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Dublin - Event Notice
Thursday January 01 1970

Catholic Worker Radical Rosary Mystery Tour - Kicks off 6 p.m Monday May 16 th*Steps of Four Courts!

category dublin | anti-war / imperialism | event notice author Wednesday May 11, 2011 02:47author by Ciaron - Giuseppe Conlon House, London Catholic Workerauthor phone 087 918 4552 Report this post to the editors

"NO QUEEN, but "Mary Queen of Heaven - single mum, refugee, role model for a revolutionary!"

The routine at each stop will be
- short reflection connecting the site to the specific sorrowful, glorious or joyful mystery,
- a song or a recitation relevant to the site
- those who are into the rosary - circle, do a decade led in Irish, response in English
- those who feel uncomfortable - can begin walking to the next stop and wait for the rest of us etc.

***Single file procession led by image of Lady of Guadalupe

Signs for single file procession
- but Mary Queen of Heaven
- single mum
- refugee
- role model for a revolutionary!

- Image of Giuseppe Conlon
- Image of Bradley Manning

The event will look a bit like the Stations of the Cross we did in London on Good Friday

6 pm START on stops of the Four Courts as the FIRST SORROWFUL MYSTERY
with JB playing the "Giuseppe Conlon" song......

END at Garden of Remembrance, Parnel Square, with JB playing "The Welcome"
as the 5th and LAST SORROWFUL MYSTERY....the patriot dead sold out to the I.M.F.

2nd. stop/ FIRST JOYFUL MYSTERY would be Merchants Quay (Franciscan church)
outreach to homeless struggling with addiction,
approaching R to play "Hurt"
(a JOYFUL MYSTERY, something in the present worth celebrating that we can project into the future.....towards an Ireland based on justice and peace)

LOGISTICS -keeping the stops as concentrated as possible
- SORROWFUL MYSTERIES SITES - Four Courts, Central Bank, Aviation Authority/ re: Shannon, Dublin Castle - site of torture, Garden of Remembrance
- GLORIOUS - something from the past worth celebrating.... Swift/ Gullivers Travels, Molly Malone statue, Phil Lynott staue off Grafton St., James Larkin statue on O'C St., Daniel O'Connell statue
- JOYFUL something in the present worth celebrating and projecting int o the future
Merchants Quay/ Acts of Mercy, Speakers Corner site Temple Bar, Moore St. multiculturalism

The mysteries won't be in chronological order, the order will be determined by geography
eg the order presently, could be amended by Monday, may have more performers on board etc.....
Sorrowful 1 - Four Courts,
Joyful 1 - Merchants Quay,
Glorious 1 - Christchurch Cathedral
.....Jonathon Swift/ Gullivers Travels/ Leviathan analysis see Ched Myers
Sorrowful 2 Dublin Castle - site of torture
Joyful 2 Speakers Corner,
Sorrowful 3 Central Bank
Glorious 2 Molly Malone statue
Glorious 3 Phil Lynott Statue
Sorrowful 4 The Dail
Glorious 4 James Larkin statue
Joyful 3 Moore St - Multiculturalism
Sorrowful 4 Aviation Authority/ Shannon Airport as major hub for U.S. forces
etc etc etc etc
Glorious 5 O'Connell statue
Sorrowful 5 Garden of Remembrance

Related Link: http://www.dublincatholicworker.org
author by Ciaron - Giuseppe Conlon House, London Catholic Workerpublication date Wed May 11, 2011 03:19author address author phone 087 918 4552Report this post to the editors

This flyer has been issued by Dublin and London Catholic Worker communities......

"Reward for the Apprehension of Jesus" side:
"Free Bradley Manning", solidarity with Brad info side:

Hi Folks,

Dublin and London Catholic Workers have issued the above flyer for the visits of the British Queen (May 17-20) and U.S. President/ Commander in Chief Barack Obama (May 23 & 24).
These two states are ten years into wars on the peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq, in which Ireland has played a significant role providing Shannon Airport as a refueling hub for invading U.S. forces. We know through the recent revelations WikiLeaks that Shannon Airport also provided a stopover for torture flights to Guantanamo.

Obama comes to Ireland around the first anniversary of the arrest of Bradley Manning, accused of releasing this footage of a U.S. massacre in Iraq http://www.collateralmurder.com/
Bradley has spent the last year being tortured in U.S. military custody in the hopes of breaking him so he will deliver Julian Assange. Bradley has refused to be broken Bradley's maternal grandfather was a Dubliner, the last place Bradley was not in custody, or in a war zone....was Shannon Airport, Ireland. We sent Bradley through our country to this war, let's bring him back!

The visits of the Queen and Obama are very much a changing of the imperial guard, Ireland's old and new colonisers passing each other. For Catholic Workers one of the central theological questions is are you coming out of empire or are you heading into empire..."you busy being born or busy dying!" (b.Dylan). See link below for further explanation...

Over the next couple of weeks the Catholic Worker will be involve in spontaneous and organised nonviolent street demonstrations challenging the ongoing Irish complicity in U.S. and British wars on the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Both Bradley and Julian are looking at spending a lifetime (and possibly being killed) in jail for releasing footage that exposes the rue nature of these wars Ireland has been involved in for over a decade. These men have risked their liberty on the belief, that if only we knew the truth we would act. In not us, who? If not now, when?

All CW events, like the movement itself, are based on nonviolence, inclusivity / hospitality, mutuality, respect for the faiths and non-faiths of others
See ya on the streets!

Related Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vertigogen/5687859410/
author by vg - wise up for bradley manningpublication date Wed May 11, 2011 16:15author email wiseupforbm at yahoo dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

With links to the flyers and a 'share' button for all you social networkers.

Related Link: http://wiseupforbradleymanning.wordpress.com/
author by Con Carrollpublication date Thu May 12, 2011 11:47author address author phone Report this post to the editors

a thought has come to mind, could we encourage staff at Dublin Castle. to assist Mrs Windsor to choke on her meal. tell her that the emergency phone lines are down. to qoote the words of Michael Collins while he was in Dublin castle.

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Thu May 12, 2011 13:36author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I think we should insist on her going down to the Kingdom and paying homage and tribute to the resident King Puck on his pedestal in Kilorglin.

Its only good manners. She wants her majesty acknowleded, she should reciprocate. When in Rome......genuflect.

author by Ciaron Updatepublication date Fri May 13, 2011 10:14author address author phone Report this post to the editors

As the U.S. Grand Jury on WikLeaks/ Julian Assange breaks cover and the Guardian newspaper settles into its dual role of the "Pravda of the Brit liberal left" and attack dog of the U.S. Feds....the Irish prepare for a change of shift of their imperial masters.
see here

Within a few short days, the British monarch will visit followed by a U.S. President Barack "talks like Jesus, kills like Herod" Obama Love Fest in Dubln town.

Standing in O'Connell St. yesterday watching the Dublin City Council remove every trash can from the street, while trying to enforce their harsh anti-political bill posters "anti-litter"/ (more like anti-civil liberties) regulations was worth the price of admission alone! Made more ironic by the fact that they have in one swoop criminalised the very founding act of the state itself...the putting up of a bill poster "The Proclamation" that kicked off the insurretction of Easter 1916.

I spent the day offering flyers to folks and having conversations on the forthcoming visits of Bitish Royal Monarch and the U.S. Commander in Chief, the wars they are leading and how Ireland is co-operating at Shannon Airport with these decade long kill fests, the heroism of Bradley Manning and Julian Assange and what knd of solidarity we can muster for them.

An off duty soldier from the Irish Army came up and shook my hand. He said he recognised me from a file he had perused while he was deployed at Shannon Airport. He seemed very sympathetic. Other folks in the street also recalled our plowshares action in 03, always in a positive light.

This coming Monday's "Radical Rosary Mystery Tour" is building well with a good crop of CW's, post Catholics, lapsed Catholics, athiests and a high school Buddhist.

Whose planning to come so far includes........ Joe Black (music), Paul O'Toole (music), Robbie Synott (music/ Irish language), Mairitin (Irish language and rosary familarity, although his wife Andre is expecting a baby any day), Colm Roddy (Ireland's best known solo vigil person), Con Carol, Dave D (filming), John Fitz (formerly anti sanctions on Iraq), Ben (Iraq combat veteran), Brendan (my brother)........should be great......route is still be fine tuned.....nailing the visuals today...
All good

I'll be downtown most of today/ Friday...if ya'd like to connect...................on ths project, on Manning or Assange solidarity or anti-war stuff generally.... text or call me 087 918 4552...and we'll hook up!!!


author by Press Releasepublication date Sat May 14, 2011 10:44author address author phone Report this post to the editors

14 May 2011
for immediate release

‘Radical Rosary Mystery Tour’ crosses Dublin to protest queen, Obama

FORMER member of the SAS, the Legion of Mary and the Shannon Five will be among the walkers on Monday in a ‘Radical Rosary Mystery Tour’ against the queen’s visit to Ireland.
The walking tour of Dublin, on the eve of the visit, will be led by an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe with the slogan: "No queen but Mary Queen of Heaven -- single mother, refugee, role model for a revolutionary!”
The tour will make a number of stops around the city to mark “joyful, glorious and sorrowful mysteries”, according to organiser Ciaron O’Reilly, one of the Shannon Five who damaged a US navy plane at Shannon Airport in 2003 and were subsequently acquitted by a Dublin jury.
Sites will include “sorrowful mysteries” at the Central Bank and Irish Aviation Authority, “glorious mysteries” at the statues of Jim Larkin and Phil Lynott, and “joyful mysteries” at a drug-treatment centre and among the immigrant businesses of Moore Street.
“The routine at each stop will be short reflection connecting the site to the specific ‘mystery’ and a song or a recitation relevant to the site,” O’Reilly said. “Then those who are into the Rosary can recite a decade, and those who feel uncomfortable can begin the procession to the next stop.”
Ben Griffin, who served with the SAS in Iraq and then refused a second tour of duty, will take part in the tour. Griffin now works as a volunteer at the Giuseppe Conlon Catholic Worker House in north London, and will be in Ireland as a guest of the Irish Anti-War Movement to protest the royal and US-presidential visits.
“I’ll be in Ireland to support people working for peace and independence and trying to stop the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Griffin said. Griffin has been subject to a gag order from the British ministry of defence for speaking out against the wars.
The Radical Rosary Mystery Tour starts on Monday, May 16th, at 6pm at the Four Courts on Dublin’s north quays.

For further information contact Ciaron O’Reilly: 087 918 4552

author by Annpublication date Sat May 14, 2011 13:56author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I would like to suggest that when these visitations from our two emperors have been completed perhaps the CW could organize a series of exorcisms at the places that are being defiled, Croke Park etc.

author by Obama=Nixon on Manningpublication date Sun May 15, 2011 04:39author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Obama echoes Richard Nixon on WikiLeaks prisoner
Bob Egelko

San Francisco Chronicle May 13, 2011

The first time President Obama was publicly asked about Bradley Manning, the soldier accused of disclosing government secrets to WikiLeaks, his answer was reminiscent of George W. Bush.

The second time - when he declared Manning guilty without a trial - it was more like Richard Nixon.

Manning, a 23-year-old Army private, is charged with divulging hundreds of thousands of classified documents, including war logs from Afghanistan and Iraq and State Department diplomatic cables.

Until his transfer in late April to a military prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., Manning had been held for nine months at the Marine brig in Quantico, Va. Here is how attorney David Coombs, the only person allowed unmonitored visits, described his confinement there:

Held in an isolation cell for 23 hours a day; stripped of his clothing every night, purportedly for his own protection, and given a coarse smock to wear; required to stand naked at some roll calls; prohibited from sleeping between 5 a.m. and 8 p.m. and required to respond to guards' queries every five minutes; also awakened and required to respond at night whenever guards couldn't see his face.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2011/0...iN6fm

author by update routepublication date Sun May 15, 2011 09:59author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Ciaron O'Reilly is being interviewed today/ Sunday 12 noon as part of an anti-war panel on Near FM about the following project

Dublin is presently under a massive security clampdown, heaps of Garda are deployed on the streets, there have been pe-emptive arrests north and south of the border, areas where Queen Liz 2 is planning to go are sealed off.

Catholic Worker and friends will be on the streets of Dublin over the next week, challenging two heads of two empires that have involved Ireland in two wars that have gone for over 10 years killing over a million Iraqis and Afghanis.

Tomorrow/ Monday May 16 CW and friends kick things off.............

*6pm sharp Kick Off at the Four Courts
*"No Queen, but Mary Queen of Heaven - single mum, refugee, role model for a revolutionary.

A Radical Reflective Walk to the glorious, joyous, sorrowful themes of the rosary with music and reflection of cotemporary joyful, glorious and sorrowful issues.

The routine at each stop will be short reflection connecting the site to the specific ‘mystery’ and a song or a recitation relevant to the site,Then those who are into the Rosary can recite a decade, and those who feel uncomfortable can begin the procession to the next stop.

- "NO QUEEN, but Mary Queen of Heaven..."
- Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe - "....single mum, refugee, role mode for a revolutionary"
- Image of Giuseppe Conlon "Remember Giuseppe Conlons and all the those killed by Empire!"
- Image of Bradley Manning "Free Bradley Manning and all war resisters!"

Joe Black, Paul O'Toole, Robbe Synott

Four Courts site of the Crimnal Injustice System
"Giuseppe Conlon Song" by Joe Black
Song y paul O'Toole on police corruption in the McBrearty case

Merchants Quay Franciscans, acts of mercy to the homeless and addicted

Dublin Castle, Dame St. - Reflections on rendtion and torture in that past and present

Phl Lynott statue - covers by Joe Black and Paul O'Toole

AIB Bank on Grafton St. - the corruption, the bail out the I.M.F. takeover

Molly Malone statue...surviving with self activity and autonomy while the Irish economy and capitalism collapses

Kevin Barry birth place on Fleet St....celebrating radical youth.

Aviaton Authority in old Irish Tmes building...Shannon Airport, hub of the U.S. war machine

Daniel O'Connel statue

James Larkin statue

Moore St multiculturalism

Maternity Hospital....for those busy being born!

Garden of Rememberance....the patriot dead sold out to the I.M.F. and the U.S. British imperial war machines.
Site of this week's Royal Tour

Concluding song Joe Black's "The Welcome"
See/ listen youtube ( 6 mins) here.....

author by Kevpublication date Mon May 16, 2011 22:43author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Well done. A revolutionary gospel. Expect to be crucified.

author by Ciaron Report - Dublin Catholic Workerpublication date Tue May 17, 2011 09:57author address author phone 0879184552Report this post to the editors

Walk went really well, thanx to the great punk rock Marian visuals ........and also all the music from Joe Black.
Davey D should have a vid up on the net before too long.

Iraq combat veteran Ben Griffin spoke powerfully outside the gates of Dublin Castle........... a site that saw a lot of torture in its day.
Joe Black reminised at the Phil Lynott statue..as we were outside the AIB some plainclothes cops snatched a young fella...so i gave a running commentary on how state resources are deployed to protect the wholsale theft of the rich and pursue the poor
...the guy getting cuffed seemed appreciative.

Good scene outside the Aviation Authority that has channeled 4,000 young Americans to their deaths and 20,000 to lives with injuries where they will never walk or talk again...and of course 1 million Iraqi dead...mostly women and children.

We ran into a lone kilted anti-Royal protester with a decorated pram and his child at the Larkin statue..
Joe played "The Welcome" at police lines at Parnell St......and we ended with a joyous mystery at the entrance of the nearby Maternity Hospital....where people are busy beiing born....no telling what revolutionary reinforcement came into the workd last night......no help from the Irish state tho....as they have cancelled checkups on 500 pregnant women as part of their security precautions for the Royal Visit....go figure?

Dublin city centre this morning is in security lock down...weird oppressive vibe..ghost town...the self censorship of the colonised is at its height ...double decker buses crammed with cops.
...Catholic Worker will keep mobile today with our "NO QUEEN but mary queen of heaven.." visuals...."Remember Gerry Conlon and all Vicitms of empire" and "Free Bradley manning and all Imriosned War Resisters!"

Moreinfo Ciaron Ph. 087 918 4552

Related Link: http://www.dublincatholicworker.org
author by StudentGrantpublication date Wed May 18, 2011 05:52author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Talking to an exchange student today
Apparently they got schooltime off to all watch the queens visit on RTE
So much for education.
time off learning for some nice propaganda
Get 'em while they're young.

I guess they got a nice dose of loaded words like "sinister" , "Missile" , "violent" describing protesters in the 6 o'clock news too. Hope they had an enlightened english teacher who took some class time out from their course to teach them about how biased language is used in the newspapers to convey a non neutral viewpoint!!

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