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Thursday January 01 1970

Heroes Or Traitors?

category galway | rights, freedoms and repression | event notice author Tuesday May 24, 2011 21:05author by Fred Johnston - The Western Writers' Centre, Galway - Ionad Scríbhneoirí Chaitlin Maudeauthor email westernwriters at eircom dot net

Drama and Film on Two Modern Day Men of Conscience

Galway - Mordechai Vanunu and Bradley Manning recalled in play and news film

Saturday 4th June 3pm: Town Hall Theatre (Studio), Courthouse Square, Galway
Mordechai Vanunu
Mordechai Vanunu

An Afternoon with two Whistleblowers - Mordechai Vanunu & Bradley Manning

Saturday 4th June 3pm: Town Hall Theatre (Studio),Courthouse Square, Galway

A reading with music of Felicity Heathcote's one-act play " The Man With No Secrets"
An allegorical drama that captures the emotions,
voices and inhumanity surrounding injustice and abuse by the State.
It is based on the experience of Mordechai Vanunu, Pic attached) a
humanitarian to opponents of nuclear weaponry worldwide, but a
traitor in the eyes of his homeland state of Israel. Music by Clare Sawtell (cello)

The programme also includes film-clips
from : --

the 2003 BBC documentary on the Vanunu case: "Israel's Secret Weapon,"

"Collateral Murder," the real-time Iraq-war atrocity-video, allegedly conveyed to Wikileaks by the young soldier Bradley Manning, now incarcerated in a military jail.

plus: statements on Bradley Manning by President Obama and Daniel Ellsberg (the Pentagon Papers Whistleblower)

Admission Free.

Sponsored by –
Galway Alliance Against War
The Western Writers’ Centre (Ionad Scríbhneoirí Chaitlín Maude) Galway
Women in Media & Entertainment
Contact number: 091 565430

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