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Waterbirth Options in Ireland

category national | consumer issues | press release author Wednesday May 11, 2011 10:42author by AIMS Ireland - Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services Irelandauthor email info at aimsireland dot com

Online Survey looks at the needs and options of using water for birth and labour in Irish Maternity Units

The Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services Ireland (AIMS Ireland) has created a short survey to look at the needs and options available to women for using water during their birth and labour in Irish Maternity Units.

Water has been shown to be an excellent form of pain relief for women during labour and birth in water has been shown to reduce physical trauma to the perineum (tears) and reduce the need for episiotomy.

There are currently birth pools in Cork, The Rotunda, and in the MLUs in the Northeast which are not being fully utilised or are left completely un-used.

This survey aims to highlight women's desire for use of water in labour and for birth and to establish the current use of water in Irish maternity units.

The survey is self-selecting and electronic.

The target audience for this survey are women accessing maternity care in Ireland, women intending to utilise Irish maternity services in the future, and women whom have previously accessed Irish maternity services..

Please complete the survey and share accordingly.

Waterbirth Options in Ireland:

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