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Donegal man jailed for over 60 days without any court case is released.

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Innocent man released on Friday 15th April 2011

A Donegal man Daniel Doherty of Moville was incarcerated at Castlerea Prison for over 60 days. The reason for this incarceration was that he would not withdraw allegations he has made against the State in a case that is listed in the Supreme Court to be heard.

Daniel Doherty was jailed in early February 2011 at Castlerea Prison for failing to withdraw allegations he has made in his case against the State. There was no court case and the only reason he was jailed was that he was asked to withdraw allegations he has set out in his Statement of Claim filed in the High Court. The Statement of Claim concerns corruption in the judiciary and legal system and provides names of those involved including John L Murray the Chief Justice. He was badly treated in jail and went on hunger strike for 20 days. He would not withdraw his serious allegations against the defendants and said that he is entitled to have his case heard in the Supreme Court.

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author by Josy Laffertypublication date Sat Apr 23, 2011 11:09author address author phone

Can we get more information on how this man appears to have been so badly treated and more importantly what his allegations are?

Can anyone tell me? This man needs public help.

author by newsmedia - newsmedianewspublication date Sat Apr 23, 2011 23:22author address author phone

I think this might be the issue at hand:

Related Link:
author by Willie Muldooneypublication date Sun Apr 24, 2011 13:19author address author phone

I have read the very professional Statement of Claim of Daniel Doherty and it is clear that corruption in the legal profession is going on unchecked. It appears that each person in the legal profession including judges cover for the next.
This stinking situation is a test on the upright Minister Alan Shatter to sort out. Otherwise this country is a disgrace and will be seen to be so if this case goes on to the European Courts.
The question is why was Daniel Doherty jailed. The powers that be must be worried about his allegations. His allegations must be true.

author by Mike Novackpublication date Sun Apr 24, 2011 13:59author address author phone

How about giving us some FACTS.

To be sure, the "real reason" might be the allegations; the powers that be are motivated to come down on this person because he is a thorn in their side. Otherwsie maybe they wouldn't have bothered. But ...........

With what real offense was he charged? Do you understand what I am saying? They surely didn't jail him on a charge of "making allegations". And there other ways in which a very minor offense normally calling for a smallish fine can result in jail.

Look -- I am NOT suggesting that we shouldn't be supporting this person but we really need to know more first, more BESIDES his allegations, true or false.

author by Joe Corcoran - Anti - Corruptionpublication date Sun Apr 24, 2011 20:11author address author phone

I am reading this case with a curious mind. I have read most of the website from the above postings of News Media. What I want to say is short: When the Gardai produce any citizen at the gates of a prison, they have to have a committal warrant from the courts, signed by the Judge who made that order into a legal document. I feel sorry for Daniel Doherty and I have no reason to have any doubts in relation to the above accusations and topics. I would like to ask exactly what charge or charges was Mr. Doherty committed to Castlerea prison on. The list of plaintiffs he has detailed in his high court affidavit is extraordinary. So please could somebody clarify the exact charges in a simplistic format. As a lawyer I would like to study this in Mr. Doherty moral defence as best I can.


author by Case Trackerpublication date Mon Apr 25, 2011 00:23author address author phone

Joe Corcoran come clean. You have stated you read Daniel Doherty's papers. Do you work for one of the Defendants in Daniel Doherty's important case to expose corruption. My records show you do. Please respond and let us know who you work for.

author by Henry Gill - Fight against corruption in the legal professionpublication date Mon Apr 25, 2011 10:34author address author phone

Mr Who
This Joe C is one of my family and we come from Mayo, now come clean in relation to you or what/ My Uncle is almost 76 yrs on and has lived and worked in London almost 43 YEARS. JC has fought for the underdog all his life and never took a cent for doing from anybody. Mike Novak asked what we are asking just state the case in a simple format and good people will try and help. You cannot lock a person up on allegations you need evidence, also Mr Who check the case load here it is not rocket science who you know as Joe Corcoran is not my Uncle and have the common decency to admit you got it wrong. I hate snipes dont ruin this thread it is vital we all find a way to help Mr Doherty

author by Mike Novackpublication date Mon Apr 25, 2011 12:08author address author phone


It really doesn't matter if Joe is a lawyer connected to the corruption charges. What he (like I) asked is still reasonable.

You are confusing WHY with WHAT.

I will try to be VERY clear, give an example. Maybe that would help.

Suppose person B has done some act X against the law. Now X is a minor matter and perhaps in the ordinary course of things the authorities wouldn't even bother bringing a case against him or her. But person B is a pain in the *rse to the authorities over matter Y and so they are motivated to get their own back.

Is THIS what you are talking about? Then I (and Joe) are asking about X. You are spouting off about Y.

OR --- are you saying that there was no X. In this case we might want to support even if we didn't care about or believe about Y.

If there is an X that is usually ignored "unless they want to get you" then this is only a very minor miscarriage of justice. It is not a strong defense to argue "I was doing wrong but you aren't often prosecuting other people for doing that". Mind it's not no defense at all if you can make a case that X is almost never prosecuted UNLESS they "want to get you".

author by Big Andypublication date Mon Apr 25, 2011 12:34author address author phone

I see that even Ian Paisley has managed to get named on that affidavit. It would be nice if you could explain what he has to do with it.

author by Prisons Reviewerpublication date Tue Apr 26, 2011 23:36author address author phone

I spoke with Daniel Doherty today and he confirmed that on Tuesday 8th February Gardai arrived at his home and asked him to get in their car. They had no papers with them. Daniel Doherty asked them to arrest him but they still refused to do so as they had no papers with them. The Gardai told him to get into the garda car and he quietly obliged. Daniel Doherty was then brought by them to Moville Garda Station where a taxi was waiting to take him to Castlerea Prison. He was told that he was going to prison if he did not withdraw the allegations he has made in his High Court case which is now before the Supreme Court. He refused to withdraw allegations that he is adamant are true and he was therefore incarcerated at Castlerea Prison. He believes that three off the Defendants in his case namely John L Murray, Michael D White and Sean McBride arranged this illegal imprisonment as there is substantial evidence of criminal wrongdoing on their part to be exposed. Daniel Doherty was incarcerated on the 8th February 2011 and released on the 15th April 2011 for making a brave stance in exposing white collar criminality and corruption at the highest level.

author by old codger - pensionerpublication date Wed Apr 27, 2011 17:08author address author phone

It never ceases to amaze me how the Irish public can turn a blind eye to the obvious. We all know that for decades the corrupt Fianna Fail party have been appointing top gardai, judges, media stooges and cronies to state boards. THEY ARE STIIL THERE.
Why would their friends not be just as corrupt as themselves?
While the Garda ombudsman may not be corrupt he is powerless as he is subject to censorship by the minister for justice and the DPP.
They have brought Ireland to it's knees by solid corruption and the new government is fully aware of what they did.

author by Sean Holmes - legal abuse grouppublication date Sat Apr 30, 2011 11:54author address author phone

I agree on some points with old codger, my simple question is what exact charge was on the Committal warrant that had to be produced to the Governor of Castlerea Prison to detain Mr Doherty, I would like to help. The problem people are having here is getting the basic facts of the charges so one can see the wrong doing that is happening to Mr Doherty. Could some one please produce some facts.

author by Prisons Reviewerpublication date Thu May 05, 2011 18:20author address author phone

Further to Sean Holmes's request for facts I can confirm that a further interview of Daniel Doherty took place today and he has now promised to produce some of the facts in his case. He is not in a position to provide these facts at the present minute due to unforseen circumstances but will do so within the coming weeks. The revelations concerning corruption about to be announced by him are disturbing to say the least. Please be patient.

author by Prisons Reviewerpublication date Sat Jun 04, 2011 15:20author address author phone

Please refer to attached pdf file for full details on the false imprisonment of Daniel Doherty.

PDF Document false_imprisionment.pdf 1.1 Mb

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