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Thursday January 01 1970

Public meeting with Joe Higgins

category galway | anti-capitalism | event notice author Monday April 11, 2011 22:36author by Conor Burke - Socialist party (Galway branch)

bailouts, unemployment cuts...& the socialist alternative

Free Public meeting discussing the issues of bailouts, unemployment , cuts and the socialist alternative . 8pm Wednesday 20th of April upstairs in Richardsons Eyre square

Recently re-elected TD Joe Higgins will be in Galway to address a public meeting on the issues of bailouts, unemployment ,cuts and the Socialist alternative . The meeting will take place upstairs in Richardson's in Eyre square at 8pm and is free to the public .Joe has pulled no punches since his return to the Dail and he along with Clare Daly and their colleagues in the United Left Alliance have emerged as the real voice of opposition to the new Government . As the economic crisis continues to reek terrible consequences for most ordinary citizens the Governments continuation of the failed austerity policies of their predecessors shows how bereft of ideas and how little the change in government has meant . Many main stream economists and commentators are now waking up to the fact that the policies of austerity are not leading to a recovery but are in fact acting as a lead weight that is pulling us further into the abyss . Right wing economic policies have got us into this crisis and they have failed to get us out, come along on Wednesday night and discuss the socialist alternative to bailouts ,cuts and unemployment.

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