a comment
galway / rights, freedoms and repression / news report Monday January 07, 2008 12:42 by TD   image 3 images
Last Saturday, the nationwide IPSC campaign against Israeli Blood Diamonds was alive and well in Galway with activists from the Irish Centre for Human Rights and Malaysian medical students from the University College Hospital Galway doing their duty behind the info/petition table. read full story / add a comment
galway / rights, freedoms and repression / news report Sunday December 30, 2007 11:24 by TD   text 2 comments (last - monday february 04, 2008 12:03)   image 4 images
Yesterday, on rain soaked Shop Street awash with bargain hunters, Galway IPSC did an awareness stall on Israeli Blood Diamonds in a continuing effort to persuade people not to purchase gemstones crafted in Israel and thus strenghtening the economy of a rogue state that, in regards to human rights, shamelessly exults and behaves like a mad dog off the leash. Israel, the dominant and alpha player in the cut diamond business, unlike Canada, doesn't mark the diamonds it crafts and the UN, true to form, exempts these conflict stones from the Kimberley Process thus leading to purchasers unwittingly buying the ordure of Zionism. read full story / add a comment
galway / environment / press release Wednesday December 19, 2007 19:17 by Brian Guckian   text 4 comments (last - wednesday december 26, 2007 22:49)
IT is highly unlikely that there would be any economic justification in investing in sustainable light rail and bus transportation in Galway if the planned Outer Bypass is built, according to independent transport researcher Brian Guckian.
read full story / add a comment
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